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Added to site: Tuesday 12th December 2017

Jay-Jay Johanson
The Long Term Physical Effects Are Not Yet Known

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Pauline Anna Strom
Trans-Millenia Music

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Pharaoh Overlord

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The Outsiders
Calling On Youth

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Phill Pratt
Star Wars Dub

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The Beatles
The Beatles Christmas Records Box

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Pleased To Meet You

Tuck into some James why don’t you? Mercury are launching a series of reissues of the britpoppish band’s albums, and Pleased To Meet You is the last album they released before their initial hiatus circa 2001. Look carefully at the cover art, which is a composite image of all the members of the band compressed into one face… James himself if you will. Double LP reissue.


Vinyl reissues of some of James’s vintage albums, available now thanks to the Mercury label. Millionaires is the last James album of the nineties, and it treads quite a bit of different territory during its running time, with both smooth straightforward pop and more ingenious excited songs turning up. Double LP reissue.


Mercury are launching a series of reissues of britpoppish band James’s albums, and here is their 1997 effort Whiplash, which was partially produced by no less than Brian Eno and contains ‘She’s A Star’, one of the band’s big hits. The songs veer between slight experimentalism and full synthy pop, with dabs of Eno ambience here and there. Double LP reissue.

A Hocht

Reissue of the third album from the justly acclaimed Belfast sludge/doom band, originally released in 2012. It boasts a mighty kraken on the cover and eight tracks (as the title suggests, if you know your Gaeilge). Slomatics are eyebrow-raisingly heavy despite eschewing a bassist, and display more idiosyncracy and character than most downtuners. If you’re into Melvins, High On Fire, Sleep, Conan, Yob and similar, and have missed this, rectify that sorry situation!

Roy Harper

This 1975 album is one of Harper’s best loved, not least because it closes with the devastating When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease. Featuring a colliery band behind a lyric using the titular sport as a metaphor for mortality and nostalgia, it became an epitaph for John Peel. Other highlights include Hallucinating Light and the 13-minute The Game (parts 1-5), and David Gilmour, Bill Bruford and John Paul Jones make appearances. Long overdue reissue on 180g vinyl with updated artwork and new sleevenotes.

Roy Harper

Harper’s 1977 follow-up to HQ is another strong set. It’s dominated and bookended by the lengthy One Of Those Days In England, a lyrically complex epic that mixes historical allusion with personal reminiscences. Another highlight is the jaunty skiffle-like live favourite Watford Gap, which critiques the quality of cuisine available from roadside services. 180g gatefold reissue with new liner notes.
Added to site: Monday 11th December 2017

Normil Hawaiians
More Wealth Than Money

From 1982, here is Normil Hawaiians’ remarkable double debut album More Wealth Than Money, an experimental post-punk epic that utilised tape loops, strange echoes and kosmischey psych to create four sides-worth of unique sonic space. Never properly released in the UK at the time, now we can relish this great work in full on CD and vinyl editions! Both formats come with a booklet.

Horace Andy
Good Vibes

Compiled by Steve Barrow and originally released in 1997 on Blood & Fire, Good Vibes collects a brace of tracks from the period 1975 to 1980. All tracks are either augmented with dubs or in discomix versions and capture Andy in his hardest-edged form. Highlights include Prince Jammy’s 12” mix of the Bunny Lee production Pure Ranking. Double LP or single CD, containing updated sleevenotes by Barrow.

George Harrison
Electronic Sound

Some may believe that George Harrison was a somewhat underrated Beatle, but he really was one of the more sophisticated members. His ashes were cremated in a traditional Hindu service in India, which went hand in hand with his beliefs as a human - love and peace, I guess. Upon its release back in 1969 the otherworldly Moog soundscapes of 'Electronic Sound' went down like a bucket of cold sick with your average Beatles fan, and marked the end of their short-lived avant off-shoot label Zapple. But Harrison's work here is visionary and like Morton Subotnick's 'Silver Apples of the Moon' released the year before, should be considered pioneering electronic music.

