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Added to site: Thursday 6th December 2018

Welcome To Our New Age House

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Added to site: Wednesday 5th December 2018

5% Solution

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MJ Lallo
Star Child

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This Mortal Coil
Filigree and Shadow

Filagree and Shadow was the follow up to the much loved debut It Will End In Tears from shadowy 4AD collective This Mortal Coil. Again leader Ivo Watts-Russell chose a supergroup made out of (mostly) artists on his label but this time there were more self penned compositions, enough to make it into a double album. Like it's more lauded debut exquisite taste was shown in the choice of covers with Tim Buckley, Gene Clark and Wire all getting their songbooks raided. 


You may already be up to your third ear in III, the latest offering by Warszawa rockers Weedpecker. Yet Toronto’s Stickman Records are still keen to remind you that before III came I and II, so here’s a reissue of the latter. This music is exactly what you think music by a band named Weedpecker sounds like.
Added to site: Tuesday 4th December 2018


Royksopp are a electronic music duo out of Norway who scored something of a smash with their debut album Melody AM. Senior was their fourth album from 2010 and saw them make a more introspective record eschewing the vocals that they had dotted about previous releases. It is now back out on vinyl having been out of print for a few years. 

Creation Rebel
Starship Africa

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The Love You Save

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Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers
Down To Kill – Complete Live At The Speakeasy

There he goes, old Johnny Thunders. Jabbing his finger. Thrashing his guitar. Cooking his … never mind. The old reprobate was at his iconoclastic best one night in March 1977 at London’s Speakeasy. With his Heartbreakers in tow the former New York Dolls man sang a few tunes and mercilessly bated his audience. Down To Kill - Live At The Speakeasy became one of the more infamous live LPs in rock history after its initial release in 1982, but some extra recordings from the gig were discovered a few years ago. As such, this new Complete version runs to fifteen tracks as opposed to the original’s ten.

David Axelrod
Earth Rot

Earth Rot was the third album by composer David Axelrod. It was also the final part of his Capitol trilogy which included Songs Of Innocence and Songs Of Experience. It was originally released in 1970 and bemoans the state of the environment in L.A. at the time. This reissue is a 2LP version which adds an instrumental version of the original choral LP, a request Axelrod made before his death in 2017. Limited edition 2LP, includes 28 page booklet on Now-Again.
  • Vinyl Double LP (NA5167LP)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Richard Pinhas
East West

Here we have the fourth solo album by Richard Pinhas of Heldon, notable in part for being his only album released on a major label. That means that Mr. Pinhas had some larger resources at his disposal, and also that he scaled back the track-lengths to pop song levels (though the sounds are all Pinhas baby). Reissued now by Bureau B.

Richard Pinhas

Chronolyse was first released in 1977 (but only in France), as a sideline to Richard Pinhas’ activities in Heldon, the synth-prog experimentalists whose reputation is growing ever stronger. This is an LP of properly exploratory proportions, Moog arpeggios expanding everywhere. White vinyl reissue from Cuneiform.

For Against

US post punk band For Against returned to the fold in 1993 after a five year hiatus with their third album, Aperture. Following in the footsteps of bands signed to Factory and 4AD, it could be argued that their take on darkwave foreshadowed bands such as Interpol. Reissue LP and digipak CD on Saint Marie.

Akiko Yano

WEWANTSOUNDS, they cry! Well now you’ve got them. Happy? Like every third record that has come out in 2018 this album is a reissue of an album that was made in Japan in the 1980s (1981, to be precise). Like all of those reissues, it’s pretty good. Akiko Yano was married to Ryuichi Sakamoto at the time Tadaima came out, meaning that Sakamoto could produce the record and also rope in his Yellow Magic Orchestra buddies Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi to play on this thing. Unsurprisingly the resulting record is full of deftly assembled synth-pop and City-pop tunes. This release is the first time that the record has been available outside of Japan.

Israel Nash Gripka
Live In Holland - Barn Doors Concrete Floors Tour

Remember neo-Americana soul-pourer Israel Nash Gripka’s 2011 live album 2011 Barn Doors Spring Tour, Live in Holland? Yes, that one. We do too, and now most of the songs from it (and apparently one not on it?) have found their way onto a vinyl rerelease courtesy of Must Have Music. If you’re one of those people who must have must-have music in your lives, come on then. No excuses.

Safari Disco Club

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Phillip Werren
Electronic Music

Presumably when Phillip Werren released Electronic Music that phrase hadn't quite become the mostly useless genre name it is now. Between 1967 and 1971 Werren recorded in Poland and Canada on one of the earliest modular Buchla's, creating unsettling and immersive musical experiments. There's also a bit of tape manipulation for good measure. Vital listening for fans of Xenakis, Stockhausen and the rest.

