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Added to site: Wednesday 19th September 2018

The Housemartins
The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death

It's quite silly to forget about the Housemartins when we recall great '80s indie bands. They were enormously popular at the time outselling all the people who have ended up more lauded. They were kind of like an 80s indie the Monkees. Catchy songs, fun personas but as with everything Paul Heaton has been involved in there were serious messages behind all the seemingly lighter than air pop fun. This is their second and final album from 1987.    

Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment were a teenage band who formed in New York City in 1979. They took their influences from Throbbing Gristle, Brian Eno, Chrome and Cabaret Voltaire. Roadkill was their only album and was self-released. The interesting thing about them is their line-up, however. Supreme Court Justice Peter Swann, professor Peter Zusi, actor Ben Stiller and Kriss Roebling, whose family built the Brooklyn Bridge. LP and CD on Captured Tracks.
Added to site: Tuesday 18th September 2018

The Sisters of Mercy
Greatest Hits Volume One: A Slight Case of Overbombing

Greatest Hits Volume One: A Slight Case Of Overbombing is a compilation of Sisters Of Mercy’s classic material that has now reached classic status in its own right, having been released in 1993. Naturally all the best of the Sisters is represented here, in a fantastic tracklisting that has been unavailable on vinyl for years. 2LP reissue from Rhino.

Takashi Kokubo
A Dream Sails Out To Sea (Get At The Wave)

Sold out - sorry!

Oneness of Juju
African Rhythms

African Rhythms by Oneness of Juju does what it says on the tin to some degree but also delves deep into jazz and funk making mystical Afro-beat that has drawn comparisons to Sun Ra and Alice Coltrane. This is a one time re-pressing of their classic 1975 era opus which comes with a deluxe booklet featuring extensive liner notes.  

Trio Ternura
A Gira / Last Tango In Paris

Sold out - sorry!

Alexandra Streliski

Alexandra Streliski’s album Pianoscope was initially released in 2010, so many neoclassical albums ago, and it is quite right and deserving that it should be introduced to the record buying public again now. Luscious arpeggios and melancholy melodies abound on this set, which is sure to accompany your next session of staring moodily out of a window perfectly. Reissued by Secret City.

City of Daughters

Not satisfied with being a critically acclaimed prolific singer/songwriter Dan Bejar, AKA Destroyer is also a member of Canadian band The New Pornographers along with AC Newman and Neko Case. Destroyer, however is his main focus. City Of Daughters was his second album proper, and is getting the reissue treatment to celebrate its 20th anniversary. City of Daughters marks his first leap forward, introducing more instruments and production techniques to his previous efforts which consisted of voice and acoustic guitar. Opaque red vinyl LP on Merge.


Destroyer AKA Canadian singer/songwriter Dan Bejar used a backing band for the first time on his third album, Thief. At the time of its release in 2000 it was considered his best to date, the sound of an artist hitting his stride, and remains a jewel in his back catalogue to this day. Bejar is also a member of The New Pornographers. Orange vinyl LP on Merge.
Added to site: Monday 17th September 2018

Matando Güeros

Straight out of 1993 is this classic of Mexican grindcore: the debut album of Brujeria. Matando Güeros, which features a photo of a genuine severed head on the cover, is all about narco and border violence, and takes an extremely anti-American position: check out the opening skit, in which a cocky American dude has a very bad time in a drug deal. Reissued on Listenable Records.

Britxotica Goes Wild! Percussive Pop and Crazy Latin

Trunk brings us the latest instalment -- volume 5! Five! -- of the ongoing Britxotica series of compilation LPs. Legendary tastemakers Johnny Trunk and Martin Green cull and round up 16 more obscurities from pre-Beatles Exotica Britain with the emphasis on lively and fun, always. A previously (somewhat shady), forgotten genre of the era it's fair to say. Latin dance, cha-cha flavours and too-excitable-for-loungecore numbers abound; includes a great version of "House Of Bamboo" and plenty of other things of their time -- including a Ted Heath track that introduced classic telly "John Craven's Newsround". My, we are showing our age now.

The Doors
Hello I Love You / Love Street

Apparently this lot shifted some units in their day. First we’re hearing of it. Anyway, 2018 marks a half-century since the release of the Waiting For The Sun, the third LP from The Doors. It went platinum, topped the charts in the U.S.A. and spawned a number 1 single in ‘Hello, I Love You’. To celebrate the anniversary, that hit single is being reissued along with original b-side ‘Love Street’. Both versions here are the mono cuts that were sent to radio stations at the time, and it’s the first time this mix of ‘Love Street’ has been released commercially.

