Weekly Update Ela Orleans / Flower Campbell Duo / Ygrec, Ty Segall, Rustie, The Bug, Khun Narin, and more...

There's not long to go now. Summer, I mean. I hate to be all fatalist and be the "buzz harsher of the year" but that means that before long I'm gonna be trailing here in a load of slush whilst being splashed by hateful vehicles and when I get here the stock room is going to be so cold I'll be snapping stalactites off my eyebrows while trying to find that elusive obscure afro-jazz-latin-funk compilation that one of you will undoubtedly order to further infuriate and perplex me. Bah.

But immediately propelling me out of my impending doom is the news that that blimp on the horizon is actually an electronica meteorite due to smash into our wilting ears within the next month. Yes. Aphex Twin’s first Warp Records-released album for a generation, SYRO, is available to pre-order HERE. Fuck me. Is this actually happening?

Also, a similarly bizarre WTF moment in our weekly news frenzy. Scott Walker and Sunn 0))). Yes. Some of you may also say NO. But you cannot deny THIS is also happening.

But before I slump back into a minefield of misery I'll pretend to be really happy and overjoyed that we have a new Basement Jaxx album in. Their seventh or eighth. I dunno.

Ekoplekz is a man we love here. A fabulous companion album to ‘Unfidelity’ has landed - only four shops in the UK have stocked this and it’s in an edition of 300 numbered vinyl sets only. Don’t snooze.

Also maybe worth your time and effort are these moody aural critters and “hotlist” straddlers:

  • New-ish 4AD signings Merchandise and their not-so-difficult, super-produced third album.
  • Old hands Erland & The Carnival with their also not difficult third album.
  • Garage rock legend Ty Segall and his um....umpteenth album!
  • Faust and Can. Piqued your interest there didn’t I? Two old heads, Irmler and Liebezeit, one from each trailblazing Kraut-camp combine their visionary minds to give you THIS organ and percussion laced gem.
  • Royal Blood are a currently popular rock 2-piece. They deploy something called “riffage” and have been played extensively on the wireless. Apparently the singer also brandishes a “gruesome vocal snarl”. Ponder over their “weird” album art here.
  • Pie-cedelic (thanks Ian) fuzz-rock muff titans Wand are compadres of Ty Segall. This is their debut LP with incidental mind-munching artwork.
  • Gemma Ray is a lovely lass. Her last album was proper boss. I’m not sure whether her new one is as good or if I’m just a bit sick of music at the moment. She looks real class on the cover and may make your missus jealous.
  • Grunge-pop ragamuffins Wild Smiles are now on Rob Da Bank’s label. This is their new 7”. Hopefully you won’t be repeating the title back to us when it arrives through your letterbocks.
  • Old cement mixer throat Mark Lanegan and his band next. No, not the Screaming Trees. This is an INDIES-only twelve inch of material considered too weird for their new album.
  • It distressed our Mike a tad but electronic indie poppers Cymbals Eat Guitars (no they don’t, you idiots) have a new album to feast on. We have the bonus 4 track CD that comes with initial orders, so there.
  • Sudden Infant is a real Joke but a very fine one at that. Fresh from recent stints supporting Sleaford Mods, this stunning performance artist/avant-poet/noisemongering chatterbox lunatic got me loads of attention at Supernormal when I unleashed a t-shirt bearing his moniker. Sadly, not from the ladies. New album ‘ere, you know you want to.
  • Fantastic contemporary Thai psychedelia here from Khun Narin and his Electric Phin Band. I know this is totally amazing as I ran off home screaming with it clutched in my palsied claw after hearing it once. Sort of like the Thailand Konono No.1 if you would like a lazy endorsement. A band of all ages from out of nowhere.
  • Interesting noodle-some experiments from two Enablers guitarists here. Only 200 so give Goldring / Thomson a bash. Sorry, can I rephrase that?
  • Also on the same studious imprint, L&S, comes an album that captured our Ian’s imagination. It’s not some fey shoegaze nonsense either so it must be interesting. Try out Daniel Bachman here.
  • From Deep Distance, one of numerous obscure labels that Dom from The Great Pop Supplement tries to hide from us (wrapped in bin liners behind the boiler in his dank cellar) comes this split 7” which our Laurie really enjoyed. It didn’t make him mad, oh no.
  • I think this could be one of our favourite releases this week. The sleeve is breathtaking alone and could give Rothko a run for his money. The press mentions some real titans - Julianna Barwick, Christina Carter and Colin Stetson. Wow! Ian William Craig is possibly your new messiah if you like choral ambient drone as much as us.

