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Added to site: Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Patrick Watson
Close To Paradise

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Patrick Watson
Wooden Arms

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Live At The Googolplex

Live At The Googleplex heads up a string of three picture disc releases on Weathermaker Music by Maryland rockers Clutch. The album was recorded in Chicago, Illinois, Kansas City, Columbus, Ohio and Montreal, Quebec in February and March 2002 when the band toured with Californian metal band System Of A Down.

Nathaniel Rateliff
In Memory Of Loss

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Massive Attack

Mezzanine is a dark masterpiece, as black, as glossy and as intimidating as the beetle creature on its cover. Angel and Teardrop turn up on TV often enough (and rightly so), but the whole album is worth digging into for its uneasy moods. This hasn’t been available on record for a while, so Universal are bringing it back on suitably heavyweight vinyl.


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Depeche Mode
The Best of Volume 1

Well this has a much different track listing than the 'best of' I have on tape with a few album tracks thrown in for good measure yet it still has all the brilliant singles from 'See You' to 'Everything Counts' and 'Enjoy the Silence'. Originally released in 2006, now is your chance to get it again on triple vinyl.  

Walk The Line (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

“Hello, I’m not Johnny Cash”. Wouldn't have thought many were clamouring for a first-time vinyl issue of the soundtrack to the 2005 Man in Black biopic, but a quick bit of research reveals exactly that. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon tackle Johnny and June’s classics respectively. Elvis, Waylon and The Big O also get the Hollywood karaoke treatment. Includes a download code.

Progetto Morte
Progetto Morte

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Added to site: Monday 2nd October 2017

The Apartments

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Daniela Casa / Massimo Catalano / Remigio Ducros
Idee 1

Beautiful Italian library obscurities from the dream team trio of Massimo Catalano, Remigio Ducros and Daniela Casa. Idee 1 has a broad spread of cool experimental atmospheres and low-slung orchestrated grooves, with the special mix of catchiness and weirdness you only get with library music. Edition of 500 remastered reissue LPs, on the Spettro label.

In Memorium

‘In Memorium’ is an underground doom metal classic documenting one of the most influential bands of the nineties at a time when they were first discovering their explorative feet, carving out their unique voice through a host of rich influences. Long out of print, this limited edition double LP features a bonus rare and previously unseen live performance from 1991.

The Electric Sleep

Canadian stoner metal at its finest, that is sHeavy. Known for their frantic vocals and relentless, endless riffs, the band have earned their place in stoner rock cannon. Thankfully, 2015 will see the reissue of their critically acclaimed The Electric Sheep from 1998, which was never released on vinyl. Until now, of course.

A Middle Sex
Soul Sways West

Originally released on The Audacious Art Experiment we are delighted to issue a long-awaited vinyl edition of this posthumous album by Manchester dub/noise/improv collective A Middle Sex. Exploratory electronic repeato music that harks back to the golden age experiments of This Heat and Throbbing Gristle. Dark but essential.   
  • Vinyl LP (SANDBAR009)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Simian Mobile Disco
Attack Decay Sustain Release

Originally released in 2007, this limited edition of ATTACK DECAY SUSTAIN RELEASE celebrates the tenth anniversary of this seminal debut album by Simian Mobile Disco. Remastered onto double vinyl, this electronic classic is now getting the deluxe vinyl treatment it deserves. Singles I Believe, Hustler and It’s The Beat are included on this epic package.    

Thelonious Monk

Ah, Thelonious Monk. More distinctive a jazzman there is not. Even when obscured and peering from within the album sleeve of Misterioso, it’s still him alright. The music concurs; swinging brass, tinkling keys and shimmering cymbals shine across this 8 track LP of a live recording from 1958. Get in the groove man.   
Added to site: Friday 29th September 2017

Arcade Fire
Neon Bible

2007 brought the second album of Arcade Fire, the semi-conceptual grandeur of Neon Bible. The great Canadians outdid themselves here with an album full of religious fear, chamber orchestration and general vastness, with bangers like ‘No Cars Go’ and the organ-doom of ‘Intervention’ just some of the set-pieces. Sony reissue.
Added to site: Thursday 28th September 2017

Thee Oh Sees / Ty Segall
The Drag / Maria Stacks

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Minoru 'Hoodoo' Fushimi
In Praise Of Mitochondria

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Yoruba Singers
Black Pepper

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Holy Ghost Inc.
Walk On Air

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Johnny Cash
Greatest Hits - The Sun Records Years

