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Friday Aug 29th 2014

August has almost ended I see. Next stop September, it soon goes past doesn’t it? First up have you seen our Aphex Twin competition? No? Well we have 10 (ten) tickets to give away to the listening party for Aphex Twin ‘Syro’ at a secret location in London on the evening of Friday 5th September. To win you’ll have had to have pre-ordered ‘Syro’ from us and you’ll need to email briefly stating why you should be one of the lucky ones to attend. 10 winners picked out on Monday.

Aaaanyway its been mad busy at the towers this week, as well as whipping your orders into the post as fast as our little arms can handle we have been hosting the lovely Ela Orleans who is currently sitting in the corner minding her own business after performing a great show last night at Wharf Chambers.

But what you really want to know is what’s out this week, right? Ok tuck in!

  • One half on The Books has released a fantastic album as Zammuto. Check out his clever future soul pop.
  • Slow-as-sausages doomsters Earth have unleashed a super droning new album. Mark ‘gravel throat’ Lanegan guests.
  • Veteran whinesters Half Japanese bring out a new one which has converted our Brian at last.
  • Genius Scottish guitar picker Gareth Dickson releases an adorable album of live recordings.
  • West Coast synth complainers Baths produce a mini LP interim type thing.
  • Featuring deconstructed industro-clank boogie-noise, laser-blasting acid techno indulgences, squelchy underwater bleep-pop, splintered toytown speed-dub and wonky haunted bunker techno it can only be a new album from Sh*t & Shine.
  • Moon Duo have celebrated getting a drummer by releasing a live album of stuff he hits things on.
  • Bugskull are a name from the past and now they’ve re-appeared with drifty ambient electronica, hazy shoegaze and tripped out sampledelica.
  • There’s an ace compilation album from the nice people at Marshall Teller including efforts by Dignan Porch, Great Ytene, Cheatah’s and loads more.
  • Thurston Moore has a new tape out.
  • Leeds noise pops Pulled Apart By ‘osses have a new LP out featuring ‘Hot Squash’.
  • Hamish Kilgour, The Clean lad who hasn’t made a solo album yet has just broken his duck.
  • Wil Bolton (just the one ‘l’) has a dreamy album of blurry ambience.
  • Doomy stonesters Yob are a band made with our Mike in mind.
  • The ‘Peter Pan of the Leeds Music Scene’ Matt Robson has a limited album of warm electronica on the shelves.
  • Christ….Blonde Redhead have a new album out and we’ve not reviewed it. Next week, we promise.
  • The Vines are back.

That’s all for now. We’re off out to see the Sleaford Mods snarl and bark at us. ‘Til next week have a great weekend and we’ll chat soon, yeah?

Clint and the gang


Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


Soon Over Babaluma

9/10 from Mike

We've had a whole load of these Can reissues flooding into the office in recent weeks and it's fallen to me to write a few words about 'Soon Over Babaluma', which resident on »

Sun Ra

When Sun Comes Out

9/10 from Mike

We've got some tasty reissues of some early Sun Ra classics in on Poppy Disc. Here's 'When Sun Comes Out', which is more than 50 years old now, from Ra's New York period, on »


Ganglion Reef

9/10 from Mike

LA psych-poppers Wand drop their debut LP this week on Ty Segall’s God? imprint ahead of a US tour with the floppy-haired psych king himself and it’s quite a on »

Arve Henriksen

The Nature Of Connections

9/10 from ReviewBot3000

The diverse and multi-talented scandi-jazzer Arve Henriksen is back with a new album on Rune Grammofon this week, although this time around he’s left the bulk of the on »


Four Track Mind

9/10 from Ant

Some people are lucky if they have one interesting creative thought in their whole lives. Bristol’s finest knob twiddler Nick Edwards seems like a man who’s on »


Golden Skies

9/10 from Brian

As with most stuff on Brainfeeder - the prodigious FlyLo's progressive electronic stable - this album spills with a fevered imagination and has a tenderly layered, on »

Khun Narin

Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band

9/10 from Brian

Another album that left me a little speechless in recent weeks was this thing by Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band. On the ever-eclectic and tasteful Innovative Leisure label, on »

The Bug

Angels & Devils

9/10 from Ant

‘Angels & Devils’ is the fourth album from Kevin Martin as The Bug. Once again he’s assembled a stellar cast of vocalists to contribute to, and complete on »

Gareth Dickson

Invisible String

9/10 from Clinton

“This is beautiful. I want YOU to do it” was the flattering instruction I got from master Phil this morning. He’s right, it is very beautiful indeed. It's on »


Where Were You Then?

