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Added to site: Thursday 6th June 2019

Siouxsie and The Banshees

An interesting anomaly in the Banshees large and sprawling back catalogue. The departed John McGeogh was replaced by none other than Sir Robert Smith of the Cure. Unsurprisingly perhaps it was the Banshees mine a dark underbelly miles away from the pop that was in the charts at the time. No hits but it forced Smith out of his stupour to go on and write some of the Cure's best and brightest songs once he'd escaped.    
Added to site: Wednesday 5th June 2019

Dome 2

Editions Mego present a well-earned reissue of the second album by Dome. And what, precisely is Dome? Well, that would be Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis of Wire, spinning off on a (yet) more experimental direction, with focus on utilising the studio itself for maximum effect. Dome 2 is essential listening for Wire fans and for everyone else, especially with this fetching remaster by Russell Haswell.

Codes In The Clouds
Paper Canyon

Paper Canyon, the debut album of UK post-rockers Codes in the Clouds, turns ten this year, so Erased Tapes has seen fit to celebrate with a first-time vinyl pressing. Though the band name sounds today like the title of a Silicon Valley intern’s blog, you can certainly tell this lot were well in tune with the rather twee textual modes – and soaring post-rock posturing – of the late 2000s.

Siouxsie and The Banshees
Through The Looking Glass

After seven studio albums it was time for Siouxie and the Banshees covers LP. The band showed great taste by covering the likes of Sparks, Kraftwerk, Iggy Pop and Roxy Music. Pretty much all the artists people still bang on about now.  They'd already proved with their 'famous' cover of the Beatles 'Dear Prudence' that they could interpret other peoples work to chart success and here was a full album of unique reworks. Now re-issued and remastered and cut at half speed.  

Roadwork Vol. 2

The second part of Motorpsycho’s live compilation series, Roadwork Vol. 2, captures the band live at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival in 1995. An odd place for them to play, perhaps. However, they accepted the invitation of fellow Norwegians, The Source, a free Jazz combo who clearly felt that Motorpsycho’s psych/prog explorations would suit some far out augmentation. 180g blue coloured vinyl LP or CD on Rune Gramafon. Limited to 500 copies.
Added to site: Tuesday 4th June 2019

Big Daddy Kane
Set It Off

7” vinyl re-issue of Big Daddy Kane’s legendary 1987 hip-hop smash ‘Set It Off’, which has been a battle-rap classic for decades. Part of the brilliant re-issue label Dope Demand’s series that’s dusting off stone-cold classics and forgotten gems from golden age of hip-hop. Features the instrumental version on the reverse. 

Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic

Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic on purple vinyl? It’s what the Prince formerly known as The Artist (and known at the time of this particular release as the unpronounceable ‘Love Symbol #2’) would’ve wanted. Originally released in 1999, this one enlists the collaborative talents of Sheryl Crow, Ani DiFranco, Eve, Chuck D and Gwen Stefani.
  • Vinyl Double LP (19075913981)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Neil Young
Time Fades Away

Time Fades Away is a live album comprised of entirely new material. Originally released in 1973, it is one of Neil Young’s more obscure albums, possibly due to the fact that it has been unavailable for more than 30 years and was never released on CD. It was recorded on the tour to support Harvest, Neil Young’s most commercially successful album to date. His backing band here are The Stray Gators, who backed him on the aforementioned Harvest.
Added to site: Monday 3rd June 2019

Ryo Fukui

Considered by many the jazz man's definitive moment, scenery sees pianist Ryo Fukui at a cross section of his genre's multitudes, considering what can be done between cool and modal. These tunes sound gorgeous and flowing, a testament to how Fukui's lovely, clean style could occasionally shine all verbose and boastful.


Cherry Red dive back into the 80’s for this imagined follow-up to that legendary NME C86 compilation: the comp that launched a thousand indie bands. Everything on C87’s three discs was recorded in 1986 or 1987, so the tracklisting is ‘realistic’, not to mention stuffed to the brim with wonder: The Vaselines, Pop Will Eat Itself, Dog Faced Hermans… 3CD box-set on Cherry Red.