Spiral Scratch

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Added to site: Friday 8th December 2017

Arcade Fire
The Suburbs

The Suburbs from Arcade Fire is probably one of their most liked records by fans and critics alike because it's a record that is made, not manufactured. A collection of tracks that take you up and down on an emotional rollercoaster of melancholy and cheerful summery vibes. Available on double Vinyl LP and CD and released on Mercury. 
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Leonard Cohen
Ten New Songs

Cohen returned in 2001 with this album after almost a decade of silence and several years in retreat with his zen master. He shares the cover photo and vocals with Sharon Robinson, who co-wrote and co-arranged the material. Compared to the slick contemporary productions of I’m Your Man and The Future, the album has a more minimal, home-recorded style, digital but warm (not least due to Robinson’s singing) and occasionally bordering on R'n'B. A fine record that marked the start of a fertile late period.

Shirley Collins
An Introduction To

With her long-awaited return to the stage and to recorded music still fresh in the mind, what better time to get An Introduction To the English folk legend Shirley Collins into circulation? Shirley’s career has been long and varied, so it is extremely helpful to have these fifteen tracks plucked from her discography to serve as an entry point for the new listener.

Malevolent Creation
The Ten Commandments

Dating from 1991, this is the debut album of Florida death metal outfit Malevolent Creation, a vintage example of desolate and ferocious death. The Ten Commandments is gloriously twisted and blackened, and deserves a central place in the pantheon of the American death metal greats. Reissued on vinyl by Listenable Records.

Release Yourself

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Added to site: Thursday 7th December 2017

Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Union Cafe

PCO's final studio album - Union Cafe, was only available on cassette and CD upon its initial release in 1993. GREAT NEWS: Erased Tapes are dutifully reissuing it on vinyl, coinciding with the twentieth anniversary of founder Simon Jeffes' death. Outstandingly beautiful music sure to cause instant happiness and awe. Very much looking forward to absolutely rinsing this one.

Workshop de Lyon
La Chasse de Shirah Sharibad

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Workshop de Lyon
Tiens! Les Bourgeons Eclatent...

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Chaos U.K
One Hundred Per Cent Two Fingers In The Air Punk Rock

Reissue of a long out of print album from Bristol based hardcore punk band Chaos UK. Self released in tiny numbers, the guys at Harbinger have collected it together with tracks from their split album with Japanese hardcore band Death Side that was also released in 1993, but only in Japan. Comes with photographs and notes.

Damien Jurado
Where Shall You Take Me?

Re-issue time for Damien Jurado's fifth full length album originally released back in 2003. It was his turn to make a  bleak Nebraska-ish trawl through the darker end of heartland rock in which he conjured up timeless sounding songs which seem like they are from several generations back. His catalogue is big and sprawling but this is one of his most intimate albums. 

Hamad Kalkaba
Hamad Kalkaba and The Golden Sounds 1974-1975

Hamad Kalkaba, who later went on to sit as president of the Confederation of African Athletics, recorded some fabulous and lively music in his mid-70’s youth, and here is a good-sized portion of it. Sparkling golden good-time sounds that takes Cameroonian rhythms and slathers them with heady electricity. CD and LP editions on Analog Africa, with an informative booklet.

John Selway / Seltav
Shimmerdown / SPQR

The remasters on this record deliver a huge sonic thrust to the original tracks, preparing them for the modern body moover. On the A side there's a deep, soulful, keys-driven cut, full of cosmic bleeps and chopped beats whilst the B side lets things totally loose in anthemic tripped out house style.
Added to site: Wednesday 6th December 2017

Catherine Wheel

'90s shoegazers Catherine Wheel were one of the few shoegazers to truly cross over to the American market. They did this by simply rocking out. 'Chrome' showcases them rockifying their previously dreamy sound with heavy big riffing guitars, growly impassioned vocals and thumping drums. Here's your chance to hear it all again.

Iggy & The Stooges
Raw Power

It's called 'Raw Power', but much of the conversation around this seminal punk rock record from Iggy Pop & The Stooges is about its recording. Originally mastered by David Bowie, it got the remaster treatment from Iggy himself just over a decade ago, showing off both's approach to these ferocious songs. Both are available on this reissue from Music On Vinyl, but concentrate on the songs, yeah?

Dis Ya Sound

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Tristram Cary / Brian Hodgson and The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Doctor Who - The Daleks

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Peter Westheimer
Cool Change

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Incredible Rock City
Invasion Of The Rock-O-Mites

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Unexpected Guests

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West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
Vol. 3: A Child's Guide To Good & Evil

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The Underground Youth
The Perfect Enemy For God

On The Perfect Enemy For God, the sixth album from The Underground Youth, the band really perfected their blend of two extremes; post-punk sharpness and shoegaze softness. On this repress from Fuzz Club Craig Dyer’s group push their minimal Joy Division-inspired guitar lines into properly psychedelic territory.

