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Added to site: Friday 25th November 2016

Diseno Corbusier

Avant-garde does not do this record justice - this is extreme experimentalism, in a way that others wouldn't dare attempt. Stadia, the third full-length offering by Spanish-based electronic duo Diseno Corbusier, is a haywire concoction including spasming drums, female yelps and electronic bursts. It pushes the boundaries, in every feasible way.
Added to site: Thursday 24th November 2016

Yuji Ohno / You & Explosion Band
Isn’t It Lupintic? : Lupin The Third TV Special Original Sound Track

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Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner and Richard Alpert
The Psychedelic Experience

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Popol Vuh

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Jerry Goldsmith
Planet Of The Apes - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Jerry Goldsmith has written scores for loads of hollywood films, including Gremlins, L.A. Confidential, and Hollowman. But his score for Planet of the Apes was one of his greatest works, tense and terrifying. His off-kilter choices of instrumentation emphasised the warfare of the film, and got him nominated for an academy award.
Added to site: Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Blonde On Blonde

Blonde On Blonde were a Welsh psychedelic / prog band active for a couple of years from the late 60’s on. Their second album, Rebirth, has been allowed to sink into obscurity, with this being the very first time it has been officially reissued on vinyl. High energy melodic super-rock: what’s not to like? Reissued by Vinilisssimo.

Bowery Electric

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Steve Grossman
Some Shapes To Come

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Added to site: Tuesday 22nd November 2016

94 East feat. Prince
94 East feat. Prince

Hold the bloody phone…. The earliest recordings of Prince, as he emerged with 94 East. Obviously, he plays as many instruments as you can name, THIS is where it all began, and now remastered and put on glorious triple LP or coloured (purple, naturally) vinyl. Box set includes interview with 94 East founder and Prince discoverer Pepé Willie.

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Sings Greatest Palace Music

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Talahun Gessesse

Sima is a gathering of recordings from 1969 to 1975 and it dips into the multi-faceted vocal performances of Talahun Gessesse. Ranked alongside Mahmoud Ahmed, Gessesse is considered to be one of the greatest voices of Ethiopian soul music, holding ballads and raucous rock songs with equal ability. Pretty special, this one.

The Legendary Pink Dots
The Maria Sessions

The Maria Sessions is made up of what are essentially jams recorded whilst they were writing and recording The Maria Dimension album in 1991. Locking themselves away in a cabin in the Netherlands with synths, samplers and a variety of instruments to create truly avant garde psychedelia. First time these tracks have been available on their own release.

Selected Deep House Anthems

Don’t let the title fool you, Selected Deep House Anthems contains some of the rawest, no-wave electro ever committed to wax. Smersh specialised in noisy, unrefined acid and techno that borrowed from EBM and post-punk and is ripe for rediscovery. This much-needed pressing comes from the Dark Entries label.

The Legendary Pink Dots
The Maria Dimension

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Pit Piccinelli, Fred Gales, Walter Maioli
Amazonia 6891

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Added to site: Monday 21st November 2016

Bobby Beausoleil
Lucifer Rising

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Added to site: Sunday 20th November 2016

Mor Thiam
Dini Safarrar

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Added to site: Friday 18th November 2016

Linkwood Family / Fudge Fingas / Linkwood

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Cottam 1

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At no less than 36 years of age, the warped synths and humming basslines of Half-Mute by Tuxedomoon return to the fore on vinyl with Crammed Discs. The experimental new-wavers from San Fran helped kick off the 1970s punk rock revolution, and this offering is largely responsible for establishing the outfit's cult status.

Minimal Compact
One (Statik Dancin')

Underground 80’s club favourites Minimal Contact play relentlessly compulsive, bass driven tracks with an economical, stripped back funk/disco sound, recorded with a raw, punk rock production aesthetic that earned them a large, cult following across Europe and the US. This remastered reissue of their 1981 mini album includes the classic track ‘Statik Dancin’.
Added to site: Thursday 17th November 2016

Jack Rose
Raag Manifestos

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Night Moves

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Slapp Happy (with Faust)
Acnalbasac Noom

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Pere Ubu
Architecture of Language

One-of-a-kind post-punkers Pere Ubu get the box-set treatment. Architecture of Language brings together four remastered vinyl LPs, New Picnic Time (1979), The Art Of Walking (1980), Song Of The Bailing Man (1982) and a new collection of extras. The perfect music here runs from punk, to shronking free jazz with some funk and glam thrown in too. The set comes with a lovely poster and download codes as well.
Added to site: Wednesday 16th November 2016

Canciones De Temporada

This double vinyl reissue from Elefant records marks the label’s 25th anniversary and the rich, orchestrated pop of Canciones De Temporada is the perfect encapsulation of their approach. This is the only album the Spanish band Niza released, and it’s presented here with some gorgeous B-sides and rarities too.