This is not a Best of Johnny Cash album. If you’re looking for one, look elsewhere because here we only have the Greatest Hits. Only the greatest from the great man himself and all from his great period at Sun Records between 1955 and 1961. Released to mark the 60th anniversary of Cash’s first LP from 1957, the roll call of singles remastered from their original tapes on this LP is a delight; “I Walk The Line”, “Cry! Cry! Cry!”, “Folsom Prison Blues”, “Ballad Of A Teenage Queen”, but to name of few. The 180g vinyl comes with liner notes by the president of Sun Records. A truly great celebration!  
Added to site: Wednesday 27th September 2017

Sunny & The Sunliners
Mr. Brown Eyed Soul

Sunny & The Sunliners is the superlative soul group of Sunny Ozuna, a true veteran who has been performing since the 1950’s. Mr Brown Eyed Soul is a compilation put together with Ozuna, plucking highlights from the releases on his own label during the period 1966 to 1972. Fabulously rich vintage soul. On Big Crown.

The Sea and Cake
The Biz

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The Sea and Cake

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Isotope 217
The Unstable Molecule

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The Residents

Available on 180 gram clear vinyl on Music on Vinyl. Avantgarde and anonymous art collective The Residents Originally released Intermissions in 1982. They made it very clear that it was not the 3rd chapter of the Mole trilogy (which seemed to never actually exist), but a cutting of related materials. Limited repressing of 1000 copies.
Added to site: Tuesday 26th September 2017

Bruno Nicolai
The Night Evelyn Came Out Of The Grave

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Craig Armstrong
The Space Between Us

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El Sueño De Hyparco
Ambientes Hormonales

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Added to site: Monday 25th September 2017

Los Camaroes
Resurrection Los

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Glenn Underground
The Jerusalem EP’s

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Added to site: Sunday 24th September 2017

Digital Zandoli 2

Heavenly Sweetness have dug into the history of Zouk music from the French West Indies in order to save you the trouble, serving up twelve fabulous new examples of Digital Zandoli. The style is funky and sleek, with playful sunny synth pads and disco-groovy rhythms. Explore it for yourself! CD and double LP editions on Heavenly Sweetness.
Added to site: Thursday 21st September 2017

Jay-Jay Johanson

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Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope

Agoraphobic Nosebleed are a premium grindcore band, no mistake about it. Their 2002 second record Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope (a memorable title and no mistake) flares through almost 40 tracks in 33 minutes, so you know that it’ll be proper grind. Baby blue coloured vinyl reissue on Relapse.

Martin Kornberger & Volker Kuhn

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Haruomi Hosono, Shigeru Suzuki & Tatsuro Yamashita

Here’s a rare record of Japanese exotica from 1978, recorded by a crack team of session musicians: Shigeru Suzuki, Haruomi Hosono and Tatsuro Yamashita. Pacific aims to conjure up the lush sunny Pacific island experience with smooth jazz and funk, and the atmospheric results end up being pretty damn captivating. Reissued by Victory.
  • Vinyl LP (MHJL151)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Roberto Nicolosi
Black Sabbath (I tre volti della paura)

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Modern Art
Oriental Towers

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Piero Piccioni
Cadaveri Eccellenti

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The Geraldine Fibbers
Lost Somewhere Between the Earth and My Home

The Geraldine Fibbers debut album Lost Somewhere Between The Earth And My Home was originally released in 1995. Their sound mixes some beautiful alt. country leanings with a post-grunge snarl. Throw in frontwoman Carla Bozulich’s grave lyrics about drug use, prostitution, and abusive relationships then it becomes quite a powerful thing. The album was produced by Steve Fisk who has worked with Nirvana, Beat Happening and The Wedding Present. The album features four bonus tracks, including a guest appearance from Nels Cline now of Wilco on guitar.
Added to site: Wednesday 20th September 2017

Koharu Kisaragi / Ryuichi Sakamoto

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Ennio Morricone
The Thing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Eddy Current Suppression Ring
Primary Colours

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Added to site: Tuesday 19th September 2017

Brian Wilson
Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology

Covering more than thirty years across nine different solo albums, Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology is a comprehensive celebration of the great man’s solo career through 18 songs over two vinyl LPs. A collection of studio and live recordings, this compilation also contains two previously unreleased tracks, one of which was written by Wilson especially for this special release.  