9/10 from Mike

Here's a nice little collection of tracks from the singles and EPs of early '90s LA grunge-gaze outfit Further, whose members went on to play in Beachwood Sparks, The Tyde on »

Haikai No Ku

Ultra High Dimensionality

9/10 from Mike

Haikai No Ku are back with a second album of heavy psych-doom riffing following last year's 'Sick On My Journey' (a sentiment I can sympathise with as a childhood sufferer of on »

Shit & Shine

Powder Horn

9/10 from Mike

Irresistible repeato mavericks Shit and Shine are at it again this week with a brand new double-LP on Diagonal, and over the nine tracks of 'Powder Horn' they show themselves on »

The Living Eyes

Guilty Pleasures / Lowlife

9/10 from Mike

Aussie garage-pop-punksters The Living Eyes are back with a new single this week! Though it doesn't yet seem to have earned them much attention on this side of the globe, on »

Adam Coney

The Fall Of The Flamingo Gardens

9/10 from ReviewBot3000

I've not come across Adam Coney or his bands Morviscous or Calibos so I had no idea what to expect from his new album 'The Fall of the Flamingo Gardens' and I have to say it' on »

Tashi Dorji

Tashi Dorji

8/10 from Mike

Here's an album from Tashi Dorji on Ben Chasny's label Hermit Hut. It contains five improvisations from the nimble-fingered avant garde youngster, showcasing his uniquely on »


Side Piece EP

8/10 from Mike

Here's some hard-edged, slightly acidy techno business from Patricia. I'm not sure what his name is but I do know that he's a man from Chicago living in Brooklyn, and in ' on »

Chelsea Wolfe

The Grime and The Glow

8/10 from Brian

I've heard this lass before and recall thinking I'd happily ditch my "no dating girls with dodgy names" rule for this one. I had no idea she was so popular. I've only heard on »



8/10 from Brian

Third LP from Ital on Planet Mu. Now it has just occurred to me that some people may get confused by all this Ital business and a few may even assume this is the same guy as on »

Matthew Collings

Silence Is A Rhythm Too

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

Scottish-based Icelandic composer Matthew Collings makes a return to wax this week courtesy of this lovely gatefold package on Denovali. On it Collings mixes electronics with on »

Screaming Trees

Last Words: The Final Recordings

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

I’m going “double Lanegan” this week, with my review pile featuring not only a new Mark Lanegan Band EP but this entire album of previously-unheard on »

Sleeping Bag

Deep Sleep

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

There’s been quite a lot of disgustingly fuzzy pop-metal type records coming out this week actually, what with that excellent bit of dreamy sludge from Hollow Sunshine on »

Noel Akchote

Gesualdo: Madrigals for Five Guitars

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

And so I reach a relaxing end to a stressful week’s reviewing with this CD by Noel Akchote with a rather self-explanatory title - ‘Gesualdo: Madrigals for Five on »

James Hoff


8/10 from Ant

I enjoyed James Hoff’s previous PAN offering from 2011; the riot collage of ‘How Wheeling Feels When The Ground Walks Away’ so was all ears when I first on »

Papernut Cambridge

There's No Underground

8/10 from Mike

For his second album under his Papernut Cambridge moniker, former Thrashing Doves/Death In Vegas chap Ian Button is joined by a couple of Hefners and most of Mary Epworth's on »


Glut / Paused Pregnancy

8/10 from Mike

Here's another of those Foolproof Projects 7"s. This one's by Aeolipile, the drums/bass/sax trio of Andy Pyne, Tom Roberts and Jason Williams, who play a delightfully on »