Blues Creation
Blues Creation

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Amedeo Minghi, Piero Montanari, Roberto Conrado

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Piero Piccioni
Musica amore

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Egisto Macci

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Egisto Macchi

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Songs From Alice In Wonderland

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Added to site: Tuesday 15th November 2016

Caroline K
Now Wait For Last Year

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Forge Your Own Chains

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DFA Compilation#1

Originally released in 2003, you know, when everyone used CDs. Now revisiting their first compilation, which put them down as a more than credible source of new productions, DFA are releasing it on vinyl for the first time. Featuring several unique visions of dance music from The Rapture, LCD Sound System, Black Dice, and The Juan MacLean.

Don't Let Your Son Grow Up To Be A Cowboy

'Don't Let Your Son Grow Up To Be A Cowboy' brings together early work by the underground New Wave outfit Jazzateers, a session that was recorded for Postcard Records but had all but been forgotten by time. "Wasted" is a throughline to the emergent indie rock of the time, intended to be the very last single Postcard Records would put out, and produced by the renowned Edwyn Collins, of Orange Juice fame. 'Don't Let Your Son Grow Up To Be A Cowboy' often shows off Jazzateers at their rawest and most immediate.    Tracks: Natural Progression Part 1 Don't Worry About A Thing Say Goodbye I'm No Tarzan When The Novelty Wears Off Can It Be Moon Over Hawaii Wasted Stop Me From Being Alone Love Is Around Run Away Don't Let Your Son Grow Up To Be A Cowboy Hey Mister Different Feeling Lee Can It Be Moon Over Hawaii Natural Progression Part 2

Songs From Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Disney are getting in on the movie soundtrack vinyl reissue game, releasing a brace of OSTs to solid gold classic children’s films. Songs From Snow White And The Seven Dwarves is packed with catchy numbers from the fairytale classic, including the Dwarves happy labouring songs. Plus! This is a picture disc LP complete with high-grade image.

Music From Peter Pan

Disney are getting in on the movie soundtrack vinyl reissue game, releasing a brace of OSTs to solid gold classic children’s films. Not only does Music From Peter Pan contain the film’s catchy tunes and incidental music, it also comes pressed to picture disc vinyl bearing an image of Mr Pan himself. LP from Disney.

A Goofy Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

This A Goofy Movie soundtrack on Disney’s own label is one in a series of collectible picture discs recently released by the iconic company. But more than just harmless, great looking nostalgia, the Goofy soundtrack is genuinely odd, with madcap arrangements and even some weird digi-funk mixed in.
Added to site: Monday 14th November 2016


Badmotorfinger was the third album by Seattle grunge-metal band Soundgarden. Released at the height of the grunge phenomenon, It was their major label debut and the album that introduced the band to a load of new fans. Contains the singles Rusty Cage (which was covered by Johnny Cash!), Outshined and Jesus Christ Pose.

Music From Bambi

Disney are getting in on the movie soundtrack vinyl reissues game, although this one isn’t exactly an obscure cult gem. No, this is Bambi’s soundtrack, the original accompaniment to the film that emotionally scarred a generation of children. Music From Bambi is pressed to charming picture disc vinyl, published by Disney themselves.

The Human League
Anthology - A Very British Synthesizer Group

Perhaps the perfect gift for the synth-pop fan in your life. A 3LP/2CD retrospective of British synth pop greats the Human League all the way from those early terrifying singles through the Top of the Pops years to their later less known work. Features more classics than you can shake a stick at alongside demos and rarities. There's also a new essay by David Buckley alongside memorabilia and rare photos.  

