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Added to site: Friday 19th August 2016

Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
Dim The Lights, Chill The Ham

Formed in Toronto in 1984, Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet were an instrumental indie-rock band fronted by Don Pyle. They made three albums, Dim The Lights, Chill The Ham was their second. The three-piece disbanded in 1996 following the death of bassist Reid Diamond. They reformed in 2012 with Dallas Good on bass.

Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
Savvy Show Stoppers

Formed in Toronto in 1984, Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet were an instrumental indie-rock band fronted by Don Pyle. They made three albums, Savvy Show Stoppers was their debut outing. It contains the song Have An Average Weekend which was the theme song to Canadian comedy sketch show Kids In The Hall. The three-piece disbanded in 1996 following the death of bassist Reid Diamond. They reformed in 2012 with Dallas Good on bass.

Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
Sport Fishin: The Lure Of The Bait, The Luck Of The Hook

Formed in Toronto in 1984, Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet were an instrumental indie-rock band fronted by Don Pyle. They made three albums, Sport Fishin’: The Lure Of The Bait, The Luck Of The Hook was their third and final recording. The three-piece disbanded in 1996 following the death of bassist Reid Diamond. They reformed in 2012 with Dallas Good of The Sadies on bass.

Sunny Day Real Estate
How It Feels to Be Something On

Hey! They're finally reissuing this one! The secret favourite of many a Sunny Day Real Estate fan, 'How It Feels To Be Something On' started as something of a cashgrab project via Sub Pop (who were looking for a B-sides record to flog) but the band decided to record new material instead -- the result being this monolith of emo, a quickly made record with the band's signature guitar-disgruntled intensity. 
Added to site: Wednesday 17th August 2016

Rovi (Piero Umiliani)
Due Temi con Variazioni

Rovi is one of the many names of Piero Umiliani: perhaps he wanted to go anonymous on this one because Due Temi con Variazoni, the Luigi Scattini film that this music originally soundtracked, is basically pornography a la Mondo. Of course, Umiliani can make that work no problem, supplying fifteen tracks of funky jazzy action sure to satisfy any listener. LP reissue as part of the the Schema SCEB Series.

Dick Diver
New Start Again

New Start Again is the debut full-length album of Australians Dick Diver. First released in 2011 by Melbourne’s Chapter Music, it’s now being reissued on Trouble In Mind. The sound is a sunny, rambling kind of indie pop: touches of 90’s slackerism but fronted by distinctly Australian-accented vocals. CD and LP editions.
Added to site: Tuesday 16th August 2016

The Cakekitchen
World of Sand

Coming not long after The Cakekitchen's marvellous 'Time Flowing Backwards' (also re-issued on Dais) comes 'World of Sand'. This time head man Graeme Jeffries worked with his live band and if the album doesn't quite have the magical charm of  'Time....' it has more variation and a slightly harsher sound palette. That's not to say that Jeffries low-voiced prettiness isn't in evidence. Fans of Flying Nun records need to grab these much sought after releases.  

The Cakekitchen
Time Flowing Backwards

Another classic New Zealand gets a re-issue with this lovely 1991 era LP from Graeme Jeffries outfit. Jeffries had started out in ace post punkers Nocturnal Projections before forming the magnificent This Kind of Punishment with brother Peter. When the Jeffries brothers went their separate solo ways Peter seemingly took the nasty bits with him whilst Graeme's music is much sweeter so we are left with a delightful LP of melodic, chiming pop.    

John Williams
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

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The Man From Colours

Rago & Farina produced a large body of Italo-disco classics during the eighties and ‘The Man From Colours’ is one of the best and most unusual examples of this. For a track from the mostly dance driven genre of Italo-disco, the sound is unusually dreamy and nostalgic, combining forlorn synth lines, classic 808 drum patterns and breathtaking vocals to create an atmospheric disco odyssey.