Bob Dylan
The Times They Are A-Changin'

The Times They Are A-Changin’ is Bob Dylan’s third album, and his first to only contain original songs. And what songs! As well as the stone-cold classic title track, you’ve got ‘With God On Our Side’, ‘The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll’, ‘Ballad Of Hollis Brown’... And all sung and played by Dylan solo. Historically and musically essential vinyl reissue on Legacy.

Tony Conrad with Faust
Outside The Dream Syndicate

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Bruce Langhorne
Soundtrack To The Hired Hand Of

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Added to site: Tuesday 5th December 2017

Ebo Taylor and The Pelicans
Ebo Taylor and The Pelikans

Ghanaian highlife hero Ebo Taylor gets the heavyweight reissue treatment from the ever-reliable Mr. Bongo for his rare and refined LP with The Pelikans. This is a gem of a record from one of the greats of West African grooves, all jubilant horns, loose funk and sweet soulful crooning from Taylor (on his first outing as a singer) with able assistance from Bessa Simmona and Fifi Orleans Lindsay.

Dog Faced Hermans
Humans Fly

The debut album statement of Dog Faced Hermans, made available again for the first time since the initial 1988 release! Humans Fly still sizzles with eclectic energy, throwing post-punk, no-wave and free-jazz shapes around with wild abandon. Really quite a special and original one, all remastered and all for your pleasure. LP reissue from Sorcerer.

Space Mantra

Vintage weirdo space rock from 1988! Space Mantra is perhaps the greatest record by F/I, a band who started out as underground electronic noise-tape dudes and then developed into a ‘proper’ rock band Except of course they retained their wilder edges, making Space Mantra a thrilling, tripped-out listen. First vinyl reissue! From Sorcerer.

International Vicious Society Vol. 4

The International Vicious Society compilations achieved that powerful double-whammy of being extremely good and rather rare, which makes the University of Vice’s reissues very welcome. The album compiles international 50’s / 60’s dance music with a novelty twist. Limited edition of 500 vinyl copies!

Lydia Lunch
Honeymoon In Red

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Iron and Wine
The Shepherd's Dog

Always nice to see a dog on the sleeve and Iron and Wine doesn't disappoint on this, his third album originally released in 2007 which saw Sam Beam revert somewhat to his early folky style after the bigger production values of the Creek Drank the Cradle. As always his voice is a hushed and intimate thing blending perfectly with his folk-influenced fingerpicked guitar melodies. 

Henrik Rylander
Från En Obestämd Plats I Rummet

Från en obestämd plats i rummet (unofficially translated by the Norman Records Department of Swedish as ‘From an undetermined part of the room’) was first released in 1997. A bit of an electro-shoegaze juggernaut, this one. It sounds its age really only in the noisy guitar and Loveless-esque drum machines. Judging from the meaty production, Henrik Rylander could as well have made it yesterday.

Piero Piccioni
Puppet On A Chain

Here’s a particularly great soundtrack from talented Italian film composer Piero Piccioni, written to score a high drama thriller adapted from an Alistair Maclean novel. Puppet On A Chain, which is driven by brassy horn sections and fabulous Hammond organ, is a wonderfully decadent and funky listening experience. Reissued to vinyl by Silva Screen!

Pete Rock & CL Smooth
The Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) / Straighten It Out

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The Power

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Jim James
Tribute To

When George Harrison died in 2001, Jim James of My Morning Jacket reacted by playing a bunch of Harrison’s songs on an acoustic guitar into an 8 track recorder. The results are sparse and emotional and made into an album called Tribute To which was originally released in 2009. Now it is being reissued by ATO on LP and CD. The reissue will include the track, If Not For You, which didn’t make it onto the original release.

Rainer & Das Combo
The Texas Tapes

Recorded in 1993, its a very fine album of post-blues music from slide-guitar supremo Rainer Ptacek and his Das Combo bandmates. The Texas Tapes feel intimate and fragile, as if some songs are on the point of vanishing into dust. This vinyl reissue with download code includes a number of demo versions and mixes by Billy Gibbons (he of ZZ TOP fame). On Fire.