Roto Vildblomma

This debut work from Mohammed was first released in 2009. Roto Vildblomma is a powerful sound-mass of strings and electronics, merging impressively into a compelling harmonic whole. This reissue, courtesy of Antifrost, presents the album in brand new artwork, and is narrowly limited to just 111 copies.
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Lou Reed
The RCA & Arista Vinyl Collection Vol. 1

A vinyl box-set that captures the absolute prime of Lou Reed’s 70’s solo career. I mean just look at the albums included here: Transformer! Berlin! Street Hassle! Coney Island Baby! All these and two more besides, pressed to 12” vinyl and presented in replica sleeves along with a detail-packed 30 page book. 6LP set on RCA.
Added to site: Friday 11th November 2016

Syl Johnson
Complete Mythology

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Added to site: Thursday 10th November 2016

John Bender
Plaster Falling

Plaster Falling is an under-appreciated work of weirdo synth-song, produced by one John Bender back in 1981. The songs on this record feel isolated, built in a bedroom rather than a studio, according to Bender’s exact specifications. This is the first time that Plaster Falling has been reissued in its own right, and on translucent blue vinyl too! Limited edition of 1000 copies on Superior Viaduct.

Etant Donnes
Royaume / Aimant + Aimant ­-

Two pieces of early 1990’s sound experimentation, reissued on Penultimate Press. Etant Donnes (e.g. Eric and Marc Hurtado) use predominantly field recordings and vocal work to allude to poetic concepts. Royaume and Aimant + Aimant are each like fascinating lost artefacts, well worth unearthing. Reissue edition of 500 LPs.

The Slim Shady LP

The release of The Slim Shady LP in early 1999 launched a major new hip hop artist in Eminem. The Detroit rapper was never shy of controversy and The Slim Shady LP was noted for the amount of swearing in the lyrics. The album was a real unit shifter clocking up sales of 4 million copies in its first year. Contains the MTV favourite My Name Is.
Added to site: Wednesday 9th November 2016

Lotus Flow3r / MPLsound

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Added to site: Tuesday 8th November 2016

Etant Donnes

Etant Donnes are the Hurtardo brothers Eric and Marc, but their 1999 record Re-Up features some other notable personnel too. That would be Alan Vega of Suicide, Genesis P-Orridge of Throbbing Gristle, and Lydia Lunch too! That means that the eerie electronic backdrops are generously decorated with the finest avant-vocals, with strange and atmospheric results. Double LP reissue on Munster.

Spahn Ranch
Back To The Wood

Compiled of unreleased and alternate takes from Detroit post-punk trio Spahn Ranch, comes the raw and gem-rammed release Back To The Wood. With only a limited amount of 500 Vinyl copies available, this is an essential for fans as tracks include old versions of Countdown and Dissipation amongst a selection of rarities.

Jack Rose
Jack Rose

Originally unleashed in 2006 this is a collection of live and studio recordings by the late finger picker whose influence has only seemed to increase since his untimely death at the age of 38. From his Pelt days onwards Rose had a distinct style which were music to the ears of anyone raised on John Fahey and Robbie Basho. Thankfully Three Lobed are re-issuing his back catalogue in these lovely old style Stoughton tip on sleeve editions.  

Frank Turner
Campfire Punkrock

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Willie Hutch
Season For Love

Willie Hutch signed to Motown in the ‘70s. After the legendary Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson, Motown was all about Willie Hutch. His nine album run for Berry Gordy’s label included two classic blaxploitation soundtracks: Foxy Brown and The Mack. However, before he signed to Motown he recorded two important albums for RCA. Season For Love was his second album released in 1970. Although Highly sought after now, It was overlooked at the time, probably overshadowed by the southern fried gritty power of his debut. Here the sound, led by strings, is warmer and more mellow. It even led Hutch to compare himself to Otis Redding.

The Milkshakes
After School Session

The Milkshakes were one of Billy Childish’s many many groups. Actually, they were one of his earliest, formed with Mickey Hampshire in 1980 after the demise of Pop Rivets. After School Session is filled with the flare of quick creative release and 60’s-esque garage beat vibes. Reissue on Damaged Goods.

The Milkshakes
Thee Knights Of Trashe

The Milkshakes were one of Billy Childish’s many many groups. Actually, they were one of his earliest, formed with Mickey Hampshire in 1980 after the demise of Pop Rivets. Thee Knights Of Trashe is a prime example of their lovely sound: the guitar bands of the 60s cranked up through a Medway garage filter. Reissue on Damaged Goods.

