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Added to site: Friday 10th November 2017

Pearl Jam

We Are Vinyl present a reissue of Pearl Jam’s sixth album, 2000’s Binaural. True to the title, the record does indeed feature some use of binaural recording techniques, so you can experience Pearl Jam in totally immersive super-stereo. The band put some of that experimentation into the style of the music too. Double LP reissue.

Tuff City Records 33 1/3 Anniversary Box: Original Old School Recordings 1982-1986

Some of the earliest and greatest hip-hop came to the world via Tuff City Records back in the day, and this tasty box gives you a whole treasure trove of the stuff from the premium period 1982 - 1986. The 33 ⅓ Anniversary Box: Original Old School Recordings contains five 12”s and a 7”, featuring a total of 32 tracks. Plus! An informative booklet.
Added to site: Thursday 9th November 2017

Don't You Want My Love

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The Apples In Stereo
Tone Soul Evolution

It's the second album by The Apples In Stereo, released in 1997 but apparently never available in its originally-intended master until this reissue right here! Tone Soul Evolution is a fabulous example of the band’s experimentally-tinged dreamy-psychedelic indie pop, produced in a 24-track studio for maximum expression and detail. Reissued on Yep Rec.

Maria Rita

Extremely rare in its original edition, Maria Rita’s album Brasileira is now freed from the nonsense of collector’s scarcity and is being made available for everyone else, thanks to this official reissue on Selva Discos, a new label from the Selvagem duo. Truly beautiful songcraft from Maria Rita, recorded in 1988.

Bruno Spoerri
Voice Of Taurus

A nine-track record from the ever expanding mind of Bruno Spoerri. Another release that shows just how good improvised synth music can be and a great reminder that sci-fi soundtrack synths and futuristic-funk actually can be a cracking combination. Voice Of Taurus is available on vinyl LP from ‘We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records’.

Bruno Spoerri & Reto Weber
The Sound Of The UFOs

Collaboration between Swiss electronic and jazz musician Bruno Spoerri and percussionist Reto Weber made available for the first time since its release in 1978. Taking the biggest selection of synths you can imagine they take you on an intergalactic journey through improvisations that touch on krautrock, techno and spaced out electronics.

Pharoah Sanders
Pharaoh Sanders Quintet

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Sizzlin Hot

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The Brian Jonestown Massacre
This Is Why You Love Me

The Brian Jonestown Massacre are so popular that they re-issue four track EPs as 'mini' albums and people still rush out and buy them. This Is Why You Love Me is a classic example of how their between album work is just as essential as the full lengthers. As usual the vibe is psychedelic era Rolling Stones with some the Byrds 12 string sting thrown in. 

I'm Going To Go

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Added to site: Wednesday 8th November 2017

The Free Design
Kites Are Fun

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Bernie Worrell
All The Woo In The World

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Willie Nelson

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Miles Davis
Black Beauty / Miles Davis At Fillmore West

One of the true legends of Jazz in the 20th century, Miles Davis delivers a ferocious and innovative jazz-rock performance at Filmore West, San Francisco. Recorded live in 1970, Black Beauty features Davis' blistering muted trumpets on the backdrop of a fine-tuned jazz ensemble. Released as Vinyl LP on the Music On Vinyl label.

The Residents
Please Do Not Steal It

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Philip Glass
Low Symphony

Philip Glass took three recordings from the sessions of 'Low' -- David Bowie's most famous collaboration with Brian Eno, and his first foray into kraut influenced rock (the first in his Berlin trilogy) -- and turned them into this symphony. The tracks in question are all instrumentals: "Warszawa", "Subterraneans" and "Some Are". It was performed by the Brooklyn Philharmonic orchestra.

The Upsetters
Double Seven

Largely consider one Lee “Scratch” Perry’s best early works with his Upsetters, Double Seven was originally released in 1973 and now Music On Vinyl have done this short press reissue, the first on vinyl in 22 years. Features songs with David Isaacs and U-Roy. Pure originator dub reggae from when Perry was still experimenting and building his sound.