Sons of Melancholia

Beauty is Imperfection

8/10 from Laurie

90s IDM revival is arguably one of the only acceptable forms of 90s revival - sorry S Club. It is even more acceptable when it is as well executed as on »

Pastacas & Tenniscoats

Yaki​-​Läki Versions

8/10 from Mike

Last year electronic act Pastacas joined delicate minimal indie popsters Tenniscoats, which is now reworked, covered and remixed on this very limited LP I'm listening to now. on »



8/10 from Brian

Temporary Residence really do put out a mixed bag of spanners these days but the shiniest and most interesting spanner of late is Zammuto, getting right in there, in the on »

Half Japanese


8/10 from Brian

I've always struggled a little with Half Japanese, be it the semi-unlistenable guff that forms half their back-catalogue or that man’s voice. You know that voice. Jad on »

Black Rain

Dark Pool

8/10 from Brian

Professional dour bastards Black Rain have their stunningly titled new album 'Dark Moon’ clutched in my shaking fist. It's dark angry rhythmical techno a-go-go. on »

Menace Beach

Tennis Court / Lowtalkin'

8/10 from Brian

Really nice to finally check Menace Beach out, they're a local lot with the girls and the boys in the ranks. The angry lad who punches the sky in The Hookworms like he's on »

Earthling Society

England Have My Bones

8/10 from Jim

A dense slab of heavy psychedelic space rock to zone out to here. The fact that Earthling Society come from Fleetwood near Blackpool and the album cover features a on »


Collapsed View

8/10 from Mike

The rarely-spotted Bugskull pokes his head above the parapet once more with his first proper album in five years on Digitalis. 'Collapsed View' is a dreamlike mixture of on »

Garek Jon Druss

Music For The Celestial Din

8/10 from Mike

Away from his doom metal band Atriarch, Garek Jon Druss here presents the music from an art installation, 'The Celestial Din', originally presented as a 32-minute loop which on »


Test & Recognise Remixes

8/10 from Clinton

Future Classic is quite a confident name for a record label. I wish that I could have that kind of confidence. I’d probably call a record label Future Under The Bed on »


Primitive and Deadly

8/10 from Robin

Earth have billed 'Primitive and Deadly' as their rock record, which actually sounds like the premise for an episode of a hit sitcom in which the drone band lives across the on »

Moon Duo

Live In Ravenna

8/10 from Mike

Ripley and Sanae are back with a limited edition live LP this week, recorded last August in Italy. Having long outgrown their 'Wooden Shjips side project' tag, the pair have on »

Pierced Arrows

This Is The Day / Zip My Lip

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

This is a lovely little package that Monorail have put together in honour of Dead Moon legend and Pierced Arrows frontman Fred Cole. Not only do you get a 7" with two live on »


Clearing The Path To Ascend

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

By a strange coincidence I was recommended this album just this morning, only to find it on today's review stack. It's the newie from stoner doom types YOB on Neurot, fronted on »

Matt Robson

You Cannot Save Your Friends

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

Matt Robson, aka The Artist Formerly Known as randomNumber and veteran of many a Leeds band over the years including the Blanche Hudson Weekend and Sierpinski, reappears this on »


To Your Poverty Quietly Go

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

Umlaut's first album totally passed me by, but this is the project of Mr Bungle/Secret Chiefs 3 chappie Bar McKinnon so I'm curious to hear what he's up to nowadays. It may on »

Eric Copeland

Logo My Ego

8/10 from Clinton

When selling this record to us, the man from the distributor sold it to us by saying that we'd done well with Inga Copeland so by rights we should do well with Eric Copeland. on »


Objects of Mind

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

Clawing my way wearily to the summit of review mountain this week I have stumbled upon this intriguing CD by Timedog, in a numbered run of just 150, which contains an album on »

Wil Bolton


8/10 from ReviewBot3000

Wil "with one L" Bolton has done another album of his gorgeous blurry ambience this week, housed in a delicate 8"x7" sleeve that you will really struggle to file with your on »

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