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Added to site: Monday 15th October 2018

Neil Landstrumm

Valuable reissue of Neil Landstrumm's killer DBX/Chicago/UK Bleep inspired, jacking EPs for Peacefrog. This triple 12" set includes; 'Index Man EP', 'M Cap EP' and 'Inhabit The Machines' which is worth grabbing for dancefloor slayer 'Blam The Target' alone. Landstrumm was on fire during this early period in which he also released his debut album 'Brown By August'. All this stuff still holds up and will stonecold rock a party. It' no wonder he was often labelled king of the 909 at the time.

Kleenex / LiLiPUT
First Songs

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An Island In The Moon

Reissue of 1990s Italo-ambient minimalist charmer An Island in the Moon by Andreolina, portmanteau-tastic moniker of composers Pier Lugi Andreoni and Silvio Linardi. Besides piano and samples from Riccardo Sinigaglia on a couple of tracks, it’s all just a pair of synths and a Roland S50, resulting in light, fluid, melodic and very expressive works.

Univers Zero
Ceux Du Dehors

Ceux Du Dehors was the third album by Belgian prog band Univers Zero. The album is heavily influenced by American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, whose short story, The Outsider (Ceux Du Dehors translates as Those From Outside) was read by each band member immediately before recording the album. The band’s sound has been likened to a darker version of that produced by classical minimalists Steve Reich and Philip Glass. Limited edition clear/red vinyl LP on Sub Rosa.

The Cult
Pure Cult

The Cult started life as a goth rock band that introduced elements of post punk to their sound. It was all delivered with a Mick Jagger swagger and Jim Morrison-esque mysticism. By their the time of their third album, Electric, they’d mostly left the goth and post punk influences behind in favour of all-out hard rock. Pure Cult contains the bands singles released between 1984 and 1995 - y’know She Sells Sanctuary and the other ones.
Added to site: Saturday 13th October 2018

Studio One: Lovers Rock

The noble tradition of Lovers Rock has been given relatively little attention by Soul Jazz Records during the label’s excellent Studio One reissue series. This compilation of some classic lights-down-low reggae goes some way to righting the balance. We’ve an excellent selection of tunes here - cuts from heavyweight talents such as Marcia Griffiths and Horace Andy sit alongside rare gems like The Invaders’ coveted ‘Sweet Soul Rocking’. Liner notes are provided by Lloyd Bradley.

Womack & Womack
MPB (Missin’ Persons Bureau)

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A La Ping Pong
Extrem Musik A La Ping Pong Phase 1

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Aleister Crowley
Original Wax Recordings

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Amerikan Dread

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The Housemartins
London 0 Hull 4

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Added to site: Wednesday 10th October 2018

MKWAJU ensemble

An unknown classic, KI-Motion is some of the finest percussion work you'll likely hear. Rhythms made meditative and minimalist, the MKWAJU Ensembl explored fertile ground in the world of ambience, influenced by the membership of legendary percussionist Midori Takada. A resonant masterstroke.

A Certain Ratio
Up In Downsville

A Certain Ratio AKA ACR AKA "Joy Division with better clothes" were a Manchester post-punk band who mixed elements of funk, disco and dub into their sound. Up In Downsville was their seventh album and was originally released on Rob’s Records (a label owned by Joy Division manager, Rob Gretton) in 1992. This reissue comes courtesy of Mute and is available on light blue coloured double vinyl LP and CD.

Velvet Crush
In The Presence Of Greatness

I was a bit of a Ric Menck, Paulie Chastain fan boy back in the early 90's. I loved their twee pop bands Choo Choo Train, and the Springfields (amongst others). Velvet Crush was the moment when they stopped messing about in flowerbeds and decided to rock. Therefore my younger self was a bit horrified but if you like Big Star and Teenage Fanclub there's much to enjoy here.    

A Certain Ratio
To Each

To Each captures A Certain Ratio in their post punk roots just before they got a little too interested in jazz and wearing shorts. Here they combines Ian Curtis style vocals with funky dance-pop sensibilities, and proto Happy Mondays guitar sounds. A brilliant blend. Dance and be miserable at the same time.  