And for your creepy Uncle Clive who only likes dashing electro breaks, fizzy synthesizers and wicky-wah-wah scratch face bass bins, here be thee auld “electronic section” that Clint invented last week.

  • The cheeky mocker of timbral fascism and baby-faced doyen of modern electronic day-glo party skronk Rustie has slightly upset our Laurie with his sophomore Warp album but it may well delight others. Ace sleeve fo’ sho’.
  • Kevin Martin isn’t as fat as he used to be. I hope he hasn’t caught The Bug that’s currently doing the rounds. A sinister and engrossing listen all round, if not quite as initially impactful as ‘London Zoo’ - the lauded ‘Angels & Devils’ is nevertheless now here. Get stuck in.
  • FlyLo’s Brainfeeder kicks back into action with this feted album from Mono/Poly who comes in at No. 1 on my shit name chart this week. But de Mon, he don’t care. Famesters Thomas Yorke and Erica Badwho are lapping it up like the beat-hungry dogs they is. Thundercat on bass too.
  • Jamie xx is a modest chap. I’d have my XXs in upper case like that. Obviously he doesn’t adore his audience as much as he makes out. Or do xx’s carry more gravity when they’re discreet? Fuck, this is nonsense. Another one sided twelve inch. What are you labels playing at? Sure this will crap out like all his other trendy colour-coded plates though.....raving, we’re raving.

And finally some hot re-issues for the person in your life (maybe you) that detests all music made recently:

  • Not one but TWO welcome re-issues of earlier out-of-print LPs from the gothic folk rock chanteuse known as Chelsea Wolfe.
  • Cult Aussie industrial pop pioneers Severed Heads have not one but TWO vital re-issues this week. Much like the Chelsea Wolfe pups, these have been long in demand and well OOP on wax so thoroughly deserve a reverent dusting-off such as this. One HERE, the other HERE.
  • Pick of the week’s Jazz re-issues on the esteemed Blue Note is this baby by Kenny Dorham and his Afro-Cuban classic from back in ‘57 which was itself an expanded version of the pioneering 10” from ‘55.
  • Not really a re-issue but a soundtrack that isn’t out for another couple of weeks. Yet you really should pre-order this if you loved the TV spin-off of Fargo (I certainly did). Here Jeff Russo faithfully captures the mood of Carter Burwell’s original film score and with impeccable counter-cultural timing beats his predecessor in the lavish vinyl package stakes. The original OST to Fargo has not wandered out of the digital realm as yet but this will do quite nicely thankyou. Ice-white wax on initials. Don’t be a Lester.

Right, that’s enough prattling from me. Clinton is on holiday so sorry, you’ve had to put up with me.

That reminds me. TWO imminent gigs of note for people in the Leeds/Bradford area or even those hardy types over the Pennines and beyond.

First, this is happening NEXT THURSDAY (28th Aug) and is a Norman Records co-promotion with some young wee upstart. Long-time Norman fave Ela Orleans is our star guest with some lovely guests including Vibracathedral Orchestra alumni. It’s her first ever Leeds gig so please bob along and claim your FREE Norman Records beer by mentioning how much you like this cyber shop of ours.


Second, a FREE gig in Bradford by these guys TONIGHT (Fri 22nd) who incidentally feature the older brother from Hood, a band we have always rather loved at Auntie Norman. Older readers may have noticed:

It is being held in this lovely wee spot: HERE. You can read all about it HERE. Yes. Free. Yellow6 as well. Pheeew!

