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Hey folks! Ant here... Remember me? I’m still alive and kickin’ it at the office covering for humans on holiday. I’m bloody crap at writing these intro things but I’ll give it a whirl and hopefully inform you of what’s interesting in the world of sound without sounding too much like a twat.
Before I hit you with a plethora of records, tapes and other goodies I should apologize to you guys and gals awaiting the Monoton LP. Our copies appear to have gone AWOL in transit so we’re very much hoping they will arrive soon.

The hot news for hip-hop heads is that the JJ Doom album is here on CD with wax to follow. The 7” single is still going strong with a ton of them landing this week from the likes of Savages, Stealing Sheep,Theme Park, Wild Nothing,The Pretty Things, Jack Ellister, Beautify Junkyards, a Split by Salem Rages / Violence Cowpiss, FIDLAR, Race Horses, Lower and some proper psychedelic action courtesy of Sylvester Anfang II.
Oh and the audio fun doesn’t stop there. I thought August was supposed to be quiet for new releases? That’s not the case as there are piles of albums too from all sorts of audio alchemists including Minotaur Shock, Teengirl Fantasy on R&S featuring Panda Bear and Laurel Halo on Vox. Appearances from Stealing Sheep, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, The Unwinding Hours, The Max Block plus the second full length on 4AD from Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. If that doesn’t whet yer whistle then there’s gear from Bill Fay, Carol Kleyn, Yeasayer and Barn Owl chap Evan Caminiti on Thrill Jockey, Six Organs of Admittance on Drag City, oh and Brian adores the Fergus & Geronimo album on Hardly Art. I’ve been digging a coupla bits on Editions Mego; namely Mark Fell and Nick Edwards AKA Ekoplekz. Erm... What else have we? Oh yeah Fabulous Diamonds, a bliss out from Chihei Hatakeyama, slick stuff from Sylvain Chauveau plus bits from MayMay and Post War Glamour Girls. Also worth mentioning is that Molecular Genetics from The Locust is out on vinyl and Lee Hazlewood’s A House Safe For Tigers is available once more. Apparently The Rolling Stones spat their dummies and kicked off about the Spacin' Deep Thuds artwork so that’s back in with slightly altered artwork.

12” action this week comes courtesy of Lindstrom with remixes from Mark Mcguire, Oneohtrix Point Never, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti etc. Then there’s Vince Clarke and Martin Gore with their third VCMG 12” on Mute. Two offerings come from Mexican Summer - Tropa Macaca plus Fuck Button Blanck Mass do the do. Other stuff too from Roland Tings on 100% Silk and Afterhours on Not Not Fun as well as some lady pop from Cate Le bon.

If you buy them and don’t like ’em then tar and feathering the responsible reviewers is by appointment only. Get in line.

Ant : )

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Oren Ambarchi

Sagittarian Domain

10/10 from Brian

Not got too familiar with this laddie yet. He’s a pretty eclectic and prolific one yet I’ve only heard a couple of bits, but both Mike and I pricked up our ears wh...read on »

Other Lives / Atoms For Peace

Tamer Animals / Other Side

9/10 from Clinton

I’m so out of touch...I didn’t know Thom Yorke had a band with Flea, or who Other Lives are or that Mr Yorke was sporting a ponytail these days. So I’ve lear...read on »

DJ Sprinkles

Midtown 120 Blues

9/10 from Clinton

This is a re-issue of a 2009 album by Sprinkles (actually campaigner, sound manipulator and theorist Terre Thaemlitz) which is a tribute to the 42nd Street New York trans ...read on »

Eden Ahbez

Eden's Island

9/10 from ReviewBot3000

Here’s an exotic curiosity.  eden ahbez (who removed the capitals from his name because he believed that only “god” and “infinity” should ...read on »

Chihei Hatakeyama


9/10 from ReviewBot3000

How lovely, something new from Japanese tranquility alchemist Chihei Hatakeyama, with six of his new shimmering ethereal tonescapes for you to sink into and wallow happily, ...read on »

Fantastic Mr Fox


9/10 from Li'l Biz

Black Acre hit us up with a super limited multi-coloured splatter 12” of Fantastic Mr. Fox’s dancefloor anthem ‘Power’ that follows on from his highly ...read on »