A Certain Ratio
Mind Made Up

The final (at the time of writing) LP from A Certain Ratio is set to wax once more as part of Mute’s ongoing ACR reissues series. Though 2008’s Mind Made Up may not carry the same clout as seminal records like The Graveyard And The Ballroom, it still finds the band in rude health despite the members all being well into middle age. Young upstarts like Golden Teacher and !!! owe them a huge debt.

A Certain Ratio

Factory records signing A Certain Ratio have teamed up with Mute for a series of reissues and special releases. Here we have the reissue of their 1986 album Force which is such a defining record in their catalogue of leftfield post punk and disco inspired sound. On LP and CD. CD comes with three extra tracks.

A Certain Ratio
Change The Station

Mute’s reissue train for trailblazing Mancunian art-punks A Certain Ratio rolls on with 1997’s Change The Station. On ACR’s eighth LP, the group marry their trademark punk-funk style and the Madchester/acid influences of their early 90s output with tropes from the ambient scene that was making waves at the time. It makes for a heady listen.

The Cosmic Dead
Inner Sanctum

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Added to site: Tuesday 9th October 2018

Mike Westbrook

1971 jazz concept album from Mike Westbrook, recorded with Kenny Wheeler, John Taylor, Mike Osborne and a big-band. It’s something of a document of London’s scene at that time, with funk and rock vibes licking in at the edges of all that jazz. Your ears deserve Metropolis, presented here in reissue form by Music On Vinyl.

Joe McPhee
Nation Time

Joe McPhee (pictured with sax) is an American jazz musician who in 1970 collated together a bunch of musicians in order to make Nation Time. There were in fact two band, a freer, funkier one and a more standard jazz band. The results were stunning but remained unknown for decades. As re-issues started to appear new generations of fans started feeling McPhee's wild and funky experiments culminating in this vinyl re-issue on Superior Viaduct. 

Koichi Matsukaze Trio + Toshiyuki Daitoku
Earth Mother

In what seems to be a theme of Japanese Jazz Reissues, we’re proud to offer Earth Mother. If you’re not a collector of Far-Eastern jazz vinyl, you have no idea what we mean. Maybe you know the Koichi Matsukaze Trio & Toshiyuki Daitoku from the infamous J-Jazz 1969-1984 compilation. We're here to offer you the chance to become a true aficionado of Japanese jazz. And where better to start than with the legendary Earth Mother? 

Preacherman Plays T.J. Hustler’s Greatest Hits

Tim Jones is one of those oddballs that you can neither imagine nor plan for. Back in the 1980s Jones performed in Las Vegas lounges under the name of Preacherman. He used to bring a wooden puppet on stage with him named T. J. Hustler, and the pair would engage in philosophical back-and-forths between the psychedelic funk numbers that Jones pounded out on a Hammond/Moog Frankensynth. Now Luaka Bop have snapped up some of the rare-as-hen’s-teeth tracks Jones cut at the time for this compilation. These are highly idiosyncratic numbers that wed home-spun dance grooves to the simultaneously focussed and free-form musings of a singular mind. In Preacherman Plays T. J. Hustler’s Greatest Hits, the label may have another Who Is William Onyeabor? situation on their hands.

History of Modern

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David Bowie, Trevor Jones

First time repress  and remastering of the soundtrack to Labyrinth on vinyl, 31 years after the initial release of the film on 1986. Written by David Bowie and Trevor Jones (who has done soundtracks for The Dark Crystal, Cliffhanger, and Dark City). Includes Bowie’s opening title track Underground. Includes download.
Added to site: Monday 8th October 2018

Laura Veirs
Year of Meteors

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Holger Czukay
Der Osten Ist Rot

Holger Czukay, core member of the crucial German experimental group Can, went on to produce a considerable quantity of weird and wonderful pop. Der Osten ist Rot (‘The East is Red’ as indeed it was in those days) is his fourth solo album, dating from 1984, and it is awash with humour, grooves, and all-round subversive life energy. Reissued by the Grönland label.

Holger Czukay
Rome Remains Rome

Holger Czukay, core member of the crucial German experimental group Can, also created weird and wonderful pop / krautrock music of his own. On 1987’s Rome Remains Rome, he has assistance not only from Can drummer Jaki Leibezeit, but also from Public Image Limited etc.’s Jah Wobble, plus a well-dropped sample of Pope John Paul II on one track. Fun stuff! Reissued on Grönland.

