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Added to site: Wednesday 2nd August 2017

John Coltrane
Coltrane Plays The Blues (Mono)

John Coltrane captured in a bluesy mood on this old Atlantic Records release. Rhino are generously reissuing Coltrane Plays The Blues 50 years after it came out, and you’ll be glad they did. The material here was captured in the same sessions as My Favourite Things, which gives you some idea of how special we are talking here.

Death In June
Abandon Tracks

Abandoned Tracks does what it says on the tin. It is a collection of rarities, outtakes, remixes and unreleased recordings from the controversial neo-folk group Death in June. The band have constantly shifted their style and presentation over the years producing numerous releases that have shifted from post-punk to acoustic folk. 

Death In June
The Rule Of Thirds

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Death In June
Braun Buch Zwei

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Death In June

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July Skies
The Weather Clock

July Skies probably define the term 'wistful'. Antony Harding's project come out of the same West Midlands-based stable of artists as the likes of Epic45 nd make a gorgeously dreamy kind of music that recalls the Durutti Column and Felt. The Weather Clock was initially released in 2008 on Make Mine Music but has been given a deserved vinyl re-press courtesy of Rivertones. 

3 Teens Kill 4
No Motive

Remastered for vinyl by George Horn, No Motive is the 1982 release from New York experimental rock outfit 3 Teens Kill 4. Although the record may be from the 80’s, it could easily be plucked from any of the current new wave bands, showing just how progressive 3 Teens Kill 4 are- notice the references to Reagan throughout out the entire record. Available on vinyl LP.
Added to site: Tuesday 1st August 2017

Amancio D'Silva

Helping to form the zenith of 1960's jazz, is Integration - a slice of solid musical gold. Any aficionado would tell you an original pressing would cost you well of £1000, but the material itself is priceless; Amancio D'Silva amounts to a true high point in the history of British jazz.

The Specials
More Specials

Hello. Yes I’m fine, thank you - and how are you? Excellent. I’m glad you’re open this early, I’m famished! Could you tell me what The Specials are today? Two-tone ska? Ahh yes, I remember that from the first time I came here back in 1979. Any More Specials on offer? Lounge music? Ooh, that’s a new one. And Northern Soul? Oh, well who doesn’t love a bit of that if it’s done right. Superb. I’ll take the lot. Could you ask the chef to remaster it before he sends it out? Lovely stuff, thanks very much.

Stills-Young Band
Long May You Run

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Neil Young
Comes a Time

After all the earth-scorched rock songs and talk of killin', Neil Young decided to draw back into his folksy shell, following up Zuma and American Stars 'N Bars with a soft country record not a far cry from his classic Harvest. This record's eponymous track is one of his most beautiful and the record's sepia-tinged sparsity proves delicacy to be his strongest point.    

Neil Young
American Stars 'n Bars

Essentially, American Stars 'n Bars is the album Neil Young made after he was done making the classics now firmly established in the old rock man canon. It's a grab-bag of old additional recordings that hadn't quite made it before and features his swirling, semi-proggy "Like a Hurricane", which would later find itself a fan favourite. Heartland and heavy, it feels like a solid continuation of Zuma. 

Morbid Angel
Blessed Are The Sick

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Augustus Pablo
Africa Must Be Free... By 1983 Dub

Augustus Pablo was one of the real roots and dub reggae originals, both as a producer and as the pioneer of the melodica within reggae. His 1977 album Africa Must Be Free… By 1983 is a profound classic of dub music, here remastered and reissued (in facsimile packaging) for the fortieth anniversary of the Greensleeves label

Cohelmec Ensemble
5 Octobre 1974

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Cohelmec Ensemble

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Cohelmec Ensemble
Hippotigris Zebrazebra

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Added to site: Monday 31st July 2017


Here we have a reissue of Starfucker’s debut full length album on Badman Recordings from 2008. This trio from Portland make undeniably fun, upbeat electro-indie-pop, and their debut is simultaneously laid back and sundrenched whilst being a solid party starter. Re-packaged with brand new artwork and a bonus track.

May Your Heart Be The Map

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Vic Chesnutt
Ghetto Bells

Here is a re-issue of Vic Chesnutt's 2005 album "Ghetto Bells" in which the Athens-based songwriter was joined by a veritable who's who of collaborators most notably jazz icon Bill Frisell and legendary multi instrumentalist Van Dyke Parks. It perfectly places Chesnutt's poetic delivery within a frame of gorgeously realised music. 

Mississippi Fred McDowell
Delta Blues

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Added to site: Friday 28th July 2017


Fabulous lost psychedelia from the 1960s. July lasted barely a year yet still managed to leave behind one of the most sought after relics of the psychedelia era. A mixed bag of psychedelic rock and pop that has elements of Syd Barrett whimsy with a harder rock edge that could recall Cream or Iron Butterfly. 