Jonny L

Vintage ‘neurofunk’ Drum & Bass from Jonny L in 1997, marking the moment that some in the scene got sharp and cold with their productions. Sawtooth sounds of its era sure, but it still has a clear-eyed futuristic vision to it that cannot help but resonate still. Great punchy productions, now available on two slabs of blue vinyl from XL Recordings.

Rainer Ptacek
Worried Spirits

Rainer Ptacek (a member of Giant Sand) was a talented slide-guitarist working in a blues / post-blues mould, weaving powerful and intimate performances with his desert voice and knife-edge steel-stringed guitar. Worried Spirits is a 1992 collection of rare recordings, now reissued in commemoration of his 1997 passing. Vinyl reissue from Fire.

George Mukabi
Furaha Wenye Gita

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The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Love EP

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Added to site: Monday 4th December 2017


New R.E.M. reissues are afoot, getting some of that early I.R.S. Records material back into circulation. Eponymous is a greatest hits compilation covering the band’s career up until the point of its release (1988). Also, several hit songs are presented in alternate versions that are otherwise hard to come across. Reissued by Universal.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Yee - and we cannot stress this enough - haw. The music for the 2000 Coen Brothers flick ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ has rightly been celebrated as one of the great soundtracks of modern cinema. Indeed, there is an argument that the enduring popularity of this collection of bluegrass, hillbilly, blues and early country music has come to outstrip the film itself. Now available on double-vinyl, ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ contains hits like ‘He's In The Jailhouse Now’, ‘I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow’ (both The Soggy Bottom Boys) and ‘You Are My Sunshine’ (Norman Blake), and Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch are among the featured artists.


On their fifth album Language, Sex, Violence, Other? Stereophonics returned to their rockier sound, some people even regard it as a return to form, after a couple of more acoustic led albums. It was the first with new drummer Javier Wayler and features the number one hit Dakota along with Superman, Rewind and Devil.

Leonard Cohen
The Future

A classic piece of songcraft from the one, the only, the Leonard Cohen. The Future was originally released in the past, 1992 specifically, and it features a number of later-period Cohen classics, from the title track to ‘Democracy’ to the beautifully cracked ‘Anthem’. The Future is hereby reissued by Columbia on vinyl, with a download code.

The Rolling Stones
Sticky Fingers

An album that probably needs no introduction here: The Rolling Stones trouser-bulging Sticky Fingers. This has of course never gone out of print, so this latest reissue goes all out, with three CDs (original remastered album, live tracks and outtakes), a DVD of footage, hardback book, prints, posters… Its all here. Or you could get the vinyl.
Added to site: Saturday 2nd December 2017

Mark Van Hoen
The Last Flowers From The Darkness

This expanded reissue of The Last Flowers From The Darkness by Mr Mark Van Hoen, released by Medical Records, is a 1997 album originally released on Touch. While the album is featured in full, it also includes 20 minutes of added material and is presented on limited edition high quality double 160-gram classic vinyl.

Popol Vuh
For You And Me

Now 28 years old, For You and Me was the 17th LP from Popol Vuh, the German legends who helped define a sound in the ‘70s and worked closely with the director Werner Herzog on many of his films. This LP is from their New Age and Ambient phase; with strong influences from traditional music from Ireland, Greece and the Himalayas. Out of print since 1991, One Way Static deliver a deluxe vinyl edition.

Lee Hazlewood
Something Special

Welcome to a series of Light In The Attic reissues of the selected works of Lee Hazlewood. Something Special, his third album for MGM, is somewhat stripped back compared to the rest of the trilogy: more like a late-night bar than an epic orchestral studio. Fully remastered from the original tapes with a bonus track thrown in too.

Video Liszt
Ektakrom Killer

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Pass & Stow

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Thomas de Hartmann
The Music of Gurdjieff / de Hartmann

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Lizzy Mercier Descloux
One For The Soul

Lizzy Mercier Descloux was a singer, songwriter and performer who buzzed around the fringes of numerous musics during her adventurous career. One For The Soul finds her decamping to Rio De Janeiro, where the Brazilian influence flowed freely into her music. Remastered and reissued on Light In The Attic, with the addition of 2 bonus tracks.

