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Added to site: Monday 4th March 2019

Freddie Hubbard
Little Sunflower

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Smith & Mighty
The Three Stripe Collection 1985- 1990

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Tim Buckley

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13th Floor Elevators
Psychedelic Sounds Of (Picture Disc)

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Say Sue Me
Big Summer Night

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Say Sue Me
We've Sobered Up

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Pauline Oliveros
Reverberations I

Pauline Oliveros is perhaps best known for her peerless minimalist/drone explorations on accordion, her 1982 record ‘Accordion and Voice’ very much a landmark in the genre. Equally intriguing, however, are her experiments with electronic equipment. The double LP ‘Reverberations 1’ is the beginning of a series that looks to put the entirety of 2012's mammoth, 12 CD, archival release of this electronic work to wax.   

Take Us Home: Boston Roots Reggae From 1979-1988

Boston isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of great reggae cities, but the east coast town was in fact an early U.S. adopter of the Jamaican sound. By the end of the ‘70s Boston had a healthy reggae scene of its own, chronicled here in Cultures Of Soul’s new compilation Take Us Home: Boston Roots Reggae From 1979-1988. Includes cuts by, among others, Lambsbread, a roots group formed from the ashes of legendary proto-punk band Death.

Dear Hamlyn

I think it’s fair to say that Luluc make genuinely beautiful music. Dear Hamlyn was the duo’s debut album, originally released in 2008. This melancholic set of songs was written following the death of Zoe Randall’s father. The pair have drawn praise from the self-proclaimed 'journal of roots music', No Depression magazine and Legendary folk producer Joe Boyd. LP on Sub Pop - limited edition pearlescent silver vinyl version available if you’re quick.

Andy Bey
Shades Of Bey

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Alexis Taylor
Rubbed Out

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Duke Pearson
I Don't Care Who Knows It

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Alien Boy EP

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Frances McKee
Sunny Moon

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Robert Johnson
Kind Hearted Woman Blues / Terraplane Blues

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The Jazz Butcher
Sex and Travel

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Robespierre's Velvet Basement

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David J
V For Vendetta: Grande Edition

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Added to site: Sunday 3rd March 2019

Kristin Hersh

Reissue of the eighth LP from Throwing Muses’ Kristin Hersh here. Crooked is a set of moody, brooding ballads that coalesce around Hersh’s stoic lyricism. Her husky alto adds real gravity to these already heavy tunes. As such, Crooked is an LP in the best Americana tradition, up there with Mark Lanegan and Wilco.

The Groundhogs
Thank Christ For The Bomb (Major Edition)

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Howe Gelb
Dreaded Brown Recluse

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James Brown
Sho Is Funky Down Here

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The Bevis Frond
Vavona Burr

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A.R. Kane
New Clear Child

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Acid Mothers Temple
Does The Cosmic Shepherd Dream Of Electric Tapirs?

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Added to site: Friday 1st March 2019

The Pooh Sticks
On Tape

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Added to site: Thursday 28th February 2019

Think Pink

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Alfa Mist

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Oxford shoegaze veterans Swervedriver present a tasty reissue of their 1991 debut album Raise, which was itself made up of a mixture of new songs and material from prior EPs and singles. For many Swervedriver fans this is the one baby, a heavy but catchy blast from a band still emerging. Reissued by Music On Vinyl.

Infinite Spirit Music
Live Without Fear

Live Without Fear is a little known classic of spiritual jazz by Infinite Spirit Music, a band led by Soji Ade. It was originally released in 1979 but received very little, if any, distribution and there were only a handful pressed. So….you could shell out upwards of £1000 for an original copy or you could buy one of these. LP and CD on Jazzman.

Raymond Scott
Soothing Sounds For Baby Vols 1-3

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Added to site: Wednesday 27th February 2019

Klaus Weiss Rhythm & Sounds
Time Signals

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Super Wings
My Love Is For You

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Aged In Harmony
You’re A Melody

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Jon Hassell & Brian Eno
Fourth World Vol 1: Possible Musics

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Added to site: Tuesday 26th February 2019


Waxwork Records love a bit of Goblin. Their latest reissue drawn from the archives of the legendary Italian film-score band features some of their most beloved work - the music for 1985’s Phenomena. Goblin head-honchos Claudio Simonetti and Fabio Pignatelli pulled out all the stops for this one. Across this expansive record we get John Carpenter-esque machine music, blissful ambiences, library funk, lush synth-pop and everything in-between. This release is the first time that Simonetti and Pignatelli's Phenomena score has been presented in full on one record, and if that's not enough it also includes a load of bonus material. Nice!

Footnotes - Best Of (92-94)

We'll all remember when we woke up on February 7th 2019 (or 2008 when it was originally released) to the news that there was a best of Adorable out. It's got all the classics including 'Sunshine Smile' plus loads of B sides, hard to find rarities and even an unreleased edit of a track off their debut album. That not enough for you? Well there's liner notes from all four band members plus photos and things from their personal archives. We are truly blessed.   