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Laurie Spiegel
Unseen Worlds

Big gorgeous electronic wonder from Laurie Spiegel. Unseen Worlds was composed with the use of software specially created by Spiegel for her own purposes (Music Mouse, still loved and used today), and has only had limited releases in 1991 and 1994 before now. Unseen Worlds (the label) now give Unseen Worlds (the album) the full attention it deserves, on CD and vinyl.

Bob Dylan
The Rolling Thunder Revue: The 1975 Live Recordings

The Rolling Thunder Revue: The 1975 Live Recordings by Bob Dylan will threaten to outdo your Grateful Dead live bootleg collection. This collection of 5 live concerts from the first leg - American North-East and Canada - contains 148 tracks - two thirds of which are previously unreleased. An absolute must for Dylan fans.

Lloyd McNeill

Soul Jazz Records reissue another LP from the notable Lloyd McNeill. After putting out new editions of Asha, Tanner Suite and Washington Suite the label now dusts off 1976’s private press album Treasures. This is ebullient, flowing music that incorporates elements of various jazzes - spiritual, Latin and soul being the most prominent. McNeill’s glorious flute playing ties the thing together. Treasures is one to file next to those recent Horace Tapscott reissue that we got so excited about a few weeks back.

Sympathy Nervous
Sympathy Nervous

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Kim Byoung Duk / 김병덕
Experiment No. X

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Added to site: Saturday 1st June 2019

Gloria Ann Taylor
Love Is A Hurtin' Thing

Love Is A Hurtin’ Thing is the highly anticipated anthology by Gloria Ann Taylor. Despite her obvious talent, a Grammy nomination, making Motown sit up and take notice and that she moved in the same circles as soul/funk legends James Brown and Bootsy Collins, Taylor quit the music business after the heartbreak of a failed relationship with record producer Walter Whisenhunt. Recorded between 1971-77 she left some golden soul behind though - music that was influenced by her gospel roots and came from deep inside her. Gloria Ann Taylor was the real deal.
Added to site: Friday 31st May 2019

Liquid Mask
Just A Moment

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Unit Moebius

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Hiroshi Matsui
Samba De Howa Howa

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Ragnar Grippe

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Plastic Love

Matmos may be poised to release their new album Plastic Anniversary, but it seems Italian reissue label Erezioni has a polymeric celebration of its own just here. Think twice about shelling out a three-figure sum on Discogs: this 1983 Italo jewel is back in affordable circulation. Lush, inventive and unmissable for Italo-disco connoisseurs.
  • Vinyl 12" (ERZ-004)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy
Added to site: Thursday 30th May 2019

North Sea Radio Orchestra
I A Moon

If (like us) you've been longing for North Sea Radio Orchestra's superb third album I A Moon to get a vinyl re-issue then here is your chance. It's a wonderfully dense and inventive record full of lovely orchestral pop with nods to the Cardiacs (with whom the band have some sort of link), Kate Bush, Sufjan Stevens, Deerhoof, krautrock and whatever else they place in their melting pot. Proof that great album are still being made if you care to look hard enough.  

Drax Trilogy

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Prince Jammy
Kamikaze Dub

The Jammy old fella himself gets himself a reissue of one of his seminal dub LPs. 1979’s Kamikaze/Kamikazi Dub (spellings differ) is a record of Jamaican deepness par excellence. That said, when you’ve been schooled by King Tubby and are working with a crew that includes Sly & Robbie and Augustus Pablo you’d be hard-pushed to come up with a bad record.