Roland Tings

Milky Way

9/10 from Li'l Biz

Who are Roland Ting? And where the hell do 100% Silk keep finding all these sweet artists? It’s like they’re queueing ‘em up or summat....like a Warhol fact...read on »



9/10 from Li'l Biz

If I’m honest I couldn’t tell you a thing about Afterhours as I’m totally unfamiliar with them. The press release says they’re from LA and flirt with ...read on »

Mark Fell

Sentielle Objectif Actualite

9/10 from Ant

It seems like I’ve been waiting forever for this one to drop and now it’s finally here it’s everything I was hoping for and then some. The score here is that...read on »

Nick Edwards


9/10 from Ant

Ahhh shit! I’ve been salivating over every Ekoplekz release I can get my grubby mitts on and it seems Peter Rehberg has most likely been doing the same as he’s sna...read on »

Fergus & Geronimo

Funky Was the State of Affairs

9/10 from Brian

From the off  I fell in love with this album, basically because it sounds more like classic late 70’s Brit post-punk ala The Monochrome Set or some crazy alien-obse...read on »

Minotaur Shock


9/10 from Brian

Blooming heck where did this guy suddenly stick his head up from? Apparently It’s been four long years since his last outing and he obviously didn’t fluff-up the c...read on »

Race Horses

My Year Abroad

9/10 from Brian

Now, I’m a sucker for a quality radio anthem and I think these former psych-prog weirdo poppers from Wales have constructed a fine effort here. Strangely eighties sou...read on »

Fabulous Diamonds

Commercial Music

9/10 from Ant

This is the third album from this Melbourne duo following a couple of crackers for  Siltbreeze which really seems like ages ago now but here they are back in action. 'In...read on »

Wild Nothing


9/10 from Li'l Biz

That Jack Tatum kid sure knows how to craft a sweet little pop song. Now signed to Bella Union (for some odd reason - I thought Captured Tracks was a perfectly respectable hom...read on »

Stealing Sheep

Into The Diamond Sun

9/10 from Clinton

The opening track on this debut album ‘The Garden’ is immediately impressive and recalls a Warpaint raised solely on The Slits and The Raincoats. Production wise i...read on »

Holy Strays


8/10 from ReviewBot3000

This is pushing my buttons this morning. Mysterious Frenchie Sebastien ‘Holy Strays’ Forrester is back with a little disc of his future techno experimental pop wei...read on »

Matthew Shaw

There Was Never A Time When Your Life Was Not Now, Nor Will There Ever Be

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

Here’s another CD from reliable droner Matthew Shaw, where he incorporates city rumbles from Vancouver and plenty of birdsong and pastoral field recordings from the UK a...read on »

Pin Group


8/10 from Clinton

Back in my early 20s I was something of a New Zealand freak. I couldn’t get enough of the dark skewed music which emanated from the Isle, particularly through the Flying...read on »

Celer & Machinefabriek

Hel/ Sou

8/10 from Clinton

So this is the third in the series of 7”s by these ambient heavyweights, it’s limited to a minuscule 250 copies has delightful artwork and comes with a postcard co...read on »


Live Sheffield 3rd July 2012

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

Here on Blackest Rainbow’s ‘Blackest Bootlegs’ series is a 16-minute performance from Swan-Hunter, who doles out an increasingly erratic, filthy drone which ...read on »


Sod In The Seed

8/10 from Clinton

I’m old enough to know the rules...and so it goes that I generally dismiss each new Why? release proclaiming it not as good as the last and that he’s ‘lost i...read on »

(I Am) Ampersand

Holding The Negative Up to The Light

8/10 from Clinton

New on the Great Pop Supplement, this is the second 7” from the solo project from Fujiya and Miyagi’s Matthew Hainsby. I must have missed the first (it apparently ...read on »


Why Diet When You Could Riot

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

This comp comes with a load of bumph so it’s proving quite hard to review because I keep getting distracted by all the reading material. What I’ve gathered, tho...read on »

The You And What Army Faction


8/10 from ReviewBot3000

I thought with a name like this that these guys would be some kind of punky kids, but actually this is a Greek duo making creaking, droning, dirgey lo-fi with creepy whispe...read on »


