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Added to site: Saturday 1st July 2017

Nacht Raum / Bande Berne Crematoire
Expanded 1982-1984

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Added to site: Thursday 29th June 2017

Larry Levan's Paradise Garage - The Legend Of Dance Music Vol. 4

Larry Levan’s colossal reputation still grabs the attention today, many years after the end of the original Paradise Garage where he held court. This compilation is the fourth installment of Levan’s own favourite cuts from the world of original disco, and it contains three whole LPs-worth of funky groovy classics. 3LP release on Salsoul.
Added to site: Wednesday 28th June 2017

Alejandro Escovedo

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Alejandro Escovedo
Thirteen Years

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Beckie Bell
In The Right Place

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Elliott Smith

XO was the moment the previously quiet and retiring songwriter Elliot Smith first attempted his cross into the mainstream. First up it was on Big Label Dreamworks and secondly it was properly produced in a functioning studio. The results you'll be glad to hear were absolutely fine. Though more orchestrated and a bit more polished, his superb craftsmanship shone through. Possibly (alongside Either/Or) the pinnacle of his recording career.     
Added to site: Tuesday 27th June 2017

Popol Vuh
Spirit Of Peace

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Electric Sewer Age
Moon’s Milk In Final Phase

Electric Sewer Age is a project of mysterious provenance, although it eventually turned out that Peter Christopherson and Danny Hyde of Coil were largely behind it, and indeed it was their final collaboration. Moon’s Milk In Final Phase has been unfindable for some years, but now we’ve got a reissue of this deep-space abstract eulogy. On Soleilmoon.

The Nurse

Alongside The Comes, The Nurse were the one of the first female fronted hardcore punk bands to come out of Japan. Releasing only two EPs in 1983 and 1984 they have been pushed into the realms of legend really. Thankfully La Vida Es Un Mus have seen this and managed to find the recordings to put them together on a single vinyl.

Donnie & Joe Emerson
Dreamin' Wild

Ariel Pink has a lot to answer for, but one of the better things to have come from his meddling has been the resurrection of Donnie & Joe Emerson - Pink’s cover of the duo’s haunting ‘Baby’ was the song of Summer 2012. Off the back of ‘Baby’s success, and bolstered by the evangelism of record collector Jack Fleischer, we now get a Light In The Attic reissue of the Emerson Bro’s Dreamin’ Wild. A private-press LP released way back in 1979, the young Emersons wrote and cut Dreamin’ Wild in a practice space on their isolated Washington farm. Perhaps the fact that the brothers were so much in their own world at that time is what gives this record such a suspended, otherworldly feel. A unique album.

Fra Lippo Lippi
In Silence

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Added to site: Monday 26th June 2017

The Vines
Highly Evolved

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Bill Laswell

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John Holt
1000 Volts of Holt

John Holt’s snappily named 1974 album 1000 Volts of Holt is a particularly fine example of the legendary vocalist’s poppy reggae style. The instrumental arrangements are luscious and smooth, with generous swathes of orchestral overdubs placing the music in a special place. The covers Holt chooses to sing here are fully Holtified. LP reissue from 
Added to site: Friday 23rd June 2017

The Stooges
Highlights From The Fun House Sessions

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African Head Charge
Off The Beaten Track

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Added to site: Thursday 22nd June 2017

Loren Connors

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Geidi Primes

Geidi Primes was Grimes debut LP released in 2010. Way before she was attracted to billionaire Elon Musk, she was making dreamy pop in her basement influenced by everything from dubstep to disco. It was the first of her recordings to make waves across the globe and, though not her best work, is a fascinating early taste of what would come later.     

Lil Ugly Mane
Mista Thug Isolation

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Added to site: Wednesday 21st June 2017

American Epic: The Best of Country

A big old haul of 16 tracks taking you out to southern USA. All remastered to shine through in full glory, this compilation from Jack White’s Third Man label covers many of the influencers and pioneers within the american country music scene. Including tracks from Jimmie Rodgers, Dick Justice, Massey Family, and The Stripling Brothers.

Mississippi John Hurt
American Epic: The Best of Mississippi John Hurt

On Third Man’s American Epic series, taking it’s name and premise from the Jack White produced documentary on early blues and country music. Mississippi John Hurt was a fingerpicking blues guitarist, an artist that was underappreciated when originally recording and rediscovered with the American Folk Music Revival in the 60s.