The Beatles
The Beatles (White Album)

The Beatles. Now there's a thing.  The White Album (initially known as just the Beatles) was the blueprint of what became known as 'the classic over indulgent double album that would have made a great single LP'. It was released 50 years ago today and still much of it sounds like Guided By Voices 'August By Cake'. This super duper re-issue isn't just a rehash of the original thing with posh packaging  - it contains the Esher demos  - a 27 track 'unplugged' demo that has only been heard by the most in the know the Beatles fans.   

Manic Street Preachers
This is My Truth Tell Me Yours - 20 Year Collectors Edition

20 years ago the Manic Street Preachers released This is My Truth Tell Me Yours which you can now buy once again on a 20th anniversary special edition. Get not only the original album but a load of demos, live rehearsals and remixes. Don't miss out on the album NME gave 7/10 back in 1998 and features the hit 'If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next' and other songs.     
Added to site: Monday 3rd December 2018

Roter Stern Belgrad
Massa EP

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Redd Kross
Teen Babes From Monsanto

Teen Babes From Montasano was the critically acclaimed second EP by Redd Kross, originally released in 1984. The EP features covers of songs by Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Kiss and The Shangri-Las along with one original composition. Jeff and Steve McDonald were a relatively baby-ish 21 and 17 respectively when they made this EP. LP and CD on Merge.

The Spinanes

26/11/18 was the 25th birthday of The Spinanes’ college rock classic Manos. Merge felt something ought to be done to mark the occasion, so they’re re-releasing the LP. Many groups to subsequently emerge from The Spinanes’ home town of Portland, Oregon owe quite a debt to the band’s melodic post-grunge sound.

Denis Wise
Wize Music

Denis Wise, no, not former Chelsea, Wimbledon, Millwall and reality TV irritant, but the electronic/ambient/ experimental tape pioneer who has worked with Bill Laswell and Gong’s Daevid Allen. Wize Music compiles his work for the first time from his very difficult to find self-pressed LPs to work he contributed to projects with members of the Emerald Web Band. LP on Finders Keepers.

Bentley Rhythm Ace
Bentley Rhythm Ace (21st Anniversary Edition)

Bentley Rhythm Ace were a very popular flash-in-the-pan and were highly rated by the likes of the NME. They released two albums, the first in 1997 and the second in 2000. They were formed by ex-Pop Will Eat Itself bassist Richard March and DJ Michael Stokes. Their eponymous debut was made using cut and paste sampling, analogue equipment and turntables. You can now re-live the hedonistic times of the late ‘90s with this 21st anniversary reissue with two bonus tracks, released through Do Yourself In. Limited to 500 copies.

Redd Kross
Hot Issue

Redd Kross are a Californian punk/power pop band led by brothers Steve and Jeff McDonald. Hot Issue gathers together rarities and other unreleased nuggets from the band’s archive. The songs date from 1980, when they were known as Red Cross, and go as far as 2007. Reissue vinyl LP and CD on Merge.

Holger Czukay
Radio Wave Surfer

Holger Czukay, core member of the perennially loved German experimental group Can, went on to be a productive maker of weird and wonderful pop. Among his solo albums is Radio Wave Surfer, a delightful 1991 release that was all recorded live, in studios and at concerts, with only one stereo mic: none of that Can studio trickery here! Reissued now by Grönland.


Before Swedish-Norwegian free-jazz rockers The Thing, there was Bostonian jazz-fusers Thing. About two decades before. But the name is about where the similarities end, for the latter and present Thing, consisting of seven musicians, specialised in rather funkier Davis- or Weather Report-esque free-jazz. This reissue of their only LP comprises two energetic live sets from 1972.


Manonmars is somewhat of an enigma. The Bristolian rapper unleashes his debut album via Young Echo Records and the label regard him as something quite special. The self-titled album has been produced by OSVMVSM - the ambient/dub duo of Sam Barrett and Amos Childs. Their production matches the rapper's enigmatic persona and treacle-laced tones. 180g vinyl LP on Young Echo Records.

