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Added to site: Monday 5th November 2018

The Glands
The Glands

The Glands were an indie rock band from Athens, Georgia who took their influences from classic ‘60s rock and ‘90s bands such as Pavement (listen to opening track 'Livin' Was Easy'). Their self-titled album was the second of two that they would release in their time and was originally released in 2000. Singer and main songwriter, Ross Shapiro sadly died in 2016. LP and CD on New West.

The Glands
Double Thriller

The Glands’ debut album, Double Thriller, was originally released in 1996. The Athens, Georgia band were lead by the late Ross Shapiro. If you’re a fan of ‘90s American indie but have never come across The Glands, you really should check them out…..and what better way with this - it’s first time on vinyl. Also available on CD on New West.

The Glands
Double Coda

The Glands’ main man Ross Shapiro died in 2016. Double Coda collects together 23 songs that he had written and recorded in the 16 years between the band’s second album and his untimely death. It serves a follow-up to their self-titled album from 2000 and a worthy final chapter for a band who burned out rather than faded away. A must for fans of the band who thought there would be no more. LP and CD on New West.
Added to site: Saturday 3rd November 2018

Bruno Spoerri
Rare & Unreleased 1971-1998

The fantastic We Release Whatever The F**K We Want Records (WRWTFWW) continue to shine the light on rare recordings. This time it's the Swiss electronic pioneer, Bruno Spoerri. Through a mix of samples and field recordings, Spoerri's experimentations move from playful to threatening and all within a mysterious electric soundscape.   
Added to site: Friday 2nd November 2018

Massimo Toniutti
Il Museo Selvatico

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Themes For An Imaginary Film

The album’s made by Johnny Jewel and his mate Nat Walker (Desire). It’s three hours long, it’s called Themes For An Imaginary Film and is the debut release of yet another new Jewel venture, Symmetry. The LP edition is pressed on ‘windshield dipped in blood’-coloured vinyl. Themes For An Imaginary Film is targeted at ‘Painters, Writers, Photographers, Designers, Cruisers, Night Walkers, & Dreamers’, and it sounds like a perfect simulacrum of all of Jewel’s other output. We have reached peak-Jewel - this is a thing of retro-fetishist, Italo-wave, hypnagogic, New-Romantic beauty.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Dazzle Ships

It's a great time to be an Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark fan: forty years on from the group’s formation, four of their classic albums are getting reissues. 1983’s Dazzle Ships is a particular winner, as it veered dramatically away from chart-popping synth-pop and into some real tasty experimental territory: musique concrete and shortwave radio samples and the like. Unpopular at the time, but recognised as an underrated gem since then.
Added to site: Thursday 1st November 2018

Thin White Rope
The Ruby Sea

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Thin White Rope
In The Spanish Cave

In The Spanish Cave was the third album by Thin White Rope. The band were a four-piece at this point following the departure of Stephen Tesluk, as always, however, they were led by guitarist and vocalist Guy Kyser. Whilst not having the success of contemporaries such as REM and American Music Club, artistically they were a fairly mighty proposition. LP and CD on Frontier.

Thin White Rope

Californian rock band Thin White Rope took their name from William Burroughs description of semen in his novel, Naked Lunch. Moonhead was their second album and was originally released in 1987. Their mix of rock, blues, country, punk, and psychedelia had critics squeezing them into boxes labelled 'Paisley Underground' and 'Desert Rock'. Whatever you want to call them, they’re good and you should check them out. Remastered LP and CD on Frontier.

Thin White Rope
Exploring The Axis

Thin White Rope were a Californian rock band whose 6 year career, from 1985-1991, saw them being lumped in with the Paisley Underground and Desert Rock movements. They took their influences from a wide range of rock, country, punk and psychedelic bands including Suicide, Roky Erikson, Marty Robbins, Can and The Stooges.  Exploring The Axis was their debut album and was originally released in 1985. Remastered LP and CD on Frontier.