Severed Heads

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Added to site: Monday 15th August 2016

The Cure
Entreat Plus

Universal continue in their valiant efforts to gradually reissue the whole hefty catalogue of The Cure. Entreat is a live album from the band’s enormous 1989 tour, recorded at Wembley Arena. The Plus signifies 20 minutes of extra material not available on the original CD. Seems to be the first vinyl release of the record too! Double LP on Universal.

The Scientists
A Place Called Bad

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Francoise Hardy
En Anglais

En Anglais was a rare delight from french singer Francoise Hardy, as she rarely sang in english. One of the leading singers in the yéyé period in France. First released on vinyl 1968 it features Hardy performing covers or reworkings of rock, folk and pop songs. These include songs by Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers, The Shirelles, and Buddy Holly  

Francoise Hardy
Message Personnel

Glamorous French smoothness from Francoise Hardy circa 1973. Message Personnel was produced with Michel Berger, who provided rich, sleek string arrangements that elevate the songs to a high level of cinematic drama. The perfect accompaniment to your coolly nonchalant and highly fashionable French life. Vinyl reissue on Warner France.

Francoise Hardy

Oozing beauty and cool since the mid ‘60s, Parisian singer, actress and all-round icon Francoise Hardy is somewhat of a cult figure in this country whilst being hugely popular in France. Entr’acte is her 19th album and was originally released in 1974. This gem of a record often gets overlooked in among her huge body of work but its pleasing folk rock stylings and Hardy’s understated, breathy delivery make it well worthwhile.
Added to site: Friday 12th August 2016

Pig Destroyer

Terrifyer is the third album of Pig Destroyer, initially released in 2004. This violent slice of grindcore hasn’t been available on vinyl for over a decade, and this reissue even adds 4 bonus tracks never before pressed to wax. This release is on ‘Bone White’ coloured vinyl, in a limited edition, on the Relapse label.
Added to site: Thursday 11th August 2016

Blade Runner

Composed by Vangelis for Ridley Scott's 1982 classic, the Blade Runner soundtrack has assumed legendary status amongst fans of synthesizer music. Its combination of classical compositions with synth work perfect mirrors the futuristic atmospheric ambient noir of the original film. A classic of the genre. 

Instant Automatons
Sincerely Making A Noise

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Added to site: Wednesday 10th August 2016

John Corigliano
Altered States

Ken Russell’s 1980 sci-fi horror film Altered States is a pretty creepy, psychologically challenging picture. It has a soundtrack to match from John Corigliano, who uses every part of his orchestra to elicit dramatic tones and tunes that drawn on plenty of avant-gardeisms to achieve their impact. Remastered audio, reissued on purple and violet swirl vinyl with a glittery gatefold sleeve.

Los Flechazos
Dias Grises - 25th Anniversary Edition

Los Flechazos provide funky British mod-groove garage sounds by way of Spain. They make for a damn fun listen. Dias Grises is their 1996 mini-LP, presented here with its six tracks bolstered by extra singles and B-side tracks. Released by the Elefant label in celebration of their 25th birthday. 1000 white vinyl copies with bundled CD.

Los Flechazos
Alta Fidelidad - 25th Anniversary Edition

A well-deserved reissue of the last album by Los Flechazos, 1995’s Alta Fideliad. Funky British mod-groove garage sounds by way of Spain: lots of fun. Alta Fideliad Includes the band’s covers of songs by The Supremes and The Who. Released by the Elefant label in celebration of their 25th birthday. 1000 purple vinyl copies with bundled CD.

City Of Echoes

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Wild Billy Childish
I Remember...

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Thee Headcoats
Brother Is Dead...But Fly Is Gone!

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The Maytals
Monkey Man

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Added to site: Tuesday 9th August 2016

John Cage, David Tudor & Christian Wolff
San Francisco Museum Of Art, January 16th, 1965

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Bert Jansch with Loren Auerbach
Colours Are Fading Fast

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Ennio Morricone
La cugina

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Nico Fidenco
Per il Gusto di Uccidere

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Salem's Pot
Watch Me Kill You

Watch Me Kill You is an LP for which demand far outstripped supply: it’s been impossible to get hold of for quite some time. Fortunately, the Riding Easy label has now relented, opening up access to this astonishingly heavy material once more. 2 side-long jams, wreathed in weed smoke and amp vibrations. Orange and purple splatter vinyl.

