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Added to site: Wednesday 8th June 2016

The Hellacopters
Supershitty To The Max!

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Grant Hart

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The Tempest
5 Against The House

The Tempest were a John Peel-approved, semi-obscure 80’s post-punk outfit whose splintered members would later go on to do time in Venus Fly Trap, Spacemen 3 and Spiritualised. 5 Against The House has them rocking a angular guitar / funky bass combination that pins them to 1984. Reissued on blue / white splatter vinyl with a bonus CD version, in new artwork. On Optic Nerve.

Iggy & The Stooges
Metallic K.O.

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Pink Floyd

More is the soundtrack to the Barbet Schroeder film of the same name. It was released in 1969 between the albums A Saucerful of Secrets and Ummagumma. The album featured acoustic folk ballads which the band would reprise on other albums and some heavy rock that wasn’t particularly representative of the band’s sound.

R&B Transmogrification

Very welcome re-press of Quasi’s 1997 debut studio album. Quasi’s approach to indie rock always sounded interesting, with rockin’ tunes jammed out on fuzzy guitars and fuzzy harpsichords and low-key vocals. Only the 2 of them, but they knew each other’s musical personalities inside out. R&B Transmogrification is reissued by Domino.

Field Studies

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The Associates

Sulk was The Associates crowning glory. Originally released in 1982 it mixed David Bowie and Scott Walker influences with the New Romantic pop of the day. It was widely critically acclaimed and was named Melody Maker’s album of the year for 1982. It was the last album to include the founding members Billy McKenzie and Alan Rankine. Contains the instantly recognisable hit Party Fears Two.
Added to site: Tuesday 7th June 2016

The Brilliant Corners
Heart On Your Sleeve - A Decade In Pop: 1983-1993

Indie-poppers The Brilliant Corners had a mean way with a single during their time. This compilation gathers up all 10 of them, along with their B-sides and a bunch of previously unreleased demos and live versions. Heart On Your Sleeve - A Decade In Pop: 1983-1993 is a double-disc collection on Cherry Red.

Wolves in the Throne Room
Diadem of 12 Stars

The band that launched hipster black metal get a reissue of their 2006 classic Diadem of 12 Stars, a record that treated the genre as ambient rumination in what is usually a place for sonic severity. Wolves In The Throne Room are one of black metal's biggest contemporary names and this record is perhaps its most fitting modern masterpiece: a record recorded in a "windowless, black room". But of course.

Af Ursin
Aura Legato

Auro Legato was initially released in 2005 by Af Ursin’s own private press imprint La Scie Doree. The limited run of 350 copies meant that, even as this album’s reputation grew, few were able to pick up this semi-abstract suite of drones, folk, jazz, and whatever else has been folded into this lovely dense mix. Thankfully, Blackest Ever Black are reissuing it.

The Gary Wilson Trio
Another Galaxy

Gary Wilson got his cult reputation from his electrified avant-songcraft album You Think You Really Know Me, but this release, unearthed from distant 1974 obscurity by Feeding Tube Records, shows that he had jazz talent too. Not just any jazz either, but the kind that floats serenely through outer space… Another Galaxy indeed.

Bruce Russell
Howling and Instability at High Volume Settings

Bruce Russell is of course one of the principal guitar-manglers for New Zealand noise-rock heroes The Dead C! He also produces lesser-known solo work, such as the material gathered on the perfectly-titled Howling and Instability at High Volume Settings, a set of guitar / amp interfacings with a gnarly edge. Edition of 400 vinyl copies on Feeding Tube Records.

Robbin' The Hood

Ska-punks Sublime went almost experimental with their second album Robbin’ The Hood, which was recorded to a 4-track machine at home, lending it a lo-fi feel. The band also quote, reference and sample a panoply of other artists from the reggae and rock worlds. Double LP, freshly remastered, on Universal.

Second-Hand Smoke

Vintage ska-punk from American group Sublime. Second-Hand Smoke is a fairly suitable title: this 1997 release is a compilation with a real mixed-up tracklist, including remixes and recycling of older material, unheard stuff, and covers of the likes of Bob Marley. All remastered and re-released as a double LP on Universal.