Jasmine Minks
Another Age

Everybody remembers Alan McGee’s indie label Creation, home to Teenage Fanclub, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream, Jesus & Mary Chain and some willfully obscure band called Oasis? Well, Aberdeen indie-poppers Jasmine Minks were the first band to release anything on the label. Another Age is being reissued on vinyl to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the feat.

Heavenly Music Corporation
Lunar Phase

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Gust De Meyer

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Dub Oven
Skin 'N' Bones

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Dariush Dolat-Shahi
Electronic Music, Tar and Sehtar

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Added to site: Tuesday 7th November 2017

Mustapha Skandrani
Istikhbars and Improvisations

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Jamaiel Shabaka
Land Of The Rising Sun

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Richard Horowitz
Eros In Arabia

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Automatic For The People (25th Anniversary Edition)

Outta the way people, certified classic coming through! Automatic For The People, unleashed twenty-five years ago, firmly established R.E.M. as a massive globe-straddling band, with hits including ‘Everybody Hurts’ and ‘Nightswimming’. Now here is an anniversary reissue to celebrate, ranging from a straight-up vinyl edition to a sprawling 3CD and Blu Ray collection with demos, a live show, and more besides.

Dub Syndicate
The Pounding System

The Pounding System was the first album by Dub Syndicate. It was originally released in 1982. The band were the brainchild of Adrian Sherwood whose career since, as a producer and remixer, saw him work with Primal Scream, Pop Will Eat Itself, Depeche Mode and Coldcut, to name a few. Reissued on On-U Sound.

Dub Syndicate
One Way System

Heavy dub meets delay-ridden post punk on One Way System, the second album by Dub Syndicate. The band were lead by dub-obsessed musician, remixer and producer Adrian Sherwood. This is the first ever vinyl pressing as it was only ever released as a cassette back in 1983. Pressed on 2LPs cut a 45rpm to make those deep frequencies really shake your foundations.

Doctor Pablo & The Dub Syndicate
North Of The River Thames

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Dancehall: The Rise Of Jamaican Dancehall Culture

Dancehall: The Rise of Jamaican Dancehall Culture is a pretty definitive jog through the history of Dancehall spread across three LPs or 2 CDs.. Artists include Yellowman, Tenor Saw, Sister Nancy, Ini Kamoze, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Michigan & Smiley, Super Cat, Cutty Ranks, Eek-A- Mouse, Gregory Isaacs and a load more. See what I mean about definitive? Good. On Soul Jazz.

Johnny Cash

Unearthed by Johnny Cash finally gets a vinyl release - a spectacular vinyl release at that. 9 LPs presented in a cloth-bound book along with another cloth-bound book containing all-encompassing liner notes by music journalist Sylvie Symons. The remaining music left over from Johnny Cash’s sessions with Rick Rubin was originally released in 2003. The set is a must for any fan, containing duets with Carl Perkins, Tom Petty, Nick Cave, Joe Strummer, Glen Campbell and Fiona Apple.

Eyeless In Gaza
Drumming The Beating Heart / Pale Hands Loved So Well

Eyeless In Gaza were an artsy duo operating first in the 80’s, and then in the 90’s after a break of a few years. Inspired by an Aldous Huxley novel of the same name, Martyn Bates and Peter Becker work strange wonders. Two albums reissued together here as a double LP: Drumming The Beating Heart and Pale Hands Loved So Well.

Eyeless In Gaza
Rust Red September

Eyeless In Gaza were an artsy duo operating first in the 80’s, and then in the 90’s after a break of a few years. Inspired by an Aldous Huxley novel of the same name, Martyn Bates and Peter Becker put together a highly atmospheric set of tracks with Rust Red September, re-released now on double white vinyl.

Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas

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Chelsea Wolfe

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Added to site: Monday 6th November 2017

Secret Shine
Singles 1992-1994

Secret Shine were a Bristol band who had the (mis) fortune to be signed to Sarah Records. Although this got them a ready made audience it also made folks overlook that they were a quite hefty shoegaze band and not all that twee. This collection rounds up  the Greater Than God EP and Ephemeral and Loveblind singles. All originally released on Sarah. Now re-sequenced for maximum impact.  

Dub Syndicate
Ambience In Dub 1982 - 1985

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Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam

We Are Vinyl present a reissue of Pearl Jam’s 2006 return to form: the self-titled ‘Avocado’ album. It’s a politically-minded one, so look out for the Pearl Jam perspectives on the War On Terror and other such subjects, over hard and crunchy alternative rock action. Reissued as two vinyl LPs.

Bob Dylan
Hard Rain

Recorded in Texas and Colorado during the second leg his Rolling Thunder tour and originally released on Columbia in 1976. Hard Rain boasts nine live tracks including Maggie’s Farm, Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again, Oh, Sister, Shelter From the Storm and more. Reissued LP on We Are Vinyl.

Pearl Jam
Riot Act

We Are Vinyl present a reissue of Pearl Jam’s 2002 record Riot Act, their seventh full-length album. Riot Act finds the band stretching out into some more unusual sounds, styles and tunings as well as the good solid rock of classic Pearl Jam. Some heavy themes in this one too, including 9/11 and the Roskilde disaster. Double vinyl LP reissue.

The Liminanas
Crystal Anis

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The Neon Judgement

The Neon Judgement are another brick in Belgium’s sizzling early-80’s EBM / synth-wave scene. Their Cockerill-Sombre EP, released in 1983, contains their biggest hit ‘The Fashion Party’, which is deliciously cold and sleazily aggressive. Remastered audio pressed to 12” vinyl, packaged with an insert with photos and new liner notes by the band’s own Dirk Da Davo. On Dark Entries.

Roberto Mazza
Scoprire Le Orme

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Added to site: Friday 3rd November 2017

Operation: Sand / Empty There

Here we have a rare thing, a reissue of a stand-alone single (not grouped into a compilation or anything). Karate were an alternative rock band from the USA, and Sand / Empty Three has two of their stronger tracks for you to listen to, rounded out with two previously unreleased tracks. Vinyl reissue with download code on Southern.

The Bongolian
Moog Maximus

How about a ride in a bongo-funk inspired time machine? Ever since Nasser Bouzida, known for his role in Big Boss Man, locked himself up with a bunch of synthesizers, his project The Bongolian has resulted in severely synthesized funky bongo tracks. And Moog Maximus continues dropping those b-boy-friendly funkbombs.
Added to site: Thursday 2nd November 2017

Panduranga Henderson
Ocean Of Love

This astonishing record features a close collaborator of none other than Alice Coltrane, the pair having spent time at her California ashram in the 80s engaging in deep, spiritualist devotional song. Contrary to popular belief, special records do exist and do offer their presence in our mortal world. 

Franco Battiato

Exciting times: new reissues of essential rare LPs by Franco Battiato, the Italian electroacoustic composer. His trippy experimental approach to music has plenty of advanced sonics going on, but still displays has trace elements of a pop mind hiding in there somewhere as well. Fetus, released in 1971, is a concept album about genetic engineering (just look at that cover…), that manages to create multiple whole worlds with a flurry of short tracks. Reissued to vinyl by Superior Viaduct.