Total Assault

Get ready for a Total Assault! Available as a triple LP box set for the first time -- on red, white and blue vinyl -- are the band MC5's first three studio albums.  Their incendiary debut 'Kick Out The Jams' is presented on red vinyl; 'Back In The USA' is coloured white and 'High Time' on blue vinyl. The sleeves are faithful recreations of the original releases and are housed in a heavyweight protective slipcase with new artwork and previously unavailable photography by Raeanne Rubenstein. Plus, a new essay by Jaan Uhelszki. On Rhino.

Cowboy Junkies
The Caution Horses

Cowboy Junkies. Love it. The Caution Horses was the third studio LP from this Magic Mike-ass band. This album was originally released in 1990, meaning it just missed the being caught up in the slipstream of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ (that song would hit the Billboard top 10 in January of the following year). If Cowboy Junkies had waited a year then this album would probably have shifted millions of units, but of course we can’t know the future. Anyway, The Caution Horses is a fine alt-country record.

Blitzen Trapper
Furr (Deluxe Edition)

Blitzen Trapper’s Furr gets a tenth-anniversary reissue. Over the years, this LP has come to be considered one of the signature Sub Pop releases - quite a feat when you consider the competition. Dropping at a time when The Shins were still accepted as a good band and freak-folk was a thing, this record throws together the sounds of Pavement, Devendra Banhart and Eels for some Portland pleasantness. This deluxe edition features the Record Store Day singles ‘War Is Placebo’, ‘Maybe Baby’ and ‘Booksmart Baby’, some live recordings for KRCW, and seven hitherto-unreleased tracks.

Popera Cosmic
Les Esclaves

Well looky what Finders Keepers have unearthed now: it's only a super-rare classic French psych album! The original 1969 pressing of Popera Cosmic's only LP 'Les Esclaves' (The Slaves) was deleted long ago and fetches silly money regularly enough on-line. Talking of which, it's probably the first record made to now feature in all 3 of Discogs' Rock, Pop and Classical main genre categories. Although that'll need to be fact checked. Anyway, it's a rock-street-theatre-opera, no less and is more than likely ace and at the very least, interesting.
Added to site: Friday 14th September 2018

This Heat
This Heat

Sold out - sorry!

Two Nuns & A Pack Mule

They are still calling themselves that? Ok.  Well this was Steve Albini's second band after Big Black and out of all the words in the English language this is what they chose for a name. This was the only album they made and this re-issue contains 'the 'Budd' EP as a bonus. Contains a song called 'Kim Gordon's Panties'. I do hope he's grown up a bit now.  
Added to site: Thursday 13th September 2018

Robert Pollard
Waved Out

Not only do we have to wade through a new Robert Pollard/Guided By Voices record each week, we now have re-issues to contend with. 'Waved out' was Pollard's second second solo album and came from an era where I was still fairly excited about his output. It's good, if not quite as good as it's predecessor 'Not In My Airport'. The highlight is 'People Are Leaving' where Pollard creates a brilliant double melody by singing over himself. It's worth the admission price alone. 

Oluko Imo
Praise Jah

Sold out - sorry!


Sold out - sorry!

Sam McClellan
Music Of The Five Elements

Sold out - sorry!

Doris Norton
Artificial Intelligence

Sold out - sorry!

Cosmic Sounds

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Added to site: Wednesday 12th September 2018

Monk Higgins
Extra Soul Perception

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Dur-Dur Band
Dur Dur of Somalia - Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh damn! Look, if you’ve never heard Dur-Dur before, then stop what you’re doing and fix that this instance. The Somali group were one of the most famous bands in their home country during the 80’s and early 90’s before a civil war put paid to their career. A recent resurgent interest in their work has led to a great Awesome Tapes From Africa reissue, but not much beyond that. However, now Analog Africa have really gone the extra mile to get some more of the band’s finest work out. We mean that literally - AA boss Samy Ben Redjeb flew to Mogadishu to get these tapes. And we’re so glad he did. Dur-Dur were a mighty band, capable of cooking up a totally unique funk sound, and to now have not one but two more of their LPs (and some bonus tracks!) excavated for re-release is a true pleasure. Honestly, just listen to the thing.