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Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard
Batman Begins: Music From The Motion Picture

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For Against
Shelf Life

Pioneering darkwave/post-punk band, For Against, have been plying their trade on-and-off since 1984. Shelf Life was their 5th album and was originally released in 1997. They take their influences from early 4AD and Factory bands which was odd for a band from midwest USA at the time. Reissue LP and digipak CD on Saint Marie.

Indifferent Dance Centre
Flight & Pursuit

The second release on Outer Reaches is a rare nugget of ‘80s post-punk. Indifferent Dance Centre put out one record, 1981 single Flight & Pursuit, during their time together. Recorded in a church hall in Chichester, the group’s style is an ethereal, tranquillised take on the moody sounds of Joy Division and The Durutti Column. The title track, with its ‘Come As You Are’ bassline and floaty vocals, prefigures the work of the much-missed High Places. A worthy reissue.
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Live in Toronto Canada

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Loren Connors
Blues The 'Dark Paintings' of Mark Rothko

Loren Connors is one of those avant-garde composers’ whose records sell out quickly, and definitively. When their albums make a return, they are no longer avant-garde, but canon. So it should be with Blues the ‘Dark Paintings’ of Mark Rothko, inspired by Rothko, and a timepiece in its own right. 800 copies on 160 gram vinyl.
Added to site: Wednesday 31st October 2018

A New Life, Vol. II

Three years on from Jazzman’s first A New Life compilation and the label comes back with the second entry. As with the first LP, A New Life, Volume II combs the archives of British jazz to present a selection of oddities, rarities and lost gems cut between 1968 and 1988. Regional heavyweights like Gerry McClelland and Billy Jenkins get a look in alongside the likes of The Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra. Extensive liner notes provide useful context.

Musica Per L'Immagine II - Lost Italian Library Music Of The 1970s/80s

Lorenza Bandiera follows up his 2017 compilation of Italian library music. The second volume of Musica Per L’Immagine furthers Bandiera’s case to prove that there is more to Italian incidental music than Ennio Morricone and Giallo. As such the twelve tracks here take in jazz-funk, aquatic piano jazz, kitsch disco and more.

Current 93
HoneySuckle Æons

A 2011 suite of sound-weird from Current 93, now reissued on gold vinyl. The band’s line-up for Honeysuckle Aeons includes regulars Andrew Liles and David Tibet as well as Baby Dee and Armen Ra. The tone is mournful and introspective, and the music incorporates theremin, church organ, oud, kalimba, and much more besides. The 12” comes with a booklet of lyrics and photographs, and is released by Coptic Cat.
Added to site: Tuesday 30th October 2018

Michel Banabila

Two decades since it was first released, Michel Banabila's VoizNoiz is now available on vinyl. This is an incredibly playful album, pitching itself at the more listenable end of plunderphonics. It veers from hip-hop to jungle to jazz while always maintaining a core identity that is as silly as it is practiced.
  • Vinyl Double LP
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Merzbow / Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
A Perfect Pain

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Karlheinz Stockhausen
Adventures In Sound

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...And Justice For All (Remastered)

It seems that with the 4 albums from their second album, Ride The Lightning to their self-titled ‘black’ album, Metallica could do no wrong. ….And Justice For All was the third album in that run and was originally released in 1988. It has now been severely polished and repackaged in a number of enticing ways. Firstly we have the shelf-threatening Deluxe LP Box set which contains the original LP across 2 180g slabs of vinyl, 3 live LPs, 11 CDs and 4 DVDs, book, patches and tour laminate. If that’s just too much for you, there’s a two LP version, a 3CD version, a single CD version and a cassette all available separately.

Charles Mingus
Jazz in Detroit / Strata Concert Gallery / 46 Selden

A real bumper haul from the Charles Mingus vaults here. The widow of late drummer Roy Brooks had these concert tapes in her care for many years. Only now are they seeing the light of day. Recorded during a week-long residency at Detroit's Strata Concert Gallery in 1973, the five shows here are from a short period when Mingus had John Stubblefield in his band on sax duties. The resulting performances, broadcast at the time on WDET FM, see Mingus and his group bossing the joint night after night.