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Richard Pinhas

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Mayumi Sonoda with Kichiro Sugino Trio
Gogo Sanji No Aki

Here we have another great reissue shipped via the Studio Mule-Johnny’s Disk Record pipeline. For those of you unfamiliar with Studio Mule, a sub-label of Mule Musiq, all you need to know is 1) that they specialise in re-releasing Japanese jazz rarities, and 2) that they find a lot of their material from the archives of the Johnny’s Disk Record imprint. Mayumi Sonoda and Kichiru Sugino Trio’s 1982 LP Gogo Sanji No Aki is the latest gem, a hazily beautiful selection of Billie Holiday-inspired numbers.

Jacco Gardner

‘Hypnophobia’ is the new album from Dutch multi-instrumentalist and producer Jacco Gardner. The album is a fantastic tale of exploration told by a baroque pop wizard, casting psychedelic enchantments through the medium of magic and an eclectic collection of beautiful vintage instruments including a Wurlitzer electric piano, mellotrons, harpsichords, an Optigan, and a Steinway upright piano.
Added to site: Monday 25th February 2019

Hot Water Music

Hot Water Music’s sound is one of gruff force, but it’s a force rich with melody. The band are going to be celebrating 25 years together next year with a world tour and reissue campaign. 2002’s ‘Caution’ is one of three LP’s being re-released by the label Epitaph, a 13-track LP of tune-driven punk rock.  

Y Kant Tori Read (Tori Amos)
Y Kant Tori Read

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Big Star
Live On WLIR

Big Star’s Live On WLIR gets a reissue. Recorded for NYC’s WLIR broadcaster in 1974 but not released as a record until 1992, this album finds the power pop pioneers running through tunes from their first two full-lengths. They also throw a nifty Loudon Wainwright III cover in there. This new edition includes extensive liner notes and an interview with Big Star bassist John Lightman. The vinyl release is the first time that Live On WLIR has been put to wax.

Bunny Lee: Dreads Enter the Gates with Praise – The Mighty Striker Shoots the Hits!

The latest compilation to be spawned by the long, fruitful union of Studio One and Soul Jazz Records is a set that focuses on the great Bunny Lee. Along with his band The Aggrovators, the ‘Striker’ has cut more than 2,000 records over the course of his career. Dreads Enter The Gates With Praise - The Mighty Striker Shoots The Hits! showcases a handful of Lee’s early successes. Featuring artists such as Johnny Clarke, King Tubby and Prince Jazzbo, Dreads Enter The Gates… also includes extensive sleeve notes and an interview with the man himself.
Added to site: Friday 22nd February 2019

Spacemen 3
Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To

Originally released as a bootleg, the recordings here known as Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To are demo recordings from 1986, and they capture the nascent Spacemen 3 well on their way to becoming the psychedelic behemoths they ultimately were. This reissue, for CD and double LP, features remastered audio and is out on Space Age Recordings.
  • Vinyl Double LP (ORBIT056LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Added to site: Thursday 21st February 2019

Judy Pollak featuring 33 1/3
In Togetherness

In the late 1970’s, Judy Pollak hit the studio with her group 33 ⅓ and made In Togetherness, a record with major soul credentials. Dangerously rare in its original pressing, we can now enjoy Pollak’s work with ease thanks to this Athens Of The North reissue. Direct, heartfelt, funky music, with Judy’s particular vocal style a real pleasure.
Added to site: Wednesday 20th February 2019

William Onyeabor
Atomic Bomb

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Serge Gainsbourg & Jean-Claude Vannier
Les Chemins De Katmandou

Here is some very rare Serge Gainsbourg material, previously thought lost in a fire. Les Chemins De Katmandou, put together with key collaborator Jean-Claude Vannier to soundtrack a wild road movie film, is a funky library music adventure that puts a different spin on the maestro Serge’s sound. Found and restored at last for a release on Finders Keepers.

Moodsetters: From The Amphonic & Soundstage Library

A very fine suite of library music, curated by Moodsetters from Syd Dale’s Amphonic & Sound Stage library. Whether you are filled with a thrill by the sight of names like Paddy Kingsland and Anne Dudley, or whether you don’t care who any of these people are, you will love the cool, weird, atmospheric library tracks gathered here on this Buried Treasure LP.

Charles Ditto
In Human Terms

In Human Tems is the 1988 debut album of Charles Ditto, a fellow with a fine collection of midi-synths and the melodic and experimental instincts to put them to great use. The sounds (lots of Rolands) are distinctly of their time, but that doesn’t stand in the way of one's enjoyment of the odd-pop structures that Ditto puts them into. Reissued by Telephone Explosion.