Laters for now you lovely music devouring chumps

Brian & Krew.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

The Heads

Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere (Remaster)

10/10 from Mike

Here, finally, is the long-awaited reissue of The Heads' second album 'Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere', arguably the shiniest jewel in the psych-fuzz monsters' glittering on »

Ty Segall


10/10 from Mike

Happy Days! Ty Segall is back! Back with a mammoth 17-song album which sees him return from his patchy recent acoustic diversions to the fuzzy garage pop of albums like ' on »

Hot Club Murphy

12 Minutes At The Hot Club Murphy

9/10 from Clinton

This is fucking incredible. It's a re-issue from the late 70’s (we think) of an ever-changing collective led by Rob Storey and made up of members of The Homosexuals, on »

Pye Corner Audio

The Black Mist EP

9/10 from Brian

I randomly met the guy who's responsible for this benchmark Outer Church project last weekend. Hi Joe, I remembered your name. One of the lucky ones I'd say. Or was it Jim? on »


La Flor De Mi Tulpa

9/10 from ReviewBot3000

I wish I could share the press release for this LP with you without being punished by Google but apparently that's not how the internet works any more. In short, on »


Mud Gals / Rotten

9/10 from ReviewBot3000

I've got a couple of sevens on my pile from In The Red today, and they both feature Meatbodies, the "other band" of Fuzz dude Chad Ubovich. The sound here isn't a million on »

Meatbodies / Wand


9/10 from ReviewBot3000

Not content with having their own 7" out on In The Red this week, Fuzz bassist Chad Ubovich's Meatbodies also appear on this split with Wand. For a moment I thought they on »


Dog Hobbies USA

9/10 from ReviewBot3000

I don't know a lot (anything at all really) about this band but I'm enjoying this new EP by Arndales. Are they English? The singer sounds English but they're on In The Red on »


Unlimited Edition

9/10 from Brian

Look at the sleeve. Look at the sleeve. All sleeves should be that cool surely? Phil used to bore me to death about how he had the 1974 Limited Edition with the rodents on on »



9/10 from Robin

Gloriously unhinged and totally oblivious to What Record Labels Want, ‘Delay 1968’ is a sign of its time: too early to catch a krautrock wave, and not quite able on »

Kex / Lux

Wraith vs Wrath

9/10 from Ian

Wraith Vs Wrath is a collaboration between Home Normal boss Ian Hawgood and Ben Jones of Jazzfinger and Mechanical Children amonst others. With just two tracks on here, on »

Ashrae Fax

Never Really Been Into It

9/10 from Ian

This latest album from Greensboro goths Ashrae Fax is a comeback of sorts really. Their 2003 debut 'Static Crash' was reissued on the Mexican Summer label last year to on »

Jon McCallum

Surf Nazis Must Die (Original 1987 Motion Picture Soundtrack)

9/10 from Mike

Surf Nazis Must Die isn't a great film. I tried to watch it once but it's more ponderous and confusing than the badass title suggests. Thankfully this so-so mid-'80s Troma on »

Hollow Sunshine

Held Above

9/10 from Mike

I seem to have found myself with lots of metal in my review mountain today, so I was expecting this debut LP by Hollow Sunshine on Robotic Empire to be pretty straightforward on »

Delia Derbyshire

The Delian Mode

9/10 from Brian

I don't think there's a great deal of point going into the nitty gritty of these two tracks, they're very important pieces indeed but have been featured on the famous BBC on »

Ned Oldham

Further Gone

9/10 from Robin

Ned Oldham’s brand of folk is idyllic and countrified, but never over-articulated. As a songwriter, his greatest assets are his precision and restraint; he never hams on »


Lets Have A Party: Girls Gone Rockin' Vol. 2

9/10 from Mike

The good people at Fantastic Voyage have put together this easily-digestible 2LP edition with 32 songs from their sprawling 3CD compilation of '50s rock'n'roll, with an on »