Salad Days : Remastered

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Added to site: Monday 18th September 2017

Dominic Glynn
Doctor Who - Survival

Ah-wooooo-ooooo-woooo-ooooo-ooooo! Yes, it’s another fabulous reissue from the Tardis of fabulous music from the BBC’s Doctor Who, this time the soundtrack to Survival, which made up the final series until the show’s reboot in the noughties. The score from Dominic Glynn is typically otherworldly and moves through emotions and themes as much as the Doctor gets through saving planets. A must for any fan of sci-fi soundtracks.  

David Bowie

Reality is David Bowie’s 23rd solo album. The album contains a cover of The Modern Lovers' Pablo Picasso and a cover of George Harrison’s Try Some Buy Some which were originally intended to appear on Bowie’s Pin Ups 2, but the album never materialised. Reality was produced by Bowie with Tony Visconti. Originally from 2003, Reality is now reissued on 180g vinyl.

Les Ondes Silencieuses

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Added to site: Friday 15th September 2017

Com Truise
Cyanide Sisters

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Added to site: Thursday 14th September 2017

William S. Burroughs
Nothing Here Now but the Recordings

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Egyptian Lover
I Need A Freak

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Added to site: Wednesday 13th September 2017

Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch
The Mystery of Heaven

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Trans Am
Sex Change

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Maria Teresa Luciani
Sounds Of The City

Maria Teresa Luciani’s bold electronic album Sounds Of The City, from 1972, is richly deserving of a reissue and some serious attention. Luciani’s array of sound materials and concepts is huge (encompassing tape loops, found sound samples, intuitive and academic approaches, pop and noise) and deeply effective at creating an idiosyncratic sonic world of her own. This rare gem is now reissued by Finders Keepers, hooray!

Nahid Akhtar
I Am Black Beauty

Lollywood film music is occasionally overshadowed by its biggest neighbour, Bollywood. However, straight out of Lollywood’s ‘I Am Black Beauty’ is the films’ soundtrack that has been remastered and released on ‘Finders Keepers’; who have a habit of plucking quality soundtracks out of Asian films and making them even better. Nahid Akhtar’s I Am Black Beauty is available on Vinyl LP.

Glen Adams
A Beat For You

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Monster Magnet
25... Tab

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Added to site: Tuesday 12th September 2017

The Style Council
Modernism: A New Decade

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Birthdeath Experience

Originally issued back in 1980 on Come Organisation, 'Birthdeath Experience' was Whitehouse's second album, which followed the same year as their debut 'Total Sex'. This early incarnation of the pioneering power electronics / noise group featured founding member William Bennett alongside Peter McKay and Paul Reuter. Using minimal means of construction; tone generator, synth and effects they achieved maximum results - creating some of the most soul shattering, disturbing audio ever committed to tape.
Added to site: Monday 11th September 2017


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Glenn Branca
The Ascension

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The Doors
The Singles

The Doors were a kind of gloomy '70s version of INXS with a prowling tiger of a singer and some other blokes in tow. They are currently celebrating their 50th anniversary and this set compiles all their US singles and their B sides - even the ones they ill advisedly did after the death of Jim Morrison. Your only vinyl option is a 7" box set so good luck with that. 
  • CD (0081227934675)
  • £16.99 £10.19 (saving: £6.80)
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Added to site: Friday 8th September 2017

The Clash

The Clash were mocked mercilessly at the time for this sprawling 3LP album which contained 36 tracks taking in funk, reggae, jazz, gospel, rockabilly, folk, dub, rhythm and blues, calypso, disco, and rap. Some of it may be rubbish but lots of it is very very good indeed. Imagine, say, I don't know,  the Libertines making a record like this at the height of their success. Wouldn't happen  - that's why the Clash are special. 

Elizabeth Parker at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
The Living Planet

Emmy-nominated in 1984, Silva Screen bring us Elizabeth Parker's super evocative soundtrack to the BBC television series 'The Living Planet'. Futuristic BBC Radiophonic Workshop synthesizers and super sound effects blend to perfectly accompany and conjure up stunning images of the Earth’s environments. On 'Arctic Pearl' vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve! All very exciting! Limited to 500 copies.