Blues Obituary

Groundhog Day: Bill Murray’s opportunity for self-discovery repeated every day. Groundhogs Day: the same British album reissued on one format or another at least once every decade. Happy Groundhogs Day! Someone out there is determined for this band to remain in circulation, and with their prodigiously early take on psychedelic blues, you can hear why. This latest iteration also includes a few extras.

Los Campesinos
We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed

Ah, Los Campesinos!. Early birds of the 2000s NME heartbreak-tweecore indie scene, their success with university freshers up and down the country was all but sealed. 2008’s We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed, albeit a subradar piece knocked out half a year after the previous album, contained many a fan hit of its own, especially the title track.

Shabazz Palaces
Shabazz Palaces

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Talking Drums

Another cracking reissue from Dark Entries here. Talking Drums were a Glaswegian group that knocked about in the ‘80s, releasing two EPs and a full-length record. Courage was first put out in 1982, around the same time groups like Orange Juice were kicking it in Talking Drums’ home city. There’s a fair bit of OJ to these tunes, while the influence of NYC no-wavers like ESG is also apparent. All in all this is a good one for linking Glasgow’s first DIY golden-age with the modern-day endeavours of acts like Golden Teacher and Whilst.

Linval Thompson
Look How Me Sexy

Reissue of Linval Thompson's 1982 album Look How Me Sexy. Thompson is notable for being one of the earliest reggae singers of his generations to produce his own tracks, and mentored the incredibly influential Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes. The album's title track was produced by Lawes, using a riddim that has been used by the likes of Don Carlos, Yellowman and Frankie Paul.

Billy Nightmare
Reality Check

Some ye olde Chicago House fayre here. Billy Nightmare dropped the Reality Check EP in 1996 around the same time that he was also putting stuff out on labels like Trax under the moniker Mystic Bill. The four tunes here are elegant house tunes with earworm basslines. Originally released by the Sounds. imprint, this reissue comes courtesy of Dark Entries.
Added to site: Friday 5th October 2018

Barbara Morgenstern
Enter The Partyzone

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Added to site: Thursday 4th October 2018
Added to site: Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Placebo (Belgian jazz fusion band)

Long before Brian Molko, MTV and all that, there was a Belgian jazz fusion act called Placebo. Led by lowlands jazz legend Marc Moulin, the band released a run of LPs throughout the first half of the 1970s. Here we have their eponymous 1974 album spruced up for reissue by Music On Vinyl. This is one of Placebo's funkiest offerings, full of ripping licks and grooves that suggest the band might have owned a copy of Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters.

Redd Kross
Third Eye

Redd Kross began life as part of the 1970’s Los Angeles South Bay punk scene by brothers Steven and Jeff McDonald who were intermittently joined by a revolving cast of members including Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks) and Ron Reyes (Black Flag). Full of catchy, melodic, thrash punk/power pop gems, their major label debut ‘Third Eye’ has been increasingly hard to come by on vinyl until now.

Placebo (Belgian jazz fusion band)

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The Pioneers
Long Shot

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Alvin Curran
Canti E Vedute Del Giardino Magnetico

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The Clientele
Strange Geometry

Strange Geometry was probably the Clientele's most realised LP  - helped no doubt by the production touches of Louis Philippe. He added strings, horns and a general bit of arrangement class to their compositions which are as autumnal as ever on this, their third album. For the uninitiated think a dusty remake of Love, Nick Drake and the Zombies. They truly should be national treasures. 

James Mason
Rhythm Of Life

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Added to site: Tuesday 2nd October 2018

The Splendour Of Fear

The Splendour Of Fear is Felt's most glacial and otherworldly album. It's six tracks stretch and twist way beyond normal indie song length and as a result structure wise it kind of predates the wandering post rock of the likes of Mogwai. But Felt were full of classical flourishes aided most obviously by ace guitarist Maurice Deebank who now lives in a monastery! 

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley

Mr. Bongo reissue this crucial 1970’s Ghanaian soul record. Gyedu-Blay Ambolley was one of the more significant figures to emerge in West Africa’s post-High-Life explosion. Channelling James Brown through the prism of Afrobeat, jazz and Ghanaian funk-rock, Ambolley’s 1975 LP Simigwa is as righteous as they come. It’s a good job they’ve re-cut this one, too - Simigwa’s rare original copies go for megabucks these days.