Talking 'Bout

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The Milkshakes
The Milkshakes Revenge! Trash From The Vaults

The Milkshakes were one of Medway garage punk Billy Childish’s many many groups. Actually, they were one of the first too, formed with Mickey Hampshire in 1980 after the demise of Pop Rivets. The Milkshakes Revenge! Trash From The Vaults was first issued in 1987 after all involved had already moved onto other things: now it has been revived once more!
Added to site: Monday 7th November 2016

Tony Allen and The Afro Messengers
No Discrimination

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Tony Allen Plays With Afrika 70

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Tony Allen Plays With Afrika 70

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This World and Body

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Shanghai’d Soul

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Some melancholic pop from Phoenix. Alphabetical is the sophomore full length from the French band, and it's getting reissued. Full synths, loads of guitars, slightly jarring grooves and smooth vocalisations. It's more stripped back and has a deeper R&B and soulful feel than their later efforts. Pick it up on vinyl LP from Rhino.
Added to site: Sunday 6th November 2016

Keith Hudson
Pick A Dub

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Added to site: Thursday 3rd November 2016

Terry Riley / Don Cherry / Karl Berger
Live In Koln February 23, 1975

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Richmond Fontaine
Thirteen Cities

Richmond Fontaine has always been about the lyrics of Willy Vlautin but they produce some damn fine music too. This was their seventh studio recording and showcases the slightly ramshackle side of the band with a series of enjoyable laments generally about things going wrong for the narrator. One of the better Americana bands out there and the first time on vinyl for this one.  

Richmond Fontaine
The Fitzgerald

Richmond Fontaine have now split, sadly but for many years they were one of the more interesting Americana bands peddling the boards. Although they could be raucous and energetic, this LP shows a more stark side of the band. In fact this collection could be compared to Springsteen's 'Nebraska' as singer Willy Vlautin tells tales of folks on the wrong side of the tracks over typically bleak acoustic laments.


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Lisa Hannigan
Sea Sew

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The Shining Path
Basic Training Manual

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Added to site: Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Toru Takemitsu
Ran - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Ran is the last epic of legendary director Akira Kurosawa, and it was soundtracked by Toru Takemitsu, one of Japan’s finest 20th century composers. Takemitsu engaged with the influence of Mahler on this score, but also brought in plenty of his own bold approaches to composition. This double LP release on Silva Screen is the first time this full version of the score has appeared on vinyl.

Space Art
Trip In The Center Head

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Space Art
Play Back

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Space Art
Space Art

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Extreme Noise Terror
A Holocaust in Your Head

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Michigan & Smiley / Brentford Disco Set
Jah A De Creator / Rebel Disco

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Added to site: Tuesday 1st November 2016

The Flesh Eaters
Forever Came Today

Forever Came Today was originally released in 1982, standing proud as The Flesh Eaters’ third album. Non-nonsense punky rock business with plenty of swagger and spit. Forever Came Today has never been reissued before, so this remastered vinyl pressing is cause to celebrate. On Superior Viaduct.

Belle and Sebastian
The Jeepster Singles Collection

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John Williams
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

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Patrick Cowley & Candida Royalle
Candida Cosmica

Patrick Cowley is often uttered in the same breath as Giorgio Moroder as being a pioneer of electronic dance music, and is probably most known for being a leading producer of the “Hi-NRG” sound. Candida Cosmica is a much more minimal affair, a collaboration with his roommate of the time Candida Royalle, her experimental vocals interweaved with synthesizers, handbuilt machines and percussion. Recorded 1973-75.
Added to site: Friday 28th October 2016

Sun Palace
Raw Movements / Rude Movements

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Added to site: Thursday 27th October 2016

Super Djata De Bamako
Vol. 2 Blue

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Voltaique Panoramique Vol. 1

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Fela Kuti
London Scene

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Sonic Youth
Confusion is Sex

Your favourite uncle of noise rock, ok, maybe more like wisen parents, Sonic Youth’s 1983 album Confusion Is Sex is a dark backwards step into their more primitive state. Noisy, disjointed and clanky as hell. Guitars being destroyed for your listening pleasure. Repressed by Goofin’, good work guys. Yes. Just Yes.

Eric Serra
Léon: The Professional

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Jerry Fielding
The Nightcomers

The Nightcomers is a gothic horror tale from 1971, starring Marlon Brando. Set in a grand country house and with lots of creepy goings on, there is much for film composer Jerry Fielding to sink his teeth into, and this fully-orchestrated soundtrack is tender and dramatic and highly cinematic. 180g vinyl release on Silva Screen.
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The Beta Band
The Patty Patty Sound

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40oz. To Freedom

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