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Stand By Your Van

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Pat Thomas Introduces Marijata

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Added to site: Monday 6th June 2016

Egisto Macchi
Biologia animale e vegetale

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Sharon Mhati Chatam

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Mario Molino

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Stelvio Cipriani
Rhythmical Movement

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Royal Headache
Royal Headache

Royal Headache are an Australian garage band, known for their very raucus live shows (a few years ago the police stopped one of their shows at Sydney Opera House after a load of their fans crashed the stage). This is their 2012 debut album, prior to the better-known 'High' (2015). It's fast, noisy, fuzzy indie punk and you should get it.
Added to site: Saturday 4th June 2016 Added to site: Friday 3rd June 2016


Prix are a lesser-known band that came about when members of later-period Big Star shot off on their own. Historix is a set of ferocious mid-70’s rock music, packed with riffs and flaring vocals. Barely any of this material has been widely heard: 2 singles released at the time and a Japanese CD release 15 years ago is all the attention it has received. So praise due to the efforts of HoZac Archival.
Added to site: Thursday 2nd June 2016

Robert Turman & Aaron Dilloway

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Live From Planet X

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Black Sun Productions
Toilet Chant

Black Sun Productions are Pierce and Massimo, who worked with Coil for their live stage performances back in the day. Strange, doomy ambience is the name of the game on this album, which also features some vocals from Coil’s Jhonn Balance. First released on CD in 2004, Toilet Chant is now issued on vinyl by Hallow Ground.

Black Sun Productions
Dies Juvenalis

Massimo & Pierce made up Black Sun Productions. Most known for their live work with Coil, as well as working with Lydia Lunch and H.R. Giger. Heavily effected vocals, beautiful xylophone and dramatic percussion create something strangely beautiful. Whilst they disbanded in December 2012, they reformed as the Anarcocks in 2014.

The Warriors

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Bernard Purdie

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Super Furry Animals

It’s reissue time for the alt kings of Wales. The fourth album by Super Furry Animals is a lo-fi effort that’s packed with pop sensibilities. Notably their first release with lyrics entirely sung in Welsh, Mwng was described by Rhys as their ‘pop strike’ after failing to make chart headway in English. An essential document in the evolution of musical heavyweights and it's catchy as hell. Out on CD, deluxe 2CD, vinyl LP and LTD deluxe 3LP from Domino.

The Fuzztones
Salt For Zombies

The Fuzztones resurrect their 2003 album Salt For Zombies for Easy Action. Good old-fashioned garage rock music like you might hear in the dive bar of your fantasies: plenty of organ and plenty of throaty vocals, including from The Seeds’ Sky Saxon on 1 track. The (coloured) vinyl edition has a bonus 7” of an Alice Cooper cover thrown in for good measure.
Added to site: Wednesday 1st June 2016

The Colours of Life

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Reissue (and first-time vinyl release) of 1993's eponymous album from Seattle-based supergroup Hater. For anyone new to Hater - if we told you it was a collaboration between two guys from Soundgarden and members of Mother Love Bone, Devil Head and the mighty Monster Magnet, you could probably make a pretty informed guess as to how this is going to sound. Lovely swirly noisiness.

Die Krupps

Stahlwerkrequium is a resurrection of the spirit of the 1981 Die Krupps album Stahlwerksinfonie, a thick grind of industrial rock (‘Stahlwerk’ translates to ‘Steelworks’). But better yet, this time the band has 2 key members of Faust on-board, guaranteeing a beautifully monolithic sound. Out on Bureau B.
Added to site: Tuesday 31st May 2016

True Widow
As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth

Heavy tings here on the second album by True Widow, first released in 2011. As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth has the emotional weight of slowcore as well as the distorted-riff weight of stoner rock. Mighty stuff. Reissued on vinyl by Mexican Summer.

True Widow

Heavy tings here on True Widow’s I.N.O. EP, first released in 2011. The band have the emotional weight of slowcore as well as the distorted-riff weight of stoner rock, although this release also sees them pushing into some weirder territory, with 2 10-minute-plus tracks that drone and dirge. Reissued on vinyl by Mexican Summer.