Trespass was the second album by Genesis, originally released in 1970. This album featured the pre-Phil Collins original line-up with Anthony Phillips and John Mayhew in place on guitar and drums respectively. Standout track The Knife is widely regarded as one of the best songs from the band’s early period. Reissue 180g vinyl LP on Virgin/EMI.

Bruce Springsteen
Tunnel Of Love

Tunnel Of Love by Bruce Springsteen was originally released in 1987 and is highly regarded by critics and fans alike. Whilst not credited on the album, members of his regular backing band, The E Street Band, such as Nils Lofgren, Clarence Clemons and Patti Scialfa do play on the album. The Boss did play more than his usual fair share of the tracks alone, however, using drums machines and synths. Contains the hit Brilliant Disguise. Remastered from original analogue tapes, 2LP set on Columbia.
Added to site: Monday 29th October 2018

Lingua Franca-1

Kyoto sextet EP-4 first released this bizarre no-wave mutant funk album, rich with cheese-bass, drawled vocals and fab percussion, in 1983. WRWTFWW Records thinks you should hear it again in 2018 and it’s good advice. The pace tends to be quite slow and groovy, but speeds up a bit on the B side. Style ranges from grinning funk to mild freakout.

Tied & Tickled Trio
Observing Systems

  • Vinyl Double LP (MM039LP)
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Sugar Minott
Sugar Minott at Studio One

Reissue of Soul Jazz’s 2005 Sugar Minott compilation here. Minott’s name alone should be enough to get you going if you have even a passing interest in Jamaican music, but for the cheap seats - the late Minott is a legend of reggae who, among the many other things he achieved in a career that spanned over four decades, was a key player in the early years of both the dancehall and Lovers Rock styles. Sugar Minott At Studio One collates some of the fine tunes he cut for Studio One Records back in the 1970s.

Malka Spigel
Rosh Ballata

Malka Spigen! She was a member of Minimal Compact until they split up in 1988, but in 1993 she made something remarkable: the Rosh Ballata album. This is a set of music that is simultaneously happy-days nineties pop, experimental international trip-hop, and much more besides. Features contributions from Colin Newman and Anton Shammas. Reissued by Swim.

Infinite Sound
Contemporary African-Amerikan Music

Aguirre present a special 1975 suite of explorative free jazz by Roland P. Young’s Infinite Sound outfit. Contemporary African-Amerikan Music is a politically and spiritually conscious record, mixing jazz, avant-garde and African musical influences into a seriously rich and powerful sound. Remastered reissue with liner notes by Julian Cowley.

48 Chairs
70% Paranoid

Described as one of Manchester's best kept secrets, this was an album of the bringing together of free jazz honker Lol Coxhill and synth wannabees Gerry and the Holograms.  Originally made in 1981,  the album bridges electronic jazz and punk jazz with vocals supplied by punk one-timer Fran Kershner. A collision course of DIY and out there jazz that stands the test of time.  

Black Artist Group
In Paris, Aries 1973

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Causa Sui
Free Ride

Free Ride by Causa Sui is a modern psych-rock classic that has been out of print for ten years out of the eleven that it’s been alive. It was the second album by the Danish outfit who feature Jonas Munk, who remastered this for reissue, among their ranks. The album rocks like a lorry full of bricks in a similar way to Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, Mudhoney and Kyuss but also showcases the more contemplative side of psychedelia on the title track.  Double vinyl LP or CD with 20-minute live bonus track on El Paraiso Records.
Added to site: Friday 26th October 2018

The Posies
Amazing Disgrace

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The Kinks
The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society