Plush / Liam Hayes
Korp Sole Roller

Liam Hayes initially recorded for Domino under the Plush moniker. Since leaving Domino, however, he has seemingly had difficulty getting records released. Korp Sole Roller, Hayes’ fourth album, treads a similar path to previous releases: echoes of Burt Bacharach and Jimmy Webb in what the uninitiated could assume is a rediscovered ‘70s curio. Suffering a similar fate to his second album, Fed - bad management decisions leading to a lack of press and marketing it was only available on Japanese import. Finally it gets a European release via Be With records, LP limited to 500 copies.

Jean Hoyoux

Sold out - sorry!

The Upsetter

36 years after its original release, The Upsetter is back. On this 1969 classic, Lee “Scratch” Perry and the Upsetters demonstrate their finest reggae skills. The album features songs with Dusty Brown and The Silvertones (then still known as The Muskyteers), ten instrumentals, and tonnes of farfisa organs. Released on 180gr vinyl.

Prince Douglas
Dub Roots

Sold out - sorry!

Love Joys
Reggae Vibes

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Ralph Thomas
Eastern Standard Time

What could be better than a happy mix of flute, baritone, alto and tenor saxophone and percussion? A large coke and a cheeseburger? Maybe. But still, baritone, alto AND tenor saxophones. Eastern Standard Time is the record from Ralph Thomas who is the mastermind behind this coming together of flute, a trio of saxophones and percussion. Available on a reissued vinyl LP (the original was *really* expensive or something) and CD. 

Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground

Numero Group have gone crazy for the big-haired harmonious sisters of the '60s! Their latest extravaganza -- namely 'Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground' -- compiles 56 tracks (on double-CD, 28 on double vinyl) from various girl groups of the halcyon pop era; families, studio receptionists and all. Soaring vocals and raw pop power from: The Four J's, The Vandelettes, The Soulettes, The Para-Monts, plus many, many more!

Bell Witch

Sold out - sorry!

Joanne Forman
Cave Vaults Of The Moon

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Tin Drum

David Sylvian fronted arty-odd-synth-pop-new-wavers Japan originally released their fifth and final album Tin Drum in 1981 through Virgin. This half-speed mastered edition is available as a single LP as per the original, or a 2LP edition cut at 45 RPM for a better noise floor. Includes the singles Ghosts and The Art of Parties, as well as the ever infectious Talking Drum.

Bomb The Bass
Into The Dragon

The current rave revivalism of acts like Etch, Dream Cycle and Special Request jacks just as much steez from records like Bomb The Bass’ Into The Dragon as they do from ‘Voodoo Ray’. This 1988 LP was a top-twenty hit on release, further evidence of the groundswell of support for the sub-genre of hip-house. Across these ten tracks, producer Tim Simenon fuses rave breaks with Bomb Squad-style beats and scratch science to fresh effect.
  • Vinyl LP (MOVLP2172C)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
Added to site: Tuesday 11th September 2018

Poor Boy Rappers
Low Rider Rap

When your original 1982 pressing is going for a grand on Discogs, it may well be time to consider a repress. Thus, for a limited time only, Poor Boy Rapper is no longer only available to Rich Boy Record Collectors. The track itself is a nice, LCR-mixed gem of 1980s narrative rap, with that classic, funky b-boy/girl rhythm.
Added to site: Monday 10th September 2018

Stella Chiweshe
Kasahwa: Early Singles

This is a good one. Stella Chiweshe is well-known in her native Zimbabwe as a master of the mbira (thumb-piano). As the nation spent the 1970’s gearing up for revolution, Chiweshe released a run of mbira recordings that became soundtracks to the Chimurenga. Now Glitterbeat have collected some of her best early singles - none of which have previously seen releases outside of Chiweshe’s home continent - for Kasahwa.

The Beta Band
The Best of The Beta Band: Music

Who doesn’t like The Beta Band? No-one, that’s who. However, despite being universally loved, some of us - Norman Records™ description writers included - aren’t that familiar with the group’s output beyond ubiquitous early-2000s hit ‘Squares’. This also makes it a bit difficult for some of us to say what their music sounds like. Let's go with ... Super Furry Animals ... and ... Beck ... maybe The Avalanches too? Is that right? Either way, The Best Of The Beta Band will help plug the gap for those who’ve always wanted to know more about the Scottish group but have been afraid to ask. Comes backed with a live album.