Franco Battiato
Sulle Corde Di Aries

Exciting times: new reissues of essential rare LPs by Franco Battiato, the Italian electroacoustic composer with a trippy abstract experimental sonic approach that has trace elements of a pop mind hiding in their somewhere. Sulle Corde Di Aries is his 1973 album, and it explores some truly fantastic moods and sounds. Reissued to vinyl by Superior Viaduct.
Added to site: Wednesday 1st November 2017


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Objekt #2

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Time Being - Deluxe Edition

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Violeta Parra
La Cueca Presentada por Violeta Parra

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Studio One: Black Man's Pride

Soul Jazz take another fruitful dip into the amazing archives of Studio One, this time with black pride on their mind. What we have here is premium reggae, with artists like Alton Ellis, Horace Andy and The Heptones all represented, with both fan favourites and obscure cuts included. CD and LP editions with a booklet of context.

The Durutti Column
Amigos Em Portugal

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Added to site: Tuesday 31st October 2017

Slow Club
Yeah So

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The Body
Master, We Perish

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The Orchids
Who Needs Tomorrow… A 30 Year Retrospective

Oh those lovely Orchids. This is a fantastic round up of the best bits of the Sarah Records mainstays career alongside a whole CD of demos and outtakes. The band have a unique and lovelorn take on Scottish indie pop which in a perfect world would have them cited alongside Orange Juice and Teenage Fanclub as Great Scottish Bands. Get on board.  

Returning Jesus

First released in 2001, here is another chance for you to get your hands on Returning Jesus, a key statement from no-man. A sublimely subtle suite of art-rock songwriting with a smooth, lush, ECM-jazz instrumental palette. This reissue is available as a double LP or as a double CD, with the CD edition also including a stack of b-sides, demos and other associated rarities.

The Blackstones

UK reggae group The Blackstones released their debut album Insight in 1979, and returning to the album for the occasion of this reissue highlights the group’s considerable quality. Three brothers performing three-part vocal harmonies over a studio backing band including the legendary Sly & Robbie: what’s not to like? Insight is reissued on the Burning Sounds label.
Added to site: Monday 30th October 2017

Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
The Cowboy & The Lady

There’s no shortage of gold dust Americana for Light In The Attic to mine from the long and winding catalogue of Lee Hazlewood, but one of the easiest picks must have been this perfect pairing with Ann-Margaret Olsson. Released in 1969, this full-bodied, red-blooded record veers from fiery acid rock to soulful strut and of course a healthy dose of forlorn country, with the chemistry between Lee and Ann-Margaret to wash the whole thing down.

Bob Dylan
Trouble No More: The Bootleg Series Vol.13 / 1979-1981

Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series keeps on rolling on, delivering fresh stacks of archive treats to those hardcore heavy Dylan fans. Volume 13 covers the period 1979 to 1981, with a thrilling mixture of live cuts and unreleased rarities. The tracklisting varies depending on whether you are after the 2CD edition, the 2 CDs and 4 LPs edition, or the 8 CDs and a DVD edition, but it's all good stuff. On Columbia.

Roots (Expanded Edition)

After the tremendous success of Chaos A.D., this 1996 album saw Sepultura taking a further step away from their thrash metal, um, roots, with a groove-based approach that married traditional Brazilian rhythms and chants with contemporary nu-metal stylings. Guests included Mike Patton and members of Korn and Limp Bizkit. It’s a divisive but undeniably bold and influential album. This edition is remastered and expanded, with an extra disc of demos, instrumentals and live cuts.

Cypress Hill
III (Temples Of Boom)

The third album from the stoner-hop legends Cypress Hill is back back back on vinyl baby, courtesy of your friends at We Are Vinyl. Cypress Hill III: Temples Of Boom is a dark and spooky listen, rich with that classic Cypress Hill sound. Includes ‘Throw Your Set In The Air’. Double LP reissue.

Bob Dylan
New Morning

1970’s New Morning had the dubious pleasure of following up on Self Portrait, one of the least well-regarded albums in Bob Dylan’s entire catalogue. It made Dylan fans much happier, as it featured the familiar nasal-style Dylan voice back in full effect. Now New Morning is back on vinyl, thanks to the We Are Vinyl label.