Memphis Jug Band
American Epic: The Best of Memphis Jug Band

Part of Jack White’s American Epic series, coming from his documentary of the same name about the roots of blues and music from the 1920s. The Memphis Jug Band incorporated a much wider assortment of instruments from washboards, kazoos and jugs, and between 1925 and 1950 they recorded more than any pre-war jug band. Best of on Third Man records

Blind Willie Johnson
American Epic: The Best of Blind Willie Johnson

Jack White’s Third Man label is delving into american musical heritage with their American Epic series. Here they have compiled 16 of Blind Willie Johnson’s tracks, he only ever recorded 30, so this is pretty comprehensive. Preceding and influencing Howling Wolf Robert Johnson with a voice Tom Waits could envy, slide guitar blues at it’s finest.

Lead Belly
American Epic: The Best of Lead Belly

Jack White’s American Epic documentary centred on music in the 1920s and the popular music boom, now through his Third Man label he has turned it into a series of releases uncovering material from legendary musicians. Lead Belly is one of the better known on the list, a blues musician who actually sung himself out of prison time. 14 remastered tracks.

American Epic: The Best of Blues

Jack White, having produced a short documentary series about music in the 1920s, has been releasing the soundtrack and delving deeper into the various styles of music around at the time. This one is a “best of..” that might actually count. Remastered delta blues, of some you might know but many you might not, discoveries are always a good thing.

Unit Moebius
Bunker 004

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Link Wray
Mordicai Jones

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Joseph Loduca
Evil Dead 2 (Original Motion Picture Music)

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Claudio Gizzi
Andy Warhol’s Flesh For Frankenstein

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Benjamin Ball
I Just Keep Dancing

Taken from Benjamin Ball’s 1984 debut album Paulina and the second single taken from Cultures of Soul’s Boogie Breakdown compilation of South African synth disco alongside The Cannibals and Harari. Contains original disco boogie mix, backed with an edit by Boston deep house duo Soul Clap.
Added to site: Tuesday 20th June 2017

Leyland Kirby
Memories Live Longer Than Dreams

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Cate Le Bon
Mug Museum

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LCD Soundsystem

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Sam & Dave
Soul Men

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Booker T. & The M.G.s
Green Onions

Well we all know 'Green Onions' the song. The kind of laid back groove that could only have been made by 'cats' in the 'swinging' sixties. The sort of 12 bar blues riff that will live on forever. Well who knew that there was an album attached? Here it is in all it's instrumental glory. Classic early day Stax recordings to be laid back to. 

Prince and the Revolution
I Would Die 4 U

Warner Bros present a series of Prince reissues, this time focused on 12” singles. Reissued in their original vinyl formats with the original artwork and their original B-sides, these singles are available again just as they were meant to be experienced. Here we’ve got the extended 12” mix of I Would Die 4 U, plus the Prince Christmas tune ‘Another Lonely Christmas’.

Prince and the Revolution
Let’s Go Crazy

Warner Bros present a series of Prince reissues, this time focused on 12” singles. Reissued in their original vinyl formats and with their original B-sides, these singles are available again just as they were meant to be experienced. This one has the exciting ‘Special Dance Mix’ of Let’s Go Crazy on the A, and ‘Erotic City’ on the B.

JJ Doom
Bookhead EP

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Prince and the Revolution
Purple Rain

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Bob Dylan
The Essential Bob Dylan

Say no more: it’s The Essential Bob Dylan. It can’t have been easy to determine which parts of the old legend’s huge catalogue were ‘essential’ and which weren’t, but these 23 tracks do a pretty good job, showing us a good few different sides to Dylan’s never-ending journey, including the ‘reedy-voiced beat-poetry’ and the ‘deep-voiced country’ years. 2LP on Sony.
Added to site: Monday 19th June 2017

The Slits
Return of the Giant Slits

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Screaming Trees
Dust: Expanded Edition

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Iggy Pop
The Idiot

The Idiot was Iggy Pop's first post the Stooges album and the one Dame David Bowie had a huge hand in by co-writing and producing. It had a dark electronic sound not dissimilar to Bowie's Berlin trilogy albums. It was a huge influence on the likes of Depeche Mode and Joy Division and it was the last record Ian Curtis listened to just before he took his own life. 
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DJ Joe Lewis
Survival EP

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Added to site: Friday 16th June 2017

Silver Apples
Silver Apples (Rotorelief Edition)

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Missy Elliott
Supa Dupa Fly

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Added to site: Thursday 15th June 2017


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Sensations Fix
Vision's Fugitives

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Rites of Uncovering

If you’ve been waiting and praying for a re-issue of Arbouretum’s debut album then this is your lucky day. To celebrate it’s 10th anniversary, Thrill Jockey have freshly repressed it onto virgin (ooph!) vinyl.  They play a kind of morose folk infused music that suggests all members of the band have been carved out of wood. 