Lucio Battisti
Amore E Non Amore

Amore E Non Amore is probably Lucio Battisti’s finest achievement, a concept record that combined his popular appeal with rock crunch some bold proggish instrumentals. Battisti really goes for it in the vocal department too! 1971 album remastered and reissued on 180g vinyl by Light In The Attic.

Joan La Barbara
Voice Is The Original Instrument

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Added to site: Friday 1st December 2017

Susan Phillips
Soft Sexy Soul

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The Kills
Black Rooster EP

This was the Kills first ever record from way back in 2002. This was when former Blyth Power and Scarfo guitarist Jamie Hince teamed up with Alison Mosshart once of Discount to play a little bluesy punk rock. The rest, they say, is history.  This hasn't been available for a long time so now is your opportunity. 

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Greatest Hits

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Florence + The Machine
Kiss with a Fist

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Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity Arkestra
My Brother The Wind Vol. 1

This 1970 album features Sun Ra excitedly wrenching some seriously wild and transportive sonics out of his new Moog synth, backed by Arkestra stalwarts John Gilmore, Marshall Allen and Danny Davis. As with their recent reissue of The Magic City, Cosmic Myth have done a superb job with this 2LP version, adding the side-long Space Probe and alternate takes of the funky single The Perfect Man. The entirely different Vol. 2 has been more widely reissued and is better known, so don’t let the near-identical sleeve confuse you!


Always good to hear from Apparat - whether he’s collaborating with Ellen Allien, teaming up with Modeselektor to form Moderat or just noodling away on his own, Sascha Ring’s output tends to be worth a listen. Walls, his third solo LP, remains one of Apparat’s high points more than a decade on from the initial release. It’s a stirring blend of electronica, techno, chamber pop and machine balladry that prefigures Bonobo.

14 Iced Bears

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Added to site: Thursday 30th November 2017

Elliott Smith

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Pearl Jam
No Code

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Wu-Tang Clan
Clan In Da Front / Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber

Get On Down are reissuing the entirety of Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) in 7” form. Here are tracks three and four. Clan in the Front is essentially a GZA / RZA showcase. Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber features a chaotic full house consisting of Raekwon, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, U-God, Inspectah Deck, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, RZA and GZA. If you want this you probably know the songs and vice versa! 

Wu-Tang Clan
Bring Da Ruckus / Shame On A Nigga

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Peppermint Lounge
Perfect High

Dark Entries turn their attention to short lived German outfit Peppermint Lounge, who originally released Perfect High in 1983. It’s an engrossing slice of synth wave seduction with a killer vocal turn that comes on like Siouxsie Sioux gone to the disco and enough warbling, throbbing melodies to satisfy the most synthetic of souls.

Gökçen Kaynatan
Gökçen Kaynatan

Gökçen Kaynatan is a lesser-known Turkish music mastermind, responsible for changing the way the Turkish industry worked with his studio innovations. As far as his own work goes, he only ever released four 7” singles, but boy what singles; funky experimental electronic rock with an amazing lightness of touch. All gathered together here on this Finders Keepers compilation.

Peter Jefferies & Jono Lonie
At Swim 2 Birds

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Blue Pyramid

It’s high time the Psychic TV catalogue got a reappraisal, and Dark Entries are just the label to do the job. Working in tandem with Emotional Rescue, they’ve dug out this blistering set of early house wares from Dave Ball of Soft Cell his wife Virginia, whose violin flairs create a wild texture over the staggeringly prescient and wonderfully menacing club cuts.

Alesia Cosmos

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Keine Ahnung
Keine Ahnung

Keine Ahnung are another group from that fertile early 80s period in Germany that gave rise to so many cult gems hidden in the folds of industrial and minimal wave history. While much of their material remains unreleased, this debut album made a minor splash on its initial release and now enjoys a righteous reissue via Dark Entries. Bar the occasional punky blast, it’s mainly made up of sleazy, sinister synth cuts for the night walkers to stomp to.

New Crime

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Ralph Towner

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World's Experience Orchestra
As Time Flows On

An underground gem from 1980 has been given the reissue treatment, yet still seems completely relevant now. It's a gorgeous mixture of Sanders-esque devotional jazz, Don Cherry's instrumental freedom, British pastoral psychedelic rock and a lyrical execution that's half crooner, half spiritual doctrine. Just lovely.
Added to site: Wednesday 29th November 2017

Theo Parrish
The Baby Steps EP

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