Yan Tregger
Ducks & Drakes

1979 French library music from Yan Tregger. Like almost all of its library music brethren, Ducks & Drakes has of course been rare as hen’s teeth on vinyl for countless years, so this readily available BBE reissue is a delightful development. Entirely created by Tregger himself, this is an incredibly groovy disco-funk set that you need to hear.

Yan Tregger

1978 French library music from Yan Tregger. Like almost all of its library music brethren, this album, the first of two originally recorded for Musical Touch Sound, is monstrously rare on vinyl, so its so good to be able to hear this material properly. Weird and wonderful disco music, heavy with spacey vibes and funk grooves. Reissue editions from BBE.

Below The Horizon

Rare DIY sounds from Robert Cox’s Rimarimba project, excavated and reissued by Freedom To Spend. Below The Horizon is 1983 material, originally circulated through private tape-trading circles. Homemade minimalism, made with an amateur’s passion and all the more intriguing and enjoyable for it. Limited LP reissue.

Saâda Bonaire
Saada Bonaire

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France Gall

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John Lennon

The product designers at Universal skipped lunch finishing this one. At the lowest level, this reissue of fairly successful Beatle and fur coat collector John Lennon’s career highlight is a new stereo mix. Clamber up the ladder of deluxe formats and you’ll be met by a daunting barrage of remixes, b-sides, outtakes, hitherto-unheard demos, Blu-Rays with the album in surround-sound versions, documentaries, the Imagine and Gimme Some Truth films remastered… and a poster. AND two postcards that you will never, ever send.
Added to site: Monday 1st October 2018


Nothing like a reissue to build momentum for a long-overdue reunion. In anticipation of their first studio album in 14 years, original riot grrrls L7 are reissuing their self-titled debut. L7 set the stage, back in 1988, for a wave of high-energy girl bands in the 90s and might be considered a punk monument, back out on Epitath.


Love Revisited was a rather odd compilation of tracks from the first four Love albums. The Elektra years if you will. I guess it was originally intended as a starter point for those who hadn't already hooked on to the bands exquisite form of folk rock but given the success of Forever Changes it's rather odd to see only three tracks taken from the now legendary album. Still, it's a good place to start and if you don't trust that they did anything else as good as Forever Changes then this is proof to the contrary. 
  • Vinyl LP (0603497861866)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Art Ensemble Of Chicago
Les Stances à Sophie

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Added to site: Friday 28th September 2018

Dick Dickson
In The Pocket

Dick Dickinson is a Cameroon-born singer. He recorded In The Pocket in Togo in 1986. He used African groove as a starting point, with a view to creating a mid-eighties American funk sound, which was de rigueur at the time. This reissue 12” is the second release for the new Beaumonde label who felt this track deserved to be given a second chance.
  • Vinyl 12" (BM 1702)
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Future Disc

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Added to site: Wednesday 26th September 2018


Interesting bloke, this Sidiku Buari. According to his Wikipedia page, the Ghanaian has been president of the Musicians Union Of Ghana, the vice-president of the International Federation Of Musicians, studied for degrees in both music and interior design and won medals as a sprinter at two All-Africa Games championships. Impressive stuff. As this 1975 LP testifies, he also knows his way around a tune too. Buari is a fine record of Hi-Life disco and Accra Funk. Reissue on the impressive Be With Records.

Sunshine Superman

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Adam's House Cat
Town Burned Down

Any of you cats like Drive-By Truckers? Then this one’s for you. Before forming DBT Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley were in Adam’s House Cat. Formed in 1985, they recorded one album in 1990 that never made it to the pressing plant. Nearly thirty years on and that LP is now seeing the light of day. Town Burned Down isn’t as refined a Southern rock record as the stuff Cooley and Hood would go on to create down the line, but there are still some fine tunes on here that make it worth a listen.

