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Added to site: Wednesday 29th August 2018

The Beautiful South

Once Hull's second biggest employer, the Beautiful South were an incredibly successful collective and the second band to emerge from the brain of Paul Heaton after his earlier the Housemartins. Miaow was their fourth album and contained the usual pop froth with hidden dark and provocative lyrics. So provocative in fact that singer Briana Corrigan left before the album was recorded over lyrical disagreements. 

Siouxsie and The Banshees

This is Siouxsie and the Banshees 10th album and was originally released in 1991. It was produced by Stephen Hague (New Order/Pet Shop Boys) which meant it had his usual array electronic textures and drum programs.  Though this didn't enamour the album to some fans it was still critically respected for it's tender and emotional songs. 

John Beltran
Ten Days Of Blue

Classic '90s ambient-techno album alert! It's a crisp new reissue, a repress of John Beltran's emotively delicate and expansive Ten Days Of Blue. The original LP was issued in 1996; another wonderful record to follow up Beltran's debut 'Earth & Nightfall' and a precursor to the altogether more far-away wistful 'Moving Through Here'. Beltran's work is never to be faulted but Ten Days was exemplary: textured and emotional electronica. Subtle chords, Tangerine Dream-inflected floatiness and Kraftwerkian melodies abound. Double wax on Peacefrog.

Sufjan Stevens
The Avalanche

If Sufjan Stevens lengthy and complex Illinois album isn't enough for you then here comes The Avalanche a collection of outtakes and alternative versions of tracks from the album. Sufjan's throwaways are better than most people's keepers so this is another treasure trove of treats from the pied piper of indie folk. This new edition comes on special coloured vinyl of Avalanche White and Hatchback Orange.   
Added to site: Tuesday 28th August 2018

Total Devo

Total Devo was originally released in 1988 and universally panned by critics. Devo were playing a joke, however, but their mocking of the state of pop music only backfired. As time has passed, it has become a more common belief that Total Devo was just completely misunderstood. Time for reappraisal, then, This is a super-limited multi format release for the album's 30th anniversary offering three colours of vinyl LP (when they’re gone, they’re gone) with poster, postcards and liner notes and a double CD with poster and liner notes on Futurismo.

Skunk Anansie
Paranoid & Sunburnt

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Michael Jackson

If you've not already bought the standard vinyl for 1p at a charity shop at any time over the last twenty years then now is the time to catch to with what Michael Jackson was doing in 1982 on this special picture disc edition. He was, of course, becoming the 'king of pop' with this multi squillion selling opus which remains the best selling record of all time. It's also good, especially the B side which just shows that you don't have to front load albums to be successful. 

Loose Joints
Is It All Over My Face

The thing you really need to know about this Loose Joints single, Is It All Over My Face, is that the man behind it is the one and only Arthur Russell. This is the first time it’s been available to buy as a 7” single. It dates from the early ‘80s when disco had died and dance music was free of its cheesy shackles, leaving true innovators like Russell to do his thing. The Female Vocal mix by Larry Levan has been a huge influence on the Chicago house scene as its DJs have sampled the drums time and again. 7” on Get On Down.

John Cale
Vintage Violence

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Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters
Cloak and Dagger

Classic dub LP alert! Lee 'Scratch' Perry sees his 1973 Jamaican original 'Cloak And Dagger' re-issued as originally intended, all artwork present and correct. Widely considered as hallmark Perry, the LP was recorded at his freshly established Black Ark studio in a very fertile period of creativity. Perry brought his house band, The Upsetters along and became the true master of lo-fi innovation, using a four-track with phasers, delays and anything at his disposal as an instrument. A slice of history arrives from the Get On Down label.

Jack Rose
Luck In The Valley

  • Vinyl LP (THRILL229LPX)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Amon Duul II

Hijack by Amon Duul II is one of their underappreciated classics. They  were famed for such classics of psychedelia and krautrock as 1969's Phallus Dei and 1971's Tanz Der Lemminge. It could be said that they stretched the boundaries of their genre here adding some funky brass, chamber pop strings and samba beats. Ripe for rediscovery! Reissue LP on 8th Records.