Cypress Hill

The kings of smoked filled room hip-hop Cypress Hill released their fourth full length album IV in 1998, originally released on Ruffhouse/Columbia. Solid down beat boom bap, hazy head nodders. You know what this is for. Features Rapper Barron Ricks spitting on several cuts. Double LP reissue from We Are Vinyl.

Napalm Death
From Enslavement To Obliteration

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Added to site: Thursday 27th July 2017

Baby Loves a Funny Bunny

They totally panicked on their name and went for the word that best described their conundrum, but fuck's music is far more intuitive, delving into indie rock both melancholy and winking with sweet, Americana inspired melodies and embellishing arrangements. Baby Loves a Funny Bunny, also a weird name, is their second record and embraces the convoluted world it's been spawned from.

David Bowie
Peter and The Wolf

Never one to miss up an opportunity to travel through time, David Bowie has a sick collaboration with Sergei Prokofiev for our ears here. Or, you know: not that. In all seriousness, though, folks, he does narrate Prokofiev's score for Peter And The Wolf here, performing written material by Prokofiev himself for the 1978 work. And then on the flip for some reason there's a performance of the Young Person's Guide To Orchestra because... I don't know. Because Wes Andersen, that's why.
Added to site: Wednesday 26th July 2017

Atelier du Mal
Noblesse Oblige

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Rich La Bonte
Mayan Canals

Setting up his own label, Flatdisk, in 1980 Rich La Bonté has released sporadically. Dark Entries have remastered his debut full length that was released in 1981. Mayan Canals is as eccentric as it is experimental, with obvious inspiration from Frank Zappa it’s woozy, psychedelic, lots of synthesizer experimentation, and free form nonsensical pop at parts.

Anne Briggs
The Time Has Come

The Time Has Come by Anne Briggs is apparently Ryley Walker's favourite ever record. Deeply affecting and sweetly melodic, Briggs' writing was steeped in the ages-old tradition of story telling. The music may mutate but these are tales from the human heart. Some of her earliest works are on this record, her crystal-clear voice matched by plucked strings. LP and CD on Earth Recordings.

Michael Hurley
Redbirds At Folk City

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The Notorious B.I.G.
Born Again

This was the phenomenally successful 1999 album by the late rapper which included guest spots from Busta Rhymes, Redman and Method Man, Missy Elliot, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg. Pressed onto vinyl to mark the 20th anniversary of his death, this is a timely re-issue for a record out of print since the early 2000's.  
Added to site: Tuesday 25th July 2017

The Paragons

As a pioneering force within the rich conglomerate of Jamaican Ska, The Paragons' legacy is here to be enjoyed with the release of Return. The 12-track offering is a perfect representation of the group's smooth works. With a long, rich history - characterised by hits as much as it is line-up changes - this is one for the fans. 

Finis Africae

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Added to site: Monday 24th July 2017

The Velvet Underground
The Velvet Underground

Originally released in 1969, the Velvet Underground’s self-titled third album famously departed from the band’s first two LPs. Wales own John Cale was replaced with Doug Yule, and the record was a stylistic shift, demonstrating a warmer, more optimistic side to VU. I mean, how sweet is 'Pale Blue Eyes'?

Tim Buckley
Goodbye and Hello

Aloof songwriter and songwriter dad Tim Buckley started his career on a self-titled record, and arguably jumped the shark with Goodbye and Hello, his sophomore. This one pushed forward the psychedelic element of his sound and took him out of the usual milquetoast early stage every folk songwriter seemed to go through. Released in 1967 and inspired in part by the freeing rock fabrics of that year's Sgt. Peppers, this record sees Buckley getting just that little bit weirder.

Pet Shop Boys

Good lord, a comprehensive series of Pet Shop Boys reissues! The pop heroes are giving every album a remastered reissue, pairing each record’s CD edition with an extra disc of Further Listening: demos, alternate remixes and other rarities from the period, many of which have never been released! Fundamental, the group’s 2006 ninth album, even comes with some ringtones (it was 2006 after all). On Parlophone.

Pet Shop Boys

Good lord, a comprehensive series of Pet Shop Boys reissues! The pop heroes are giving every album a remastered reissue, pairing each record’s CD edition with some Further Listening: demos, alternate remixes and other rarities from the period, some of which have never been released! Release, from 2002, actually comes with two whole bonus discs, including Elton John collaborations and Peel Sessions. On Parlophone.

