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Added to site: Tuesday 10th July 2018

Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention
Cruising With Ruben & The Jets

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Breaking God's Heart

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Fling Yr Bonnet Over The Windmill (The Sarah Singles)

Boyracer have released many records over the years but some of the best things occurred when they were signed to Sarah Records. Always an odd fit with the label's more poetic stance, Boyracer were always a punk band if a romantic one. This collection compiles the three singles they recorded for Sarah in the early '90s.  
Added to site: Monday 9th July 2018

Electric Wizard
Let Us Prey

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Tim Hecker

'Mirages' is one of ambient musician and noise thrill-seeker Tim Hecker's earliest works, originally released in 2004. Back in the days of its initial release, Alien8 described the record as a "death metal ambient classic in waiting", which sums up the harsh, often dissonant soundscapes Hecker was interested in making in his early days. This record is glitchy, choppy and above all blunt, an unsentimental take on a musician who has gone on to make some of the most emotive ambient music out there. It's good to be evil sometimes, Tim. You can now grab 'Mirages' from Kranky/Alien8 as part of a lovely reissue initiative. 

The Jellies
Jive Baby On A Saturday Night

One of the most highly treasured and sought-after post-punk rarities for record collectors is The Jellies’ 1981 single ‘Jive Baby On a Saturday Night’. Re-discovered in part by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, this limited 12” expanded re-issue does some of the job in satisfying that demand, including the original, a radio edit, and three remixes (including one from Lemon Jelly’s Fred Deakin). 
Added to site: Friday 6th July 2018

The Heads

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Muddy Waters
She’s All Right / Sad, Sad Day

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The Drowning Craze
Singles '81 - '82

Cynics would say that short-lived 80s post-punk group Drowning Craze are only getting a reissue on Bella Union because bassist Simon Raymonde set up the label. Others would say that they’re there on merit. Personally we’d opt for the latter - just try to resist the zippy punk-funk of debut single ‘Storage Case’, which was NME Single Of The Week when it came out. This compilation collects their entire discography (three singles), and for a limited time will also come with a cassette of their 1982 Peel Session.

Hailu Mergia & Dahlak Band
Wede Harer Guzo

Hailu Mergia recorded Wede Harer Guzo with his Dahlak Band in Addis Ababa in 1978, during breaks from spreading wonderful party dancing among the hotels and clubs of the city. This is the very first time these recordings have been made commercially available outside of Ethiopia: celebrate! On Awesome Tapes From Africa.

Solid Space
Space Museum

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Looking At You / Borderline

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Jam Room

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Added to site: Thursday 5th July 2018

Black Noise
Nature Of The Beast

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Unit Moebius
Bunker 006

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You’ve Got A Woman

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Added to site: Wednesday 4th July 2018

Keith Hudson
Playing It Cool

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Reissue of anarcho-punks Crucifix’s long out of print self-titled debut EP. Originally released in 1981 on Universal, in their 5 year existence they became notorious for their blend of d-beat and hardcore punk filled with youthful angst driven by political rage. For fans of Discharge, Crass et al. LP on Kustomized.

Craft Spells
Idle Labor

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The Cure
The Top

Universal continue in their valiant efforts to gradually reissue the whole hefty catalogue of The Cure to vinyl. The Top is their fifth album, first released in 1984. It’s an unusual entry in The Cure discography, recorded with an experimental attitude that took in psychedelia, Spanish guitar, Middle-Eastern sounds and even a little metal.
Added to site: Tuesday 3rd July 2018

David Bowie
Live Santa Monica '72

Witness David Bowie performing some of his very best early material in this 1972 live recording. It’s a fairly phenomenal set, including lots of Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust, as well as a cherished Velvet Underground cover. Formerly distributed as a bootleg but recorded to radio-broadcast-grade standards, Live Santa Monica ‘72 is now officially released as a double LP set.

Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Il Grande Racket

A ferocious work of Italian soundtrack music by the duo of Guido and Maurizio De Angelis. Il Grande Racket is just that, a progged-up psych-funk suite that’s drenched in fuzz-box distortion, featuring raw and frantic grooves, wild flute action, and gnarly guitars. Il Grande Racket has been remastered from the original tapes and reissued by Four Flies

Roberto Nicolosi
L'occhio nel labirinto (Eye in the Labyrinth)

Roberto Nicolosi’s soundtrack to the 1972 giallo flick L’occhio nel labirinto, recorded with an ensemble of some of the finest Italian players and whipping up an amazing jazz-funk brew. And check this out: this gem of a soundtrack never even got a proper official release until now, so this is your first ever chance to grip these sweet sounds without being a hardcore collector! Edition of 500 LPs, with poster, on Four Flies.

Al Zman Saib

Furiously energetic Arabic funk-rock music that leaps out of the speakers. Fadoul’s music has been little noticed in the non-Arabic world over the years, which is frankly a tragedy when you hear the quality of the material Al Zman Saib. Thankfully, Habibi Funk are reissuing, in an archival package with rare photos and translations of the lyrics.


The first reissue since 1991 of the only full length by The Kingstonians originally released on Trojan in 1970. Long out of print, highly sought, Sufferer was a defining record in the boss reggae sound and the title track was a huge hit with the skinheads becoming a bestseller. Heavyweight and coloured limited edition on Music On Vinyl.

Even As We Speak
Feral Pop Frenzy

Hang on  - that's not the original sleeve. Where did that wolf come from? (it's a Dingo) Anyway wolf or no wolf (Dingo?) this is a great album. Even As We Speak were the brightest and shiniest Sarah records band. As if the Go Betweens thought ah fuck it let's become Saint Etienne and made an album of technicolour pop. Essential re-issue on Emotional Response.  

Loch Lomond
Night Bats / White Dresses

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The Staple Singers
Coming Home: The Early Classics

It’s coming home! It’s coming home! It’s coming! Staples’ coming home! Probably unwise of The Staple Singers to release Coming Home: The Early Classics during the 2018 Fifa World Cup™, but as they’re American they might not have been aware it was happening so we’ll let them off the hook. Anyway, this collection focusses on the famed gospel-soul group's early work. Time and again a teenage Mavis Staples, flanked by the choir of her brothers and sisters, shows off her extraordinary voice.
Added to site: Monday 2nd July 2018

Onda de Amor: Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were (1984-94)

Good old Soundway Records. They never fail. It’s another crate-digging extravaganza from the global pop imprint, and this time they turn their attention to the music of the Brazilian 80s and 90s. Roping in vinyl junkie Millos Kaiser - 50% of the duo Selvagem - Kaiser has put together a compilation of sixteen would-be hits from long-gone artists that combine samba, funk, disco and more to ebullient effect. Might relaunch a career or two.
Added to site: Sunday 1st July 2018

The Green Birds

Italian library music from the year 1971. I can only assume that the brief given to The Green Birds (that’s Renato Sperduti, Franco Bonfanti and Romano Rizzati, library fans) requested something weird and psychedelic, with a little bit of lounge here and a little bit of spooky there. Either way, that’s what they delivered. Diapason has now been reissued by For Flies in an edition of 500 LPs.

M. Fusciati (G. Iacoucci / M. Vinciguerra)

Library music is rare almost by definition (since it was never supposed to be commercially released), but Urbanistica is ever rarer than most. G. Iacoucci and M. Vinciguerra were evidently given a brief to groove up the screen for this set: this music is totally funky, totally fun! Edition of 500 on 180g vinyl, out on Four Flies.