Sonic Jesus
Sonic Jesus EP

Indies only coloured vinyl re-issue EP from Italy's psychedelic noisemeisters Sonic Jesus. Originally released in 2010, it sold out almost instantly. Heavy, droney, shoe-gazey psych rock at its finest. Debut album 'Neither Virtue nor Anger' got some great critical attention and this is just as loud. 

Imaginational Anthem Vol. 8 : The Private Press

Some reissues are of albums that have slid quietly out of print since initial release, but some are like Imaginational Anthem Vol. 8: made up of records that were privately pressed and thus scarcely ‘released’ at all. You have almost certainly never heard of these artists before, but they all turn out to be remarkable acoustic guitar talents. A real treat, on Tompkins Square.

Chain Reaction
Dance Freak

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Benjamin Ball
Flash A Flashlight

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Louder Than Love

The second album from Soundgarden receives a reissue. Louder Than Love (sadly they backed down on the original title, which was Louder Than Fuck) sits on the more metally side of the grunge spectrum, which was just beginning to firmly coalesce in 1989 when this was released. Vinyl reissue from Universal.

D.R. Hooker
The Truth

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Added to site: Monday 8th August 2016


Beck's famed record of folk pop, hip-hop and gleeful harmonica turntablism gets a reissue through its original label Bong Load! This alternative gem crossed a lot of paths, each united under the boy's smirky vocal, blending the mainstreams of rock and electronic into one neat package. A now old-school classic from the guy who will be a head-in-a-jar come the year 3000.

Mellow Gold

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Added to site: Thursday 4th August 2016

Neil Young
Tonight’s The Night

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John Foxx
The Complete Cathedral Oceans

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Added to site: Wednesday 3rd August 2016

DJ Shadow
Preemptive Strike

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Added to site: Tuesday 2nd August 2016

Tamam Shud

The original 60’s-70’s Taman Shud band were at least as much surfers as they were musicians: Evolution was recorded as the soundtrack to the surfing film of the same name. Apparently they projected the movie in the studio and then jammed along to it: the resulting funky hard-garage rock is full of life and joy and good times. This reissue on Anthology Recordings includes a 16 page booklet.

Rolf Trostel
Der Prophet

On his third album now, the Berlin School's Rolf Trostel branched out into electronic pop territory, linking trademark wavetabling with minimoog, analogue strings and slinky rhythms. Roland bass synth and 808 drums drive these more polished productions with spatially layered, airy sounds. Incidentally, it was about this time that Rolf lost his luscious locks. Super duper reissue LP on Bureau B.

Rolf Trostel

Rolf Trostel keenly followed late '70s Tangerine Dream and released his first album Inselmusik way back in 1981... 35 years ago. Blimey. Naturally, he liked tinkering with synths and here he tested his new toy, the PPG Wave Computer 360. Expansive with feel-good harmonies and fluttering flutes, he called it "Klangfarbenkompositionen" - a cool word for chill, tonal and textural. Reissue on Bureau B.

I Remain / Noboru

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Prince and the Revolution
Parade (Music From The Motion Picture Under The Cherry Moon)

Posthumous re-release of Prince's seminal eighth studio album, and the soundtrack to 1986's 'Under the Cherry Moon'. This contains some proper Prince classics such as 'Kiss' and 'Anotherloverholenyohead'. This album sold two million copies when it was originally released. Pure, classic Prince. Pre-order on vinyl now. 

Songs Of Love and Hate

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Added to site: Monday 1st August 2016

Faith No More
King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime

King For A Day Fool, For A Lifetime was the fifth album by Faith No More and was originally released in 1995. It was the follow-up to their classic Angel Dust. The album was the band’s first without influential guitarist Jim Martin which meant a change in direction for them. This reissue comes with a second disc of B-sides and rarities, including their Bee Gees cover, I Started A Joke.