Glenn Jones
Against Which The Sea Continually Beats

I had no idea that Glenn Jones was in US post rockers Cul-De-Sac but there you go. You learn something every day. This is his 2007 solo album which perfectly demonstrates his style of American Primitive Guitar  - the fingerpicked style invented by John Fahey. First time on vinyl for this one and I’m guessing it will be lovely.   
Added to site: Wednesday 14th June 2017

J.D. Emmanuel
Rain Forest Music

After making a handful of ambient new age albums in the early 80s J.D. Emmanuel basically stopped, moved house and left all of his records there. Luckily rediscovered this album caused enough of a stir to see him return to music and now get reissued through Aguirre. Heavily inspired by Terry Riley and Steve Reich, Rain Forest Music is filled with serene twinkling synth melodies and calm field samples that sooth the soul.

The Singles

Spanning the entirety of their hugely influential career, Mute have put all of Can’s singles into one place. A lot of these tracks haven’t been made available since their original individual releases. From the obscure to the surprisingly accessible, this collection is great for newcomers and diehard fans alike. On triple vinyl or CD via Mute

The Blue Record

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Yoko Ono
Feeling The Space

Secretly Canadian do the world a favour here with a set of reissues of vintage Yoko Ono albums, pushing the legendary artist and musician’s achievements back into the limelight next to her reputation. Feeling The Space is an unusually subdued and smooth album of feminist songwriting, but a very successful effort from a different side of Yoko. CD and vinyl editions available.

Yoko Ono
Approximately Infinite Universe

Secretly Canadian do the world a favour here with a set of reissues of vintage Yoko Ono albums, pushing the legendary artist and musicians achievements back into the limelight with her reputation. Approximately Infinite Universe is a big and bold rock album with mystic touches: Anika fans in particular should check out Ono’s original version of ‘Yang Yang’. CD and vinyl editions available.

Yoko Ono

Secretly Canadian do the world a favour here with a set of reissues of vintage Yoko Ono albums, pushing the legendary artist and musician’s achievements back into the limelight next to her reputation. Fly is an epic opus of a double album, ably splitting the difference between Yoko’s avant-Fluxus side and her 70’s rock grooving side, with lengthy tracks like ‘Mind Train’ and ‘Fly’ going motorik-chug and full abstract-screaming respectively. Totally vita stuff. CD and vinyl editions available.
Added to site: Tuesday 13th June 2017

Tossing Seeds (Singles 89-91)

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Added to site: Monday 12th June 2017

Game Theory
2 Steps From The Middle Ages

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David Bowie
Be My Wife

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Wanted Funk

Wagram present a series of collaborative compilations presented with incredible imagery courtesy of photographer Chris Steel-Perkins. The Wanted series is covering a huge range of music, this time round, funk!. Featuring cuts from The Fatback Band, Ray Camacho, Billy Garner, Little Beaver, and The Barons Ltd.

John Coltrane
Olé Coltrane

Ole Coltrane was recorded in 1961 by John Coltrane’s remarkable quintet at the time (Reggie Workman, Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner and Eric Dolphy), with the very welcome addition of Freddie Hubbard and Art Davis. Now there’s a line-up. Three pieces that explore Spanish and African themes. LP reissue on Atlantic.
Added to site: Friday 9th June 2017

The Apples
Mind Twister

Apples were one of the remarkable student bands doing their thing in Lagos, Nigeria in the late 1970’s. The fresh afro-funk of Mind Funk sounds like it has to be the result of many years experience, but no, these guys were just kids. Premium grooving material, obscure and unavailable for too long up until this welcome CD and vinyl reissue. On Odion Livingstone.

Bert Myrick
Live’n Well

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Tropisch Verlangen

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Unit Moebius

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Paradise Lost

Peaceville are revisiting some of their most iconic records giving them limited edition picture disc releases. Here we have the second album by Paradise Lost from Halifax, England. Alongside My Dying Bride and Anathema they pushed the death/doom subgenres. Gothic is argued to be them at the top of their game and marked the birth of gothic doom.
Added to site: Thursday 8th June 2017

Michele Fedrigotti / Danilo Lorenzini
I Fiori del Sole

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Neon Pearl
Neon Pearl

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Prophecy of the Black Widow

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Tangerine Dream
Alpha Centauri

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Added to site: Tuesday 6th June 2017

The Last Four Digits
Don't Move (1980-1982)

The Last Four Digits were a band that only existed for a few years in the early 80’s, but still managed to have two thoroughly different line-ups in that time. Don’t Move (1980-1982) anthologises both editions of this key underground new wave group with a great selection of tracks. The LP version comes with a CD containing their whole 1982 CBGB live performance too! On Family Vineyard.