Now regarded as their finest moment, The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society is now seen as the highlight of the band's long career and certainly the high water moment of the pastoral English phase of their development. Now you can get the album in an enormous box set with 2 LPs, 5 CDs, 3 7"s a book and all kinds of memorabilia. For those with smaller pockets the 2 x CD looks quite tasty with 49 tracks altogether or you can get the standard original LP as it was meant to be heard.  
Added to site: Thursday 25th October 2018

Poem Of The River

For anyone that thinks all the best Felt stuff came in the first part of their career you need to hear Poem of the River. This is a glorious low key album full of glistening guitars and Lawrence's whispered vocals. Six lovely songs including career highlights Stained Glass Windows in the Sky and Dark Red Birds. Utterly essential.  

The Lepore Extrusion

Originally released on a limited run by Brainwashed Recordings in 2006, Thighpaulsandra’s The Lepore Extrusion gets reissued by Klanggalerie.(Konstruktivists, Nurse With Wound). It’s a typically unusual work from the Coil/Julian Cope collaborator, with main affair ‘The Leport Extrusion’ a single piece that shifts between spacey drones and vocal-led concrete ala Karlheinz Stockhausen. This new pressing comes with a bonus track.

Train Above The City

Possibly one of the strangest albums ever made in that Felt leader Lawrence is nowhere to be seen and instead of their usual arty indie-pop you get an album of jazzy instrumentals composed by keyboardist Martin Duffy and drummer Gary Ainge. Musically it bears no resemblance to anything else they've ever done but still fits in with Felt's ethic of being....just a bit different from other indie bands of the era. 

Lena Platonos

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Added to site: Wednesday 24th October 2018

Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol II)

Thank the lord the mooted double Apple Venus album was split into two and therefore the magnificent Apple Venus Vol 1 could stand on it's own two feet. Wasp Star was a more muscular, guitar orientated XTC album but lacks the colour provided by the departed Dave Gregory's guitar playing and arrangements. A good album but always trails slightly in the wake to it's predecessor. 

Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Not sure that you need us to introduce this one to you. The album that broke Aphex Twin to the masses (relatively speaking), Selected Ambient Works 85-92 starts with two genuinely sublime pieces of music, ‘Xtal’ and ‘Tha’, which your collection literally cannot be without. The whole thing is great though, whether for solo listening late at night or for esoteric dancefloors. An absolute classic.

Eugene McDaniels
Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse

Eugene McDaniels’ 1971 classic, Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse is a melting pot of funk, soul and folk played by a swinging jazz band. It’s contents have been oft-plundered by the hip-hop sampling community. The album is dark, and tackles issues such as race, like many artists at the time. Eugene (Gene) McDaniels was previously known for his early ‘60s hit, A Hundred Pounds Of Clay. 180g vinyl LP on Music On Vinyl.

Oneohtrix Point Never

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Ethiopian Modern Instrumentals Hits

Before Bob Geldof and Midge Ure decided that the best way to help Ethiopians facing starvation in 1985 was by inflicting a badly-written, factually incorrect and borderline racist song on the world, Ethiopians were doing some fantastic musical pieces, untouched by European influences. Ethiopian Modern Instrumental Hits is out on vinyl.

Africa Airways Three (The Afro-Psych Excursion 1972 - 1984)

Take a full dose of African psychedelic rock with this heady compilation. Africa Airways Three (The Afro-Psych Excursion 1972 - 1984) features a fine roster of rich grooves, cosmic highlife, fuzz conga and psych swing band music, from artists including Ifang Bondi, Manu Dibango, Sory Bamba. Vinyl release on the Africa Seven label.

Under The Sign Of Hell

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Added to site: Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Orchestra Di Enrico Simonetti
Blue Frog…and Others

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Gabi Delgado and Robert Görl fronted Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (D.A.F.) were an experimental electronic/electro/industrial group active from 1979 until the late 80s, proclaiming they had fulfilled the concept. For fans of Kraftwerk, Laibach etc. this collection houses four albums with a bonus vinyl of remixes (including Boys Noize and Giorgio Moroder) as well as two unreleased tracks, and a load of goodies.