Richard Hawley
Late Night Final

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Added to site: Wednesday 29th May 2019

Basil Kirchin
Worlds Within Worlds (Part I and II)

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Terry Allen & The Panhandle Mystery Band
Pedal Steal + Four Corners

Straight from a simpler time, when crooks the public adored were still musicians and not politicians: Texas “outlaw” Terry Allen & The Panhandle Mystery Band’s 1985 Pedal Steal, remastered. For this weighty release, the folks at Paradise of Bachelors have added the first four of the man’s Four Corners radio plays on two bonus CD's as well. We'll let you fill in the obligatory yihaw yourself.
  • Vinyl LP box set (POB045DLXC1)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Nightmares On Wax
Smokers Delight

The Nightmares on Wax re-issue campaign wouldn't be complete without this, their most well known and well regarded album. As our customer reviewer Andrew righty points out, this was the album they went from bleep to bong and is full of classic mid 90's style laid-back smoky grooves. 
Added to site: Tuesday 28th May 2019

Depeche Mode
Music For The Masses | The 12" Singles

From 1987’s Music For The Masses onwards, there would be no looking back for Depeche Mode as they ascended to the realm of stadium-filling dark-pop overlords. The album that broken them in America, this latest box-set re-issue of 12” singles covers the era’s four singles - two discs each for massive hits ‘Behind The Wheel’, ‘Never Let Me Down Again’ and ‘Strangelove’, one for the under-rated ‘Little 15’. 

Depeche Mode
Black Celebration | The 12" Singles

The re-issue campaign for Depeche Mode’s singles, grouped in box sets specific to each album era, now reaches 1986’s Black Celebration. The point at which their synth-pop was getting darker and more distinctively gothic, this set contains both 12” versions of ‘A Question of Lust’ and ‘A Question of Time’, and one for the album’s final single ‘Stripped’. 

Julie Coker
A Life In The Limelight: Lagos Disco & Itsekiri Highlife 1976-1981

It’s not often that we get in a record by a former Miss Western Nigeria. It’s also not often that we get in a record by a woman who was her country’s first ever female television presenter. But then again, Julie Coker is not your average artist. A friend of Fela Kuti during her heyday, the Nigerian singer and television personality is now honoured with her first compilation courtesy of Kalita Records. A Life In The Limelight: Lagos Disco & Itsekiri Highlife 1976-1981 draws from Coker's Tomorrow and Ere Yon (Sweet Songs) albums. This is a superb collection of boogie and highlife to add to the collection. Bonus points for those of you who spotted that ‘Ere Yon’ was recently re-worked by Anderson .Paak on his Oxnard LP.

Steve Roach
Structures From Silence

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David Wertman & Sun Ensemble
Earthly Delights

Lesser-heard free-jazz from 1978, led by the double-bassist David Wertman Earthly Delights features four pieces over two LPs, with Wertman’s fantastically rich and fluid (and self-taught) bass playing surrounded by drums, saxophone, flute and synthesiser. Its remarkable that this album has been under the radar for so long as it is a truly glorious listen. Reissued by BBE.

Fumio Itabashi Trio
Rise and Shine – Live at the Aketa's

Fumio Itabashi recorded this very fine live date at Tokyo jazz club Aketa’s in 1977, in fact prior to his first album release. His phenomenal piano lines lead his Trio  through three pieces here, with a classic and a cover culminating in the epic and ecstatic Rise And Shine. Reissued to vinyl by Studio Mule.
  • Vinyl LP (STUDIOMULE20)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Trust Obey
Fear & Bullets (The Crow Comic Accompaniment in conjunction with James O' Barr)

Back in 1994 John Bergin (Trust Obey) hooked up James O’Barr. For those who don’t know, O’Barr is author of acclaimed comic book series The Crow, and his collaboration with Bergin spawned a musical companion piece to the book entitled Fear & Bullets. This 25th anniversary edition of Fear & Bullets features tracks from both the 1994 and 1998 versions of the LP as well as some previously-unreleased demos. O’Barr completists will be tempted by the poster that depicts O’Barr’s first-ever drawing of Crow. Musically it’s very of-the-time - Nine Inch Nails were clearly a huge influence on Bergin back then.
  • Vinyl LP (ETR078)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Exile One
Exile One

In 1970 Gordon Henderson moved to Guadeloupe to pursue a career in music. By 1973 he'd started his own back, Exile One. This reissue on Tidal Wave Music, of their 1974 debut, shows off the band's ability to mix together funk, soul, reggae, calypso and Haitian music. The result is fun as hell and demands that you get up and dance.