Black Vinyl Shoes

Will you look at this thing. Shoes were THE best late 70's power pop act if you ask me. They were lo-fi before lo-fi was a thing, they had dreamy melodies to die for and they were so damn handsome. Black Vinyl Shoes is hands down their best record but now it's even better as it contains 2CDs of extra stuff from their earlier even more homespun records. It's all the pop majesty you will ever need. 

Bernard Parmegiani
Les Soleils de L’île de Pâques / La Brûlure de Mille Soleils (Original Soundtracks)

Apparently this record is for fans of 'explorations of the galaxy and of unexplored territories of the human mind' . . . how grand.  La Brûlure de Mille Soleils (1965) and Les Soleils de l’Île de Pâques (1972) are two previously unheard soundtracks from the acclaimed French composer Bernard Parmegiani. For fans of Pierre Schaeffer, François Bayle and Robert Cohen-Solal. Available on a gatefold double vinyl LP and digipak CD and released on WRWTFWW Records. 

Tim Krog
The Boogeyman (Original 1980 Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Boogeyman was, of course, a spooktacular slasher flick from 1980. And no such film from that time would be complete without a flash electronic soundtrack, which was provided here by Tim Krog. One Way Static have pressed up a new 180g black vinyl edition, in a run of 300 hand-numbered copies with obligatory obi strip. Features exact reproduction of the original chilling artwork plus an insert with in-depth liner notes.

Francis Harris

Francis Harris initially released Minutes Of Sleep in 2014, and it has been out of print for most of the intervening time, so let’s all celebrate this new reissue from the good people over at Scissor and Thread. Leland is a great example of Harris’ aesthetic, with his sound bolstered by Emil Abramyan’s cello, Greg Paulus’ trumpet, and Gry’s vocals. Triple LP vinyl reissue.

Sakata / Laswell / Drake / Cosey

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Added to site: Friday 24th August 2018

Don Cherry
Home Boy, Sister Out

Don Cherry set aside his free jazz, post bop and free improvisation characterised by his '70s period to make a record of afro-funk fusion in Paris, 1985; the result was Home Boy, Sister Out. Paris by the mid-80s was in the midst of its cool swing with jazz, funk and new wave all co-mingling with African, Jamaican and Latin American sounds. Originally a French only release, this newly remastered double LP with a bonus disc of demos, instrumentals and other extras has been reissued by WEWANTSOUNDS, in a deluxe gatefold edition.

Neil Young
Hawks & Doves

No, Hawks & Doves is nothing to do with Cheshire rockers Doves. How could it be, given that, as it was first released in 1980, the members of Doves would have all still have been at primary school? Bet you wish you’d thought that through before opening your mouth and embarrassing yourself… Anyway, this an album by Neil Young, so there’s all that that entails. Nice songs etc.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

This is where it all began. Not Neil Young’s whole career, obviously, but the period of it where Young and his then-label Geffen started their legendary beef. Kicking off with 1981’s Re·ac·tor and lasting for most of the subsequent decade, Geffen were tearing their hair out at the fact that Young kept providing them with records that weren’t essentially Harvest Part 2. While Re·ac·tor is still more Neil Young-y than, say, Trans, the combination of heavy electric guitar and New Wave influences certainly ruffled a few feathers. It’s a great record.

Neil Young
This Note's For You

I know that this is an unfashionable opinion, but this particular Norman Records™ description writer thinks that Neil Young did his best work in the 1980’s. Albums like Trans and Everybody’s Rockin’ are either some of the all-time great musical shitposts, visionary records that simultaneously trailblaze and satirise the retro-maniacal curve of the decade, or both. 1988’s This Note’s For You manages to yoke together Young’s contemporaneous archness with some of his best mid-period songcraft. There’s also plenty of anti-corporate fire here - possibly something to do with the fact that his old label Geffen had just sued him for, in essence, not being Neil Young-y enough.

