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Added to site: Thursday 2nd August 2018

Barry Adamson + Pan Sonic + The Hafler Trio
The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion

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Added to site: Wednesday 1st August 2018

The Psychedelic Furs
Talk Talk Talk

Time to get some of those old Psychedelic Furs records out in the world again. Talk Talk Talk, dating from 1981, was a very popular record at the time, and the brash alt-rock sound shows us why: perfectly primed for college radio!
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Music For Smalls Lighthouse

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Roland Kayn

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Simple Elements

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Added to site: Tuesday 31st July 2018

What Another Man Spills

20th anniversary vinyl edition of the album that preceded their all time classic 'Nixon'. 'What Another Man Spills' consists mainly of Kurt Wagner originals but with a handful of covers most notably a couple by FM Cornog of East River Pipe. Now two decades on we get a remastered re-press with liner notes by Mr Wagner himself.  

Right On Time

Unsure about the album art on this one. Is he suggesting that he is the prophet, overlooking the universe from the 1980's before descending down to earth today to save us from the absolute mess we find ourselves in? If that is the case, I welcome him. Right On Time is a 7" release from the aforementioned Prophet and contains two tracks from the original album Right On Time, funnily enough. Released on Stones Throw. 

Alan Vega
Alan Vega

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Martini Ranch
Holy Cow

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The Psychedelic Furs
Pretty In Pink

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Max Richter

Infra is the third of Max Richter’s albums to receive the honour of a release by the extremely legitimate Deutsche Grammophon label. Originally released by Fat Cat in 2010, Infra is an evolution of a ballet accompaniment piece about the 7/7 London bombings, and consequently has a fairly potent emotional core. Plenty to feel here in these spiralling arrangements.

Damien Jurado
Rehearsals for Departure

The 1999 album from Damien Jurado is back back back in the form of vinyl and cassette reissues on Sub Pop. Rehearsals For Departure is Jurado’s second full-length, and rather more (indie) folky than his debut. Each song feels long lived-in and heavy with melancholy, although Jurado’s delicate constructions of guitar, voice, harmonica, and occasionally a fuller band, make the album a compelling experience.

Damien Jurado
Ghost of David

The 2000 album from Damien Jurado is back back back in the form of vinyl and cassette reissues on Sub Pop. Ghost Of David is Jurado’s third full-length, and it finds the man shedding a lot of the indie folky textures of the previous album in favour of some spiky indie guitars. Just as effective at conveying weighty melancholy.

Ugly Casanova
Sharpen Your Teeth

Ugly Casanova is a project with a fair deal of unclear mythology surrounding it, although it seems like it is probably just Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse doing some solo oddities. Sharpen Your Teeth, a record of slightly-unhinged songcraft, was first released in 2002, and is now reissued by Sub Pop with several bonus tracks.

The Afghan Whigs
Uptown Avondale

Originally released in 1992, Uptown Avondale is a cover album by Afghan Whigs paying tribute to the soul and Motown songs that influenced their rock sound. Containing covers of the Holland/Dozier/Holland classic Come See About Me and Beware by the Rev. Al Green, this is the first time Uptown Avondale has been fully released on vinyl by Sub Pop.

Mark Lanegan
I'll Take Care of You

Of course he long as you can cope with a little alcohol and being woken by the snuffling that is the preserve of the whiskey-soaked. This was Mark Lanegan's fourth solo LP and sees his gravel voice being deployed to grunt a selection of covers from the likes of Tim Hardin, Booker T Jones and Tim Rose. Lanegan makes them his own though so the sound and feel isn't altogether different to one of his albums of originals. 
Added to site: Monday 30th July 2018

Second Direction
Four Corners & Steps Ahead

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Gyedu-Blay Ambolley
Gyedu-Blay Ambolley (Analog Africa Dance Edition No. 9)

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De Fabriek

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Wipers Rarities

This underground Wipers material has only been available through back-alley bootleg channels for the last 25 years, but now these Wipers Rarities are respectable at last, with an official release on the Bang! label. A full 2 LPs of live shows, B-sides, compilation tracks and their super-rare first single. Pow! 1000 copies only.