Pet Shop Boys

Good lord, a comprehensive series of Pet Shop Boys reissues! The pop heroes are giving every album a remastered reissue, pairing each record’s CD edition with an extra disc of Further Listening: demos, alternate remixes and other rarities from the period, some of which have never been released! Nightlife, the group’s 1999 seventh album, actually comes with two whole bonus discs, totalling twenty-three juicy extra tracks. On Parlophone.

Everything Is Wrong

Moby’s lesser-known third album Everything Is Wrong album receives its first vinyl release since it was originally out. Everything Is Wrong is very definitely a 90’s record (it was released in 1995), but there is still plenty to like about its high-energy pumping dance tracks. 180g vinyl reissue on Mute.

Proud To Be

Reissue of the 20th anniversary vinyl edition of DFL’s debut album for the Epitaph label, originally released in 1995. Pure, and seemingly bottomless hardcore punk energy, just what epitaph were notorious for. Featured Adam Horovitz of Beastie Boys. 20 tracks in under 30 minutes, that is how you do it.

The Electric Prunes
The Electric Prunes

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Gold & Green

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Added to site: Friday 21st July 2017

Wu-Tang Clan
Legend Of The Wu-Tang: Wu-Tang Clan's Greatest Hits

GZA, RZA, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Method Man, do I need to say more? Double vinyl reissue of the greatest hits compilation actually put together by Wu-Tang Clan. Includes an the “Bloody” version of Protect Ya Neck, a remix of Method Man with alternate verses, selected tracks from film works.

Psychic TV
Allegory & Self

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Bruno Nicolai
The Case Of The Scorpions Tail

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Added to site: Wednesday 19th July 2017

¿Cómo Se Divertirán Los Insectos?

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Ross 154
Until My Heart Stops...

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Terrence Woodard
Jack The Box

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D' Hardest

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Added to site: Tuesday 18th July 2017

Psychic TV
Pagan Day

Sacred Bones present a pair of Psychic TV reissues. Pagan Day originally came out in 1984, presenting raw versions of songs fleshed out elsewhere. Unlike the ornate full band recordings, these are four-track demos and sketches, recorded by Genesis P-Orridge and Alex Fergusson alone. Out of print for three decades, here it is reissued!

Dave Barker & The Upsetters
Prisoner Of Love

Dave Barker found great success in many avenues of reggae, as a solo act and in groups. Most known for his work in Dave And Ansel Collins, Prisoner Of Love was his breakthrough album from working with Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry in the year before. Released in 1970, Music On Vinyl and Trojan bring the first vinyl reissue since 1995.
  • Vinyl LP (MOVLP1942)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
Added to site: Monday 17th July 2017

Soul Coughing
Ruby Vroom

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M 008

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14 Iced Bears
14 Iced Bears

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Paul Johnson
Hear The Music

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On The North Star With Gemini

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Objekt #1

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Raising Hell

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The Television Personalities
They Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles

They Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles was a collection of singles, rare tracks and outtakes that was put together to mark what was seemingly the end of the Television Personalities. Though the band subsequently regrouped and released a host of further albums, this collection is an essential document of their early day DIY creativity. 

Television Personalities
The Painted Word

Eighties underground post-punk group Television Personalities were a key part of the scene, lead by Dan Treacy’s smart lyrics and songcraft. 1984’s The Painted Word is their fourth record and one of their finest, winning much love for its slightly darker and more psychedelic sound. It receives a very handsome black / marbled white vinyl reissue here, courtesy of the Fire label.

Television Personalities
Mummy You're Not Watching Me

Eighties underground post-punk group Television Personalities were a key part of the scene, lead by Dan Treacy’s smart lyrics and songcraft. Mummy You’re Not Watching Me is their second record, released in 1982 and packed full of special little indie pop songs. It’s getting a very handsome black / marbled white vinyl reissue here, courtesy of the Fire label.

Wanted Afrobeat

Wagram present a series of collaborative compilations with photographer Chris Steele-Perkins covering a huge range of music called Wanted presented with incredible imagery. This time round Afrobeat, featuring cuts from Pat Thomas, Girma Bèyènè, Mulatu Astatke, Peter King, and Livy Ekemezie.
Added to site: Friday 14th July 2017

Bressa Creeting Cake
Bressa Creeting Cake

Bressa Creeting Cake’s self-titled debut album arrived on New Zealand’s crucial Flying Nun label in 1997, ready to amaze and surprise people with their unusual stylistic mixture. Prog rock, psychedelic and underground indie pop all play a role, with the band using stacks of ideas on each song. Double LP on Flying Nun.
Added to site: Thursday 13th July 2017

Rolo Tomassi

Rolo Tomassi

Experimental rock heroes dabbling in the short-lived genre known as ‘mathcore’, Rolo Tomassi hired the much sought-after Diplo to assist in producing their second studio album Cosmology. Originally released by Hassle in 2010, this half’n’half cream and bright orange with pink splatter vinyl comes via Holy Roar. 