Alopecia (10 Year Anniversary Edition)

Ah 2008.... when we nodded to the sounds of 'Alopecia', the Brudenell Social Club full to bursting with backpacks. All those guys are dads now so it's time to squirrel away bits of the childcare money on a lavish re-treatment of the album featuring a bonus demos LP and Boards of Canada and Dntel remixes. It's the 'star' record, the 'road' record. But 'Elephant Eyelash' is better. Deal with it.    
Added to site: Thursday 23rd August 2018

Todd Terje

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A Kaleidoscope Of Sounds (Psychedelic & Freakbeat Masterpieces)

A Kaleidoscope Of Sounds (Psychedelic & Freakbeat Masterpieces) is a box set of 7 obscure 7” singles that collectors have been searching and paying ridiculous sums of money for since the ‘60s. The set has been compiled by Phil Smee. It is reckoned that buying the original versions of these singles could set you back the best part of twelve grand! Hmmm….buy this instead. Artists include: Caleb, Fleur De Lys, Kaleidoscope, The Wimple Witch and The Longboatmen.
Added to site: Wednesday 22nd August 2018

Tim Hecker
Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again

'Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again' is the debut album from the widely celebrated ambient musician Tim Hecker. It gave the world their first taste of his unique take on the genre, all atmospheric and noisy with hints of off-kilter sounds and drones bubbling underneath. Cascading waves of distortion and throbbing bass ease into lush, harmonious passages. An excellent first record from the ever-reliable musician.

Give Me My Flowers

Give Me My Flowers is a celebration of Nashboro Records, a label founded by Ernie Young in 1951, to release the most exciting and effusive gospel music coming out of Nashville at the time. Who better then Third Man to compile these tracks then, a label whose output has been heavily informed by the gospel music tradition.

Soundtracks For The Blind

Soundtracks For The Blind was the final Swans album before their break up in 1996 and when the band reformed in 2010 this was the one Michael Gira referred to in order to push the band forward. Already a sprawling varied epic of an album, this reissue has been expanded to include the rare German language EP Die Tür Ist Zu (CD only alas), as well as some lavish packaging treats. 3CD and 4LP editions on Mute.

Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins
All Sorts Of Heroes

Pressed for the first time on vinyl this is a lost experiment by legendary Factory producer Martin Hannett and Invisible Girls Steve Hopkins.  Initially soundtracking a short film which never saw the light of day this is a bass heavy piece of cartoon funk/disco which draws parallels with Hannett's work with ESG. Also we are assured that this IS Martin Hannett this time. Hi Ozit Dandelion. 


Award-winners in their native South Korea, Jambinai’s debut LP Differance now gets its first U.K. vinyl release. The scope of their sound is vast, shifting from Eno-esque etherealities and throbbing drone to harmonica-led rumbles that are pitched somewhere between lights-low Dylan and a drunk-at-the-wheel Augustus Pablo.

Me and My Kites
Is it Real or is it Made?

Second album from Me and My Kites, a flighty collection of songs that breeze past the listener so laden with summer that you could catch hayfever. Is It Real Or Is It Made? was recorded in Norway, and there is, from time to time, an audibly Scandinavian touch to the vocals. LP released by Porcelain Records.

Jóhann Jóhannsson
Englabörn & Variations

Ah this is sad. Johann Johannsson was personally involved with the preparation of this re-issue of his debut album in the weeks before his untimely death.  After consultation with his family it's been decided that the re-issue should go ahead and this works as a lovely tribute to the man. It now comes re-mastered and with a bonus set of re-workings some by Johannsson himself.   
Added to site: Tuesday 21st August 2018

The Seventeenth Century

Would it be daft to say that Let the Snakes Crinkle Their Heads to Death is my favourite Felt album? It probably isn't but it is such a unique and unusual thing that it rises to the top when I think of their best work despite it's meagre contents and throwaway nature. Now retitled The Seventeenth Century, this all instrumental album is now available again as part of Cherry Red's re-issue programme of this fabulous band. 

The Bluetones
Return To The Last Chance Saloon

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Exotic Creatures Of The Deep

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Alabama 3
Hits and Exit Wounds

Come on Norman Records™ customer, sing it! (8) Well, you woke up this morning Got yourself a One Little Indian reissue of Alabama 3’s 2008 compilation Hits and Exit Wounds Your mama always said you'd be the chosen one (8)   There’s all sorts here. The Sopranos’ theme is on it, of course, as are a fair few other choice morsels from down the years. But there are also hidden gems that make Hits and Exit Wounds worth a cop for even a seasoned A3 fan - an Orbital remix of ‘Ska’d For Life’, for instance. Altogether now!