Aretha Franklin
The Atlantic Singles Collection 1967-1970

These double-editions from Atlantic/Rhino showcase some iconic tracks from an iconic performer. All bar one of these 34 singles (25 on the vinyl edition) are drawn from the first six LPs Aretha Franklin cut for Atlantic between 1967 and 1970 (the exception being her version of Elton John’s ‘Border Song’, released as a single in 1970 but found on the 1972 LP Young, Gifted And Black). They include stone-cold classics like ‘Respect’ and ‘Baby I Love You’ as well as barnstorming covers of The Beatles, Sam Cooke and The Band.

The Replacements

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Added to site: Tuesday 25th September 2018

Antilles Méchant Bateau

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The Durutti Column
The Guitar and Other Machines

Massively expanded edition of the sixth album by Factory Records veteran Vini Reilly. Having been gifted electronic equipment by label boss Tony Wilson, Reilly set about devising fresh contexts for his liquid guitar playing. The Stephen Street-produced result was a genuine enrichment of the signature Durutti style that’s full of subtlety and still sounds fresh today. Includes a disc’s worth of related studio recordings and another of contemporary live material.

Keiji Haino
Watashi Dake?

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The Blue Angel Lounge
In Times 2006 - 2010

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The Fratellis
Costello Music

Costello Music was the debut album from Scottish indie rock sensations the Fratellis. It was an immediate critical and commercial smash taking the lad-rock blueprint of the likes of the Libertines and Arctic Monkeys and making a fresh and likeable batch of punk-pop ditties suitable for air punching at the summer festivals. 
Added to site: Monday 24th September 2018

Red House Painters
Songs For A Blue Guitar

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Greg Sage
Straight Ahead

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Technical Space Composer's Crew
Canaxis 5

Back in the early days of Can, Holger Czukay was involved in a some other groups while also playing in the band. One was the Technical Space Composer’s Crew, a project with Rolf Dammers that was inspired by Czukay’s studies with Karlheinz Stockhausen. Originally released in 1969 - the same year as Can’s debut LP Monster Movie - Canaxis 5 sees the duo expand on the concrete techniques of Stockhausen. Strange radio incantations and static interference flit around Czukay’s bass playing on this eerie record.

Jean C. Roche
Birds Of Venezuela

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Holger Czukay

Holger Czukay's classic solo LP Movies from 1979 gets a timely reissue from Grönland and it's a lovely, crisp re-press of the remastered edition the label graced us with two years ago. A future-jazz masterpiece, the record includes the wonderful 'Cool In The Pool' (very welcome!) and the experimental pop-with-synth-workout 'Oh Lord Give Us More Money'. Czukay channels the funk of Chic and the cool of Steely Dan; 'Persian Love' yearns forlornly and the fifteen-minute-plus 'Hollywood Symphony' rollicks along over a rubbery, unstoppable groove.

Chris Bowden
Time Capsule

Originally released in 1996, Time Capsule by Chris Bowden is truly an album that has easily withstood the test of time. Some 22 years later, its influence and legacy are still being heard in the music of a new generation of UK jazzers: Shabaka Hutchings, Yussef Kamaal and Nubya Garcia being but a few. The record was a result of listening to the spiritual and avant-garde sounds of jazz in the late '60s and '70s: Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Don Cherry -- mixed with the modern classical -- Stravinsky, Glass, Reich. High quality music given a high-spec remaster for 2018. On gatefold double LP and slipcase CD on Soul Jazz records.

Thelonious Monk
It's Monk’s Time

Thelonious Monk’s 1964 LP It’s Monk’s Time gets the reissue treatment courtesy of 8th Records. At this time in his career Monk was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. Many scorned his avant style on the keys, but when he turned in a relatively more sedate outing in the form of this record his die-hards railed against the album’s style. In the intervening years opinion has met in the middle, and now It’s Monk’s Time is praised for its deft arrangements.

Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit
Full Circle

Originally dropped in 1982, this meeting of minds now gets a reissue courtesy of Grönland. The minds behind Full Circle would have been quite the super-group at the time of the initial release - Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit were on hiatus from Can, and Jah Wobble had only recently left Public Image Ltd. As one might expect, this is an upstart mixture of Krautrock, dub and groove-punk. Good clean fun.

Poor Boy Rappers
The D.J. Rap

Old-school hip-hop single, back when rap was still straightforward. With a tight electro beat, The D.J. Rap is something of an early shout-out to the West-Coast G-funk, more than a decade prior. Poor Boy Rappers only released 2 singles in their day, each going for around a 1000 quid--until this reissue, of course.