The Afghan Whigs
Up In It

Sub Pop are reissuing a number of out of print Afghan Whigs vinyl and Up In It has not been available for over 25 years on the format. The 1990 album was the band’s second full length LP and became a must-play on college radio at the time. This album was the band’s debut on Sub Pop and the start of a long relationship between the band and the label.

The Afghan Whigs

Album the third from Sub Pop alternative heroes The Afghan Whigs, reissued on vinyl for the first time for your listening pleasure. Released in 1992, Congregation is popular with fans and 90’s music historians alike, being viewed as the moment where grunge intersected with soulful R&B influences. Sub Pop double LP reissue
Added to site: Sunday 29th October 2017

Sven Libaek
The Music Of Sven Libaek

Another underrated and under-released soundtrack composer gets a closer look via the power of rare LP reissues. Sven Libaek’s compositions appeared in Australian documentaries and public information films, introducing audiences to his sparkling hybrid of jazz, bossa nova and catchy pop modernism. The Music Of Sven Libaek is reissued here by Votary.
Added to site: Friday 27th October 2017

Svarte Greiner

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DIaframma are considered, by those who know, to be among the very best bands ever produced by Italy’s 1980’s new wave rock scene, and now you have a chance to prove this for yourself with this reissue of their Siberia album. Period synth and guitar textures and a serious mood, with the Italian language perfectly suiting the melancholy grandeur of the new wave attitude. Reissued by Mannequin.

Mahjun (1974)

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Pitchfork & Lost Needles

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Added to site: Thursday 26th October 2017
Added to site: Wednesday 25th October 2017

Pink Floyd
A Saucerful Of Secrets

A Saucerful of Secrets by Pink Floyd was originally released in 1968. It was the only album to feature both founding member Syd Barrett and newbie David Gilmour. Barrett’s increasingly erratic behaviour became too much of a problem during recording and Gilmour was recruited to replace him. Special attention has been paid to recreating the original packaging for this remastered vinyl reissue.

The Buff Medways
Steady The Buffs

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The Buff Medways
Medway Wheelers

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Marlena Shaw

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Return of Black September

There has never been and probably never will be an artist like Muslimgauze. A British experimental musician deeply influenced by the history of the Muslim world who released an enormous amount of music in a very short time.  Return of Black September (the title might sound poetic but it references a notorious Palestinian terrorist organisation) was a brooding 68 minute piece that used soul samples, dub and electronica. This vinyl and CD re-press contains two tracks not on the original release.  

Minaret Speaker

The Muslimgauze project is famed for two things in particular: a very high quality of work, and a very high quantity of work. Minaret Speaker is more or less a new release (a few tracks had a 7” in 1996, but other than that, all unheard), and features his trademark digital distortion, clattering breaks, and samples sourced from the Middle East. CD on Staalplaat.


Sulaymaniyah is album number 92 (yes, 92) from the very prolific ethnic electronic musician Muslimgauze, aka Bryn Jones. Originally released in 2008, nine years after his death, it was one of a number of previously unreleased recordings he’s sent to the Staalplaat label before his untimely death in 1999.

Sycophant Of Purdah

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Iranair Inflight Magazine

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Camera Obscura

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Added to site: Tuesday 24th October 2017

Michael Cosmic & Phill Musra Group
Peace In The World / Creator Spaces

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Tom Ware
Tom Ware

Smoking hot 80s boogie rarity alert! Dark Entries have really come up trumps here, digging out the supremely desirable 1983 album from cult synth operator Tom Ware. This is bold, razor sharp machine music that stands up to contemporary electro with staggering confidence – in another universe this would have been a formative album for the likes of DMX Krew and every other electro aficionado.

Robert Johnson
King Of The Delta Blues Vol. II

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Hot Chip
Coming On Strong

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Thee Headcoatees
Punk Girls

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Suspiria - 40th Anniversary Edition

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Added to site: Monday 23rd October 2017


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Armando Trovajoli
7 Volte 7

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Luis Bacalov
Summertime Killer

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