Rolo Tomassi

Sun Ra
Discipline 27-II

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Cloud One
Patty Duke

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Added to site: Wednesday 12th July 2017

Peter Jefferies

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Didier Bocquet
Voyage Cerebral

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Bruno Nicolai
Tempo sospeso

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Alessandro Alessandroni
Barocco & Romantico

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Roberto Musci
The Loa of Music (The Complete Sessions)

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Popol Vuh
Agape-Agape Love-Love

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Barney Wilen

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Added to site: Tuesday 11th July 2017

Andrew Belling
Wizards (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Townes Van Zandt
Texas Rain

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Manic Street Preachers
Send Away The Tigers - 10 Year Collectors Edition

Celebrate the tenth birthday of the later-period Manic Street Preachers classic Send Away The Tigers with these reissues on double LP and double CD plus DVD (house in a book) formats! As well as the original album, extra goodies include demos, B-sides, rare tracks and video of a 2007 Glastonbury set. Both editions out on Columbia.

The Telescopes

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The Temper Trap

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Added to site: Monday 10th July 2017

Fleet Foxes
Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes eponymous debut album was released to great critical acclaim in 2008. Big things were expected after the release of the Sun Giant EP and the band duly delivered. By the end of 2008, they were the band on everyone’s lips and the album was appearing on critics Albums of the Year lists on both sides of the Atlantic, more often than not at number 1.

Fleet Foxes
Helplessness Blues

CD and double-vinyl re-issue of Helplessness Blues, the sprawling second album from indie/folk sensations Fleet Foxes and which had the unenviable task of following one of the most beloved debuts of the Noughties and whose recording triggered a lengthy hiatus. Also the last Fleet Foxes album to include a certain Mr Josh Tillman... 
Added to site: Friday 7th July 2017

The Bid-On (Giuliano Sorgini)
Sorry Puppet

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Added to site: Wednesday 5th July 2017


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Angelo Baroncini and Bruno Battisti D'Amario
Music For Movement

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Jean-Jacques Perrey
Musique Electronic du Cosmos

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Braen & Raskovich

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Desmond Dekker

Israelites is a classic 1969 release by major reggae player Desmond Dekker. The album is notable for containing the first ever UK ska number one. It has, however, been mostly unavailable since the 60’s due to a lack of reissuing. Thankfully, Trojan have at last stepped up, remastering the audio and presenting it in an imitation of the original UK sleeve artwork.

DJ Bert & Eagle
I Am Your Master

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Added to site: Tuesday 4th July 2017

C88 - Deluxe 3CD Box Set

C88 continues a fruitful series of compilations in the wake of the seminal NME C86 tape, summing up the bustling underground indie scene of the late 80’s. C88 contains three discs and seventy-one tracks worth of fine material from artists as varied as The Stone Roses, Choo Choo Train, and Apple Boutique, along with a thick and informative booklet. On Cherry Red.

Susumu Yokota

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Stoner Witch

1994's 'Stoner Witch' was the Melvins second release on major label Atlantic, who dropped the band in 1997 and banned the group from releasing their follow-up 'Prick' under their own name when they took it to Amphetamine Reptile Records due to it being a bit experimental. 'Stoner Witch' remains a firm fan favourite - a Melvins classic from the Mark Deutrom on bass period.

Total Madness

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Added to site: Monday 3rd July 2017

Model 500
Sound Of Stereo / Off To Battle

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Flo & Andrew
Take Suicide

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Glenn Underground
C.V.O. Trance

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You Are Mine

Soundway proudly re-issue the only album from Nigerian boogie masters Hotline. Originally 1986 You Are Mine is a no-holds-barred funk/disco takedown, slapped bass and synth basslines that sound like zippers and the cheekiest leadlines you’ve ever not heard. Comes with new liner notes and photos.

Good Arrows

Remember folktronica? If you weren't one of those people who wanted to stove the heads of the protagonists in with a rusty hammer, then you may have been pretty enamoured by Tunng. The duo of Sam Genders and Mike Lindsay enlisted a host of friends to produce several albums of winsome but adventurous genre blending, Good Arrows is their third album originally from 2007 and now gets re-pressed onto coloured vinyl by Full Time Hobby.  
Added to site: Sunday 2nd July 2017

Gil Scott-Heron
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Re-issue of the classic 1974 compilation originally released to capitalise on his success with the track 'the Bottle'. The CD version contains nine extra tracks, the original spoken word version of the title track and edited versions of some of his poems. The vinyl version is an exact replica of the original release packaged in a heavy duty sleeve. 

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