Weekly Update Moonface, Camera, Vangelis, The Bulletproof Bomb, The Dead C, and more...

It's been a big week at the Towers.

Not only has the Shellac album arrived but we have re-jigged our ‘shop’ area and introduced a brand new potted plant into the equation. Read Li’l Biz's considered verdict here (on Shellac not the plant). And we’ve not even bothered to listen to the U2 album yet. Who has, especially when there’s all this better non sp*mmy music to enjoy?

It's not just been Shellac who have been releasing an album this week though. There’s loads of other stuff goes...

  • Gentle alt country lads Hiss Golden Messenger unleash a soulful, autumnal album ‘Lateness of Dancers’.
  • Half of Wolf Parade aka the delightfully named Spencer Krug blurts out a new album as Moonface.
  • Post rock/shoegaze types This Will Destroy You invent their own genre of doom-gaze.
  • Retro 60s guys Allah Las throw some folk rock and beat pop gear at us on their second album of janglings.
  • Merry prog rockers Causa Sui jam out some themes on ‘Pewtr Sessions 3’.
  • Kraut-sters Camera invite you to remember when they were carbon dioxide on their motorik-driven new album of psych manglings.
  • Furrow make what they call ‘field-gaze’ (i.e. rural-inspired, minimal indie-rock and psychedelia)
  • Bernard Butler-produced Brit janglers Flowers bring back memories of Heavenly and their post-C86 brethren.
  • Polished Brummie indie-gazers the topically-named Jaws impress Ian with their debut effort.
  • Clams Casino-produced slick ‘n’ soulful pop from Lia Ices. Mmmmm ices.
  • Veteran piano-botherer Harold Budd has a lovely autumnal album out of new tunes.
  • Those Chunklet guys have re-issued the much missed Olivia Tremor Control’s sole Peel Session on wax.
  • Ex-Simian dude Simon Lord has made some pretty sweet, soulful, jazzy, organic pop for your ears.
  • There’s a cool new 12” from woozy psych-hopper Pyramid Vritra just waiting to be bought.
  • MV & EE have made one of their most satisfying albums for some time with the “sublime” “Alpha Lyrae”.
  • Teardrop Factory on Faux Discx make a right old shoegaze mess. All terribly good fun and comes with bonus 4 track CD (while stocks last).
  • You gotta check out the marvellous 10” of Madlib’s soundtrack to the ‘Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton’ soundtrack.

Lots of left field dance and weird ELECTRONICA about this week, here’s just a small selection of highlights...

  • Surgeon drops what is surely one of his best 12”s for some time - pure club mayhem guaranteed.
  • There’s a break-beat flecked techno banger from Manni Dee with Ancient Methods and Led Er Est remixes.
  • Acid producer Jared Wilson releases ace 12” dedicated to those who work underground. Miners and that. Results in some quality oldskool style, rugged dark house and, of course, acid.
  • Vessel make a complete mindfeck album which even upsets our resident mad head Brian and hurts his ears.
  • The Trentemoller remix 12” centres around some 80’s darkwave and synth pop.
  • Andras Fox makes some smooth 80’s referencing yacht-house on Mexican Summer.
  • Hard digital beats, heavy bass and spooky synth melodies on LV & Josh Idehen’s ‘Islands’.
  • There’s some innovative and involving home listening techno by Call Super on the super Houndstooth label.

Would you like some smalls? Then try these 7”s from the likes of the absolutely wonderful Woo, MV & EE (them again)/Woods split on Great Pop Supplement, the deep and dubby Heartkill Giant, Bulletproof Bomb, a nice 3 x 7” Etta James re-issue and Mighty Mike who looks like but isn’t our Mike.

Plenty of RE-ISSUES this week:

  • The highlight being an amazing re-issue of the poppy shambling messthetics style vignettes of English eccentrics the Deep Freeze Mice.
  • You should see the amount of keyboards on the inner sleeve of the re-issue of Vangelis’s ‘Heaven and Hell’
  • The Dead C’s ‘Vain, Erudite and Stupid’ is back in on 2CD version (sorry vinyl fans)
  • There’s a nice round-up of David Gedge’s Cinerama project’s odds and sods.
  • There’s a Goblin ‘best of’.
  • And the Quincy Jones original soundtrack to ‘The Italian Job’ is in.
  • And there is a head-scratching bit of vintage synth action from Canadian maverick Bruce Haack from way back in 1979.
  • Not a re-issue as such but we’ve all been enjoying the Franz Ferdinand ‘Late Night Tales’ compilation featuring the likes of Can, R.Stevie Moore, Boards of Cabada, Oneohtrix Point Never and other good stuff.

That’s it from us for the week. Enjoy the weekend!

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