Faith No More
Album Of The Year

To coincide with 2015’s Sol Invictus, Faith No More’s first album in 18 years, the band embarked on a reissue program. That now draws to an end with the re-release of their 1997 album and predecessor, of sorts, to the aforementioned Sol Invictus, Album Of The Year. This reissue contains a second disc of bonus material including their cover of Bacharach and David’s This Guy’s In Love With You.

Americana - Rock Your Soul - Blue Eyed Soul and Sounds from the Land of the Free

Classic United States atmosphere here on this compilation. Americana - Rock Your Soul - Blue Eyed Soul and Sounds from the Land of the Free surveys soul, funk, R&B etc. with a deep crate-diggers knowledge. Artists include Midnight Flyer, James Walsh Gypsy Band and some group called 1619 Bad Ass Band. Reissued double LP compilation on the BBE label.

The Young Senators
Jungle / That’s The Way It Is

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The Young Senators
Ringing Bells (Sweet Music) Part 1

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David Bowie
Who Can I Be Now? [1974 - 1976]

Who remembers David Bowie? Well in 1974 Bowie went to America and recorded a heap of albums including 'Diamond Dogs', 'Young Americans', 'Station To Station'. Well, they've all been collected here with a separate album full of all the singles and B sides from the era and 'The Gouster', previously unreleased as a concept album.  

Pink Floyd
The Early Years 1965 - 1972

Pink Floyd were never ones to do anything by halves and in typical fashion they seem to have come up with the most preposterous bpx set of all time. This 27 disc box set includes all manner of items but only one disc represents the Syd Barrett era  -the rest concentrates on those 'difficult' post Barrett years before they settled on their signature sound. Still, with DVDs full of rare footage and 7" replicas of early singles this will appeal to the Floyd obsessive. A much cheaper 2CD set is also available and if 'Scream Thy Last Scream' isn't here in it's Syd Barrett glory I indeed will scream.     
Added to site: Friday 29th July 2016

The Scientists
Blood Red River

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Added to site: Thursday 28th July 2016

Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus
Numbered Days

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Added to site: Wednesday 27th July 2016

Augustus Pablo
Original Rockers - Deluxe Edition

Roots reggae / dub man Augustus Pablo was first introduced to the wider (read: outside Jamaica) world in 1979, with the Original Rockers compilation. Pablo’s melodica sits well with the dubbed rhythms of these tracks. This reissue presents the whole lot again, this time with some rare and heavy extra cuts added into the mix. CD or double vinyl, on VP.
Added to site: Tuesday 26th July 2016

Dirty Three
Dirty Three

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Added to site: Monday 25th July 2016

Be Here Now

This is the Oasis album where the songs started getting uncontrollably long and slightly psychedelic; it's also the album one of the Gallagher brothers really hates, though I can't remember which one. In this Normanites opinion it might be their best work, a lush, nicely arranged record of ever-optimistic, wilfully meandering pop music. Sounds like they were trying to be Harrison but ended up on McCartney's wavelength instead. Reissue with a lot of "rare" Oasis trinkets.
  • Vinyl Double LP (RKIDLP85)
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Dustin O Halloran

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Popol Vuh
Das Hohelied Salomos

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The Sisters of Mercy
Vision Thing

Classic Leeds hard-rockers Sisters Of Mercy’s third album, 1990’s Vision Thing, gets the deluxe reissue treatment. Now this is called a Vinyl Collection for a reason: as well as the whole original album on wax (naturally), the box also contains the 3 contemporaneous 12” singles, presented on vinyl as they were meant to be. All 180g too. On Rhino.