Electrical Language: Independent British Synth Pop 78-84

Calling all fans of things synthy, this is a new compilation taking in the golden age of British synth-pop from 1978-84. There are old favourites like 'Circus Death' by The Human League, obscure (but brilliant) cuts like 'Croatia' by Basking Sharks, and stone-cold ker-lassics like 'Warm Leatherette' by The Normal and 'Touch' by Lori and the Chameleons. 

Lullabies For Catatonics: A Journey Through The British Avant-Pop/Art Rock Scene 1967-74

Presented over three CDs in a special ‘clamshell’ box set, the Grapefruit imprint’s latest exploration of the various off-shoots of British psychedelia turns to the avant-garde pop / art-rock scene of 1967 to 1974. Lullabies For Catatonics spans everything from early Bowie to the so-called Canterbury Scene, and includes three previously unreleased tracks. 

Makoto Kawashima
Homo Sacer

Makoto Kawashima’s 2015 LP Homo Sacer gets its first ever vinyl pressing courtesy of Black Editions. This record was the final catalogue entry for acclaimed Japanese rock/experimental label P.S.F., and it proves to be a fitting swan song for Hideo Ikeezumi’s endeavour. The two pieces on Homo Sacer are free saxophone improvisations by turns piercing, pretty and pained.
Added to site: Sunday 26th May 2019

Forever Becoming (2019 Remix)

Beefed-up version of Pelican’s 2013 LP Forever Becoming here. Southern Lord have given producer Chris Common another crack at mixing the record, and the result adds more definition and low-end to the band’s expansive post-metal instrumentals. Also included on the 2019 Remix of Forever Becoming is ‘Bardo’, a track that was previously only available on Pelican’s Japanese releases.
Added to site: Friday 24th May 2019

The Flying Lizards
The Secret Dub Life Of The Flying Lizards

Here's an interesting one. You'll know the Flying Lizards for their smash interpretation of Barrett Strong's 'Money' and an even better (if less successful take on James Brown's 'Sex Machine'). But behind the post-modern fun was a group of well renowned experimental musicians led by David Cunningham. This album was recorded in 1978 but not released until 1995 and features Cunningham 'remixing' tracks recorded in Jamaica by Jah Lloyd - a fact made more difficult in that Cunningham was only given a mono master tape to work with.       

The Wedding Present
Go Out And Get 'Em Boy!

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’94 – ’04 – The 7’’ Singles Box Set

During their heyday from 1994 to 2004, Ash were one of the greatest singles bands around, with enough chart-denting firepower to sink a whole navy. This limited-edition box set collects 20 singles over ten 7” vinyls, including ‘Clones’ available for the very first time on the format.  All this reminds me. One R*c*rd St*r* D*y I saw a man dressed like Mario going through the 7" bins at Rough Trade East looking for Ash 7"s. A very fond memory.

Shankar Jaikishan
Raga Jazz Style

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Iggy Pop

Soldier was released in 1980, the fourth solo album by our hero Iggy Pop. Here the proto-punk legend Pop worked with member of legendary actual-punks The Sex Pistols, in the form of Glen Matlock. And don’t forget vocals from Simple Minds and David Bowie! This reissue on Music On Vinyl is limited to 1000 copies only.

Jeff Resnick

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Creative Arts Ensemble
One Step Out

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Saint Etienne
Tiger Bay (Deluxe Edition)

Saint Etienne, the legendary Britpop frontrunners, are re-releasing their 1994 LP 'Tiger Bay'. It's a heady mix of pastoral folk and heavy dance music like techno and dub. There are all sorts of nice shiny things like a 'Hug my Soul' sticker, a 24x12” glossy poster, and a a 12-track vinyl compilation of rarities and demos. Tuck in. 
Added to site: Thursday 23rd May 2019

Thee Oh Sees
Thee Hounds Of Foggy Notion

'Thee Hounds Of Foggy Notion' is an early live cut of sorts from the prolific garage/psych rock outfit Thee Oh Sees. The idea was to have the group tour in a van across various settings of Los Angeles and play a gig at various weird and wonderful locations. Minimal camera equipment, petrol powered engines and a pedalboard in a trusty suitcase feature here, as the band play a delightfully weird, trippy, folky and droney take on a number of tracks. An intriguing collection which provides insight into the warped mind of Mr. Dwyer. 