Green River
Come On Down

Green River’s Come On Down is a piece of history, being one of the first ever releases on the noted Grunge Records label. Released in 1985, this record features two of the guys from Mudhoney and two Pearl Jam lads, making it crucial listening for fans of either band, as well as a top slice of early sludgy alternative rock music. Now reissued by the Jackpot label, with a bonus track to boot.
  • Vinyl LP (JPR048LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

King Jammy
Roots Reality and Sleng Teng

The very finest cuts from the career of King Jammy, reggae extraordinaire. Even if Jammy had never done anything other than bequeath the mighty ‘Under Me Sleng Teng’ to the world, he would be worthy of vast admiration. But this compilation shows that he has plenty other killer tracks under his belt. Available with a documentary DVD!

King Tubby
Surrounded By the Dreads At the National Arena

Right in the capital of Jamaica, King Tubby proved his potency by playing a twelve hour set in September 1975. Surrounded by the Dreads at the National Arena is a testament to that night’s power, force and King Tubby’s legendary impact on everything we call dub today. A piece of history to bob your head to.

The Notwist
Messier Objects

Messier Objects by The Notwist is a compilation of music recorded by the band for various theatre productions and radio plays. The music was recorded between the release of their 2008 album, The Devil, You & Me and 2014’s Close To The Glass. It was a period when the band also worked on solo projects. Throughout the 17 tracks on the album, the evolution of the band’s sound can be charted. Available on double vinyl LP with etching screen printed sleeve and CD.
Added to site: Monday 20th August 2018

Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall

This 2013 crusher from Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall comes back around to squash us all over again. Originally issued on Touch and now reissued on Nordwall's own iDEAL Recordings imprint, mastered at EMS, Stockholm and now with new artwork by Philip Marshall. This collaboration had the duo recording back in 2010 in Einstürzende Neubauten’s Berlin studio where they used drums, guitars and electronics to manifest a truly heavyweight, menacing sound that the likes of Emptyset would later go on to pursue.
  • Vinyl Double LP (iDEAL164)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Eric B. & Rakim
Don't Sweat The Technique

On their fourth and final LP, Eric B. & Rakim left the stage with one of their most eloquent and soulful performances. Don’t Sweat The Technique combined the strutting jazzy hip-hop style that the pair had patented from Paid In Full-onwards with impassioned bars that took in everything from the Gulf War to New York City’s crack epidemic. Originally released in 1992, the album now gets a double-LP reissue on Universal.
Added to site: Saturday 18th August 2018

Studio One Freedom Sounds: Studio One In The 1960s

Another month, another fab Studio One compilation on Soul Jazz. This one focuses on the label’s successes in the 1960’s, a period when Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd helmed an operation that was the Jamaican equivalent of Motown. The tunes they were cutting were just as hot as the Motor City label's, too, something evidenced by the A-grade list of artists on Studio One Freedom Sounds. Bob Marley & The Wailers, Alton Ellis, Peter Tosh, Jackie Mittoo, we could go on and on...
Added to site: Friday 17th August 2018

DMX Krew
Nu Romantix

What with the recent electro resurgence currently being spearheaded by labels like Central Processing Unit and Super Rhythm Trax, it seems fitting that DMX Krew’s 1998 LP Nu Romantix should get its dues. This reissue comes courtesy of Permanent Vacation and sees the LP releasedon double-vinyl. Features all the original jams and a bonus instrumental of ‘Come To Me’.

Son House
Father Of Folk Blues

Reissue of the album that introduced Son House to the 1960s. Born in Mississippi in 1902, Son House was one of the most influential blues musicians of the era, in particular the intensity of emotion in both his singing and guitar playing. You may recognise his most famous track 'Death Letter' as The White Stripes covered it on De Stijl. 

Skunk Anansie

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Mind Control

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Added to site: Thursday 16th August 2018

Fad Gadget
Fireside Favourites

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The Devil’s Walk

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Patti Smith
Outside Society

Patti Smith was quite the thing when she appeared in 1975 with 'Horses'. The album Michael Stipe said "tore my limbs off and re-arranged them in a different order". It's hard now to appreciate how different and unique she was at that time of hoary old rockers. Now you can view her entire career through a new lens as this retrospective collects the best bits of her work in chronological order.  

