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Added to site: Wednesday 18th April 2018

Tommy Mandel
Mello Magic

Best known as some 80s fingers for hire - he played keys for Bryan Adams, The Clash and plenty of others - Tommy Mandel has also self-released plenty of his own work down the years. Invisible City hoover up some of the stuff he put to tape in the 80s for a compilation of ‘corporate ambient’ (Mandel’s own term). The wry hypnagogic bent of Mello Magic makes it the perfect album for you if you’re one of those people who’s really got into Yellow Magic Orchestra and Haruomi Hosono over the past couple of years.
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Added to site: Tuesday 17th April 2018

Reductions 1995–1997

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Singapore A-Go-Go

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Richard Bone
Brave Tales

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Melvin Sparks
Texas Twister

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Florian Fricke
Spielt Mozart

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Diana Ross and the Supremes
Supreme Rarities: Motown Lost & Found

Jack White’s Third Man label are dabbling with the mainstream. Working with record industry behemoths Universal they have packaged their 2008 double CD release of Diana Ross & The Supremes - Supreme Rarities: Motown Lost & Found as a spectacular 4 LP box set. It has the honour of being the first Motown record to be pressed in Motor City itself. You'll hear them cover The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Stevie Wonder along with 45 other tracks.

Backyard Babies
Total 13

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The Mekons
Never Been In A Riot

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The Mekons
Where Were You?

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The Caretaker
Persistent Repetition of Phrases

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Bülent Arel
Electronic Music 1960-1973

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Fela Kuti
Na Poi

Fela Kuti’s ‘Na Poi’ is one of the great banned records. The Nigerian Broadcasting Company forbade Na Poi’s sexually explicit title-track from being sent out on air when it was first released, but all his did was add to the song’s legend and turned it into one of the Afrobeat pioneer’s signature tunes. Now reissued on vinyl for the first time in ages by The Knitting Factory.

Fela Kuti
Roforofo Fight

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Bring It On (20th Anniversary Edition)

It’s been twenty years since Gomez, the Southport indie five-piece with three lead singers, released this debut and nabbed the coveted Mercury Prize. So if you’re after the vinyl, here’s an anniversary remaster. If you’re after the CD, here’s an anniversary remaster plus three more discs comprising never-before-heard demos and outtakes, the 1998 Glastonbury and BBC sessions performances and a 10,000 word essay by Paul Stokes.

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
I Put A Spell On You

The story goes that during the recording of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins signature song, I Put A Spell On You, he was so ‘hepped up on goofballs’ that he blacked out and didn’t remember doing it. The recording has earned cult and legendary status for it’s sheer out-there-ness. Hawkins was also an actor with a penchant for the macabre and this fed into his live performances influencing a whole host of acts from Alice Cooper to The Cramps and Arthur Brown to Tom Waits, to name a few. This LP gathers together his most famous song with 14 other tracks including Little Demon and Frenzy. LP on Wagram.

Yung Wu
Shore Leave

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Syd Barrett

‘Barrett’ was the eponymous Pink Floyd frontman's second and last solo record, produced by his fellow bandmembers Rick Wright and David Gilmour. It's a collection of blues jams and psych rock that recalls artists such as the Byrds. The record has been reissued courtesy of Rhino Records.    Tracks: Baby Lemonade Love Song Dominoes It Is Obvious Rats Maisie Gigolo Aunt Waving My Arms in the Air I Never Lied to You Wined and Dined Wolfpack Effervescing Elephant
Added to site: Monday 16th April 2018

Anne Briggs
An Introduction to Anne Briggs

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Surlendemains Acides

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Pino Donaggio
A Venezia Un Dicembre Rosso Shocking

First faithful reissue of the soundtrack to Nicolas Roeg's clunkily named A Venezia Un Dicembre Rosso Shocking. Though no way near as well known as big man Ennio Morricone (how could he be?), Pino Donaggio deserves to be spoken of alongside him for being able to capture the specific mood of Venice.
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Silence In The Secret Garden

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The Jesus & Mary Chain
Stoned and Dethroned

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Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson

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Added to site: Friday 13th April 2018

The Beginning of the End

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Added to site: Thursday 12th April 2018

John Foxx & Harold Budd
Translucence / Drift Music / Nighthawks

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The Black Death

Reissue LP on Ideologic Organ. Before joining Jester Records and putting out his bizarre Tom Waits flavoured psychedelia on albums like The Lobster Boys When released this….. It’s a single long dark soundscape that has minor fluttering of musicality. It is based around SVARTEDAUEN, a book of drawings by Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen that have mainly been used by black metal artists such as Burzum.