James Brown
It’s a Mans Mans Mans World

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Faith No More
We Care A Lot: Deluxe Band Edition

This release looks all the way back to 1985 and the debut of original vocalist Chuck Mosley’s Faith No More. We Care A Lot is roughly produced (the band had no money) but full of flavour and 80’s flair. It has been out of print absolutely years, so here comes a Deluxe Band Edition remix with 9 extra tracks of unreleased material. On Koolarrow Records.
Added to site: Friday 22nd July 2016

Tak Shindo

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Jane and Barton
Jane and Barton

Well we all remember Jane's 'It's a Fine Day' don't we? Don't we? Y'know the a cappella track that ended up being the base for Opus III's 'It's a Fine Day'. Well that is here, as are a load of tracks featuring Jane and Manchester eccentric Edward Barton who had fingers in various pies through the '80s. Members of A Certain Ratio pop up from time to time too.  
Added to site: Wednesday 20th July 2016

Strangle The Wretched Heavens

Charalambides are Tom and Christina Carter, and they have been exploring obscure regions of psychedelic improvised guitar for many years now. The deep jams of Strangle The Wretched Heavers were recorded in the mid-1990’s, and yet have retained their special feeling to this very day. Pressed to 180g vinyl and released by Drawing Room Records, along with a fold-out poster.

Glowing Raw

Charalambides are Tom and Christina Carter, and they have been exploring obscure regions of psychedelic improvised guitar for many years now. This is the first time that Glowing Raw has been issued on vinyl, and it sounds all the more enveloping for it. Released by Drawing Room Records, along with a fold-out poster.

Brentford All Stars / IM & The Sound Dimension
Greedy G / Love Jah

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Dawn Penn / Jackie Mittoo
No, No, No / Ghetto Organ

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Marcia Griffiths / Dub Specialist
Feel Like Jumping / Feel Like Jumping Pt. 2

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Norma White
I Want Your Love / Version

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Added to site: Tuesday 19th July 2016

The Herd

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Silver Sail

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Power In One

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The Outsiders

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Yodeling Astrologer

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Chair Beside a Window

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The Scientists
The Scientists

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Philippe Chany
Rive Gauche

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Ganimian & His Oriental Music
Come With Me To The Casbah

Come With Me To The Casbah is the only publicly released full-length album by Charles ‘Chick’ Ganimian, the Armenian-American oud-player. That’s a kind of Middle-Eastern lute, which you knew already of course. For their fusion between traditional music with contemporary sounds (from 1958, that is), Gamian & His Oriental Music were more than due for a reissue. So here it is. Get your hands on that vintage sound!

Evolution ⁵ Technology

These rad electro jams from 1987 only ever made it to the promotional stage before their original label went defunct, leaving only 50 copies out in the wild. That’s a shame, as Series-A did great work with Evolution⁵ Technology, a forward-looking synth-single with a real kick to it. All remastered and re-pressed now, with the addition of a new JTC remix.

Phantom Forth

Phantom Forth recorded The EEPP for release on Flying Nun in 1984. It offers an insight into one corner of New Zealand’s low-key DIY underground scene: apparently a dark and shadowy corner judging by the coldwave / post-punk stylings on display here. This Dark Entries reissue is fully remastered, features 2 bonus demos, and comes with original artwork and a poster!

Space Art
Nous Savons Tout

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The Grifters
One Sock Missing

The Grifters were a Memphis-based indie band with a scrappy, lo-fi, happily-noisy kick to them, particularly on their earlier records. One Sock Missing is one of those records, a fun alt-rock tumble with a distinctly 90’s feel. Initially released by Shangri-La Records and now reissued by Fat Possum.

The Grifters
Crappin' You Negative

Here come The Grifters, a Memphis-based indie band with a scrappy, lo-fi, happily-noisy kick to them, particularly on their earlier records. 1994’s Crappin’ You Negative is one of those records, and arguably the band’s best. Thoroughly-90’s DIY action. Initially released by Shangri-La Records and now reissued by Fat Possum.

Led Zeppelin
The Complete BBC Sessions

The Complete BBC Sessions really is the totality of Led Zeppelin’s radio sessions for the BBC. It builds on a previous release of the sessions with 8 previously unreleased recordings, some of which were once thought lose… Fascinating insights on how the band worked in the heat of the moment. 3CD set or 5LP set or super-deluxe CD and LP set, all of them with considerable liner notes.
Added to site: Monday 18th July 2016

Jim White
No Such Place

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