H. Caiage, Amedeo Tommasi
Carnet Turistico

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Armando Trovajoli feat. Marc 4 & I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni
La Famiglia Benvenuti

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Marc 4
Debito Coniugale

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Frank Zappa
Chunga's Revenge

A typically straight-laced affair from Frank Zappa here. First pressed in 1970, Chunga’s Revenge marks the beardy weirdy’s first album with a Mothers Of Invention lineup that included former Turtles Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman. Musically it’s … well, it’s Frank Zappa, so it’s more a case of bands sounding like him rather than the other way round. This reissue is the first vinyl release of the LP for three decades.
Added to site: Friday 29th June 2018

Liz Phair
Girly-Sound To Guyville: The 25th Anniversary Box Set

It seems we reference Exit to Guyville in every review we write of the new breed of American singer songwriter which makes us either incredibly lazy or that it really is a true landmark album. Bit of both probably. After being out of print for almost ever we now get it back in on a 7 (!) LP box set or 3CD with the bonus of her previously unissued and rather legendary 'Girly Sound' songs.   
Added to site: Thursday 28th June 2018

The Flaming Lips
Seeing The Unseeable: The Complete Studio Recordings Of The Flaming Lips 1986-1990

Before signing a major label deal with Warner Bros, The Flaming Lips made four albums with Restless Records. Now you can buy all four: Hear It Is, Oh My Gawd, Telepathic Surgery and In A Priest Driven Ambulance (which some may argue is still their best album) plus a disc of rarities and The Mushroom Tapes (previously released as part of the The Day They Shot A Hole In The Jesus Egg comp) together as Seeing The Unseeable: The Complete Studio Recordings of The Flaming Lips. It documents the band’s first outing as a three piece to the point where the band included Jonathan Donahue of Mercury Rev fame. 6 CD Box Set on Warner Bros.

David Bowie

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Added to site: Wednesday 27th June 2018

The Damned
Stiff Singles 1976-1977

The Damned are punk legends, and Stiff are the legendary punk label that enabled them to become punk legends, so really this is the a perfect compilation for one of punk’s great singles bands. Stiff Singles 1976 - 1977 rounds up all of The Damned’s singles from that white hot early period, presenting them in the form of five facsimile 7”s in a box with a patch. Thanks to BMG.

Breakdown / So Low

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Added to site: Tuesday 26th June 2018

The Cure
Torn Down: Mixed Up Extra 2018

The Cure’s classic 1990 compilation Mixed Up is a round-up of the very finest remixes of their material in existence at that time: well worthy of a reissue now eh? Town Down: Mixed Up 2018 is the vinyl version of the most interesting disc in the CD reissue box: a set of sixteen totally new remixes by Robert Smith himself! Double LP on Universal

The Best & The Rest Of The Island Years 74-78

Although they've intermittently done brilliant stuff over the years (and continue to do so), the golden era for Sparks was probably the 1974-1978 era when they were signed to Island. This included great albums such as Kimono My House and Propaganda. This collection comprises the 'best' bits and on LP2 you get the 'rest' - i.e. all the B sides from the period.   

Alessandro Alessandroni
Sangue di Sbirro

Italian library music hero Alessandro Alessandroni was also active as a soundtrack composer for obscure movies: here is one he put together for Sangue di Sbirro, a funky noir with an air of blaxploitation. Alessandroni makes full use of the context, with plenty of soul funk and disco worked into the compositions. Never previously released on vinyl!

Riz Ortolani
Confessione Di Un Commissario Di Polizia Al Procuratore Della Repubblica

A rare and gorgeous obscurity from the never-ending depths of the 1970’s Italian film soundtrack world. This one is from a 1971 crime caper named Confessione Di Un Commissario Di Polizia Al Procuratore Della Repubblica, and Riz Ortolani does an excellent job conjuring up funky action sounds and brassy tension. Really lovely stuff, made available on 180g vinyl by Four Flies.

Lena Platonos

Reissue of the ‘mother of Greek electronica’ by Dark Entries here. Originally released in 1986, the pianist-turned-composer Lena Platonos conceived Lepidoptera as a record of avant-pop. Full of stylistic left-turns - dinky nature documentary soundtrack one minute, Devo-meets-Laurie Anderson the next - this record sounds oddly contemporary when put up against the smorgasbord-pop sound of so many current post-genre artists.