Dag Rosenqvist

Fall Into Fire

9/10 from Mike

I'm having a dizzyingly eclectic day, anything from techno to shoegazey metal to drone-folk, psych-rock, soul-pop, experimental synths...and now this difficult to describe on »

The Jazz Epistles

Verse 1+

9/10 from Mike

Amazing historic jazz reissue alert! This album here by South Africa's Jazz Epistles is important for all sorts of reasons. Firstly, it's believed to be the first album by a on »

Ian William Craig

A Turn Of Breath

9/10 from Brian

Can only see one other thing we've got in stock on this great little label and that was something by Sean McCann that blew our Ant right away. Recital only release a on »


My Intention is War - Trinidad Calypso 1928-1948

9/10 from Brian

One of my bugbears is that I don't actually like blues music all that much. I don't know why, it's just some freakin' old dudes moaning innit. Ian, over there, he thinks the on »


Soon Over Babaluma

9/10 from Mike

We've had a whole load of these Can reissues flooding into the office in recent weeks and it's fallen to me to write a few words about 'Soon Over Babaluma', which resident on »

Sun Ra

When Sun Comes Out

9/10 from Mike

We've got some tasty reissues of some early Sun Ra classics in on Poppy Disc. Here's 'When Sun Comes Out', which is more than 50 years old now, from Ra's New York period, on »


Ganglion Reef

9/10 from Mike

LA psych-poppers Wand drop their debut LP this week on Ty Segall’s God? imprint ahead of a US tour with the floppy-haired psych king himself and it’s quite a on »

Arve Henriksen

The Nature Of Connections

9/10 from ReviewBot3000

The diverse and multi-talented scandi-jazzer Arve Henriksen is back with a new album on Rune Grammofon this week, although this time around he’s left the bulk of the on »


Four Track Mind

9/10 from Ant

Some people are lucky if they have one interesting creative thought in their whole lives. Bristol’s finest knob twiddler Nick Edwards seems like a man who’s on »


Golden Skies

9/10 from Brian

As with most stuff on Brainfeeder - the prodigious FlyLo's progressive electronic stable - this album spills with a fevered imagination and has a tenderly layered, on »

Khun Narin

Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band

9/10 from Brian

Another album that left me a little speechless in recent weeks was this thing by Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band. On the ever-eclectic and tasteful Innovative Leisure label, on »

The Bug

Angels & Devils

9/10 from Ant

‘Angels & Devils’ is the fourth album from Kevin Martin as The Bug. Once again he’s assembled a stellar cast of vocalists to contribute to, and complete on »

Dam Mantle and the Free Association

Heavy Velvet Affair

8/10 from Brian

Belting collaboration here between Glasgow people Dam Mantle and the Free Association. One side is taken up with this stealthy locked-down house stormer that seems to go on on »

Nathan Fake / Wesley Matsell


8/10 from Brian

Semi-fantastic twelve here from the young Fakester and his mate Wes. The two of them have just set up their own label, bless. This is the first installment and being the on »

King Ayisoba

Wicked Leaders

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

Here's the second album of contemporary Ghanaian music by King Ayisoba, following his well received 'Modern Ghanaians' LP. Ayisoba plays a traditional two-string guitar on »


Mawa EP

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

London-based Japanese producer Anchorsong has an EP out this week on BBE. This guy's been making waves with his chilled out samplescapes and wild live performance style with on »

David Kilgour and The Heavy Eights

End Times Undone

8/10 from Brian

There's something incredibly comforting about New Zealand indie music of a certain pedigree. Just seeing how popular The Clean and The Chills remain after so many years is on »

Electric Wurms

Musik, Die Schwer zu Twerk

8/10 from Brian

Hahaha I knew this would happen. As soon as The Flaming Lips do a side project I'm on board. I'm not much of a fan of the hairy panto-freaks these days but I've always on »



8/10 from Brian

The ever-canny Superior Viaduct of Craig-Leon-pissing-off fame have unearthed another kosmische masterwork here in the form of Frenchman Richard Pinhas and his second stab at on »