Serge Gainsbourg
Le Pacha

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Despite his unassuming moniker Rob was one of the most vital Ghanaian artists of the 1970s. After cutting his teeth with the acclaimed Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou, Rob released a couple of solo LPs toward the end of the decade. Make It Fast, Make It Slow is his best-known, but his eponymous 1977 debut is a similarly delightful piece of West African funk-soul. Now we find the rare gem reissued by Mr. Bongo.

Dome 1

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Added to site: Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Piero Piccioni
3 Notti D'Amore (Original Soundtrack)

Not only do Italians know how to create lush film scores on the themes of love, lust and murder, they know how to live the art too! During the 1950s, Piero Piccioni was a prime suspect in the murder of a young girl, Wilma Montesi. It was the first court case to lift the lid and take a peek at the corruption, wealth and sex at the top of Italian society and the public lapped up the tabloid headlines and paparazzi pictures. Piccioni was cleared of all charges and the case remains unsolved. You can hear it all here in Piccioni's 1964 soundtrack, 3 Notti d'Amore. Moving from sensuous sax and relaxed rhythms to tense strings and jumpy horns. It goes through the emotions like only an Italian could. 

Neil Ardley
A Symphony Of Amaranths

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Silvano D'Auria
La Mano Lunga Del Padrino

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Higher Intelligence Agency & Biosphere
Birmingham Frequencies

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Alessandro Alessandroni
Prisma Sonoro

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Elmer Bernstein
Ghostbusters (Original Motion Picture Score)

When there’s something weird, blah blah blah, Bill Murray … Norman Records! Thirty-five years have passed since the release of the iconic movie Ghostbusters, it’s been well over a decade since the film’s OST was put out on any physical format, and the franchise has been rebooted in recent times. As such, the time feels right for someone to give Elmer Bernstein’s Ghostbusters score a new pressing. On this latest edition Sony Classical chuck in a few bonus tracks, new artwork and some liner notes penned Bernstein’s son Peter. The theme song is in there as well, obviously.

Arthur Russell

Hot on the heels of the reissue of his orchestral opus Tower Of Meaning, here is a vinyl release for Arthur Russell’s Instrumentals, a suite of contemporary music imbued with Russell’s gorgeous ear for melody. Involved parties include Julius Eastman and Rhys Chatham. This double LP includes all the Instrumentals and two more pieces besides. On Audika, with a bonus booklet.

Benjamin Lew
Le Personnage Principal Est Un Peuple Isolé

In the 80s Benjamin Lew used an analog computer to create a number of miniature sound compositions that had something mysterious about them. Le Personnage Principal Est Un Peuple Isolé is the musical equivalent of looking into your hands at an insect you don't recognise. Created with help from Tuxedomoon's Steven Brown.

Arthur Russell
Tower of Meaning

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Sun Ra and Solar Arkestra
On Jupiter

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Arthur Russell

Corn is the first music from Arthur Russell’s diverse catalogue to be released in seven years. The album is made up from nine tracks that were recorded between 1982 and 1983. The direction Russell had taken at this time won’t surprise too many fans as songs from these sessions have appeared on 2004’s Calling Out Of Context. Fans will also be desperate to get their hands on this for the closing track, Ocean Movie, touted as one of Russell’s most beautiful pieces.

The Drones
Feelin Kinda Free

Feelin Kinda Free is album number 7 from The Drones, with producer and drummer rejoining the fold after a decade away. The Australian group are highly critical of the socioeconomic consensus, and the lyrics attack it while the band’s music sounds blasted and drained, but with enough energy left to fight back. Out on the TFS Records label.

This Is Marijata

This is Marijata - or, at least, the afro-funk outfit's gorgeous debut album. Raw, organic and consistently laid back, this re-issued format does a sound job of reminding us of quite how sweet the formula of this forgotten trio was. Initially released from Gapophone label, this is the cream of the Ghanian crop.