F.J. McMahon
Spirit Of The Golden Juice

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Added to site: Wednesday 15th August 2018

Highs, Lows, and Heavenly Blows

That title is just … wow. Ok. Highs, Lows And Heavenly Blows (hi mum) originally dropped in 1994 and now gets a reissue via Medical Records (Pram, Martin Jenkins). The main protagonist in Spectrum is ex-Spacemen 3 member Sonic Boom, and the influence of that group’s gnarled psychedelic fantasia is very much on display here. These trippy soundscapes meet in the middle of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Orb and Screamadelica-era Primal Scream.


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Creation Rebel
Dub From Creation

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Little Ugly Girls
Little Ugly Girls

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Added to site: Tuesday 14th August 2018

Motohiko Hamase

There’s a resurgence in japanese electronic, jazz and new age music going at the moment. This has shone new light on the underrated bass player, Motohiko Hamase leading to the reissue of his ambient/new age album, Intaglio. Hamase was a reliable session player with acts such as pianist Tsuyoshi Yamamoto and maverick guitarist, Kazumi Watanabe as well as being a member of the Isao Suzuki Sextet playing modern jazz. LP and CD on Studio Mule.

Annette Peacock
I'm The One

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Pere Ubu
Raygun Suitcase

After three albums that flirted with pop for major label, Fontana, Pere Ubu returned to the comfort of an indie label and the darker, more avant-garde sound of their origins for 1995’s Raygun Suitcase. The album received a mixed critical response but was well thought of by Rolling Stone magazine, and they tend to know their stuff. LP and CD on Fire.

Jess Sah Bi & Peter One
Our Garden Needs Its Flowers

An altogether calmer release than we’ve come to expect from Awesome Tapes From Africa here. Jess Sah Bi & Peter One were a duo famous throughout West Africa in the 1980s. Combining the songwriting techniques of their native Ivory Coast with American and British folk styles, they hit upon a great formula for 1985 LP Our Garden Needs Its Flowers. This reissue sees the audio quality restored in order to let these beautiful melodies ring clear as day.

Rick Wakeman
The Burning (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Prog-king and Yes-member Rick Wakeman provided the soundtrack to 1981’s The Burning, a film in the proper slasher-horror tradition. Total cheesy-spooky synthesiser epiphanies from Rick here, the perfect accompaniment to the fun murdering of summer camp children. LP released in a gatefold sleeve by One Way Static,

Live – Meadowbrook, Rochester, Michigan – 12th September 1971

Goddamn: the fully-fledged Funkadelic ensemble captured live in concert in their early days. Live - Meadowbrook, Rochester, Michigan - 12th September 1971 was recorded straight from the soundboard, meaning that this release is the closest you can get to that extraordinarily tight and groovy night. Fiercely psychedelic funk music, released on vinyl for the first time by Tidal Waves Music.

Pere Ubu

Prior to Cloudland being released in 1989, Pere Ubu had been silent for seven years. In the intervening years the band’s only constant member, the ‘out-there’ vocalist David Thomas, had kept his hand in by releasing a solo album. Cloudland was a critical success and contained the single Waiting For Mary which earned them their only Billboard chart placing, which is quite a feat for such an avant-garde bunch. LP and CD on Fire.

Pere Ubu
Worlds In Collision

Following a seven year break, avant-garde Ohio rockers, Pere Ubu signed to major label, Fontana for a three album run. Worlds In Collision was the second of that bunch and was originally released in 1991. For this album, legendary keyboard player Eric Drew Feldman (Captain Beefheart, The Residents) joined the band. LP and CD on Fire.