Small Faces
Small Faces

This is a 2CD digi book edition of the Small Faces self-titled debut full length released via Sanctuary. Included here is the original mono and stereo albums remastered, alongside 17 bonus tracks of previously unreleased material and an extensive, 24-page booklet of liner notes written by Mojo journalist Mark Paytress. With surviving members Kenny Jones and Ian 'Mac' McLagan enabling an extraordinary tape recovery and remastering programme, 'Small Faces' now sounds better than ever. 

Syd Barrett
Madcap Laughs

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Television Personalities
And Don't The Kids Just Love It

Originally released in 1981, And Don’t The Kids Just Love It was the influential debut album from Television Personalities. The record was made by Dan Treacy, Ed Ball and Mark Sheppard following a four-year period of singles recorded under a variety of monikers, including Teenage Filmstars. Lo-fi sounds inspired by cool 60s pop and late-70s post-punk. CD and vinyl LP reissue on Fire records.

Freddie McGregor / Dub Specialist
Bobby Bobylon / Hi Fashion Dub

Soul Jazz are already known and loved for their authoritative compilation reissues, especially the ones that mine the rich seams of the legendary Studio One Records’ archives. Now they are picking out a few classic cuts and giving them proper 45’ 7” single releases, just like back in the day. This one’s got remastered versions of Freddie McGregor’s Bobby Bobylon and Dub Specialist’s Hi Fashion Dub, both sounding wonderful.

Sound Dimension
Soulful Strut / Time Is Tight

Soul Jazz are already known and loved for their authoritative compilation reissues, especially the ones that mine the rich seams of the legendary Studio One Records’ archives. Now they are picking out a few classic cuts and giving them proper 45’ 7” single releases, just like back in the day. Here we’ve got Sound Dimension’s sweetly soulful cover versions of Soulful Strut and Time Is Tight, by Young Holt and Booker T and The MG’s respectively.

The Abyssinians
Declaration Of Rights / Declaration Of Rights (Version)

Soul Jazz are already known and loved for their authoritative compilation reissues, especially the ones that mine the rich seams of the legendary Studio One Records’ archives. Now they are picking out a few classic cuts and giving them proper 45’ 7” single releases, just like back in the day. On this particular 45’ we’ve got The Abyssinians’ essential tune Declaration Of Rights, present in both original and Version versions.

Carlton & The Shoes
Love Me Forever / Never Let Go

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Lord Tanamo / Jackie Mittoo
Keep On Moving / Totally Together

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Compton & Batteau
In California

Compton & Batteau recorded their one and only album, In California in 1971, in California. It’s a classic-feeling suite of laid-back West Coast rock that instantly recalls a certain kind of troubador. The duo quickly vanished into obscurity, but In California has stuck around being quietly wonderful ever since. Now reissued by Earth Recordings!

Pat Thomas
Coming Home

Stunning collection of Ghanaian Big Band music covering Pat Thomas’ huge body of work from 1961 to 1984. Coming Home includes some highlights from his collaborations with The Black Berets and Ebo Taylor, who he formed The Sweet Beans with, and they would then reform as Marijata. The collection tracks his moves around the world bringing the Ghanaian “Highlife” sound with him.

Arne Nordheim

The music of Norwegian electronic composer Arne Nordheim is a remarkable trip through a flurry of textures, tones and musique concréte sound objects that sounds far too pristinely realised to have been composed between 1968 and 1970, but hey, thems the facts. Electric is an electronic masterwork, pleasingly reissued in a double LP edition by Rune Grammofon.
Added to site: Monday 5th June 2017


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Jose James
The Dreamer

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David Lynch & Alan R. Splet
Eraserhead: Original Soundtrack

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Lupe Fiasco
Lupe Fiasco's The Cool

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John Cage Assisted by David Tudor
Variations IV Volume II

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Added to site: Friday 2nd June 2017

Young Marco

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Pedro (Peter Mekwunye)
One Kind of Love

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Jebel Tariq

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Charles Manson
Lie: The Love and Terror Cult

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