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Television Personalities
Some Kind Of Happening: Singles 1978-1989

First of two collections of Television Personalities singles predictably spanning 1978-1989. Some Kind Of Happening features songs like '14th Floor' and 'Salvador Dali's Garden Party' which show off why exactly Mr. John Peel was so fond of these gentle punks. Includes a couple rarities including those found on a flexi issued by Creation.

Placebo (Belgian jazz fusion band)
Ball Of Eyes

Long before Brian Molko et al started kicking up a fuss there was a fusion act who were also called Placebo. The group - whose leader Marc Moulin was the first Belgian to own a Moog synthesiser - released three LPs in the 1970s, and it is 1971’s Ball Of Eyes which now gets a re-press. It’s a well-heeled collection of jazz-funk that tows the line between library pastiche and faithful homage. J Dilla and Madlib are among the artists who’ve sampled this record.

White Zombie
La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol.1

Let’s go back to 1992, when white people with dreadlocks was a thing and when those people played heavy metal of all things. 1992 is the year La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol.1 was released by White Zombie. It gained heavy MTV airplay and its mix of funk and groove metal made it a commercial success. Now reissued on 180 gram vinyl.  
Added to site: Tuesday 21st May 2019

Krzysztof Komeda

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Dub Syndicate
Displaced Masters

Dub Syndicate were a loose dub collective with selector Adrian Sherwood at its centre, with a varied cast of players working experimentally within the structures of wonderful dub. Displaced Masters is a set of previously unheard quality cuts from the studio in the early 1980’s. Much of this material is rawer in feel than the album cuts of the time. LP release on On-U Sound.

Yellow Magic Orchestra

The sound of Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Technodelic should really be obvious from the title. The fifth album from these synth-pop experimenters is now remembered for its radical, and extremely early, use of sampling. This makes the record more minimal, but their TR-808 drum machine and new wave charm are still present.  As with the rest of their YMO reissue series, Music on Vinyl have pressed this to 180 gram vinyl and made the first 1000 copies transparent.

The Fall
Live At The Witch Trials

Originally released through the legendary punk label Step-Forward in 1979, Live At The Witch Trials by The Fall finally gets the reissue treatment for a new generation of fans. As a debut album it’s rugged and repetitive forging the template that Mark E. Smith would become famous for. Out on 2CD and 180 gram vinyl from Castle Music and Sanctuary.

African Sunset

African Sunset is a very rare release from 1982 by Kabasa, a very fine South African band. Popular global eighties sounds are brought into dialogue with South African styles and instrumentation, with plenty of funk and jazz to be found in there. It is very unlikely that you already own African Sunset, so take advantage of this remastered reissue!

Lee Moses
How Much Longer Must I Wait? Singles & Rarities 1965-1972

Lee Moses is an enigmatic Southern Soul kind of guy, noted for his rare but fantastic 1971 album Time and Place. But what if you wanted to go deeper than that album? Well then you’d need How Much Longer Must I Wait?, which compiles (mostly earlier) non-album material that is either vanishingly rare or actually never before released. Very soulful stuff, beautifully restored and presented.

Primal Scream
Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Singles

Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Singles is a career-spanning compilation by Primal Scream. The music covers a thirty year period from their early singles in 1986 such as Velocity Girl and Ivy Ivy Ivy, through classics such as Movin’ On Up and Rocks, to later hits such as Country Girl and Where The Light Gets In. Double CD on Columbia.

Empire Of The Sun
Walking On A Dream

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Added to site: Monday 20th May 2019

The Blanc Tapes

Limited edition 6xLP box-set of the first three studio albums by English synth-pop artists Blancmange, originally released on CD only a couple of years back. Remastered and packaged in three 2xLP albums, each of Happy Families (1982), Mange Tout (1984) and Believe You Me (1985) come with bonus tracks, demos and extended versions. 