The Flaming Lips
In A Priest Driven Ambulance

It's sometimes hard to recall when they are rolling round in oversized hamster balls and hanging round with Miley Cyrus that the Flaming Lips were once an incredible band. That's band not sideshow. In a Priest Driven Ambulance was their fourth album originally released in 1990 and features Jonathan Donahue (Mercury Rev) helping Wayne Coyne out with his skewed psychedelic vision.  

Batman Forever (Music From The Motion Picture)

90’s compilation of the soundtrack to the 90’s Batman film Batman Forever, featuring 90’s music. In fact more than half of this tracklist didn’t actually appear in the film, but it's a pretty strong selection so who’s complaining? Features cuts from PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, U2 and The Flaming Lips. Reissue from the Rhino label.

Dr. Alimantado
Kings Bread

Sold out - sorry!

Added to site: Friday 7th September 2018

Rage Against The Machine
The Battle Of Los Angeles

Not too much more to say about this one. The Battle Of Los Angeles, the third studio LP by revolutionary thought’s very own Rage Against The Machine, is one of those rare records that can claim to have been both lavished with critical praise and purchased by millions upon millions of people. Both Time and Rolling Stone named it their album of the year when it was first released in 1999. Now Epic have given it a re-press. This is the one with ‘Guerilla Radio’ on it.

James White and The Blacks
Sax Maniac (Redux)

James Chance, hiding in plain sight here. James White And The Blacks is basically Chance and his Contortions minus keyboard player Adele Bertei. Their fantastically-titled 1982 LP Sax Maniac is another piece of no-wave wackiness from Chance, all ESG basslines and James Brown horn licks. This Redux reissue from Futurismo contains a bonus cut which features Arto Lindsay.


Sold out - sorry!

Steve Reich
The ECM Recordings

Say no more: some of the most classic works of a major contemporary composer on a major contemporary label. This box-set of Steve Reich’s ECM Recordings includes several essential pieces of Reichian minimalism, including Tehillim and Music For 18 Musicians, presented in crucial original recordings from 1978-1982. Plus a hefty booklet of liner notes and an essay.
Added to site: Thursday 6th September 2018

Linkwood / Fudge Fingas / The Complainers

Sold out - sorry!

Steve Marriott
Get Down To It

This long awaited career spanning anthology from the late Small Faces leader Steve Marriott contains three decades worth of rarities, unreleased stuff and live recordings. Compiled by the guy who runs the Small Faces fan club this is a treasure trove of rarities perfect for a Sunday Afternoon etc (oh dear). 

Dead Moon
Trash and Burn

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Added to site: Wednesday 5th September 2018

Raul Lovisoni / Francesco Messina
Prati Bagnati Del Monte Analogo

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The Brian Jonestown Massacre
If I Love You

12” vinyl re-issue of If I Love You?, an EP released by the legendary Brian Jonestown Massacre back in 2001. A seven-track collection, it acted as a bit of a clearing house. The first three tracks on side one are version of songs from Bravery, Repetition & Noise, while the second side houses unused tracks that date right back to the band’s origins in the early Nineties. 

The Clientele
Suburban Light

Sold out - sorry!

Alice Coltrane
Lord Of Lords

Superior Viaduct with a superior record from a superior artist. Alice Coltrane has finally been getting her dues from the reissue game in recent years, and 1972’s Lord Of Lords is another crucial re-pressing. The last record of the trilogy that includes Universal Consciousness and World Galaxy, Coltrane takes charge of a sizeable orchestra here while also contributing piano and harp. Her combination of spiritual jazz, modal and avant-garde techniques and a simple quest for truth in music results in another wonderful record.
Added to site: Tuesday 4th September 2018

Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

This record was made for playin’ and thanks to this reissue, playin’s’ just what it’ll do - anew. Indeed, Nancy Sinatra’s classic tune is here among Abigail Mead’s (that is, Stanley Kubrick’s daughter Vivian Kubrick’s) sparse and intense original compositions. Her pieces accompany all-too-well the film’s vigorous bootcamp, desolate war ruins and poor ol’ Private Pyle’s descent into madness.

Pet Shop Boys

Yes, yes, we know the Pet Shop Boys have been a bit crap for a while now. But when they were good, they were really bloody good. Their fourth LP Behaviour, first released in 1990, is the one that would probably win if you took a straw-poll among hardcore PSB fans as to which was the duo’s best full-length. It’s a gorgeous, wistful sigh of a record. Any album that starts with ‘Being Boring’ is going to be up to something, right? Now remastered and reissued - the CD comes with a second disc of bonus beats.