I Know You Feel It

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Nocturnal Emissions

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Marijuana In My Brain

Straight from 1977, here’s marijuana afficionado Dillinger’s seminal Marijuana In My Brain, reissued by Radiation Roots. Discovered by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Dillinger teamed up with producer Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee to create a spaced-out roots classic. Features iconic MS Paint artwork.

The Style Council
Our Favourite Shop

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Added to site: Tuesday 19th February 2019

Wayne Shorter

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Sun Ra
Monorails & Satellites - Works For Solo Piano Vol 1, 2, 3

There is always more to be found in the deep cosmos of the Sun Ra catalogue. Monorails & Satellite are solo piano albums recorded in 1966, which capture our intergalactic hero showing his unique yet virtuoso approach to the keys. Volume 3 of this triple set was never originally released, and the other two aren’t exactly easy to come by. Reissue sets on Cosmic Myth.

Cause of Death

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Queen Of Angels

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Added to site: Monday 18th February 2019


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Motel In Saginaw

Interesting tale behind this one. Stumpwater are a very little known Illinois band whose private-pressed 1975 folk-rock single caught the ear of the Galactic Zoo label. After a bit of searching, they found the still-existent Stumpwater and discovered that they had recorded a whole concept album in 1973 that had never been released at all! And that is Motel In Saginaw, which you now see before you at last. Cool.


Drama were making electronic music before it was cool. In the late '70s and into the '80s, bands in Eric Simpson and Don Stagg's local Ontario, Canada, were playing in guitar rock bands. Loneliness is the band's debut LP from 1978 and it's a brooding piece of electronica which shifts between New-Wave and Krautrock.

Mother Earth
The People Tree

Mother Earth were one of the leading lights on the Acid Jazz label along with Brand New Heavies, Corduroy and Jamiroquai. The People Tree was originally released in 1994. If you’re a fan of the soulful, slightly funky stuff Paul Weller did back then, this is for you. The Modfather even guests on the album along with DC Lee and Simon Bartholomew from the aforementioned Brand New Heavies.  

Michael Rother

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Added to site: Thursday 14th February 2019


1, 2, 3, 4! As one of the most influential documents in rock’n’roll history, Da Brudders’ 1976 debut hardly warrants an introduction. Still, it’s always a shock to hear how raw and minimal the Craig Leon-produced album is. And all done and dusted in 29 minutes, baby. This LP reissue is cut from analogue masters, decently priced too.

Barbara Howard
On The Rise

All's well that end's well huh. In 1968 one Steven Reece set up an independent label in the hope of attracting the attention of the majors. His choice of musician was Barbara Howard and the album On The Rise aimed to cast the net as wide as possible by featuring jazz, gospel and pop. The album flopped but the pair fell in love. Whatever else, On The Rise is worth it for its story. Reissued on Colemine Records.

Lucifer (Mort Garson)
Black Mass

Reissue of Mort Garson's cult 1971 occult synth fantasy 'Black Mass'. Blackened timbres meet trippy modulations from the dark side of the Moog. Reissued on  Recommended for fans of BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Ghostbox, Stelvio Cipriani, Death Waltz, John Carpenter, Fabio Frizzi, Goblin, early Italian library music/ horror synth soundtracks etc.
  • Vinyl LP (SBR3033LPC1)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Vinyl LP (SBR3033LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

The Church

The Church were one of Australia's best 80s bands. Their jangle pop sound fits in nicely with that of R.E.M and the Go-Betweens but they had a slightly different following perhaps as they could stray into more gothy territories. Starfish is their most popular album mostly due to the popularity of Under the Milky Way which was a massive hit in the US and a song no self respecting 80s compilation should be without.   
Added to site: Wednesday 13th February 2019

The Hold Steady
Stay Positive

Was it only ten years ago we were following Craig Finn and pals down to Minneapolis/St Paul and their breakout record 'Stay Positive'. Finn is basically a gossip over lots of catchy chunky Springsteen-ish rock with tittle tattle about what people are up to on the party scene. It was the soundtrack to my divorce which I'm still not properly over so I might as well give this another listen.     
Added to site: Tuesday 12th February 2019

The Power Of Failing

Mineral were one of the finer bands to come out of the 90’s US indie emo scene, and their power is all the greater for the fact that they only released two albums and then called it a day. The Power of Failing is the debut full-length, and it simultaneously anticipates and betters many emo bands yet to come. Reissued by Arena Rock Recording Company.


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Shahid Wheeler
Just One Dance Before You Go

Melodies International are a nifty little label. Their line is that they track down rare-ass, expensive-ass old club killers and reissue them at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for an original copy. The latest Melodies coup is Shahid Wheeler’s 1978 number ‘Just One Dance Before You Go’. A righteous disco joint of the Off The Wall school, this is the sort of dancefloor gold that never goes out of fashion. Here it is presented remastered and backed with the instrumental.