Otim Alpha
Gulu City Anthems

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Jeff Buckley
Mystery White Boy

Live album from the legendary Jeff Buckley. There are all recordings made between 1995 and 1996 while Buckley was touring his seminal studio album, Grace. Mystery White Boy was compiled by Mary Guibert, Buckley's mother, and first released in 2000. An opportunity to experience Buckley at his creative peak. 
Added to site: Friday 27th July 2018

Pink Floyd
A Foot In The Door (The Best Of Pink Floyd)

A rather strange 'best of' Pink Floyd that veers around their career including all their big hits and classic songs and a few lesser known album tracks as well. This has been long out of print and has now been remastered 2018 style. If you are at all curious as to what the fuss was about then this is a good place to quickly get a grip on their career. 

The Pharcyde

Snarky and extremely wise-cracking Pharcyde, aka the band responsible for all the your mum jokes in the world, made a record after Bizarre Ride II, you just don't know about it (to be honest, maybe you do). It's wisely titled Labcabincalifornia and a certain J Dilla had his hand in producing it, from way back before people knew he was going to splice it all up.      
Added to site: Thursday 26th July 2018

Doris Norton
Personal Computer

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The Vision
Spectral Nomad

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Tohru Aizawa Quartet

This isn’t just vintage Japanese jazz: its private-pressed, collector-baiting Japanese jazz that was once so rare, many doubted that it even really existed. The Tohru Aizawa Quartet were amateurs who only ever made this one album Tachibana, but by god its a remarkable set, bristling with energy and invention. A very welcome reissue here, on CD and double LP, from BBE.
Added to site: Wednesday 25th July 2018

Wild Things - Social End Products Of The World Unite!

The often overlooked, rarely discussed music of the 1960s is finally getting its dues thanks to the Vinyl Revolution™, with LPs by little-known artists such as Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles all getting reissued in recent years. Wild Things - Social End Products Of The World Unite! originally scored a release at the beginning of the 90s through Flying Nun, and now this collection of fuzzy, freaky ditties penned by the natives of 1960s New Zealand is being reissued by Vostok.

Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Dudley Moore Trio
Bedazzled – The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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The Chosen Brothers
March Down Babylon

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Sophisticated Ladies
This Ain't Really Love

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Weird Love

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Come Away With ESG

Discovered at a talent contest, ESG were the group of New York sisters who took soul and funk and stripped everything away so you were left with spindly and skeletal compositions heavy on the bass and minimal guitar. Factory Records saw the power in them and were involved in its initial release with legendary producer Martin Hannett doing some exploratory recordings with the band. The album has passed into legend being an influence on house and hip-hop and being sampled all over the place.   

A Certain Ratio

One of the prime movers in the early Factory movement, A Certain Ratio were known for a lot more than just wearing shorts on stage and for switching remarkably quickly from post-punk to punk-funk. This is their second album which has yet to have the re-issue treatment. Would have fitted in perfectly to the punk funk that everyone loved a few years ago. Well maybe they still do. The album shows some serious Latin, samba and jazz influences yet still manages to retain the sound of rainy Manchester. Wilson must have been horrified but it certainly fits right in with the early 80's funksters such as Pigbag, Liquid Liquid et al. 
Added to site: Tuesday 24th July 2018

Mezcal Head

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The Ethiopians
Woman Capture Man

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Added to site: Monday 23rd July 2018

Dead Kennedys
Nazi Punks Fuck Off

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The Butterfield Blues Band

Paul Butterfield put the blues into blues harp. In the ‘60s, if you wanted harmonica-led blues music, then you listened to The Butterfield Blues Band. The US combo first made their mark in 1963, but it was their 1966 LP East-West that really caught people’s ears. The band featured guitarist Mike Bloomfield, who has also played with some singer/songwriter called Bob Dylan. Jerome Arnold played bass - his blues credentials stand up to some scrutiny having also played with Howlin’ Wolf as do the credentials for drummer Billy Davenport who can claim to have played with Willie Dixon, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters and Otis Rush. 180g LP on Music On Vinyl.

Not Good For Your Health: Punk Nuggets 1972-1984

Punk is a loose term for what we have here. While Not Good For Your Health: Punk Nuggets 1972-1984 contains several of the scene’s defining anthems - ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’, ‘Blank Generation’ and suchlike - there is as much ‘post-’ and ‘proto-’ as there is ‘punk’ on display. Entries from The Gun Club, Joy Division, Patti Smith, Television and more give Rhino’s twenty-three-track compilation a pleasing sense of variety. The quality of the content is, of course, beyond dispute.