Circuit Breaker


8/10 from ReviewBot3000

Here's a new five-song EP by Circuit Breaker, who've already got a tape out on Tombed Visions. They're a duo of brothers from London, Edward and Peter Simpson, and they play on »


Industriale Illuminato

8/10 from Ant

This I believe is the third vinyl outing for Jim Mroz's Lussuria project on Hospital Productions and follows the excellent 'American Babylon' collection. Sadly this guy's on »



8/10 from Souki

The Trilogy Tapes is to London what Opal Tapes is to the Northeast, or Redcar to be more specific.  I can’t explain what a pleasure it was to find out that the on »


The Swimming City

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

Zea are back with another 12" slab of their entertaining experimental jazz-pop madness, featuring guest spots including a bit of sax honking from Mats Gustafsson on opener ' on »


The Stitch-Up

8/10 from Souki

Not much to go on here as what we’ve got is a mystery track by a mystery artist released on a mystery label with no back catalogue. It’s just so mysterious I had on »



8/10 from ReviewBot3000

There's a bit of a sad story behind the second Flamingods album 'Hyperborea', which was written after band leader Kamal Rasool was forced to leave the UK due to a change in on »

Brian Conniffe / Suzanne Walsh / Diarmuid Macdiarmada


8/10 from ReviewBot3000

Here's the fourth in a series of six mini-LPs featuring collaborations with cross-genre serial collaborator Brian Conniffe. Here he's paired with "visual artist and musician" on »

Beach Day

Native Echoes

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

All the way from Hollyweird, Florida, here's Beach Day, who are rocking a similar laid-back and sun bleached garage surfpop sound to La Luz, or maybe Best Coast before on »

Blackberry Smoke

Leave A Scar Live in North Carolina

8/10 from Robin

Blackberry Smoke are, against all odds, a band from the oughties. Their brand of super-charged Southern rock and country journeying suggests that Neil Young's "Southern Man" on »



8/10 from ReviewBot3000

The latest Celebration 'Albumin' is icumen in this week from Bella Union. This is a band who've already had releases on 4AD as well as previous incarnations Jaks and Lovelife on »

J Mascis

Tied to a Star

8/10 from Ian

Here he comes with his long, flowing, greying mane of hair - armed only with an acoustic guitar. The legendary Dinosaur Jr frontman comes at us with his latest solo effort on »

Daniel Bachman

Daniel Bachman (2014)

8/10 from Ian

Here we have an interesting release on the Lancashire And Somerset label, home to the latest record by Notts psychedelic monsters Kokumaza amongst others. This self-titled on »

Hinterhof / Play for Today


8/10 from Laurie

This one just oozes German cool. A duo of classic krauty electropop from what appear to be 2 new bands on London's Deep Distance recordings, this little orange disc's on »



8/10 from Mike

This EP is twinned with another 12", 'Heart', also released this week. That one focuses on Scrase's warm, ambient house side while 'Another' delves into more sinister on »

Groovy Uncle (featuring Suzi Chunk)

Barefoot In The Car Park

8/10 from Mike

Suzi Chunk & Groovy Uncle has to be my favourite band name of the week so far, and I'm enjoying the music on this here 7" too. On side A we've got 'Barefoot In The Car on »

Karen Novotny X

3 Minutes over Brussels

8/10 from Mike

Playable postcards; an irritating novelty or a valid musical medium? When a record comes with a note on the sleeve saying that "playback quality is not at the optimum levels on »

Matthew Shaw

Songs and the Silences of Night

8/10 from Mike

We have a very tasteful 7" EP of drone-folk business by Matthew Shaw here this week from the ever tasteful Sonic Oyster. 'Songs and the Silences of Night' is a nicely on »


Foundations Of Burden

8/10 from Mike

My second metal album of the week comes in the shape of Pallbearer's sophomore effort 'Foundations of Burden', which was recorded by Billy Anderson and features six sprawling on »