Los Sospechos

Shot in Peru and examining love between a postcard seller and an American tourist which crosses cultures and leads to family strife and woes, the Postales soundtrack is provided by Brooklyn-based Los Sospechos, an afro-latin funk duo made up of members of Daptone’s Menahan Street Band and Budos Band. Vinyl LP from Coalmine.
Added to site: Friday 30th November 2018

Phil Pratt & Friends
The War Is On Dub Style

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Philip Fullwood
Words In Dub

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Annette Brissett

A track from reggae singer Annette Brissett’s excellent 1983 LP Love Power, pulled out onto a 12” single and rounded out with some tantalising dub treats. Betrayed itself is here in an exclusive extended mix, and the three dub tracks (one of ‘Betrayed’ and two of ‘What A Feeling’) are all previously unreleased and joyfully fabulous. Wackie’s 12”.
  • Vinyl 12" (W715)
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Fripp & Eno
No Pussyfooting

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Cocteau Twins
Treasure Hiding: The Fontana Years

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Added to site: Thursday 29th November 2018

On - The Sound Of On Records 1987-1989

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Model 500
Night Drive

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Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem
Vous et Nous

The 1977 collaborative LP between avant-garde luvvies Brigitte Fontaine and Areski Belkacem gets reissued by Kythibong (The Healthy Boy, Deerhoof). There’s an awful lot going on on Vous et Nous. Everything from French medieval music to post-Reich phasing experiments to North African folk styles get a look in here. No wonder Stereolab cite this record as a major influence.

The Strange Idols Pattern and Other Short Stories

Before he hit paydirt producing the Stone Roses, John Leckie worked on one of Felt's best and most realised albums. The Strange Idols Pattern and Other Short Stories is another meanderingly titled album from this band's whose clipped arty indie pop is anything but flabby. Mixing the Velvet Underground with classical flourishes seemed to be the mindset here and it's a wonderful combination. 

The Necessaries
Event Horizon

A total rarity for over 35 years, even many Arthur Russell fans don't know about his involvement in this post punk band. He not only plays keyboard, cello and but contributed half the songs and sung in his unique style.  This is taut and muscular new wave though Russell's contributions sit weirdly at odds with the breezily melodic pop on offer.   

ElpH vs Coil
Worship The Glitch

More Coil!!! If you like the stuff they do on purpose but feel like you're missing out on their accidents, then this is the release for you. ElpH as it turns out is not another artist, but the name they gave to the spirit causing their equipment to glitch. And on Worship the Glitch, they do just that. Harnessing the mistakes to make something spectral.

Kate Bush

Lionheart was the second album by Kate Bush and was originally released in 1978 - the same year of her debut, The Kick Inside. The album was commercially successful but failed to impress the critics much. Now we have it remastered on CD and LP so we can listen with new ears. Contains the hit single 'Wow'.

Thurston Moore
Klangfarbenmelodie.. And The Colorist Strikes Primitiv

Klangfarbenmelodie….And The Colourist Strikes Primitiv by Thurston Moore was originally released in the same year as his Psychic Hearts album. In the Sonic Youth timeline that’s in between Washing Machine and A Thousand Leaves. It’s also in a time before people read Kim Gordon’s Biography…..Anyway, what we have here is a reissue, on vinyl for the first time, of Thurston Moore's vicious noise-rock set recorded with free jazz drummer Tom Surgal. It was originally released by Corpus Hermeticum, a label owned by Bruce Russell from The Dead C. Russell edited the recording for this release and contributes new liner notes. Heavyweight white vinyl on Glass Modern.

Robert Wyatt
Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard

Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard was Robert Wyatt's third solo album and in complete contrast to the previous all self penned Rock Bottom features interpretations of music from other musicians. It is split into two sides Ruth and Richard (naturally) and features some of Wyatt's most playful work. It wasn't particularly well received though and it would be another ten years until Wyatt released another studio album. 

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
Part One

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band formed with very clear goals in mind (just look at that utilitarian descriptive name), and they achieved them, even if they did not achieve fame. Lovely psychedelic music with Pacific breezes and vintage '60s flare. 'Part One' was originally released back in 1967 on Reprise Records and now comes back around so you can get groovy, baby.
Added to site: Wednesday 28th November 2018

This Heat
Made Available

Always ones for a good pun, serial groundbreakers This Heat have compiled their 1977 Maida Vale sessions for John Peel on this Made Available compilation. The eight tracks here may be the group’s earliest public recordings - they were taped fully two years before their self-titled debut LP saw daylight - but the mixture of New Wave, post-punk, music concrete, electroacoustic music and about a million other genres demonstrate that the group were light-years ahead of the competition even at this early stage.

Sun Ra
Singles (The Definitive 45s Collection Vol. 1: 1952-1991)

Definitive collection gets bandied about quite a lot, but this one is undeniably so. Covering the singles from Sun Ra released between 1952 and 1991. All remastered and packaged with rare photos, the original artworks, and session notes track by track. A pretty good way of learning the mysterious and mental ins and outs of the inimitable Sun Ra.