Alan Howarth
Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

Look, everyone knows that by the time the Halloween franchise got to its fifth instalment The Revenge Of Michael Myers, the whole operation stank. John Carpenter wasn’t involved anymore, and the series had descended into cranking out lowest-common-denominator gore-fests. However, Carpenter’s old pal Alan Howarth was still doing the music, and that means that the soundtrack stands as one of the film’s few redeeming features. Now that score has been released in a nice vinyl package by Death Waltz.

Mike Cooper
Trout Steel

As well as his 'Places I Know' and 'The Machine Gun Co' finally being packaged together as a double LP, the wonderful Mike Cooper's 1970 opus 'Trout Steel' is also back on LP, a slightly countryish take on his singer-songwriter style with plenty of hard-attacked steel guitar wibble as well as glimmering passages of gently simmering avant-folk improvisation.

Each One Teach One

Shuffling, streamlined (after the first two tunes at least) psych ditties from the turn of the century by New York’s Oneida, now reissued by original label Jagjaguwar. Impeccable production and a splendid use of feedback harmonics gave this stuff quite an edge - and has kept it from ageing much and all.

Chilly Gonzales
Solo Piano

Sold out - sorry!

Carole King

Carole King not only made her most successful album with Tapestry but also curated her own greatest hits. The album was only her second solo album after a previous life as songwriter to hire but showed her on top of her game and contains a remarkable number of songs which have since become standards. 

Bob Dylan

Desire was Bob Dylan's second burst of return-to-form creativity in the mid 70's following  the earlier Blood on the Tracks. The record is further song story ruminations from the bard with lengthy, sprawling songs featuring some of the most controversial and personal lyrics of his career.   


Death’s 1994 release pushes further into progressive territory, drafting in Sadus bassist Steve DiGiorgio and members of fusion metallers Cynic. While this direction produced the instrumental Cosmic Sea, the album might be the band’s most accessible, with tracks like Suicide Machine and Together As One among the band’s catchiest (though Kiss cover God of Thunder isn’t strictly essential). There’s plenty of good old-fashioned aggression evident too, making this one of Death’s most satisfying releases.

Spiritual Healing

Each Death album represents a progressive advance in the genre that shared the band’s name. Here Chuck Schuldiner and co. focus on technical and compositional complexity rather than bludgeoning brutality, aided by the liquid leads of Wunderkind James Murphy (no, not the LCD Soundsystem guy). Lyrical content moves on from the grotesqueries of Leprosy to more psychological and social concerns. Back in 1990, it may have seemed a little polite amid newcomers like Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse as well as the burgeoning Swedish scene, but as an absolute cornucopia of quality riffs, it’s aged well.

Celtic Frost
To Mega Therion

The second album by the Swiss legends has been variously filed under thrash, black, death, and doom metal, largely because of its immeasurable influence across those subgenres. Bands as diverse as Darkthrone, Obituary and Anathema would be unimaginable without it.Tom G. Warrior and Martin Ain made a conscious leap forward from their debut Morbid Tales, with complex song structures, varied moods and tempos, and even the occasional bombastic horn part. To Mega Therion is a synergy of idiosyncrasies: an unmistakable guitar tone, snaky semi-tone riffs, verbose lyrics, and of course those trademark death grunts. The album has an intoxicating ancient and occult atmosphere, down to the iconic H.R. Giger artwork. Also, the monolithic Jewel Throne and swords ’n’ sorcery karaoke favourite Circle of the Tyrants will get you headbanging like a maniac. This reissue also includes the contemporaneous Emperor's Return EP. UH!


This veteran Florida institution are sometimes seen as death metal’s answer to AC/DC - reliable purveyors of their simplistic style onstage but somewhat burdened by having perfected their art on their first few albums. The self-tilting of this 2017 release seems pointed, and luckily it’s easily the most worthwhile product to bear their logo since the mid-nineties. Innovation isn’t really in their remit, but it’s hard to argue with the neck-endangering mastery of groove and dynamics on End It Now or Turned To Stone. Crushing, raw and bristling with aggression.
Added to site: Monday 3rd September 2018

Phill Niblock
Niblock For Celli / Celli Plays Niblock

Reissue of an early work from the catalogue of Phill Niblock, originally released in 1984 and up till now not issued again since. Niblock For Celli / Cellie Plays Niblock features the classic Niblock drone method applied to Josephy Celli’s oboe and english horn, though the technology of the era means the two long tracks a little less dense: an interesting contrast with his present works. Reissued by Superior Viaduct.