Rage Against The Machine
Evil Empire

The sophomore LP from serial establishment-botherers Rage Against The Machine gets reissued. Given that the title of 1996’s Evil Empire refers to Reaganite slander of the Soviet Union and ‘Bulls On Parade’ deals with violence and wall-building at the U.S.-Mexican border, this feels like a timely re-pressing from Epic Records. This is a Rage record so even if you've not heard it before you can probably guess what it sounds like.
Added to site: Saturday 22nd September 2018

Secret Machines
Ten Silver Drops

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Added to site: Friday 21st September 2018

Rockers From The Land of Reggae

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Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
Thuggin' EP

Re-issue of marvellous 12" initially released ahead of the duo's debut album released back in those hazy days of 2012. Is this good? Of course it its. Its motherfeckin' unbelievable. Madlib's skills are almost unsurpassed in his field, it's as smooth as silk and Gibbs vocals cut in just the right way. This ain't no Snoop snoozeathon. He really worked on these rhymes and the music is smoky exotic brilliance. 

Lonnie Holley
Keeping a Record of It

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Added to site: Thursday 20th September 2018

Tunde Mabadu
Viva Disco

Some ultra-rare boogie Lagos here. Originally issued in 1980 and long lost to the annals of time, Tunde Mabadu’s Viva Disco is Nigerian disco par excellence. The tunes here boast ten-tonne grooves, and the slightly distorted recording only adds to their energy and verve. Anyone with an ear for the likes of Joni Haastrup, Shina Williams, Christy Essien and the like should head over this way. Re-released via Mr Bongo.

David Sylvian & Holger Czukay
Plight & Premonition Flux & Mutability

The man once dubbed the Most Beautiful Man In The World...and David Sylvian collaborated way back in the mid '80s on these two LPs in Can's home place of Koln in bleak midwinter. At the time record companies weren't bothered about such esoteric collaborations so now is a good time to revisit what the pair were up to. These beatless almost airless ambient albums  have now been collected together on a much needed re-issue and remastered for hopefully a more welcoming world.  
Added to site: Wednesday 19th September 2018

This Will Destroy You
This Will Destroy You (10th Anniversary Edition)

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Le Syndicat Electronique
Le Syndicat Electronique

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In This Light And On This Evening

The third album from this highly derivative yet universally popular group. In This Light And On This Evening showed the band start to shake off the Joy Division-on-an-off-day vibe of their first records and start to introduce electronics into their dark sonic stew. Features the 'classic' ‘Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool’. 

The Housemartins
The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death

It's quite silly to forget about the Housemartins when we recall great '80s indie bands. They were enormously popular at the time outselling all the people who have ended up more lauded. They were kind of like an 80s indie the Monkees. Catchy songs, fun personas but as with everything Paul Heaton has been involved in there were serious messages behind all the seemingly lighter than air pop fun. This is their second and final album from 1987.    

Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment were a teenage band who formed in New York City in 1979. They took their influences from Throbbing Gristle, Brian Eno, Chrome and Cabaret Voltaire. Roadkill was their only album and was self-released. The interesting thing about them is their line-up, however. Supreme Court Justice Peter Swann, professor Peter Zusi, actor Ben Stiller and Kriss Roebling, whose family built the Brooklyn Bridge. LP and CD on Captured Tracks.
Added to site: Tuesday 18th September 2018

The Sisters of Mercy
Greatest Hits Volume One: A Slight Case of Overbombing

Greatest Hits Volume One: A Slight Case Of Overbombing is a compilation of Sisters Of Mercy’s classic material that has now reached classic status in its own right, having been released in 1993. Naturally all the best of the Sisters is represented here, in a fantastic tracklisting that has been unavailable on vinyl for years. 2LP reissue from Rhino.

Takashi Kokubo
A Dream Sails Out To Sea (Get At The Wave)

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Oneness of Juju
African Rhythms

African Rhythms by Oneness of Juju does what it says on the tin to some degree but also delves deep into jazz and funk making mystical Afro-beat that has drawn comparisons to Sun Ra and Alice Coltrane. This is a one time re-pressing of their classic 1975 era opus which comes with a deluxe booklet featuring extensive liner notes.  

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