The Black Light (20th Anniversary Edition)

The Black Light by Calexico was originally released 20 years ago so it seems fitting that we now have a 20th anniversary version to savour. It was the band’s second album, but probably the first to get them noticed. Their mix of mariachi brass, flamenco, indie rock and jazz wrapped up in dusty Americana was seamlessly blended to create a sound that is very much their own. Features a guest appearance from Howe Gelb of Giant Sand. Double LP and CD on City Slang.

The Upsetters
Scratch The Upsetter Again

Antarctica Starts Here is a new sub-label of Superior Viaduct that is dedicated to reissuing classic records from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Among their first batch of pressings we have The Upsetters’ 1970 LP Scratch The Upsetter Again. It is, of course, a ten-tonne collection of dub-reggae from Lee Perry and his merry men.

Alice Coltrane
Universal Consciousness

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In And Out Of Fog And Lights

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Added to site: Tuesday 27th November 2018


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Feeling Kréyol
Las Palé

A rare zouk gem gets reissued by Strut here. Originally cut in 1988, Guadeloupian vocal trio Feeling Kréyol achieved modest domestic success with the title track from Las Palé. However, the album didn’t get them anywhere and now stands as their only release. A recent revival in interest in the record - Motor City Drum Ensemble and Invisible City are among those to have championed Las Palé - has eventually led to the album being given this new lease of life.

Richard Ashcroft
Alone With Everybody

Richard Ashcroft, as you probably know, was the lead singer with The Verve. Alone With Everybody was his debut solo album, and moved Ashcroft even further away from The Verve’s early shoegazing sound. It was very popular with people who like this kind of thing upon its release in 2000. Chris Martin of Coldplay has apparently hailed Ashcroft as the greatest singer in the world. 180g vinyl repress on EMI.

Miles Davis
Birth of the Cool

What's left to say about Miles Davis? Birth of The Cool was originally released in 1957 and it brings together some of Davis's coolest from 1949-50. Most of the tracks were originally released on 10", 78RPM - those were the days! It's a comprehensive look at Cool Jazz and some of Davis's finest - a cool place to birth a Davis obsession or to just keep on bopping.  

The Dø
Both Ways Open Jaws

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The Dø
A Mouthful

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The Dø
Shake, Shook, Shaken

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The Dø
Both Ways Open Jaw

The second album by The Do was Both Ways Open Jaws. Coming between their debut, A Mouthful and third platter, Shake Shook Shaken, it's very much their middle child. It originally came out in 2011 but is being reissued on vinyl for your pleasure. The boy/girl duo play electro indie pop and come to you via Finland and France which no doubt informs their music somehow. 2LP on Wagram.

Dead Letter Office

R.E.M. in the early days were a great B sides band. They always ensured that each single came with a gaggle of excellent additional tracks. Dead Letter Office does the decent thing and round these up on one collection. From the sublime (their take on Pylon's 'Crazy') to ridiculous (laugh-a-long versions of Aerosmith's 'Toys in the Attic' and Roger Miller's 'King Of The Road' - it's all here.   

Elliott Smith
Roman Candle

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Caspar Brötzmann Massaker
The Tribe

Caspar Brötzmann Massaker announced themselves back in ‘87 with The Tribe.The German power trio played heavy rock with industrial delivery and in guitarist and frontman Caspar Brötzmann they had Jimi Hendrix, Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo rolled into one. LP and CD on Southern Lord.

Kate Bush
Remastered Part II

Volume two of the Kate Bush Remastered CD box-set series features all of the later period Kate Bush material (from 2005’s Aerial to 2016’s live album Before The Dawn), plus a stack of rarities, including B-sides, covers and 12” mixes, all quite hard to get hold of. Hard to argue with this collection to be honest, especially with the shiny new remastering.

Kate Bush
Remastered in Vinyl IV

Tantalisingly obscure delights await you within the fourth of the four Kate Bush Remastered in Vinyl box-sets. Two volumes of B-sides, one volume of 12” mixes, and also In Others’ Words, a collection of cover versions (imagine having your song covered by Kate Bush!). Lots of rare wonders then, readily available on vinyl at last.

Brian Eno
Before and After Science

Not one to do things by halves, Brian Eno wrote and recorded over 100 songs for his fifth album Before and After Science narrowing them down to just the ten that appeared on this his fifth album. It was his last foray into rock music in the '70s as he concentrated more on ambient works but it was a record full of invention and nuance and with tracks like King's Lead Hat helped usher in new wave. 