And So I Place You In The Setting Sun

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

This band MayMay are the brainchild of Laurel Simmons and Heather Broderick’s doing some cello on here and it was mastered by Nils Frahm so I think you get the idea - ...read on »

Sylvain Chauveau


8/10 from ReviewBot3000

Neoclassical/experimental minimalist Sylvain Chauveau is back with a collection of remixes of both his own and other people’s work on this CD here. ‘Heart Beating...read on »


Walk On Heads

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

Lower are the latest scuzzy nihilistic noise punk types to emerge from the burgeoning scene in my third city, Copenhagen. They’ve got members of bands who’ve go...read on »

Grand Salvo

Slay Me In My Sleep

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

I’m initially quite surprised to hear something like this on Preservation, which is mostly the preserve of super classy antipodean electro acoustic/minimal/ambient ty...read on »

The Max Block

Air Ache In The Belly Of The Leech

8/10 from Li'l Biz

Siltbreeze are on the case with this handsome looking complete recordings of The Max Block. ‘Air Ache In The Belly Of The Leech’ compiles the bands only official ...read on »

Siang Toey Jak Jai / Tid Kiew Tiew Krung

Banyen Rakkaen / Porn Tawan

8/10 from Li'l Biz

I can’t really enlighten you as to what this 7” is so you may have to your own investigations but, from what I can tell, it’s two cuts taken from the arch...read on »

Evan Caminiti

Dreamless Sleep

8/10 from Ant

That there Barn Owl fellow is back on Thrill Jockey with what I reckon is his fifth album in around three years which ain't bad going at all. This is his first solo record on ...read on »

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

Mature Themes

8/10 from Ant

Don’t be fooled by the title of this record for there are no stories of collecting your pension, free bus passes or tea dances. I was kind of expecting this album, (the ...read on »


Call Me Any Time

8/10 from Ant

I’d literally just hit stop on the Ariel Pink album and then Business Lady hands me this Lindstrom 12” to write about and low and behold the first remix is by the ...read on »

Teengirl Fantasy


8/10 from Ant

Logan Takahashi and Nicholas Weiss follow up their debut 12” for R&S with this, their second full length offering after the well received debut album for Merok. Wow ...read on »

The Eccentronic Research Council

1612 Underture

8/10 from Ant

This is the work of Adrian Flannagan (Kings Have Long Arms), actress Maxine Peake (‘Shameless’ / ‘Silk’) and Dean Hohner (I Monster) and is quite the c...read on »

Blanck Mass

White Math

8/10 from Ant

Sorry to be a party pooper but I don’t particularly care for Benjamin John Power’s Fuck Buttons stuff, however the Blanck Mass record on Rock action was a little m...read on »

Flavor Crystals

On Plastic

8/10 from Brian

Now our Mike said these lot are “Shit, like a stoner rock Stone Roses”. Now, I’m usually respectful of his opinions but in this case he’s Mr. Wrong wit...read on »

Tropa Macaca


8/10 from Li'l Biz

Software venture deep into experimental purism with the co-release of the fourth rekkid from ambient noise makers and all round good lads Tropo Macaca. ‘Ectoplasm&rsquo...read on »

Cate Le Bon


8/10 from Clinton

After my initial disappointment that she is neither French nor Simon’s daughter, I’ve been reasonably impressed with our Cate’s output of late. Its the sort ...read on »


La-Di-Da Recordings

8/10 from Clinton

Is this the point where surprise re-issues of long forgotten bands passes into complete and utter insanity? Dreamscape barely merited a blip even on the demo/tape scene of 198...read on »

Beautify Junkyards

From The Morning/Fuga No.2

8/10 from Clinton

Hands up who would like to hear a hitherto unheard of Portuguese band cover ‘From The Morning’ by Nick Drake? Hmmmm quite a few of you it seems. I’m baffled ...read on »


Don't Try EP

8/10 from Clinton

The big new thing? Maybe. They have the amphetamine driven tunes, one part Syd Barrett, one part The White Stripes. It’s snotty garage punk that blasts along like a teen...read on »

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