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Added to site: Friday 5th July 2019


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Added to site: Thursday 4th July 2019

Gil Scott-Heron

Spirits is a 1994 album by Gil Scott-Heron. It is being reissued for its 25th anniversary which means that we’re all getting old. The title track reinterprets the John Coltrane track of the same name. The Other Side, here in three parts, is a re-working of Heron’s 1971 track, Home Is Where The Hatred Is. This version was sampled by Jamie xx for the pair’s highly rated collaborative effort, We’re New Here, in 2011.

The Pictorial Jackson Review

The Pictorial Jackson Review is not only brilliantly titled but is one of the best of the latter day Felt records. It's full of wonderfully brief tunes which more often than not sound comically in thrall to Bob Dylan. Try listening to How Spook Got Her Man without thinking of the grizzled troubadour. 

Me And A Monkey On The Moon

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Richard Pinhas

First time vinyl reissue of the first album by Richard Pinhas released after the end of Heldon. Alone he takes a more restrained approach than that of his band, with Iceland being a subtle journey reflecting the cold and awe of the country from which it takes its name. Also features 'Wintermusic' a 25 minute long bonus track from 1983 also released on vinyl for the first time.
Added to site: Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Make Believe

Weezer reissues! Everyone’s favourite US power-indie-pop hitmakers get pressed up to wax by Universal, getting their post-2000’s work fully available again. Make Believe was released in 2005, smashing into the popular consciousness via the super-single ‘Beverly Hills’. 180g vinyl reissue on Universal.

Songs: Ohia
Travels in Constants

Under the Songs: Ohia moniker, Jason Molina released an untitled one song EP for a subscription series on Temporary Residence Records called Travels In Constants. The EP went under the radar, lost between the release of the albums Ghost Tropic and Didn’t It Rain. Now, released on vinyl as Travels In Constants EP, the 18-minute long title track featuring just Molina and an acoustic guitar, is paired with a another lost epic, Howler, which clocks in at 13 minutes.

Famous Monsters

Misfits had been around for over two decades by the time their fifth LP Famous Monsters came out, but despite their age the east coast crew still knew how to write a slamming tune better than many of their imitators. They display that ability time and again here. Michale Graves, on vocal duties for the second album running following the departure of Glenn Danzig, leads the merry rabble through a full set of campy horror-punk bangers.

Scott Walker
5 Classic Albums

An irresistible bundle deal from Universal here: a full brace of early Scott Walker albums! That’s Scott 1, Scott 2, Scott 3, Scott 4 and Til’ The Band Comes In (he really dropped the ball on naming that last one eh?). Genuinely classic 60’s pop from the remarkable Walker mark one. 5CD box-set available for a shockingly low price.
Added to site: Tuesday 2nd July 2019

The Pale Fountains
(There's Always) Something On My Mind

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Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.

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Alpha Stone
Stereophonic Pop Art Music

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Greater Manchester Punk 1977-1981

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The Rolling Stones
Rock and Roll Circus

Because The Rolling Stones were The Rolling Stones they could get all the stars to come out and play. And come out and play they did on 11th December 1968. Rock and Roll Circus, their musical extravaganza, features performances by The Rolling Stones, complete with Brian Jones, The Who, Taj Mahal, Marianne Faithfull, Jethro Tull and Yoko Ono. There’s also songs performed by The Dirty Mac - a supergroup featuring John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Mitch Mitchell and Keith Richards - Keith was relegated to bass duties.

Steel Mind
Boss Man

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The White Stripes
The White Stripes

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Company Of State
Company Of State

In the 1980s Belgium was quite the hotbed for the sort of new wave that was so inspired by the likes of Joy Division. Part of this scene were Company Of State who take the template created in Manchester and make it darker and more brittle. This self-titled EP was their first release, and shows the band to be just as capable of capturing melancholy as any of their peers.
Added to site: Monday 1st July 2019

Kingsley Bucknor
Just U and Me

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Seaside Lovers
Memories in Beach House

Seaside Lovers were a Japanese jazz/funk/soul/pop fusion three-piece. They featured Akira Inoue, Hiroshi Sato and Masataka Matsutoya, who were all artists in their own right. Memories In Beach House was originally released in 1983 and was never reissued on vinyl. This made it a highly sought-after artefact among collectors.
  • Vinyl LP (MHJL154)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Frank Black
Teenager of the Year

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Kashmere Stage Band
Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974

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Added to site: Friday 28th June 2019

Anthony Braxton & Derek Bailey

Derek Bailey and Anthony Braxton, together on an Incus release from 1974! Amazing stuff eh free improvisation fans? But wait, there’s more (literally)! Braxton and Bailey originally planned two volumes of Royal, but only one was ever released… Until now! This newly remastered reissue contains both volumes, at last. From Honest Jon’s.