The Truth Is A Lie

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Siglo XX
Dreams Of Pleasure

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Siglo XX

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Siglo XX
The Art Of War

The Art Of War was the third release by Belgian band Siglo XX. It was originally released in 1982. The band fall into the punk rock drawer of the big musical filing cabinet with additional dividers labelled ‘Gothic Rock’, ‘Coldwave’ and ‘Darkwave’. For fans of Joy Division. 12” Ep on Onderstroom, limited to 300 copies.

Roger Doyle
Oizzo No

The Irish composer’s ultra-rare 1975 debut is a wonderland of head-spinning tape collage, densely dissonant strings, and woozily detuned pianos, where uilleann pipes meet the avant garde. There’s a strong Uncle Meat-era Mothers of Invention flavour in the copious tape-speed manipulation, tricksy melodies and echoes of Edgard Varèse. Though Doyle was signed to U2’s short-lived Mother Records, it’s more useful to note his appearance on the Nurse With Wound list, and their label United Dairies.

Siglo XX

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Added to site: Monday 26th November 2018

The Fall
58 Golden Greats

There aren’t many bands who could release a career-spanning retrospective and call it 58 Golden Greats without stretching the truth as to the number of songs or the golden greatness of the music. The prolific nature of The Fall means that they can, however. This trans-label overview was compiled by Daryl Easlea, who knows a thing or two about the Manchester post-punk and beyond legends. The material is picked from albums running right up to their final album, New Facts Emerge. 3CD box set on Cherry Red.
Added to site: Friday 23rd November 2018

Coil presents Black Light District
A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room

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Le Stim
Tribute To Muhammad Ali (We Crown The King)

Melodies International have forged a rep for re-releasing rare soul gems, but even by their standards they’ve pulled off something of a coup here. Le Stim’s 1980 single A Tribute To Muhammad Ali (We Crown The King) is a rare-as-hen’s-teeth bit of Midwest Disco. It’s a great party piece too - according to Le Stim leader Donald Jennings big Cassius himself was a fan of the song. With the help of New Zealand's Rain&Shine imprint Melodies have managed to acquire the licences for both versions of the track. They've also remastered them for this new drop.

Na Hawa Doumbia
La Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol 3

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Robert Johnson
Cross Road Blues / Ramblin' On My Mind

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Martes + Utopia

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John Lee Hooker
Detroit and Beyond Vol. 2

Third Man Records reissue two volumes of early John Lee Hooker recordings. The Detroit And Beyond records originally emerged in the early 1970's but actually date from much earlier in Hooker’s career. Given their age it's no surprise that these dusty old blues ditties have had a remastering job for this release - done from the original tapes, no less.

Howlin' Wolf
How Many More Years / Moanin' At Midnight

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Chuck Berry
Back In The U.S.A. / Memphis Tennessee

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Added to site: Thursday 22nd November 2018

The Ape of Naples

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Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett

Brian Bennett & Alan Hawkshaw see their 1974 LP Synthesis reissued as part of Be With Records’ KPM Music Record Library series. Coming out in the same year as the pair's celebrated Synthesizer And Percussion album, Synthesis is another cutting-edge (for the time) fusion of library jazz-funk and the electronic styles that were just beginning to filter into mainstream music. Stereolab and Ghost Box were likely paying close attention back in the day.

Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett
Synthesizer & Percussion

Alan Hawkshaw and Brian Bennett are among the creme de la creme of library music composers. For 1974’s Synthesizer And Percussion the pair chose to put the ARP synth - a relatively unexplored piece of gear at the time - through its paces. The resulting is a record of oddball jazz-funk instrumentals. Its title is something of a red herring - the final five tracks find former Cliff Richard & The Shadows drummer Bennett taking a backseat and giving Hawkshaw free reign to noodle away on the keys. Now reissued by Be With Records.

Steve Reich
Different Trains / Electric Counterpoint

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Joe Hisaishi
My Neighbor Totoro: Soundtrack

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Added to site: Wednesday 21st November 2018

Kate Bush
The Dreaming

New editions of Catherine Bush’s fourth LP here courtesy of Parlophone. People weren’t sure what to make of The Dreaming when it came out - too uncommercial, they said. However, time has been kind to the record. The Dreaming is now regarded as an unsung gem of Bush’s catalogue and regularly appears in those 'Best Albums Of The 1980s' lists. Both Big Boi and Björk are fans, dontcha know.

Patricia Escudero
Satie Sonneries

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Added to site: Tuesday 20th November 2018

Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral

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Poems From A Rooftop

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