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Added to site: Thursday 9th March 2017

Singers & Players
Staggering Heights

1983 UK dubbed-up reggae from Singers & Players, the heavyweight collective that included Prince Far I and Mikey Dread, as well as Ashanti Roy of The Congos themselves. Staggering Heights has been re-cut with plenty of bass weight for this reissue on On-U-Sound, which is served up with a bonus poster.
Added to site: Wednesday 8th March 2017

Fabio Fabor / Armando Sciascia

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Sven Libaek
Solar Flares

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Everyone Alive Wants Answers

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Added to site: Tuesday 7th March 2017

The Criminal Minds
Tales From The Wasteland

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John Barry
Walkabout (Original Motion Picture Score)

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Added to site: Monday 6th March 2017

White Light from the Mouth of Infinity / Love of Life

Swans are an American experimental rock who had their origins in the New York No Wave scene of the early ‘80s. They are fronted by multi-instrumentalist Michael Gira. White Light From The Mouth of Infinity and Love of Life are two of their classic albums from their early ‘90s period. Both complete albums are presented here as a box set available on CD and Vinyl, both versions come with an 18 track CD of bonus material.

Remigio Ducros, Daniela Casa, Gian Piero Ricci
Lo Sport - Volume 1

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Meets The Space Invaders

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John Cage with David Tudor
Variations IV

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Daniele Ciullini
Domestic Exile : Collected Works 82-86

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Edwin Astley
The Baron - Original Soundtrack

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Miles Davis
Miles Davis Quintet: Freedom Jazz Dance: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 5

A real piece of insight here for the Miles Davis lover, or really just jazz lover. Covering Davis’ studio work between 1966-1968, It includes some final takes that made it onto his Miles Smiles, Nefertiti and Water Babies albums, but the gold is in the 2 hours of rehearsals and the conversations between the players that have been left in. A great little insight into their process.
Added to site: Sunday 5th March 2017

The Lloyd McNeill Quartet
Washington Suite

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Added to site: Friday 3rd March 2017

Rian Murphy & Will Oldham
All Most Heaven

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Kostas Bezos and The White Birds
Kostas Bezos and The White Birds

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Added to site: Thursday 2nd March 2017

A Retrospective

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I / II is an album by Bossk first released in 2008 that resides at the pinnacle of the post-rockers catalogue. These are thoughtful compositions that take their sweet time building up intricate webs of guitar and rhythm. I / II is reissued on vinyl by Holy Roar, available in both standard and ‘Seafoam Green In Snot Green’ (yum!) coloured vinyl, while limited stocks last.

Le Matos
Join Us

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My Education
5 Popes

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Marcello Giombini
Computer Disco

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Louis' Band
Taste Me

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Added to site: Wednesday 1st March 2017

The Liminanas
Costa Blanca

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Added to site: Tuesday 28th February 2017

The Books
The Lemon of Pink (Reissue)

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Added to site: Monday 27th February 2017

Eyeless In Gaza
Original Albums Boxset

Eyeless In Gaza were a post-punk outfit from Warwickshire who were active in the 80s and helped keep it moody, moving with a similar trajectory to Talk Talk from a poppy sound to sombre New Wave shores. Fronted by Martyn Bates and his untrained, boozy vocal, the band went on to make music based around dark synths, field recordings and noise. 'Original Albums Boxset' captures the band as they went through their many different stylistic incarnations, featuring four records released in the early eighties, a bunch of rarities and a lot of educational sleeve notes about the band's time together. 

The Return

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Added to site: Friday 24th February 2017

Damon & Naomi
Within These Walls

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Brett Anderson
Collected Solo Work

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Prince and the Revolution

Well, blimey, this is the easiest and hardest record to describe to you folks. Prince And The Revolution’s Kiss is just that, a big old smooch of funking rock ‘n’ roll pop, a true classic, which will outlast anything I could possibly say about it. A reissued 12” with extended version of Kiss and ♥ or $ (Love Or Money).

Fake Train

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Added to site: Thursday 23rd February 2017

It'll Be Cool

Silkworm’s final album finds itself reissued 11 years after initial release: and for the first time, it is being made available on vinyl. By this point in their career, the band know exactly how to craft scuzzy indie rock tracks, and the standard here is high. It’ll Be Cool was recorded by Steve Albini and is released by Touch And Go.

Six. By Seven
The Closer You Get

Six. By Seven’s second album The Closer You Get receives a reissue that the band are proud to announce has not been remastered: it “will sound the same as it did when it originally came out”. It will, however, come with a bonus LP that contains the band’s third Peel session and various other B-sides and session tracks. Tasty! Vinyl release on Beggars Archive.

Evans Pyramid
Never Gonna Leave You / Dip Drop

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Rocchi - Chiarosi - Fabor

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Fabio Fabor
Mr. Diabolicus - Mr. Mysterious

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Caustic Resin
The Medicine Is All Gone

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If, like this blurb-writer, you watched Channel 4’s excellent Deutschland ‘83 then your thirst for German synth-pop and new-wave will be at an all-time high. Enter Monopol and their reissued Weltweit. The group’s only album came out in 1982, there is of course plenty of Kraftwerk and YMO coursing through the record. Songs like ‘Anarchie’ are either gleefully deranged or knowingly deranged and definitely dance-ably deranged. Remastered for this brave new world.