White Zombie
It Came From N.Y.C

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Alan Howarth
The Lost Empire

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Added to site: Friday 27th May 2016

Party People Clap

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My Morning Jacket
It Still Moves (Deluxe Edition)

My Morning Jacket’s southern indie rock classic It Still Moves was first released in 2003, and is here reissued in truly deluxe style. The original record (some say the band’s finest) has been remastered, and is accompanied by 10 of Jim James’ demoes and another 3 tracks, previously unreleased, from the album sessions. 2 CDs or 4 LPs, on ATO Records.
Added to site: Thursday 26th May 2016

Jean Guerin

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Live Chronicles Volume 2

Spectrum is Sonic Boom, who is Pete Kember, who was in Spacemen 3. Which is to say that this is a lifelong psych traveller we are dealing with here. These cosmic recordings were performed live in front of an enthused crowd in Tokyo, and things get good and spacey. Live Chronicles Volume 2 is reissued by Space Age Recordings, with artwork from Hajime Ouchi.

Live Chronicles Volume 1

Spectrum is Sonic Boom, who is Pete Kember, who was in Spacemen 3. Which is to say that this is a lifelong psych traveller we are dealing with here. These cosmic recordings were rained down upon grateful audiences in Newcastle and London in the very early 90’s, and they get pretty ecstatic. Live Chronicles Volume 1 is reissued by Space Age Recordings.
Added to site: Wednesday 25th May 2016

Albert Ayler
My Name Is Albert Ayler

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Nick Drake
A Treasury

A Treasury is a fifteen track compilation of songs by the incomparable folk singer/songwriter Nick Drake. It was originally released in 2004. It includes tracks from his three studio albums Bryter Layter, Five Leaves Left and Pink Moon and one tracks from his odds-and-ends album Time of No Reply. Drake sadly died in 1974 aged 26 following an overdose.

Brad Fiedel
The Terminator

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Animal Rights

Moby is best known for his electronica, but he’s always also been a massive fan of hardcore, grunge, metal: all the heavy guitar genres. The only time that really surfaced in his recorded material was his 1996 fourth album Animal Rights, which is Moby in proper alt-rock mode. First time reissue, on 180g vinyl.


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Added to site: Tuesday 24th May 2016

Ellen Fullman
The Long String Instrument

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Dario Dell'Aere
Eagles In The Night

Dario Dell’Aere’s voice sounds like an old American-Soul crooner, but comes backed with full-blast 1985 Italo disco backing on Eagles In The Night. It’s a groovy time and no mistake. The 12”, remastered of course, is housed in a replica sleeve along with a postcard insert. On Dark Entries.
Added to site: Monday 23rd May 2016

The Beach Boys
Pet Sounds

Recorded music doesn’t get more iconic than this. Influential as it is, there’s nothing quite like Brian Wilson’s masterpiece, with its magical harmonies and arrangements. It’s hard to get jaded about or tired of. If you’ve somehow managed to avoid this album, no matter what you’re into, you owe it to yourself to dive in. You have the choice of remastered stereo or mono versions on vinyl (if in doubt, mono is the one to go for), or a double CD edition which features both mixes, plus instrumentals and live tracks.

Kill 'Em All

This reissued record from Metallica should need no introduction if you are in any way interested in thrash metal. 1983’s Kill ‘Em All is the very first album ever recorded by these kings of the riffs, and it still stands proud as a strong statement of intent. Now it is available again on vinyl, fully remastered. From Virgin.

Cosmic Egg

Cosmic Egg by Aussie rock behemoths Wolfmother was originally released in 2009 and was the follow-up to their 2005 eponymous debut. 2016 sees it repressed on double vinyl. The album was produced by Alan Moulder - a producer of legendary status who has produced or mixed just about everybody over the years from Ride to Blonde Redhead to The Killers to Nine Inch Nails.

Cabaret Voltaire
Red Mecca

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Added to site: Saturday 21st May 2016

The Stone Roses
The Very Best Of

Many thought that it would never happen but Manchester indie Gods The Stone Roses look to be releasing new music. They’ll be also be playing some live dates which I'm sure will have middle aged Madchester casualties salivating. For now though you can relieve their past glories with a reissue of The Very Best Of The Stone Roses. It does what it says on the tin and most likely doesn't include 'All For One' On double vinyl LP, housed in a gatefold sleeve and CD.
Added to site: Friday 20th May 2016

Secret Name

Secret Name was the fourth album by Minnesotan slow movers Low. It was produced by Steve Albini  - a perfect choice to capture the very natural sound the band produced. All Low albums are worth their weight in gold and Secret Name is now different as the band slowly added colour to their initially minimal style but retaining the beauty and raw emotion. 

Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes

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Added to site: Thursday 19th May 2016

Poets End

The materials gathered on Poets End were all originally recorded thanks to the benevolence of John Peel between 1979 and 1981, Peel doing his usual excellent job of documenting crucial slices of the underground. Visitors were an excellent post-punk gang after all. 4 of these recordings have never been released before, and the rest aren't easy to find. 1000 copies.

Black Power

Black Power by Peace was released in the mid 1970’s, and it has taken as long as this for it to see an official reissue. And yet this is one of the premium albums of the whole Zambian Zamrock scene, a groovy and soulful thing. It is also the only album that Peace ever made. In print once more, with a booklet, courtesy of Now-Again.
Added to site: Wednesday 18th May 2016

Ahmed Malek
Musique Original De Films

High quality stuff from a musician not well enough known outside of Algeria. Ahmed Malek played funky, slinky, slightly psychedelic arabic jazz music, and regularly composed soundtracks for the country’s film industry. Musique Original De Films is made up of unheard material, lovingly packed with an interview and notes on some of the soundtracked films. On Habibi Funk.

Daniela Casa
Societa Malata

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Boys Next Door
Door, Door

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Added to site: Tuesday 17th May 2016

Mobb Deep
The Infamous

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Robert Wyatt

It's incredibly frustrating that so many artists continue to release sub par work well into old age while Robert Wyatt has decided to retire. The only option is to go back and to listen to his older albums. The last of these to date (he says hopefully) is Comicopera  - a 2007 album featuring the likes of Brian Eno, Paul Weller and Phil Manzanera. It is of course superb and won that year's The Wire Album of the Year. 

Sad Lovers & Giants
Lost In A Sea Full Of Sighs

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Black Rainbows

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Trust No Woman

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Added to site: Monday 16th May 2016

Wars of the Roses

Norwegian band Ulver have always been hard to pin down, and their eighth album is no exception, whisking their history of black metal, post-rock and ambience into a progressive, song-based whole. First released in 2011, this reissue of Wars of the Roses presses the music onto pure white vinyl. On Kscope.

JFK / The Grey Wolves

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Effigy Of The Forgotten

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Breeding The Spawn

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Pierced From Within

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Added to site: Thursday 12th May 2016

Hail To The Thief

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I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings

I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings is the sound of the mighty Radiohead touring their Kid A and Amnesiac albums circa 2001. The more electronic tunes get spun out into some beautiful expanded shapes (8 minute version of ‘Everything In Its Right Place’!) and until recently, this was the only place to hear fan favourite ‘True Love Waits’! Reissued by XL Recordings.

OK Computer

OK Computer is Radiohead's third album. Originally released in 1997, following on from their second LP, The Bends, was always going to be a tall order, but they did it all right! A '90s classic that is still recognised by millennials for songs such as 'Paranoid Android', 'Karma Police' and 'Airbag'.

The Bends

'The Bends' was Radiohead's second LP and the one that marked a sea change from their early grungy rock towards the more nuanced arty and sometimes abrasive music they make today. It features several of their more well known songs such as 'Fake Plastic Trees' and 'Street Spirit' and it's more synth led, experimental tone slowly points forward to future classics such as 'OK Computer' and 'Kid A'.  

Sigur Rós

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Added to site: Wednesday 11th May 2016

Anthony Naples

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Lick My Decals Off, Baby

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
The Spotlight Kid

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Orange Juice
Rip It Up

Rip It Up was the second album by Glasgow’s Orange Juice. The band, fronted by Edwyn Collins were known for writing intelligent yet catchy pop songs. The title track was also the band’s biggest hit, reaching number 8 in the UK singles chart in February 1983. Rip It Up is one of four Orange Juice Album’s to be reissued by Domino Records.
Added to site: Tuesday 10th May 2016

Gary Wilson
You Think You Really Know Me?

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Ennio Morricone
Il diavolo nel cervello

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Morbid Angel
Altars Of Madness

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Added to site: Monday 9th May 2016

The Zombies
The Zombies

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