Crooked Fingers
Red Devil Dawn

Eric Bachman was the driving force behind ‘90s American indie dudes Archers Of Loaf. After four albums the band called it quits and Bachman formed Crooked Fingers, a more singer/songwriter-y affair that told stories of people down on their luck with a poetic turn of phrase. Their third album, Red Devil Dawn, is the one where those tales are deemed to be the most poignant. Limited edition red vinyl LP, standard black vinyl and CD on Merge.

Bill Laswell / Nicholas James Bullen
Bass Terror

You know that when Bill Laswell (of Painkiller and a thousand heavy production jobs) and Nicholas James Bullen (of Scorn and bloody Napalm Death) threaten Bass Terror, they are going to deliver on that threat. These two pieces are dense with low-end throb, pulse and thrash, and they have never before been released on vinyl. Out on Sub Rosa.

Of Snowdonia & Something Bells

While Daedelus might now have built a whole scene in his image, back in the early 2000s he was still working towards that whole mad-genius post-bap thing. 2003’s Of Snowdonia LP, and the shorter Something Bells that was released the following year, both represent significant steps in his artistic progression. They show him making strides in the direction of his trademark sound, yet also incorporating influences from folk and r ‘n’ b in a manner reminiscent of what Four Tet was doing at the same time. This re-pressing from Magical Properties brings the two records together in one double-LP edition.

Richard Wahnfried
Time Actor

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Added to site: Monday 25th June 2018

Waak Waak Djungi
Waak Waak Ga Min Min

Waak Waak Djungi are a group from the Northern Territories of Australia, made up of three indigenous Yolngu people. They combine traditional vocal techniques and field recordings with 90’s era electronic production, and have been recently rediscovered. Waak Waak Ga Min Min contains a previously unheard recording, along with five cuts from their 1997 album. Released by Efficient Space.

Mark Archer AKA DJ Nex
The EPs

Some heavyweight 90s dance tackle here. DJ Nex - Mark Archer to his mum - released EPs The Nex and Poundstretcher in 1992 and 1993 respectively. They’re full of fun hardcore/jungle/acid tracks, a little zanier than your average. The people at Music Mondays always figured they could have been cut a little louder, so that’s exactly what they’ve done here. Remastered across three vinyl with some dinky new artwork.

Tin Man
Acid Acid Acid

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David Bowie
Welcome To The Blackout (Live London ’78)

If you missed out on that oh-so desirable triple vinyl package just recently, then don’t worry, you might find satisfaction with this double CD edition instead. Welcome To The Blackout captures a powerhouse performance by King David Bowie in 1978, a time where his touring catalogue was stuffed full of Berlin era hits. Fabulous vintage live Bowie. 2CD on Parlophone.
Added to site: Friday 22nd June 2018

Dance For Your Life – Rare Finnish Funk & Disco 1976-1986

Lordi. HIM. Apocalyptica. When one thinks of Finnish music, the words ‘funk’ and ‘disco’ are not ones that immediately spring to mind. The people at Svart Records - despite being a label that largely releases prog and metal - are out to change those perceptions. They’ve brought together eighteen choice morsels from the discotheques of 70s and 80s Finland. A lot of the tracks have a charmingly skew-whiff, Gilbert & Sullivan-esque flavour to them.


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Eric's Trip
Forever Again

Eric’s Trip were a Canadian band led by singer/songwriter Julie Doiron. Their initial career lasted six years from 1990-96. They have the auspicious accolade of being the first Canadian band to sign for Sub Pop. Forever Again is the band’s second album and sees them nicely balance melodic hooks with guitar noise. LP on Sub Pop.
Added to site: Thursday 21st June 2018

Shaolin Soul (Episode 1)

Delicious treats right here for serious fans of The Wu-Tang Clan and vintage funky soul alike. The Shaolin Soul series is a collection of some of the many many classic tunes that have been sampled for Wu-Tang Clan albums and related solo productions, generally dating from RZA’s primary production era. Volume 1 features cuts from Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight & The Pips and many more.