Tsvia Abarbanel
Eastern Soul

Israeli crate-diggers Fortuna Records have a bit of a thing for Yemeni singer Tsvia Abarbanel. The label’s first release was a 7” single featuring her tracks ‘Wings Of Love’ and ‘Yahlel Hawa’, both of which also appear on this reissue of a privately-pressed recording made in 1970. The music of Eastern Soul is a heady mix of spiritual jazz, Yemenite funk and swinging standards. Abarbanel’s strong, earthy voice provides the album's anchor. Good stuff.

Luc Ferrari
Presque Rien

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Iannis Xenakis
La Légende D'Eer

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Francois Bayle

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Ten Rapid (Collected Recordings 1996-1997)

If you queued for hours only to miss out on the Record Store Day version of this then now is the time to rejoice. Rock Action have re-pressed Mogwai's early singles collection Ten Rapid. The album shows the nascent band exploring a more spindly but equally creative and wonderfully atmospheric version of their later heavyweight quiet/loud sound and is essential listening if you want to find out where it all began.  
  • Vinyl LP (ROCKACT05LPX)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Jonsi & Alex
All Animals

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Jowe Head
Pincer Movement

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Six By Seven
04 (Deluxe Edition)

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Added to site: Wednesday 11th April 2018

Revolutionary Spirit - The Sound Of Liverpool 1976-1988

An extensive 5-disc overview of Scouserock, if you will, from the punk and post-punk era through to the more polished pleasures of the late 80s. It kicks off with the art rock theatrics of Deaf School, and the more heard about than heard (retrospective) supergroup Big In Japan. The Bunnymen, Teardrop Explodes, FGTH, OMD, Dead Or Alive, China Crisis and The La’s are among the more obvious inclusions, but the real fun is in digging through the dozens of obscurities.

Shaolin Soul (Episode 2)

Wonderful treats right here for fans of The Wu-Tang Clan and vintage funky soul alike. The Shaolin Soul series is a collection of some of the countless classic tunes that have been sampled (mostly by RZA) for Wu-Tang Clan albums and related solo productions. Volume 2 features cuts from Al Green, Ann Peebles and Syl Johnson, among plenty others.

Warner Jepson

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Jean Dubuffet
Musical Experiences

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John Duncan

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Nine Sevens

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Our Broken Garden
When Your Blackening Shows

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The Lurkers
Fulham Fallout

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Studio One Dub Plate Special

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Execution Ground

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Gino Conte
Nell'Anno della Luna

Gino Conte’s soundtrack to the film Nell’anno della Luna (or ‘In The Year Of The Moon’ for non-Italian speakers) is a woozy wonder of orchestral loveliness and strange beat swing. Originally released in 1970, this fine and characterful soundtrack has been very hard to find in the meantime, but this LP reissue on Schema should see to that.

Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione "Nuova Consonanza"

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Fabio Fabor
B81 - Ballabili Anni 70

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G.Coscia - Formini
B85 - Ballabili Anni 70

G. Coscia (aka Serie Usignolo) and Formini are a pair of those highly creative Italians from back in the day: the sorts who could turn their hand to whatever atmospheres the library music music libraries needed that day. B85 - Ballabili Anni 70 is a suite of orchestral pop music cues for various Italian film / TV productions, all full of interesting twists. Vanishingly rare music now made available thanks to the Schema label and their SCB Series.

Marcos Valle
Marcos Valle

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Ginger Johnson and His African Messengers
African Party

Ginger Johnson and His African Messengers made a glorious, joyful sound with their extra-percussive version of highlife, and nowhere more so than on African Party, now seeing reissue release on Freestyle Records. This stuff, recorded in 1967, really drives forwards: you will enjoy this with your mind and your feet, I assure you.  
Added to site: Tuesday 10th April 2018

Maritime Tatami

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Timeless Legend
Everybody Disco / I Was Born To Love You

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The Five Day Week Straw People
The Five Day Week Straw People

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The Legendary Marvin Pontiac
Greatest Hits

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Son Volt
Okemah And The Melody Of Riot

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Otoboke Beaver

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John's Children

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Michael Chapman
Fully Qualified Survivor

If anyone could be described as a Fully Qualified Survivor it's Michael Chapman. He can't have known that though when he recorded this album in 1970. This one showcases Chapman's acoustic troubadour side with a series of British folk rock that is up there with the best of the genre. Also features an early appearance from Mick Ronson before he was nabbed by Sir David Bowie.  


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The $5.98 E.P. - Garage Days Re-Revisited

The $5.98 EP - Garage Days Revisited by Metallica disappeared in its original physical format over three decades ago. Although the tracks from the EP of covers (Diamond Head, Budgie, Killing Joke, Misfits & Holocaust)  have since been available on their massive Garage Inc. compilation album, the band wanted to throw it out there once more as it was initially intended. Limited edition orange vinyl, black vinyl, longbox CD, Standard CD and Cassette formats available, none of which are $5.98.