Juan Hidalgo
Rrose Sélavy

Originally released in 1977, the late Juan Hidalgo’s Rrose Sélavy gets the reissue treatment from Discos Transgénero. The work is a queer examination of the role of language in socially constructing and maintaining gender roles. As a composition, it expresses this with the analogy of a musical language and then gets to work disrupting compositional norms. A lullabyish, disorientatingly unpredictable sequence on the celesta is gradually accompanied by more and more layers of instruments and textures.
Added to site: Monday 13th August 2018


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Attack Of The Grey Lantern (21st Anniversary Remastered Edition)

At last we have a deluxe version of Mansun's 'Attack of the Grey Lantern'. This 21st anniversary remastered edition contains the original album plus on the deluxe edition 5.1 stereo versions, B Sides, radio sessions, photos and Paul Draper adolescent notebook. Features the 'classic' 'Stripper Vicar'.  
Added to site: Friday 10th August 2018

Nursery Cryme

Nursery Crime was the third Genesis album and was originally released in 1971. It was notable for being the first to feature guitarist Steve Hackett and some drummer bloke named Phil Collins. Their inclusion completed what many fans believe to be the classic Genesis line-up. 180g vinyl LP on Virgin/EMI.

Carl Craig
Carl Craig Sessions

Carl Craig is a phenomenal Motor City DJ-producer with an impressive back catalogue; Sessions is a timely reminder. There are early Paperclip People tracks and masterful, classic remixes for Junior Boys, Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom, Rhythm & Sound and Beanfield. A classily danceable collection and a beautiful retrospective on triple LP, re-pressed by those nice peeps at !K7.

Sonic Youth
Experimental Jet Set, Trash & No Star

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Mulatu Astatke & His Ethiopian Quintet
Afro Latin Soul Vol. 2

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Y Dydd Olaf

Welsh groove-pop from Gwenno on Peski. Y Dydd Olaf is an ode to story telling, the preservation of language and the modern sounds of the Welsh underground. The undeniable influence of krautrock giants Neu! and the psychedelic rock sounds of the 60's, are mixed with contemporary poppy grooves and production akin to bands like Yo La Tengo and Wooden Shjips. It's infectious as hell. Out on vinyl LP.
Added to site: Thursday 9th August 2018

Sun Ra

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Added to site: Wednesday 8th August 2018

Global Electronic Network
Time Square

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8-Way Santa

Gnarly 90’s alt-rock / grunge band TAD are, it has been decided, due a reappraisal and reissue campaign. So Sub Pop have stepped up to the mark! 8-Way Santa, produced by Bruce Vig, was released in 1991, prime time for grunge. Both CD and LP editions are rounded out with some bonus tracks, taken from a 7”, an EP and some demos.

Salt Lick

Gnarly 90’s alt-rock / grunge band TAD are, it has been decided, due a reappraisal and reissue campaign. So Sub Pop have stepped up to the mark! The Steve Albini-recorded EP Salt Lick is a big ugly noisy thing, and this reissue of it includes a bundle of bonuses from singles and EPs. Available on CD or on two different kinds of vinyl.

God's Balls

Gnarly 90’s alt-rock / grunge band TAD are, it has been decided, due a reappraisal and reissue campaign. So Sub Pop have stepped up to the mark! God’s Balls is TAD’s debut album, and it seethes with chugging weight. Both CD and LP editions are rounded out with some bonus tracks, some of which haven’t previously been released!

Hot Snakes
Suicide Invoice

Hot Snakes are a kind of post-hardcore all stars band formed by John Reis (Rocket From the Crypt/Drive By Jehu) and Rick Froberg also of Drive By Jehu. They play that kind of tight American avant rock where things are hit very hard and guitars are jagged and unpredictable. Suicide Invoice was their second studio album and comes out again as a re-issue of the entire Hot Snakes back catalogue on Sub Pop.  

Hot Snakes
Automatic Midnight

Released pretty much 20 years ago to the day, Sub Pop presents CD, cassette and special orange-coloured vinyl re-issues of Automatic Midnight, the 2000 debut album from American post-hardcore/garage rock heroes Hot Snakes. The record kicked off a short but hugely celebrated initial career arc before their untimely split in the mid-Noughties. 

Hot Snakes
Audit In Progress

A re-issue on vinyl, CD and cassette on their new label Sub Pop, Audit In Progress would be the last Hot Snakes album until they reformed and released Jericho Sirens some 14 years later. A short, sharp collection of lithe and focussed garage-punk, it displayed the cult San Diego band in all their glory. 

Jose Gonzalez
In Our Nature

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Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook
The Dark Side Of The Moog Vol. 3

This is the third collection of tracks from Klaus Schulze and Pete Namlook entitled, you guessed it, The Dark Side of the Moog (Vol. 3). This one also brings about the composers differing electronic sounds and throws them together to create electronic master pieces. Available on double vinyl LP with an insert, and released on Music on Vinyl. 