The Fires of Ork
The Fires of Ork

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Added to site: Wednesday 20th June 2018

King Crimson

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Eric's Trip
Purple Blue

Purple Blue was the third album by Canadian indie-rockers Eric’s Trip, originally released in 1996. The band, who are named after a Sonic Youth song, are led by Julie Doiron who has since gone on to have a distinguished solo career. The band split in 1996 but have reformed twice since. Their mix of melody and noise struck a chord with many of us hanging around in the ‘90s underground. LP on Sub Pop.


The third album from French psychedelic rockers, Heldon reissued by Bureau B. Here you'll find two discs (CD or vinyl) of long, dark jams, all heavy on the guitar and synth. On the album Heldon ringleader Richard Pinhas is quoted as saying "dark is not negative to me". No dark without light! Upwards, to space!

Wayne Jarrett
Showcase Vol. 1

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Swinging Mademoiselles

This collection, out on limited-edition neon pink vinyl via Silva Screen, features rare tracks from the heyday of France's Yé Yé phenomenon, in which sultry young French women, armed with a dreamy innocence, sang sparkling, swinging Gallic pop. Featuring Petula Clark, Jacqueline Taieb and Katy David, expect vibrant vocals and alluring hits. 

Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook
The Dark Side Of The Moog Vol. 1

The legendary Klaus Schulze and his similarly synth-toting pal Pete Namlook loved their Pink Floyd, like any good psychedelic travellers would, and they carried this inspiration over to their Dark Side Of The Moog series. These ain’t covers though: the material here on Volume One is space-synth ambient music on an epic scale. Double LP release from Music On Vinyl.

Madlib / Various
Untinted: Sources For Madlib's Shades Of Blue

Everyone dug Madlib’s classic rummage through the legendary Blue Note jazz archives from 2003, the smoky-cool Shades Of Blue, in which our hero made sweet funky hip-hop groove instrumentals out of the jazz samples. Now you can cut straight to the source of the samples, without doing any crate-digging of your own. Neat. Double LP reissue.

Evan Parker
Evan Parker With Birds (For Steve Lacy)

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The Cure
Mixed Up (Remastered)

The Cure’s classic 1990 compilation Mixed Up is a round-up of the very finest remixes of their material in existence at that time: well worthy of a reissue now eh? And what a reissue: Mixed Up’s fancier editions include an extra disc of rare, deleted 80’s remixes alongside the original tracklist, plus another extra disc of new remixes by Robert Smith! CD, 2LP and 3CD box editions available.

Andrea Benini
Drumphilia Vol. 1

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Added to site: Tuesday 19th June 2018

Peter Murphy
5 Albums

Peter Murphy kept it nice and productive after the demise of his prime group Bauhaus, recording five solo albums in under decade. This handsome book-bound boxset neatly presents all of those five, from 1986’s Should The World Fail To Fall Apart to 1995’s Cascade. Plus! Rare alternate version bonus tracks for each album. Five CD boxset on Beggars Banquet.

The 4th Movement
The 4th Movement

The recent revival of interest in 1970s Detroit proto-punk trio Death has lead to a re-release for an album the brothers Hackney made under the name The 4th Movement. Originally self-distributed in 1980, The 4th Movement sees the group retain the fuzzed hard-rock sound of Death but narrow their lyrical focus to one thing - our saviour Jesus Christ. This new pressing comes courtesy of Drag City.

Version 2.0

Rejoice! Garbage's second album is getting the re-issue treatment. This classic album that contains hits I don't recognise any, is now available in a £64.99 box set which includes a poster, sticker inserts and a condom. So if you are too nervy buying a sheath from your local chemist then this is the place to get one.  

A Little Fable

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The Third Eye Foundation

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Added to site: Monday 18th June 2018

George Katsaros
George Katsaros: Greek Blues in America, Vol. 1

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Piero Umiliani
Studio Umiliani

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Radio Cramps: The Purple Knif Show

Fans of The Cramps, whether casual or die-hard, would really benefit from listening to this release, which puts a piece of beloved audio out into general circulation. Radio Cramps: The Purple Knif Show is derived from a radio show that yr man Lux Interior had in 1984, and it features loads of the cool obscuro tracks he played along with parts of his commentary! Double LP reissue on the Munster label.