Earthling Society

England Have My Bones

8/10 from Mike

I suspect this band write their own press releases, as I'm reading here that they "hail from of of the most un-Kosmische areas of North West England, Fleetwood. A town so on »

Mutual Benefit

The Cowboy's Prayer

8/10 from Mike

I recall reviewing one of this chap's records before and being fairly underwhelmed, but I'm quite enjoying this short but sweet reissued EP from Mutual Benefit. 'The Cowboy's on »

Daughters of the Sun

Ride To Die

8/10 from Mike

Hazy droney stoner-psych types Daughters of the Sun are back this week with album number four on the ever-reliable Not Not Fun, continuing to plough their distinctly cosmic on »


Det Gar Runt Igen

8/10 from Mike

All the way from Finland comes this debut album, five years in the making, from Jarse, a "minimal psych" trio of multi-instrumentalists (not a solo artist with the first name on »

Franz Kirmann


8/10 from Robin

Kind of like watching Upstream Color at half-speed, ‘Meridians’ often makes true on Franz Kirmann’s downbeat intentions, sustaining all neo-classical and on »


VI: Flora

8/10 from Mike

Here's another selection from my rather metal-heavy pile this week. This one's from California's Botanist and is the sixth in a lengthy series of albums which will eventually on »

Goldring / Thomson

For All #1: Nines

8/10 from Mike

Enablers guitarists Kevin Thomson and Joe Goldring go head-to-head on this one-sided 12" on Lancashire & Somerset, which comes beautifully presented in a two-colour 12" on »


What For Art Thou

8/10 from Mike

Here's an EP of indie rock from Manchester's Waiters, which comes in screenprinted sleeves in an edition of just 100! Don't hang about if you want to get your hands on one, on »


Trago Acid Mills

8/10 from Mike

We've got a mysterious tape here from the impossibly monikered crx091081gb, alias Robin Price, containing four tracks of the finest old-skool acid that squidges and squelches on »

Irmler + Liebezeit


8/10 from Brian

This is of great interest to a large proportion of Krautrock fans. Two of the scene's godheads junking a festival rehearsal last year to lock into an improvised organ and on »

Tashi Dorji

Tashi Dorji

8/10 from Mike

Here's an album from Tashi Dorji on Ben Chasny's label Hermit Hut. It contains five improvisations from the nimble-fingered avant garde youngster, showcasing his uniquely on »


Side Piece EP

8/10 from Mike

Here's some hard-edged, slightly acidy techno business from Patricia. I'm not sure what his name is but I do know that he's a man from Chicago living in Brooklyn, and in ' on »

Chelsea Wolfe

The Grime and The Glow

8/10 from Brian

I've heard this lass before and recall thinking I'd happily ditch my "no dating girls with dodgy names" rule for this one. I had no idea she was so popular. I've only heard on »



8/10 from Brian

Third LP from Ital on Planet Mu. Now it has just occurred to me that some people may get confused by all this Ital business and a few may even assume this is the same guy as on »

Matthew Collings

Silence Is A Rhythm Too

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

Scottish-based Icelandic composer Matthew Collings makes a return to wax this week courtesy of this lovely gatefold package on Denovali. On it Collings mixes electronics with on »

Screaming Trees

Last Words: The Final Recordings

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

I’m going “double Lanegan” this week, with my review pile featuring not only a new Mark Lanegan Band EP but this entire album of previously-unheard on »

Sleeping Bag

Deep Sleep

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

There’s been quite a lot of disgustingly fuzzy pop-metal type records coming out this week actually, what with that excellent bit of dreamy sludge from Hollow Sunshine on »

Noel Akchote

Gesualdo: Madrigals for Five Guitars

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

And so I reach a relaxing end to a stressful week’s reviewing with this CD by Noel Akchote with a rather self-explanatory title - ‘Gesualdo: Madrigals for Five on »

James Hoff


8/10 from Ant

I enjoyed James Hoff’s previous PAN offering from 2011; the riot collage of ‘How Wheeling Feels When The Ground Walks Away’ so was all ears when I first on »

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