Dinosaur L
24-24 Music

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Mark A. Mitchell
How Can I? / All Your Love

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The Heads

The Heads fans rejoice as some of their more hard to find releases from the early 2000s are now compiled on one 3LP collection. Comprising of the first 3 releases The Heads put out on the Rocket label, this finds the band at their most freeform, a psychedelic sprawling mass of grooves and noise rock fun.      

The Land of Rape and Honey

Ministry released The Land of Rape and Honey, their third album, in 1988. It was their breakthrough moment which lead to further successes, The Mind is a Terrible Thing To Taste (1989) and Psalm 69 (1992). Their industrial mix of ear-pounding electronic beats, heavy metal and distorted vocals and guitars influenced the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Fear Factory.
  • Vinyl LP (MOVLP651C)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
Added to site: Thursday 27th June 2019

Achwghâ Ney Wodei
Achwghâ Ney Wodei

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Mary Clark
Take Me I'm Yours

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Elizabeth Cotten
Freight Train And Other North Carolina Folk Songs And Tunes

Awww Elizabeth Cotton. The first time I heard Freight Train, seriously, I thought it was my grandma singing. She has the exact same tone and intonation as my grandma's voice. Made me weep I can tell you. Cotton was one of the few female performers of country blues and her hesitant, emotional style was a unique counterpoint to the grizzled guys around at the time. Freight Train has become an all time classic. You need this.   

Colored Music
Colored Music

Japanese duo, Colored Music’s 1981 debut is for fans of weird and obscure music. Their sound is utterly their own, however, if you imagine David Bowie’s Berlin trilogy spliced with the work of Japanese electronic pioneer Haruomi Hosono, it may give you an insight into their world of spacey new wave, weird disco, avant-garde synth pop, proto-house and post-punk glam. Interested? LP and CD on WRWTFWW Records.

Felt Mountain

Back in the year 2000 the 11th day in September was largely free of historial resonance - that is, for those of us who weren’t still choked up about the defeat of the Roman Empire at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9AD. Who knows, if things haven't gone the way that they did then the date may forever have been associated with the release of Goldfrapp’s debut LP ‘Felt Mountain’. An album at once in and out of time, ‘Felt Mountain’ put a sort of chic 60s spin on the valium-hazed chansons of Stereolab and Saint Etienne. The record still sounds good nowadays, which is probably the reason that Mute Records have decided to reissue it.

Tom Tom Club
Tom Tom Club

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David Amram feat. Harold Land, Dick Leith, Paul Horn & Carmel Jones
The Manchurian Candidate

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Nakara Percussions
Nakara Percussions

A rare and obscure treat here from Nakara Percussions, a French trio with a live of percussion instruments from all around the world. They’ve got em all, from tablas to Maghreb drums to thumb pianos, and they know how to use them. Private pressed in 1984, this record is not easy to find, but it is easy to love. Reissued by Komos Records.
  • Vinyl LP (KOS1)
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Added to site: Wednesday 26th June 2019


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Complete Studio Collection

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Nina Simone
A Very Rare Evening

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Esterno Notte Vol. 2

'Esterno Notte Vol. 2' is the second release from Four Flies featuring jazz-funk, latenite breaks, cinematic prog and psychedelia from previously untapped Italian film music archives. A limited-edition release, this volume is dedicated to sounds designed for a mid-century cityscape full of action, car-chases and high-tension scenes set in smoky nightclubs.

Tomorrow Hit Today

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Alan Vega, Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn
Cubist Blues

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Haruomi Hosono
Cochin Moon

Cochin Moon is Haruomi Hosono’s 5th solo album, inspired by a trip to India and set as the soundtrack to a non-existent Bollywood film. The record was originally released in 1978 and as such was massively ahead of its time with its manic electronic instrumentation. FFO Cluster, Aphex Twin. Artwork was provided by Tadanori Yokoo.