Bikini Kill
The Singles

Pitchfork said that The Singles by Bikini Kill defined the band. This description writer would like to take that a little further and suggest that it defined the Riot Grrrl sound. The band were fronted by head Riot Grrrl Kathleen Hanna. Features classics such as Rebel Girl and New Radio - the latter being a collaboration with proto Riot Grrrl, Joan Jett. LP and CD on Bikini Kill Records.

The Munsters
The Munsters

Sold out - sorry!

Circuit Funk

Sold out - sorry!

Deep Purple
Made In Japan

Ancient organ-rockers Deep Purple are still churning out live albums, but none can touch that classic Live in Japan sound. At the time of writing we can’t tell you whether this is the 2014 remaster or the original release, but we can tell you the album features classics like Child in Time and Smoke on the Water in unparalleled energy and quality.

Deep Purple
Machine Head

Maybe you’re too lazy to walk to your local thrift store. Maybe you don’t like scratches on your records (who does?), or maybe you don’t want your sleeves to smell like old tobacco smoke. Whatever your problem is, don’t fret: now you can order Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water and 7 other tracks on a fresh piece of vinyl, called Machine Head.

Led Zeppelin
The Song Remains The Same

The Song Remains The Same. So does the album, try as Led Zeppelin might to tell you otherwise. You can’t change history, of course, but you can keep repackaging it and bulking it out with filler. These expensive-ass editions come with all sorts of extra material - booklets, replica artwork, fancy packaging. The vinyl versions run to four LPs, and one of those sides is given over to a near-30-minute version of ‘Dazed And Confused’. Every day we stray further from God.


Nas gave us more than we bargained for on his fourth LP Nastradamus. The record was originally going to be an odds-and-sods collection consisting of stuff that didn’t make the cut for previous album I Am…, but bootlegging problems meant that Nas went back into the studio and cut a few fresh dubs. Mobb Deep and Ginuwine guest, and beats are handled by a wealth of producers including DJ Premier and Timbaland. It sounds like Nas, so we don’t really need to describe it for you. 
Added to site: Friday 31st August 2018

Einstürzende Neubauten

Grundstuck is a rare piece of the big Einsturzende Neubauten puzzle, being initially released only for the benefit of an elite club of close supporters in 2005. Thrillingly, the material here captures the band in a work-in-progress state, so we get a rougher, more direct kind of Neubauten sound. This first time general release includes a DVD with both formats.

Dr. Alimantado
Love Is

Sold out - sorry!

Dr. Alimantado
Born For A Purpose - Sons Of Thunder

Sold out - sorry!

Dr. Alimantado
House of Singles

Sold out - sorry!

Dr. Alimantado
Born For A Purpose

Sold out - sorry!

Love Joys
Lovers Rock

Sold out - sorry!

Dr. Alimantado
In The Mix Part 3

Sold out - sorry!

Terry Riley
Music For The Gift

Sold out - sorry!

Perfect Stranger

Six more tracks released by Music From Memory by the Dutch art-disco singer Richenel. The songs on Perfect Stranger are from Richenel's 1982 cassette only debut album La Diferencia. This is disco in the post-punk vein, all austere and jagged, but very danceable all the same.

Spaced Out

Sold out - sorry!

Movin' On

Sold out - sorry!

Eblen Macari
Musica Para Planetarios

Sold out - sorry!

Unit Moebius
Bunker 007

Sold out - sorry!

The Supreme Jubilees
It'll All Be Over

Sold out - sorry!

Sonic Youth
Murray Street

'Murray Street' is the go to album for a 2000s era Sonic Youth record. Here the alternative rock legends balance their melodic ear with their formless tendencies. Avant-rock staple Jim O'Rourke joined the band as their official fifth member, adding twinkling electronics and sprawling textures to their sound.
Added to site: Thursday 30th August 2018

Screaming Trees
Sweet Oblivion

Screaming Trees were of course the birthplace for whiskey-soaked everywhere man Mark Lanegan but were also vital players in the Seattle grunge scene even if they didn't get the same mainstream success as Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Sweet Oblivion was their most successful album and had its own hit single in Nearly Lost You. Now nicely re-issued to celebrate its 25th anniversary.  

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