The Flaming Lips
Telepathic Surgery

The Flaming Lips were building up a head of steam at the end of the 1980’s, but the band’s mainstream breakthrough was still a good few years off. As such, the LPs from this period see the Lips indulging both their love of classic rock acts like Pink Floyd and the experimental tendencies they inherited from … Pink Floyd. Case in point: 1989’s Telepathic Surgery, a record that has a fair heft of Pink Floyd to it. Proggy freakouts, sound collages, songs called ‘Hari-Krishna Stomp Wagon (Fuck Led Zeppelin)’, that sort of thing.

The Flaming Lips
Oh My Gawd!!!...The Flaming Lips

Oh My Gawd!!! indeed. 1987’s … The Flaming Lips is Wayne Coyne et al’s sophomore LP. Still half a decade off from their mainstream breakthrough ‘She Don’t Use Jelly’, the band let their classic rock fetishism run rampant on this record. Heavily indebted to The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath, the trio’s youthful exuberance comes through on the likes of opening cut ‘Everything’s Explodin’’. Now reissued with full(y horrendous) original artwork.

Richard Hell & The Voidoids
Blank Generation

Give ‘em Hell, Richard! Like it’s spiritual ancestor The Velvet Underground’s The Velvet Underground & Nico, Blank Generation is one of those LPs whose influence in the world of popular culture cannot be overstated. Along with backing group The Voidoids, the former Television man laid down a marker for all other punk bands when he dropped his Blank Generation in 1977. Without this you’d have had no Sex Pistols and no Clash. Hell & The Voidoid's debut is reissued by Rhino.

The Psychedelic Furs
Midnight To Midnight

Midnight To Midnight was the fifth album by The Psychedelic Furs and was originally released in 1986. The band were getting more attention around this time due to a re-recorded version of their song Pretty In Pink being used in the film of the same name. Midnight To Midnight includes their biggest stateside hit, Heartbreak Beat.

The Psychedelic Furs
The Psychedelic Furs

The Psychedelic Furs might not have done anything new for a while, but their old stuff sure as hell still stands up. With Sony Legacy reissuing all of the London band’s seven studio LPs, now would be a good time to reconnect with one of the foremost post-punk groups of the 1980’s. Their eponymous debut LP, veering as it does between doomy Joy Division-ism, The Birthday Party-style skronk-punk and The Fall-esque stomps, acts as a neat encapsulation of the sound of the country in the first year of Margaret Thatcher’s leadership.

Sister Audrey
English Girl

Originally released in 1982, Sister Audrey’s ‘English Girl’ resurfaces on Ariwa (Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Johnny Clarke). With its mournful dub-reggae groove and lyrics about resettlement and needing new residence papers, this is a timely reissue given the Windrush Scandal currently engulfing the government. Comes backed with tough dub by Mad Professor.

Pascal Comelade

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Added to site: Saturday 21st July 2018

Cosmic Invention
Help Your Satori Mind

Masaki Batoh was more than a decade deep into his time with Ghost when he formed Cosmic Invention. Intended as a fun and carefree endeavour to contrast with the intensity of his commitments with Ghost, Batoh and his group made one LP, 1997’s Help Your Satori Mind. More than twenty years on and Drag City are issuing the album on wax for the first time. It’s a nice hybrid of classic psych- and hard-rock styles - the guitar parts on ‘Blue Link Sky Was Falling’ are particularly lovely. This re-release also marks the first time that ‘Long Jamming’ has appeared on the record.


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Added to site: Friday 20th July 2018


At the time of writing (5th April 2018), Poppycock - the third studio LP from 80s art-punks Blurt - is ranked as the 831st-best album for 1986 by Rate Your Music. Initially that doesn’t sound very impressive, but consider 1) how many records were released that year, and 2) those lists tend to be skewed by people who actually think that Peter Gabriel’s So deserves a place in the top 20 and the odds start to look more favourable for Blurt. Anyway, Poppycock is a funny old thing, a zany saxophone-led affair that recalls The Birthday Party and James Chance & The Contortions as well as paving the way for the wtf-fest that was Mr. Bungle. Now remastered and reissued by Klanggalerie.


The first thing to say about this is that it’s not by the grime legend Kano. In fact, Runes is about as far away from ‘P’s And Q’s’ as it’s possible to get. Originally released in 1986 under the names of both Kano and Don Campbell - again, nothing to do with the Lover’s Rock singer - Runes is a spare, haunting record that teeters on the border between New Age music and ritual/dark ambient. Re-released by Subliminal Sounds.