Gary Davis
A Taste Of Chocolate (The Very Best Of)

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Grant Green
Grant’s First Stand

Though Grant’s First Stand isn’t technically the first set Grant Green taped for Blue Note - that honour goes to the recordings collected as 2001’s First Session - it was definitely the first LP that the famed jazz guitarist released through the label. On this record Green’s unusual trio (drums, organ and guitar) front their own take on the contemporaneous sounds of hard bop and balladry. The result is an album that still surprises and thrills all these years later.

Johnny Griffin

Blue Note reissue the classic debut LP from late saxophonist Johnny Griffin. 1956’s Introducing Johnny Griffin kick-started one of the longest and most distinguished careers in jazz, but even well over a half a century later this record still ranks among the ‘Little Giant’s finest. Introducing’s opening track ‘Mil Dew’ is one of the essential hard bop texts.

Freddie Hubbard
Open Sesame

This new edition of Freddie Hubbard’s famous 1960 debut LP fronts up the original in its full glory. Even all these years later Open Sesame remains a exercise in bespoke cool from the famous trumpeter/flugelhorn player. Along with a band that featured Tina Brooks (tenor sax), McCoy Tyner (piano), Sam Jones (bass) and Clifford Jarvis (drums), Hubbard swings through a set of originals and covers here with effortless grace. Blue Note’s latest pressing of Open Sesame features liner notes penned by the late Ira Gitler.
Added to site: Friday 17th May 2019

Klaus Schulze
Next of Kin

The deep library that is Klaus Schulze’s catalogue grows a little larger with this release, which answers the question that many Shulze-heads have asked over the years: did he create an original soundtrack to the 1982 film Next Of Kin? In fact he did, though the score was never used or heard… Until now! This thought-lost music has been brought back, remastered, and presented to us at last. Via The Roundtable.

Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic

By posthumous appointment of His Royal Majesty the late Prince Rogers Nelson, the article contained within - to wit, the present item of recorded and remixed music, titled Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic - shall be herewith available for public purchase by way of mandated, if finite, general release, and thereby shall no longer retain exclusivity among those few members constitutive of the 2001 NPG Music Club organisation. Signed, the Estate of His Majesty. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (19075914001)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
Added to site: Thursday 16th May 2019

Ian Crause (Disco Inferno)
The Vertical Axis / The Song of Phaeton

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The Voices
The Sound Of Young America

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Added to site: Wednesday 15th May 2019

Sonic Mass

Silent since the late 80s, Amebix, a duo of the reclusive swordsmith Rob Miller and his brother Stig have had their lineup augmented with the addition of drummer Roy Mayorga (Soulfly, Stone Sour). Sonic Mass is their first album in over 20 years and their third in total.
  • Vinyl LP (AMBEA002LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Causa Sui
Summer Sessions Vol. 1

Vinyl re-issue of the Summer Sessions series by Danish instrumental psych- / stoner-rock band Causa Sui, originally released between 2008 and 2009 and with the aid of saxophonist Johan Riedelow, which defined the group’s sound. Highlights from Vol. 1 include the massive 24-minute ‘Visions of Summer’ that takes up the entire first side! 

Causa Sui
Summer Sessions Vol. 2

Vinyl re-issue of the Summer Sessions series by Danish instrumental psych- / stoner-rock band Causa Sui, originally released between 2008 and 2009 and with the aid of saxophonist Johan Riedelow. Vol. 2 includes Riedelow’s free jazz freakout on ‘Rip Tide’ and the spaghetti-western flavours of 'Cinecitta'.

Causa Sui
Summer Sessions Vol. 3

Vinyl re-issue of the Summer Sessions series by Danish instrumental psych- / stoner-rock band Causa Sui, originally released between 2008 and 2009 and with the aid of saxophonist Johan Riedelow, which defined the group’s sound. Complete with fresh packaging from El Paraiso, Vol. 3 includes the swirling heat-haze of ‘Venice By the Sea’.

Griot Galaxy

Griot Galaxy painted their faces silver, read poetry at their gigs and played oddball jazz. Kins, their 1982 masterpiece,  is one of those much sought-after, legendary rare albums, made more rare by the fact that 1800 copies of the original pressing were accidentally binned. The Detroit band had the spirit of John Coltrane and Sun Ra coursing through their veins.

Space Cats
Something New

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