Ngozi Family
Day of Judgement

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Grupo Controle Digital
A Festa E Nossa

Remaster of the only album from sleek Brazilian electronic funk duo Grupo Controle Digital. Sadly, one of the members Gel Valiery, died young, leading to the end of the band. His bandmate, Billy Jaguar, became a priest, but was tracked down by DJ Millos Kaiser in order to secure permission to use their tracks. 

Linval Thompson
Rocking Vibration

Reissue of Linval Thompson’s classic 1978 LP here. Rocking Vibrations is roots reggae par excellence. With Sly & Robbie on rhythm section and King Tubby manning the desk you wouldn’t expect anything less than greatness, would you now? Thompson’s voice sounds wonderful here too, soulful in a manner that nods to Ken Boothe. Essential coppage.

Rock and Roll Part Three

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Apple Boutique
Love Resistance

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Gary Chandler

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Bert Jansch
Just a Simple Soul

Just A Simple Soul is the first career-spanning anthology of master guitarist and folk hero, Bert Jansch. The album has been compiled by super-fan Bernard Butler along with the Bert Jansch estate. For the uninitiated, this collection will give you an insight into the music and talent of a man who was loved by the likes of Johnny Marr and Neil Young. Double LP or Double CD on Sanctuary.

Mary Lou Lord
Got No Shadow

Mary Lou Lord gave the world her debut LP Got No Shadow in 1998, issued via a since defunct sub-label of Sony. Two decades later this remarkable blend of indie-rock and folk gets a wider, remastered release on Fire. A collection of a baker's dozen of songs drawn from sets that Mary Lou performed for weary commuters passing through London and Boston underground stations; both self-penned and made collaboratively with Nick Saloman of The Bevis Frond. A taut, emotive and bittersweet LP with cameos coming from Money Mark , Elliott Smith and Jon Brion. 

Harlem River Drive
Harlem River Drive

Critically unsuccessful and overlooked upon release in 1971, Harlem River Drive’s self-titled debut - also Eddie Palmieri’s first time as a bandleader - nonetheless retains its cult value as a poignant political statement and accomplished musical exercise. Warm, meticulous and highly funky Latin soul, with superb cover art to boot.
Added to site: Friday 19th October 2018

Afro National
African Experimentals (1972-1979)

The reissue-philes at Africa Seven drop a compilation from acclaimed Sierra Leonean group Afro National. Led by Sulay Abu Bakarr, his wife Patricia and former Sabanoh Jazz Group member Ayo Roy Macauley, Afro National’s blend of West African rock styles, jazz and Hi-Life made them big stars in their home country throughout the 1970s. African Experimentals (1972-1979) collates some of the group’s deeper, most dancefloor-friendly cuts.

Small Faces
Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake (50th Anniversary Edition)

They’re back. After fifty long years, they’re back. Those tiny men with the Small Faces. Their 1968 LP ‘Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake doesn’t need an introduction. The Record With The Title That Is Bad sold truckloads on release and topped the charts for over a month. It contains the extremely popular and supremely irritating ‘Lazy Sunday’ and a load of other psych-rock fluff. These 50th anniversary editions have been remastered because that’s what you do nowadays.

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
Behind The Music

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Don Harper
Doctor Who: The Invasion

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Pere Ubu
The Art of Walking

The Art of Walking was Pere Ubu's 1980 album and their fourth full length album. There had been a line up tweak with Red Krayola's Mayo Thompson replacing original guitarist Tom Herman. This resulted in a more deconstructed and abstract album that began a move away from the schizoid garage-rock they had peddled at the beginning of their career. 