Kon & Amir present
Off Track Vol. III: Brooklyn

DJ pair Kon & Amir are far too wise about their music specialties: I can scarcely imagine the weight of their record collections. But don’t get jealous! Just sit back and let them spin an array of gorgeous rare cuts for you to enjoy. Volume III of their Off Track mixtape series focuses on Brooklyn NYC, the source of so much groovy musical wonder. Reissued double LP.
Added to site: Thursday 19th July 2018

Nocturnal Projections
Inmates In Images

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David Bowie
Loving The Alien (1983 - 1988)

The '80s was a notoriously hard period for David Bowie. His critical and commercial status waned as fans grew tired of his endless shape-shifting. It seems that not many people were, in fact, Loving The Alien. However, that’s not stopped Parlophone releasing these deluxe box-sets of his mid-80's output.  Loving The Alien (1983-1988) includes unreleased tracks, live takes, remixes, B-sides - in short, the lot. Maybe it's time to reappraise the age of the Glass Spider.

Gillian Welch
Soul Journey

Soul Journey was the fourth album by country/folk singer/songwriter, Gillian Welch. It was produced by her musical partner David Rawlings. Welch said that she wanted to make a happier album, one that would soundtrack a sunny drive somewhere. As for this vinyl release, Welch has said that it’s been a long time coming because they wanted to get it just right. She believes this vinyl version of the album to be the perfect representation.
Added to site: Wednesday 18th July 2018

Derek Bailey

Derek Bailey’s Aida hasn’t had a vinyl reissue for nearly forty years at this point. High time Honest Jon’s did something about that. This new pressing of the pioneering free-jazz guitarist’s 1980 LP comes with two bonus jams culled from BBC sessions recorded at around the same time as the Paris and London shows that make up the bulk of Aida. Bailey’s immense variety and innovation on the acoustic six-string shines through here. One of the best things about this is the musician's commentary that peppers the extra cuts.

The Essex Green
Cannibal Sea

The Essex Green were a part of that much-loved Elephant 6 collective, though this grouping was all gone by the time they released their third album Cannibal Sea in 2006. Positively lovely psychedelic pop to make you happy and the sun come out. Here reissued on vinyl by Merge, with a download code that also adds in three rare cuts in digital format.
  • Vinyl LP (MRG278LPC1)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
Added to site: Tuesday 17th July 2018

Doris Norton
Norton Computer For Peace

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John Bender
Pop Surgery

Pop Surgery was the last album German eccentric John Bender recorded. It was originally released in 1982. He brought together tape experiments, drum machines and analogue sequencers to deconstruct the idea of the pop song - Pop Surgery perhaps containing his best attempts at doing so. Fans of Suicide, Throbbing Gristle circa 20 Jazz Funk Greats and the early strains of Cabaret Voltaire should check this out. Reissue LP on Superior Viaduct.

Orange Goblin
Coup De Grace

Orange Goblin are yr authentic british stoner metal band, as heavy and, well, as stoned as the day is long. Coup de Grace is their 2002 fourth album, and it is such a consummate riff-chugging stoner metal release that John Garcia himself, of the legends Kyuss, even lends a hand on two tracks. Vinyl reissue from Rise Above.

Orange Goblin
Thieving From The House Of God

Orange Goblin are yr authentic british stoner metal band, as heavy and, well, as stoned as the day is long. Thieving From The House Of God arrived in 2004 as the band’s fifth album, and it found them adjusting to a smaller four-piece line-up. Of course, this merely focused the group’s riff-chugging power further. Rise Above reissue.

Orange Goblin
The Big Black

Orange Goblin are yr authentic british stoner metal band, as heavy and, well, as stoned as the day is long. The Big Black was their third album, first released in the year 2000 following production sessions with Billy Anderson. Cosmic weight is all over this release, from the space artwork to track titles like “You’ll never get to the moon in that”. Reissued on Rise Above on three sides of vinyl (the fourth contains an etching).

Mulatu Astatke & His Ethiopian Quintet
Afro-Latin Soul

Mulatu Astatke has long and lovingly been called 'Godfather Of Ethio Jazz' and who are we, your humble servants at Norman to disagree? Strut push on with their careful programme of essential jazz reissues to bring us the first official pressings of Astatke's early classics: Afro-Latin Soul (Vols 1 & 2), recordings made with his Ethiopian Quintet and dating from 1966. His initial experiments hurled Ethiopian culture head-on into African-Latin and normative jazz / R&B modes. Here the package is delivered in fully remastered form with expanded liner notes written by Astatke himself. On LP or CD.