Forever Changes (50th Anniversary Edition)

One of the greatest albums of all time reaches 50 but, with multiple re-issues down the line already, what will they squeeze out of it this time? Well you get mono and stereo mixes, an alternate mix, and a disc of outtakes - some of which are actually pretty darned good. Superb pastoral psychedelic pop that has influenced generations. Every home should have one in some format or other.

Pasteur Lappe
We, The People

Pasteur Lappe is a prime exponent of the Sekele sound in Cameroon through the seventies and eighties. He really and truly has it going on, as even a cursory listen to his 1979 debut album will prove: this music positively sizzles with funk, swing, and muscular groove fun. A wonderful record, put into proper circulation by the Africa Seven label.
Added to site: Monday 9th April 2018

David Bowie

Calling all Bowie fans! The second half of the ChangesBowie compilation made available officially for the first time since the mid 80’s. Including Aladdin Sane, Starman, Ashes To Ashes, and  Wild Is The Wind it takes tracks from 1971 up to 1980. They have had a full remaster and are available on CD and vinyl formats.

Band Of Gypsys

The last full-length recording by the obscure and unpopular Jimi Hendrix. This was Hendrix's first recording without The Experience giving him the chance to test his genius in a different context. Don't worry, his guitar playing is as searing as always. Worth it if only to hear Hendrix wish you a Happy New Year 1970. 

Kings Of Leon
Come Around Sundown

Come Around Sundown was the fifth album from unfathomably popular band of brothers and Southern blues-rock experts Kings of Leon. It followed on from the enormous success of Only by the Night and its hit singles Sex On Fire and Use Somebody and provided more of the same punch-a-long stadium rock but in a more streamlined and less captivating manner. 

Michael Raven & Joan Mills
Death And The Lady

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The Open Mind
The Open Mind

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Added to site: Sunday 8th April 2018

Asobi Seksu

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Ennio Morricone
My Dear Killer

Ennio Morricone’s score for 1972 film My Dear Killer is put to wax courtesy of Death Waltz. A classic of Giallo - that’s the Italian horror/thriller genre which acts a predecessor to U.S. slasher flicks - My Dear Killer’s appeal is due in part to its highly atmospheric scoring. The music here is quite far removed from the Morricone work you’ll be most familiar with, with the composer utilising a kind of creepy, screwballed lounge-jazz style throughout. Features some vocals from Edda Dell’Orso.
Added to site: Friday 6th April 2018

Scientist & Prince Jammy
Scientist & Prince Jammy Strike Back

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Mosquito Control

ISIS, the seminal post-metal band who managed to smartly break up before ‘the other Isis’ came along, here re-present their very first EP, from 1998! Mosquito Control shows that the fantastic focus and inventiveness of ISIS was present right from the off, and is a must for any fans of the band. Vinyl reissue with new Aaron Turner artwork, from Hydra Head.

Oren Ambarchi
Grapes From The Estate

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Stephen Encinas
Disco Illusion

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Volcano / The Beat Gangsters
Vanonyana Lava / Chappies (Reluctant Mix)

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Added to site: Thursday 5th April 2018

Randall McClellan
The Healing Music Of Rana Vol. 2

Originally a 1983 cassette release, these two tracks recently resurfaced as part of a tape boxset on Sun Araw’s Sun Ark label, and appear here on vinyl for the first time. McClellan employs Moog synths and a rigorous compositional process in these immersive long-form pieces, designed for therapy and meditation. This isn’t massage parlour, crystals and incense guff, but New Age at its most potent and time-bending, to rank alongside the works of Steve Roach, Laraaji and Pauline Anna Strom.  

Pere Ubu
Les Haricots Sont Pas Salés 1987-1991

This is the third and final vinyl boxset compiling remastered editions of the Cleveland veterans’ earlier albums. 1988’s The Tenement Year is a particularly solid set of tunes, less spiky and more reflectively mature than earlier work, boasting the clever yet heart-wrenching We Have the Technology. Follow-up Cloudland moves even more into commercial alt-pop territory, exemplified by the exuberant Beckett-rewrite Waiting For Mary. Worlds in Collision adds Beefheart / Residents guitarist Eric Drew Feldman. There’s also a fourth disc of previously unreleased material. This boxset represents a now somewhat overlooked period in Ubu history, where they drew on Americana from the Beach Boys to Beefheart in a unique and always interesting way, with David Thomas cast in the unlikely role of pop singer.