Ital Tek
Nebula Dance

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Added to site: Thursday 18th October 2018

Kath Bloom & Loren Connors
Restless Faithful Desperate

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Basa Basa

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Herbert Bodzin
Revival II - The Electronic Tapes 1979-1982

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MJ Lallo
Take Me With You

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Added to site: Wednesday 17th October 2018

Garage Class
Terminal Tokyo

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Move D

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A Journey

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Umit Aksu Orkestrasi
Bermuda Seytan Ucgeni

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Fumio Itabashi

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Terry Callier
The New Folk Sound of Terry Callier

The New Folk Sound of Terry Callier was the debut album by the celebrated guitarist. The album was recorded in one afternoon in 1964, capturing a raw talent in his element. With just voice, guitar and a pair of bass players, Callier infuses jazz and soul with folk to create a unique sound. The album wasn’t released until 1968 as the master tape was temporarily lost. This reissue comes with new liner notes by Jason Woodbury which add a valuable narrative to the album. 50th anniversary 2LP reissue featuring 5 previously unreleased alternate takes.

Alan Howarth
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myres

Unfortunately nothing to do with THE Mike Myers, Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers was the first film in John Carpenter’s Halloween series that saw Alan Howarth composing the music solo. He took to his new-found freedom with gusto, layering every-more campy organs and ghoulish synths over the bones of Carpenter’s ideas. Now the score is reissued with new artwork on Death Waltz.

Peter Howell and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Doctor Who: The Five Doctors

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Cye Wood & Lisa Gerrard
The Trail Of Genghis Khan

Lisa Gerrard (of Dead Can Dance) and Cye Wood collaborated on this music as an accompaniment to the film The Trail Of Genghis Khan, a film about Mongolia seen through the perspective of an Australian man. Strings and voice build up the backbone of this record, creating sparsely beautiful atmospheres. Vinyl release on the splendidly named Infinite Fog label.
  • Vinyl LP (IF-75-LP)
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Silicon Teens
Music For Parties

Ok then, Seemingly Endless Stream Of Reissues, what you got for me today? Another soul-jazz record that no-one bought the first time it came out? Some Cream demos? A set of previously-unreleased takes from The Old Grey Whistle Test? Go on, give me your best shot. Silicon Teens? Never heard of them. Must be rubbish. What’s that you say? They were a fake band manufactured by Mute boss Daniel Miller? He made all the music but got actors, including Francis Tovey aka Fad Gadget, to pretend to be the group in interviews? Music For Parties was the second-ever album released on Mute and kind of sounds like Devo? That’s pretty cool actually. I’ll give you this one, Seemingly Endless Stream Of Reissues. Nice work.


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Die Ersten Tage (The First Days)

Rare Austrian prog-providers Paternoster only ever released one album, but there is more to their story than that! They also made a soundtrack to a ‘hippie sci-fi’ film called Die Ersten Tage in 1971, which was never released on record… Until now! This presentation of the soundtrack additionally adds in demos from their debut album, also incredibly rare. A crucial addition to Paternoster history.
Added to site: Tuesday 16th October 2018

Bheki Mseleku

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Kingdom Come

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Jean Cohen-Solal
Captain Tarthopom

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Derek Bailey & Jamie Muir
Dart Drug

The late Derek Bailey and ex-King Crimson percussionist Jamie Muir get their 1981 collaborative reissued by Honest Jon’s. Dart Drug is a strange record even by the standards of this pair. It’s difficult to identify what kind of … things Muir is hitting at any one point, and Bailey’s six-string quirks are in even fuller effect than usual. Despite (or perhaps because of) their erstwhile impulses, the duo managed to construct an oddly compelling suite of lopsided avant-jazz on this LP.

Jean Cohen-Solal
Flutes Libres

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Neutral Milk Hotel
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

The damn near-mythologised second album from Neutral Milk Hotel. Idiosyncratic stuff from 1998. Whether you’re die-hard for this one or rediscovering, let Jeff Mangum sing to you about semen-stained mountaintops and Jesus Christ between those stellar brass sections. Reissued on Domino on LP or CD.

Motohiko Hamase

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Tangerine Dream
The Pink Years Albums 1970-1973

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