White Light from the Mouth of Infinity

Swans’ seventh studio album, White Light from the Mouth of Infinity, is considered to mark the start of the group’s second stage. Here their uncompromising and abrasive post-punk music became uncompromising and abrasive post-punk music with complex arrangements and diverse instrumentation. This essential release has been remastered for double vinyl LP and also contains a poster and download code.

Keith Hudson
Rasta Communication in Dub

Sometimes, a wink is enough to communicate a thousand words. Sometimes, you can do with a nod. Other times, all you need is a “ya man.” Such is the wisdom spread by the Rasta Communication in Dub, Keith Hudson’s newest thesis on the subtleties of expression in the world of bass and reverb.
Added to site: Monday 16th July 2018

These Eyes
Soca Hustle / Let Me Love

The press release ain’t giving much away about this one. It’s These Eyes with Soca Hustles/Let Me Love on Invisible City Editions. There’s a very fun groove with these. There’s naive and playful instrumentation and its West African influences remind me of Onyeabor and Bebey but with more of a Juju tint. Very fun and this repress comes with new album artwork.   

Dan Curtin
The Silicon Dawn

Dan Curtin’s The Silicon Dawn gets re-issued by Peacefrog. This LP is classic Detroitiness of the highest calibre, combining as it does richly expressive pads with twittering synths and propulsive drum takes. This one originally dropped in 1994, the same year Peacefrog also released some top-level work by Luke Slater and Planetary Assault Systems. In 2013 The Silicon Dawn featured in a Fact Magazine list of the ‘Greatest Techno Albums You’ve Never Heard’.

Tomas Dvorak

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The Caretaker
Patience (After Sebald)

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Science & Technology

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The Shacks
The Shacks

While you may know The Shacks best down to The Shacks opener ‘This Strange Effect’ being used in an iPhone commercial, this young NYC duo have enough about them to suggest they’re more likely to hang around than previous Apple picks like Steriogram. Their self-titled debut record features some fine songwriting pitched somewhere between Ray Davies and Mazzy Star, and singer Shannon Wise has a great husky coo that recalls Jane Birkin. Originally released in 2016, this reissue on Big Crown comes with a couple of bonus tracks.

The Essex Green
The Long Goodbye

Fifteen years after initial release, here comes The Long Goodbye again, reissued in all its glory. This is the second album from The Essex Green, and their sound on it comes pouring through the speakers in waves of lovely joy. Psychedelic pop music just like they used to make it. Reissued by Merge on vinyl with a download code that includes some rare bonus tracks.
Added to site: Thursday 12th July 2018

Eric B. & Rakim
Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em

Originally dropped in 1990, the third LP from Eric B. & Rakim gets the reissue treatment. Though Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em might not have the commercial clout of something like Paid In Full, this album is the connoisseur's EB & R record. Tunes like ‘No Omega’ sees Rakim spitting some of his savviest bars over beats that encompass both the grittiness of the Bomb Squad and A Tribe Called Quest's sharp jazz-hop.
Added to site: Wednesday 11th July 2018

Tim Hecker
Radio Amor

A new opportunity to experience the earlier work of beloved dronester Tim Hecker with this reissue of his 2003 second album Radio Amor. This one is focused and powerful, with perhaps a little less of the mellow counterpoints to the harshness that we find on later Hecker albums. Must hear stuff if you don’t know it already. On Kranky.

Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook
The Dark Side Of The Moog Vol. 4

The Dark Side of the Moog (Vol. 4) is another compilation record from two great electronic composers: Klaus Schulze and Pete Namlook. Apart from looking rather cool on the record sleeve, the music is pretty damn cool, too. Available on a double vinyl LP with an insert, and released on Music on Vinyl.  

Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics
Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop

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Black Man's Pride 2: Righteous Are The Sons And Daughters Of Jah

Soul Jazz Records with yet another compilation of gems from the Studio One archives. The second record in their Black Man’s Pride series once again focuses on the cream of Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd’s roots reggae crop. Righteous Are The Sons And Daughters Of Jah features classics by the likes of Alton Ellis and Jackie Mittoo as well as crucial rarities from Horace Andy and Willie William. The extensive sleeve notes are worth a read too.