Leonard Cohen
Field Commander Tour 1979

This live album was recorded in Hammersmith Odeon, London and in Brighton. Leonard Cohen has said it was his best tour ever, and with the six piece backup transforming his simple music and raising it to the heights, it’s a beautiful capture of his iconic sound from the place where music, poetry and romance intertwine. On double vinyl.
Added to site: Thursday 7th September 2017

Sly and The Revolutionaries
Black Ash Dub

They were the most infamously wicked rhythm section in Jamaica. Many of the finest studio musicians of the time made up The Revolutionaries, including of course the amazing drummer Sly Dunbar and his most trusted and venerable sideman, Robbie Shakespeare. When recording Black Ash Dub in 1980 they were at the peak of their powers. And who could forget Ansel Collins on organ? Mixed by Prince Jammy and Scientist! One of the finest dub records of the era.
  • Vinyl LP (MOVLP1946)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

The Veils
Nux Vomica

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The Veils
Sun Gangs

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Travis Pike
Watch Out Woman

Travis Pike has an entire two singles to show for his five decade career in music: seems the man prefers to keep his thing to his native Boston. But! Here we have a previously unreleased single to add to that number, recorded in 1966 but languishing in a film company archive since then. Two wonderful soulful songs, released at last on 7” on the State Records label.

Trans Am
Surrender To The Night

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The Underground Youth

Psychedelic shape-shifters the Underground Youth release a hundred thousand records a year so it's important they keep things fresh; with this repress of 2011's Delirium that's actually achieved by going back to their original sound, a low-key and slow-cooked psych rock with hints of blues and stoned-out space worship. Recommended to fans of the Spacemen 3 and mister Brian Jonestown Massacre.
Added to site: Wednesday 6th September 2017

François Tusques
Free Jazz

Recorded in 1965, when this thing called free jazz was really starting to pick up steam around the world, Francois Tusques’ album Free Jazz brings together the finest French players for a fiercely cool session. This first-time vinyl reissue includes two bonus outtakes, as well as a replica of the original booklet. On Cacophonic

Angelo Badalamenti
Blue Velvet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The soundtrack to David Lynch’s 1986 movie ‘Blue Velvet’ perfectly suits the edgy film noir feel of the now classic film. It mixes original compositions from long term Lynch collaborator Angelo Badalamenti with the sort of originals that would suit the jukebox of any any shadowy dive bar. 
Added to site: Tuesday 5th September 2017

Steve Reich

What collection of the great works of Steve Reich would be complete without the mighty Drumming? The piece, scored for a percussion ensemble of marimbas, glockenspiels, tuned bongos etc., moves beautifully through an array of rhythms and counter-rhythms, following Reich’s simple-but-complex patterns. This classic 1987 recording has been remastered for this vinyl reissue on Pure Pleasure.


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The Vampires' Sound Incorporation
Psychedelic Dance Party

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Dashiell Hedayat

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The Telescopes
The Telescopes

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Riccardo Sinigaglia

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Monster Magnet
Spine of God

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Bestial Burden

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Zola Jesus

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John Fahey
The Voice of The Turtle

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Amen Dunes

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Claude Lombard

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Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard
Gladiator (Music From The Motion Picture)

As arguably the most exceptional film-music producer of our time, Hans Zimmer teamed up with Lisa Gerrard to create this naughties classic that ranks alongside greats such as American Beauty and The Dark Knight. Gladiator wouldn't be the same without its dramatic, atmospheric and highly acclaimed soundtrack companion.

Another Green World

Another Green World is Brian Eno's third solo album and marks the beginning of his move from rock-based compositions to the ambient work he pursued in the late '70s. It contains some of his best known tracks such as St Elmo's Fire and the beautiful title track and is notable for guest spots from Robert Fripp, John Cale and Phil Collins. 
  • Vinyl LP (ENOLP3)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Hardcore Damnation 1983-1986

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Added to site: Monday 4th September 2017

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence was a 1983 film focused around prisoners of war in Japan, which starred David Bowie. Ryuichi Sakamoto’s soundtrack garnered a fair amount more attention than the film itself, winning a BAFTA, which is fair enough with it’s incredibly unique instrumentation and dynamics. Features David Sylvian’s lyrics and vocals on Forbidden Colors.

Eyeless In Gaza
Picture The Day - A Career Retrospective 1981-2016

This compilation provides a comprehensive overview of the influential Eyeless In Gaza’s whole career, with the major singles supported by album tracks and B-sides. 35 tracks for 35 years. Plus! An entirely unreleased track as a special treat. Picture The Day - A Career Retrospective 1981-2016 is a double CD compilation on Cherry Red.

Sun Dial
Made In The Machine

Dave Schmidt of Electric Moon and Interkosmos runs Sulatron Records and brings Neo-Psych to the forefront, the latest offering is the UK’s Gary Ramon fronted project Sun Dial returning with a follow up to their 2012 album Mind Control. They’ve been travelling through psych-space for 26 years, so are your perfect guides.

Brian Hodgson and The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Doctor Who - The Krotons

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