Jackson Sisters
Jackson Sisters

Reissued at last -- the first official reissue in decades -- by the always reliable Mr Bongo, it's the Jackson Sisters with their eponymous and only LP. Now regarded as a classic in the soul and funk genre, Jackson Sisters includes the massive rare groove hit, "I Believe In Miracles". They and the track were sampled many times but perhaps most notably by Public Enemy on their 1990 LP 'Fear Of A Black Planet'. Includes 9 other well crafted slices of funk, soul and pop: plus liner notes from Charles Waring.

Bush Chemists
Light Up Your Spliff

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Rocchi-Godi-Chiarosi are an Italian Library music group whose work is seeing reissue, thanks to the well-informed people of Sonore Music Editions. Pop Paraphrenia… is a wonderful slab of jazz-funk numbers, all with a nice loungey vibe. As well suited to early 1970’s Italian TV shows as to solo listening on your turntable. 500 copies of this 180g vinyl reissue.
  • Vinyl LP (SME 15)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Don't Sleep: Omutibo From Rural Kenya

Mississippi Records are at it again - with a little help from Raw Music International and Olvido Records - and have lovingly collected another set of rare-as-hen’s-teeth tracks. This selection focuses on the Omutibo type of guitar playing that came to prominence among the Luhya people of Kenya around the time that the country gained independence in the early 1960s. The music’s most popular exponent is George Mukabi, and artist who has wowed on several previous Mississippi releases. This LP comes with replete with interviews, photographs and lyrics in English and Luhya.

(The Microcosm): Visionary Music of Continental Europe, 1970-1986

Acting as a sequel to Light in the Attic’s I Am The Center, The Microcosm delves further into experimental new age electronic compositions from the 70s and 80s. Mapping a peaceful yet strange world between prog, psych and ambient electronica. With pieces from Vangelis, Roedelius, Ash Ra Tempel, Popol Vuh, Bernard Xolotl, Robert Julian Horky and Enno Velthuys.

Sun Ra & His Cosmo Discipline Arkestra
A Night In East Berlin

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John Barleycorn Reborn: Dark Britannica

Metal/doom/neofolk connoisseurs Burning World Records have waxed up this 2CD compilation from 2007 for the discerning vinyl heads. Originally curated for Cold Spring by Mark Coyle, the 4LP box set reissue contains a booklet elaborating on the theme and concepts of the project. That is, the grimmer and seedier side of Britain’s folklore, rendered in neofolk by 33 various artists (Sol Invictus, The Owl Service, Clive Powell et al). Step aside, Richard Dawson!

Frank Zappa / The Mothers Of Invention
Burnt Weeny Sandwich

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Added to site: Friday 15th June 2018

Carlos Maria Trindade & Nuno Canavarro
Mr. Wollogallu

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Georges-Edouard Nouel

Sold out - sorry!

Complete Works 1981-1983

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Alice Coltrane
World Galaxy

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Added to site: Thursday 14th June 2018

Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good – The Final Kill

The story is now woven into the annals of rock history - Dave Mustaine gets kicked out of Metallica, forms Megadeth out of spite, blows most of the money that’s meant to go on recording the band’s debut LP on booze and drugs and then turns in a poorly-produced but still tough-as-hell thrash metal LP entitled Killing Is My Business … And Business Is Good. This ‘Final Kill’ version of the 1985 album sees Mark Lewis fix the shaky mixing and also includes 1986/87 live takes, demos and the long-omitted cover of ‘These Boots Were Made For Walkin’’. 

Trip - Flip Οut - Meditation

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Zazou / Bikaye / Cy 1
Noir et Blanc

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Zamrock's most supreme band, Witch (which means We Intend To Cause Havoc) continue to get the reissue treatment from Now-Again with the more overtly experimental 'Kuomboka'. And by experimental, we mean, you know the opposite: slow jams, modest rock, and all the American pop influence in the world. As always, though, there's still a good amount of Zambian tradition and propulsive rhythms. 
  • Vinyl LP (ICE 006R)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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