Wolf Eyes

American experimentalists Wolf Eyes add a distinctly Detroit twist to electronics, dub and punk. The band are one-of-a-kind but count Suicide and Cabaret Voltaire among their inspirations. Dread has been out of print for the best part of twenty years making it a sought-after lost classic, albeit a bloody weird one. LP and CD on Lower Floor Music.

John Maus
Love Is Real

There is an alternate timeline in which John Maus, rather than Ariel Pink, was the one who collaborated with Madonna.* You only need to listen to Maus’ 2006 LP Love Is Real once to know that it would have been something worth hearing. The academic punk heartthrob is in majestic form here. Psychedelic minimal wave paeans like ‘Rights For Gays’ and ‘The Silent Chorus’ spiral ever-higher. *In this reality Maus divides his time between being a massive pop star and president of the U.S.A.. It’s a great timeline.

The Jesus & Mary Chain
21 Singles

Career spanning compilation from the legendary Scottish band. This was originally released in 2002 which means we can pretend that last album didn't happen. All the classics are here and some in different versions from the album counterparts. We can also remember fondly the time they told us 'I Hate Rock 'n' Roll' only to change their minds pretty quickly and proclaim 'I Love Rock 'n' Roll'.  

Slum Village
The Lost Scrolls 2 (Slum Village Edition)

The billionth posthumous J Dilla release is also a celebration of his early group Slum Village. Their LP Fantastic, Volume 2 was actually released at the turn of the Millennium, but since recording was completed in 1998 this year marks a twentieth anniversary for the record. The Lost Scrolls 2 (Slum Village Edition) presents previously unreleased bootlegs, remixes, solo tracks and demos cut by Dee, Baatin and T3 during the Fantastic sessions. They are all, of course, the crispest of jams from the neo-soul/hip-hop nexus.

Lalo Schifrin
Bullitt (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Added to site: Tuesday 10th July 2018

The Apples In Stereo
Velocity Of Sound

'Velocity of Sound' was where the Apples in Stereo took all their Ramones and power pop influences and went full on buzzpop. The Georgian collective ramped up not only their amps but their songwriting chops too on an album jam packed with fun and fuzzy guitar miniatures. Insanely catchy power-pop that should really be seen as a classic of the genre.   

Robert Cohen-Solal
Les Shadoks

Les Shadoks was an animated French TV show that ran from 1968 till 1974, and its one that has built up a bit of a cult reputation over time. The soundtrack to this scintillating show was put together by Robert Cohen-Solal, a GRM-certified electro-acoustic composer with a playful touch. Whether you are a fan of the show or not, you really ought to hear this fabulously eclectic music. On WRWTFWW Records.

The Districts

Debut full-length album from The Districts, who manage to write and record the whole thing before they even left high school! Nicely done guys. Telephone, from 2012, is an Americana-rock record driven by a rootsy guitar sound and full-bodied vocals that have an impressive amount of character for one so young. 9 tracks pressed to vinyl, with a download code for the full 13 included.

Eric B. & Rakim
Follow The Leader

The classic sophomore LP from Eric B. & Rakim gets a nice double-vinyl reissue. Follow The Leader may not be quite as well known as the duo’s all-conquering debut Paid In Full, but this 1988 follow-up still has plenty to offer. Indeed, there’s a school of thought that says Follow The Leader is the better record. The manner in which Rakim’s bars dance over Eric B.’s endlessly listenable beats remains a joy all these years later. Golden-age boom-bap doesn’t get much better than this.

The Rolling Stones
Their Satanic Majesties Request - 50th Anniversary Edition

Following the hullabaloo about the 50th Anniversary edition of the Beatles 'Sgt Pepper's...' we now get a bespoke four disc re-vamp of their great rivals the Rolling Stones similarly ambitious Their Satanic Majesties Request. This was the album in which they experimented with psychedelia, sound effects and unconventional song structures. Bonkers and groundbreaking. 

Julian Cope
Peggy Suicide

Sold out - sorry!

Bobby Brown
Prayers Of A One Man Band

BBROWN is a label for getting the music of Bobby Brown out into the world. Albums like Prayers Of A One Man Band were self-released by Bobby back in the 80’s and have never seen reissue till now. Bobby’s remarkable music is a rich mixture of synth groove, pop croon and Hawaiian folk, produced on homemade instruments in precisely the way Bobby wanted to make it. Limited edition of 1000 LPs.

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