Max Richter
The Blue Notebooks (15th Anniversary Edition)

Written in 2003 as a response to the invasion of Iraq, Max Richter’s The Blue Notebooks has become a seminal piece of classical protest music, in part due to its use in films such as Shutter Island and Waltz With Bashir. It’s a stirring work that hovers between electroacoustic music, Neo-Classical composition and electronica. The overall effect is beautiful, angry and sad. Deutsche Grammophon have repackaged the album for its fifteenth anniversary. It now comes with a second disc of bonus tracks, re-arrangements, and remixes from Jlin and Konx-Om-Pax.
Added to site: Tuesday 7th August 2018

Nacreous Clouds

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Bert Jansch
L.A. Turnaround

As a glance at the album title might lead you to guess, L.A. Turnaround was one of the albums that grew out of the time that Scottish folk troubadour Bert Jansch spent in America, adding a certain twist to Jansch’s formerly rather traditional sound. This reissue presents the original 1974 album along with a bonus brace of four additional tracks. CD and LP edition by Earth Recordings.

Carl Weingarten
Living In The Distant Present

Carl Weingarten is a long underrated ambient slide guitarist. Hopefully, this reissue of his 1985 album, Living in The Distant Present, can change that. His music is deeply meditative, and will be comfortingly familiar to fans of new age music. Most impressively, Weingarten manages to find the ambient slide guitar equivalent of shredding. 

The Moldy Peaches
The Moldy Peaches

It’s The Moldy Peaches! The Moldy Peaches was naturally the group’s first and kinda only ‘proper’ album, with all the best of their idiosyncratic anti-folk early work rounded up into a wholesome package. Hilarious and charming and messy, you may well have already fallen in love with Kimya Dawson and Adam Green, or if not, jump right onto this reissue!

The Back Room

If in 2005 you wanted another band that sounded like Interpol then Editors were your go-to people. The British five piece mined the same area of gloom but were possibly even more Joy Division influenced than their American cousins. They had some great songs though and most of them are on this album including the rather great Munich which you'd swear was an outtake from Turn On the Bright lights. Not that that is a problem.  

The End Has A Start

The End Has A Start is the sophomore LP from Joy Division revivalists Editors. After the underground success of 2005’s The Back Room, this is the record on which the Brummie band made a play for the big leagues. They put meat on the bones of their sinewy post-punk style with the anthemic tones of Echo & The Bunnymen and Bloc Party. It worked, too - The End Has A Start hit number 1 in the album chart and produced the top 10 single ‘Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors’. This new edition features a bonus track on the CD.
Added to site: Monday 6th August 2018

Beverly Hills 808303
Dealers & Lies

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Heidy Tamme / Tiit Paulus

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Eric Demarsan
Le Cercle Rouge (Original Soundtrack)

We Release Jazz release - who’d have thought? - some jazz. Well, library jazz at least. This LP showcases old-timey French composer Eric Demarsan’s score for 1970 noir flick Le Cercle Rouge. All the usual tropes are present and correct - vibraphone, massed brass, flutes etc. - and Demarsan’s flavours the music with elements of lounge jazz, big band and hard-boiled detectivism. Stands up well when yanked away from the screen.

Bill Mason
Gettin' Off

One of them there rare soul records here. Bill Mason’s 1972 LP Gettin’ Off has quite the list of credits - the band includes Idris Muhammad and James Brown’s one-time bassist Gordon Edwards, and the record was engineered by Rudy Van Gelder. Mason does well in getting this talented bunch all pulling in the right direction, guiding the group through five soul-funk-jazz period pieces that include a cover of Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’. Now reissued by Tidal Waves.


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Suicida / Apocalipse

No, this isn’t the latest incarnation of (Thee) Oh Sees. In fact, it’s a previous incarnation of Os Mutantes. Three of those who would go on to form OM - Rita Lee and the Baptista brothers - were members of O’Seis. 1966 single Suicida/Apocalipse was the group's only release, but both tracks fizz with energy and spark. Neatly prefaces the tropicalia/psych-rock explosion that OM would spearhead a few years later.

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