Comet Gain

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Added to site: Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Into The Future

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William Onyeabor
Good Name

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From The Future: The 1982-1983 Tapes

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Added to site: Tuesday 21st February 2017

Rene Costy

Rene Costy is another obscure '70s jazz, electronics and library music genius whose work had previously been lost to time. Thanks to SDBAN this much referenced, but little heard, musician can finally be appreciated, on CD and double vinyl LP. Expectancy’s compilation of funky synthesizer and violin is a complete revelation.

Richard Buckner

Merge reissue Richard Buckner’s grizzled blues-rock classic on vinyl LP and CD. Impasse is an album of sparse guitar music, with a dense lyricism and some lovely arrangements that deserve to be appreciated on this remastered 15th anniversary special edition, complete with additional rare material.

Ciao! Best Of Lush

Ciao: The Best Of Lush documents the greatest moments from the indie-pop-shoegazers career in reverse chronological order. Tracks are taken from their three full albums: Spooky (1992), Split (1994) and Lovelife (1996) and their debut mini-album, Scar (1989). Originally released on CD in 2001, this is the first ever vinyl pressing. Ciao: The Best of Lush was pressed on red vinyl and presented in a gatefold sleeve. It's now on black vinyl and presented in the same lovely sleeve.
Added to site: Monday 20th February 2017

She Drew The Gun
Memories Of The Future

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Added to site: Sunday 19th February 2017

Roots and Wire

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Added to site: Friday 17th February 2017

Jess and The Ancient Ones
Jess and The Ancient Ones

  Finnish label Svart have reissued and remastered Jess And The Ancient Ones 2012, self-titled cult classic. Initially regarded as proprietors of the 'occult rock revival' the band have since gone on to transcend the cliches of the genre,  but their debut LP still remains a celebrated favourite. As well as the original tracks, there are four bonus tracks added  - including a cover of Roky Erickson's 'Anthem - to make it even more of a must-have for fans of the album.
Added to site: Thursday 16th February 2017

Die Tödliche Doris
" "

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Livy Ekemezie
Friday Night

Livy Ekemezie’s album Friday Night is a gorgeous slice of disco from 1983, recorded when your man was only just out of school. His fresh vigour combined with a sharp and funky talent makes this a crucial cut from the old Nigerian scene. This reissue is put together by the brand new label Odion Livingstone, who operate straight outta Lagos itself.
Added to site: Wednesday 15th February 2017

July Skies
The English Cold

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John Williams
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

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Added to site: Tuesday 14th February 2017

The New Backwards

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Homeboy Sandman
Actual Factual Pterodactyl

Actual Factual Pterodactyl is the first proper album of Homeboy Sandman, initially released in 2008. Sandman is finding his own particular flavour here, developing his sweet slow flow and his richly flavoured tracks (just listen to ‘Opium’s lazy trumpet licks). Now the album is reissued on double vinyl, on Homeboy’s Boy Sand Industries.

Kirlian Camera
Helden Platz

Another classic eighties Italodisco remastered 12" here at Norman Records: Kirlian Camera’s exciting 1987 single Helden Platz (that’s German for Heroes’ Square). Vocals are courtesy of Simona Buja on this up-tempo dark-wave synth-pop track. Produced by the Rick Rubin of Italodisco, Oderso Rubini. Includes an extended mix as well as original B-side Burial.
  • Vinyl 12" (DE143)
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East Wall

Premium quality vinyl reissue of the ultra rare LP. East Wall are better known for the 12" hit "Eyes Of Glass", but this is an amazing album from a few years later. Crossing through different styles and with many great tracks. A must for fans of Minimal Wave, Dark Entries, Mannequin. Limited 300 copies. First copies available on transparent coloured vinyl. Vinyl 135 g / LP-cover with 3mm spine, 280g , 2014 remastered versions. Tracks: A1. Silence A2. Ice Of FireA3. Twenty Five Sunsets Before DawnA4. Angelo B1. BlueB2. PrivacyB3. Twenty Seven
Added to site: Monday 13th February 2017

If I Was Your Girlfriend

A classic single by the legend that is Prince, reissued in proper 12” style. 1987’s If I Was Your Girlfriend is a tender exploration of intimate platonic relationships, sung over slapped bass and sexy synths. And on the B-side, you can find an extended 12” version of ‘Shockadelica’. Reissued 12” on Warner Bros.

U Got The Look

A classic single by the legend that is Prince, reissued in proper 12” style. 1988’s U Got The Look features a guest vocal from Sheena Easton, and is presented here in two different mixes. And on the B-side, you can find two different versions of ‘Housequake’. Reissued 12” on Warner Bros.