José Pharos
Boucles Rythmiques

Jose Pharos was a pseudonym of the great Jacky Giordano: an outlet for idiosyncratic disco grooves. Boucles Rhythmiques is a seventies rarity, and a real joy to hear, with gorgeous sound design tying together driving rhythms with good-times funky instrumentation. Reissued on vinyl by Le Tres Groove Club.

Joe Tossini and Friends
Lady of Mine

1989 LP of crudely drawn lounge beauty here from Joe Tossini and Friends. Lo-fi to the core, ‘Lady of Mine’ is all plodding Casio percussion, rough mixed vocals/sax, and melodies embryonic but unforgettable. It’s a record easily lovable, amateur yes, yet you wouldn’t want it any other way. You get a real sense this isn’t contrived or self-conscious, merely the work of someone who wants to make a lush sound, but only has the tools at hand

Jacky Giordano
Pop In Devil's Train

New from the makers of the Le Tres Jazz Club label is a new label, Le Tres Groove Club, which of course has a groove focus. Reissue number one is Jacky Giordano’s library music gem Pop In Devil’s Train, a set of vivid, sleek, wonderful funky tunes. As with the best library music, it simultaneously puts you in mind of some wild kitsch vintage TV show and makes you want to dance like hell.
Added to site: Monday 11th February 2019

David Bowie
Never Let Me Down

What are we to make of the David Bowie album that the man himself disliked the most? The album he has described as being "awful", an album he wondered why he recorded? Whatever he thought of it, 1987's Never Let Me Down remains interesting because the man was so interesting, especially as it was conceived in tandem for the ridiculously over the top Glass Spider tour. 

David Bowie

After David Bowie released Let's Dance he was as big as he'd ever been and decided to strike while the iron was hot. The resulting album is 1984's Tonight, which was largely successful at keeping the general public interested in him. For all its commercial ambitions Tonight remained a Bowie album, with the video for Blue Jean really being a 20 minute short film. 

David Bowie
Glass Spider (Live Montreal ’87)

Way back in 1987, David Bowie released Never Let Me Down. The ensuing tour was called Glass Spider, a show more theatre than gig which inevitably ended up being accused of being pretentious. Of course nowadays, theatrics are the norm. So maybe it's time to reevaluate Glass Spider, or at the very least its Montreal stint.

David Bowie
Serious Moonlight (Live ’83)

1983's Let's Dance was one of David Bowie's most commercially successful albums and so needed a tour to match. Named Serious Moonlight, the tour sold much better than expect forcing Bowie into less intimate venues than planned. Perhaps this explains why it featured an uncharacteristic one costume change. 

David Bowie
Let’s Dance

Trust David Bowie to make one of the most commercially successful records of the 80s. After his Berlin trilogy where he explored the more art rock side of things he thought hey feck it I'm going to dye my hair bleach blonde work with Nile Rogers and become a proper pop star for a bit. This contains all those mega hits  - China Girl, Let's Dance, Modern Love and that's just the first three tracks. 

Stone Foundation
A Life Unlimited

Friends of Paul Weller, The Stone Foundation play funk, soul and jazz taking their influences from artists as diverse as The Style Council and Massive Attack. A Life Unlimited is their sixth album and was originally released in 2015. It features guest performances from Graham Parker, Nolan Porter, The Four Perfections and head Blow Monkey, Dr. Robert Howard. Repress on The Turning Point Recording Organisation.

The Ruts
The Crack

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Eddie Russ
Fresh Out

Eddie Russ played piano with some jazz greats in the ’60s such as Sarah Vaughan, Stan Getz and Dizzy Gillespie. In the late ‘60s he moved into jazz fusion territory and was a major figure in the Detroit jazz underground. Deep Jazz classic, Fresh Out, was his debut solo LP. Reissue LP and CD on Soul Jazz Records.

Zdenek Liska
Ikarie XB-1

Zdeněk Liška was a prolific Czech film score composer. He wrote some 72 film scores over a 31 year period. He is a pioneer of electronic music and advocate of using unusual instruments. His soundtrack to the 1963 Czech sc-fi film Ikarie XB-1 shows him as being a leftfield composer of some merit. Previously unreleased LP on Finders Keepers.

John Maus

The 2006 debut of avant-pop musician John Maus, from before he rose to real prominence. Songs is super-electronic and rich with nostalgic longing for many things, especially the sound and culture of 1980’s pop. Fair enough John, it was a pretty evocative time. Features Ariel Pop on two tracks. Songs has been reissued by Ribbon Music.
Added to site: Friday 8th February 2019

Okyerema Asante
Sabi (Get Down)

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Added to site: Thursday 7th February 2019

Aphrodite's Child
It's Five O'Clock

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Sex Power

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