Charley Patton
Founder Of The Delta Blues

It’s hard to think of a more seminal and influential artist than Charley Patton. As well as being a first-hand influence on fellow giants Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters, his guitar and vocal 78s are some of the most revered recordings in blues. This double LP compilation of his 1929-1934 Paramount and Vocation sides was first issued in 1971. Foundational stuff that’s in the DNA of countless successive examples of blues, folk and rock, yet sounds utterly otherworldly.
Added to site: Wednesday 4th April 2018

Aux 88
Technology EP

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The Cure

Released as it was between the seminal ‘Seventeen Seconds’ (1980) and ‘Pornography’ (1982), The Cure’s third full-length ‘Faith’ (yep, you guessed it, 1981) is often slightly overshadowed by the enormity of the albums either side of it. This is to do ‘Faith’ an injustice - perhaps the most gothic and portentous of all of their early LPs (and that’s saying something), ‘Faith’ is just as crucial a record in the band’s development as any of those other early tomes. 

Weezer (Red Album)

Weezer reissues! Everyone’s favourite US power-indie-pop hitmakers get pressed up to wax by Universal, getting their post-2000’s work fully available again. The Red Album is a good fun silly Weezer album, featuring both the super-catchy ‘Pork And Beans’ and the absurd / sublime ‘Greatest Man That Ever Lived’. 180g vinyl reissue.

OGRE & Dallas Campbell
All Hallows

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Added to site: Tuesday 3rd April 2018

King Tubby
Never Run Away-Dub Plate Specials

King Tubby may have passed away in 1989, but he left behind such a gargantuan wealth of dubs that many of them are only finding their way to the public now. This collection brings together eighteen B-sides and dubplates cut by Tubby, largely over rhythms built by Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee. Some of the source material here includes Johnny Clarke’s ‘Peace and Love in the Ghetto’ and ‘I’m Still In Love’ by Queen Tiny and the Aggrovators.

Son Volt
The Search

The Search was the sixth album by Jay Farrar’s post-Uncle Tupelo band Son Volt. It was originally released in 2007, the second album by the new line up that featured Mark Spencer of fellow country rockers Blood Oranges. Eleven years later and it’s getting some luxurious reissue treatment. Double LP in a gatefold sleeve, pressed on sea foam green vinyl or deluxe CD versions are available to sate your alt. country appetite.

Burnier & Cartier
Burnier & Cartier

Brazil, 1974. Burnier & Cartier release this self-titled suite of super-fly boogie-jazz and disco-soul. Many have loved this music since then, but relatively few have owned it, due to low print runs and high prices. Thankfully Brighton’s Mr Bongo have stepped in with the reissue duties, allowing everybody to groove to this Brazilian wonder. LP with a replica of the original artwork.

Aksak Maboul
Onze Dances pour Combattre la Migraine

Aksak Maboul is keeping busy at the moment (with a great collaboration with Veronique Vincent), so what better time to be reminded of earlier work? Onze Dances pour Combattre la Migraine is a glorious thing from 1977, and even if it doesn’t cure your headache, you will almost certainly dance. Reissue on Crammed Discs.

Bob Dylan
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

This is Bob Dylan’s second album, but its really the start of Dylan as we know it, as it contains mostly original compositions, including certified bangers like ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right’ and ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’! The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan was first released in 1963, but you can buy a brand new vinyl copy right here, thanks to Columbia!

Back Into Your Heart

Hi Records did a roaring trade in the 1970s, but much of the label’s catalogue has fallen into obscurity since. One of the lost gems was Majik’s 1979 single ‘Back Into Your Heart’/’Dance Dance Dance’. Now set to wax once again by Melodies International - the same imprint responsible for fine recent reissues of Bobby Wright and Tomorrow’s People - both tracks are the sort of hot-wired, Motown-sound disco which never fail to get a party going.

Robbie Basho
Live in Forli, Italy 1982

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Play: The B-Sides

First ever time on vinyl for this quality collection of B-sides from Moby’s globe-straddling Play era. Eleven cuts that might not be familiar if you weren’t scooping up all the Play singles at the time, and on coloured vinyl too! Limited edition pressing of just 1000 copies, via Moby’s own Little Idiot label concern.

Ceremony of Dreams: Studio Sessions & Outtakes, 1972-77

Experimental ambient trio The Entourage Music & Theatre Ensemble released only two LPs during their active years of 190 and 1983. Tompkins Square have managed to collect 30 unreleased tracks that include alternate takes and early versions, alongside notes from the last surviving member Wall Matthews. Stunningly serene stuff that’ll just wash right over you.

Lightmen Plus One
Fancy Pants

This is the second LP from Texas native Bubbha Thomas and his Lightmen band, and it's a doozy. A symbiotic blend of politically fuelled, revolutionary social commentary and maverick underground jazz, this vinyl reissue is presented in both stereo and mono mixes, with a bonus download card featuring footage of live performances.

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