Augustus Pablo
King David's Melody - Classic Instrumentals & Dubs

By now the dub O.G. Pablo needs no introduction, so the selling point of this particular collection is 5 never-before-heard cuts collected and released for the first time. The grooves are rocksteady, the vibe is deep and the production is impeccable and pioneering, and then there’s that wonderful melodica playing to cap the whole show off.

Prince and The New Power Generation

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Added to site: Friday 10th February 2017

Julia / Spring

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The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble

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Added to site: Thursday 9th February 2017

Escape Mask

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Added to site: Wednesday 8th February 2017

Zos Kia / Coil

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Marissa Nadler
Ballads of Living and Dying

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Added to site: Tuesday 7th February 2017

Joe Preston

As a close look at the cover art might reveal to you, this 1992 EP is part of Melvins’ tribute to Kiss, in which three members of the much-loved sludgelords each made a solo record to line-up with Kiss members’ solo records. Obviously, nobody will confuse the morass-thick rock-noise of Joe Preston with any actual Kiss material. Vinyl reissue on Boner.

Bobak, Jons, Malone

Here’s a hardcore rarity from the 1960’s psychedelic underground: the one and only album by the trio Bobak, Jons, Malone, which fetches colossal sums for original copies. But forget the collectors, this reissue allows you to just listen to the gorgeous music! Motherlight is a lovely set of sweet psych-pop, available at very reasonable prices courtesy of Secret Records.

Philip Glass / Kronos Quartet

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Okkervil River
Sleep and Wake-Up Songs

‘Sleep and Wake-Up Songs’ is the third EP release from American indie rock band from Austin, Texas, Okkervil River, who formed back in 1998 and take their name from a short story by Russian author Tatyana Tolstaya set on the river in St Petersburg. Released in November 2004, this EP was intended as an interim release in anticipation of their follow up full-length album, ‘Black Sheep Boy’. It has the same tensions but spread over frontman Will Sheff's older, more lethargic songwriting style. Great sparse, early tunes from a band recently noted to be a favourite of Barack Obama's.

Current 93
Baalstorm, Sing Omega

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SJOB Movement
Friendship Train

SJOB Movement made their second and final album Friendship Train in 1977, with leader (and prominent Nigerian session musician) Prince Bola Agbana at the helm. Friendship Train is a funky piece of work, melding Moog synths with eternal afro-beat rhythms and disco vibes. This rare record has now been reissued by Cultures Of Sound on CD and LP.
Added to site: Monday 6th February 2017

The Replacements
Pleased To Meet Me (Deluxe Edition)

Rhino are reissuing a bunch of The Replacements’ albums to vinyl, and 1987’s Pleased To Meet Me is one of them. It finds the band in a transitional phase, with their early punkish rock sound mingling with newer approaches, such as the inclusion of horns and a more accessible flavour. Vinyl reissue.
  • Vinyl LP box set (0603497846467)
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HUSTLE! Reggae Disco - Kingston, London, New York

Here's a real favourite from the remarkable compilations catalogue of Soul Jazz: a set of funk & soul classics reimagined as reggae disco cuts. Some of the tracks on HUSTLE! Reggae Disco - Kingston, London, New York might be familiar to habitual Grand Theft Auto players, but this is music that makes an immediate impact. This 2017 reissue has been expanded to include five extra tracks! CD / triple LP on Soul Jazz.

Depeche Mode
Sounds of The Universe

Depeche Mode asserted their plans to make the most ubiquitous songs ever with Sounds of the Universe. That said, the record is one of the more modest entries in their canon, caged in with restrained but still pantomimic programmed percussion and slow-moving synth; it's a pop masterpiece of the gradual variety. Be patient.

Depeche Mode

Ultra was Depeche Mode's 2007 comeback album following their much publicised drink and drug problems and the split with Alan Wilder. It starts off pretty well with Barrel of a Gun but it's hard to convince anybody that it's their best work despite sleek production by Tim Simenon (Bomb the Bass). Indeed trying to find plaudits for it online all I could find was that it ranked number 71 on a list of the "100 Albums That Shook Polish Rock".  

Joe King Kologbo & The High Grace
Sugar Daddy

Joe King Kologbo is a Nigerian highlife veteran, contributing his guitar to loads of ensembles over the years. Sugar Daddy is an album he recorded as bandleader of The High Grace in 1980, and it mixes those lovely sunny highlife vibes with bits of disco groove. Great to see this reissued and in circulation again, thanks to Strut.

PAZ are Back

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Added to site: Friday 3rd February 2017

Vic Chesnutt

It’s Vic Chestnutt’s 1990 debut album Little, back in print at last after decades of unavailability! This set of intimate guitar-and-voice songs was produced by R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe, who also contributes some keyboard. The sparsely beautiful set has had five bonus tracks added to it for this vinyl reissue on the New West label.
Added to site: Thursday 2nd February 2017

Ennio Morricone

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Ildefonso Aguilar

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Adan Jodorowsky
Dance Of Reality

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Alejandro Jodorowsky
El Topo

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Sun Ra & His Arkestra
Nuclear War

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