Crooked Rain Crooked Rain

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The United States of America
The United States Of America

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Bibi Den’s Thsibayi

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Glass Domain
Glass Domain

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Hell Fire

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The Rimarimba Collection

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John Lee Hooker
Detroit and Beyond Vol. 1

Jack White’s Third Man Records project reaches its logical conclusion with a set of John Lee Hooker reissues. Originally released in 1973, Detroit And Beyond Vol. 1 collects some of the famed bluesman’s earliest recordings. Many of these tracks were cut at a studio but a stone's throw away from where the Third Man store now resides.
  • Vinyl Double LP (TMR511)
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William Hooker
... Is Eternal Life

Drummer, band leader, poet and composer, William Hooker’s 70+ album career all began with ….Is Eternal Life in the mid-’70s. Like many artists of the day, he was inspired to make his art - be it free jazz or poetry - by the political climate, social injustices and cultural inequality. ….Is Life Eternal strains with tension and explodes with fury.

The Twilight Sad
Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters

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Everybody's Problem

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Added to site: Tuesday 25th June 2019

Shudder To Think
Ten Spot

Shudder to Think’s 1990 LP, the first that they dropped on Dischord, is put to wax once again here. In some senses - the palm-muted rhythms, the ferocious tub-thumping, Bad Brains-y squaws of guitar - it’s classic Dischord fare. In others - the theatrical flourishes that pepper each track, some strong glam influence, and a singer pitched somewhere between Kate Bush and Jeff Buckley - it is an outlier in the label’s discography. Worthy of exploration, this edition comes with new artwork by Heather Hendrix Russell.

Iggy Pop
Zombie Birdhouse

Iggy’s sixth solo album is getting a reissue for the first time since its 1982 release. Produced by Blondie’s Chris Stein, the vinyl will contain sleeve notes written by Irvine Welsh. Zombie Birdhouse sees Iggy at his monologuing best, spinning tales over a mix of Afrobeat, drone and chugging guitars. Also featuring an unseen version of ‘Pain and Suffering’ with Debbie Harry singing backup.

Hot Water Music
A Flight and a Crash

Late 90s punk-rockers Hot Water Music (not to be confused with classic 90s hip-hop outfit Cold Water Music) are reissuing some their most successful albums. On A Flight and a Crash you can hear the band starting to get the hang of the classic call-and-response choruses. The record is back out on vinyl for what is probably the 17th time.


Utopia is Bjork’s ninth album, still with One Little Indian, still pushing boundaries artistically and sonically. The album’s artwork reflects the album’s themes and sound, apparently, but you have to be a better art critic than me to figure that out. Musically, Bjork worked with Venezuelan DJ Arca and a thirteen-piece flute orchestra. Lyrically, she is in an optimistic mood, pushing for some kind of Utopia as a necessity to escape the world we currently live in.


Post-Bjork? Her third solo record followed on from the gleeful and smooth Debut, and offered more of the same with slight experimental tinges that would reveal a more thoughtful and endlessly imaginative artist. With a huge backing band behind her and a knack for the sinister, Post started to hint at a new incarnation.


At the time, just after the turn of a new century, Vespertine felt like a logical progression from Homogenic, released four years previously. The increased orchestral presence is rich and lush, backed with more considered, detailed beats and songs which travel from the dark and folkloric to movingly romantic. 


Bjork's masterwork. On her fourth record, the Icelandic pop artist started marrying her trip-hop backdrop with a hugely expansive and coldly experimental sound. This record was perhaps her darkest entry yet and did Post one better by boasting an orchestra of several billion -- each making strings swell, drums coalesce or cellos brood around Bjork's darkly moving songs.


Back from Iceland, Björk is bringing another piece of her wild and crazy pop history to us. Vulnicura is released on double vinyl, in a deluxe digipack or a classic CD, but as far as we know none of the editions includes any fancy Björk swanmade dresses. We tried to make it happen, we really did.

Julian Cope

25th anniversary re-mastered re-issue of Autogeddon, the 11th solo album from former Teardrop Explodes frontman Julian Cope. One of the musical and cultural auteur’s most intriguing and unfairly overlooked works. Both editions include the album itself, the Paranormal In The West Country EP and rare tracks ‘Conspiracy Blues’ and ‘Highway Blues’.


It's called Debut because Bjork may be an accomplished, brilliant, wise pop musician, but she is also apparently a liar (in this small, irrelevant case only). This is actually her second solo record, and it's the best place to find the trip-hop, soft dance, good time version of an artist who went on to be a lot more elusive and challenging than this. "Crying" is actually laughing.
  • Vinyl LP (TPLP31)
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King Crimson
1972 – 1974

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The Congos
Back In The Black Ark

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Sun Ra
Singles (The Definitive 45s Collection Vol. 2: 1962-1991)

The second volume of Strut’s compilation of Sun Ra’s many many singles gets a vinyl release. The Definitive 45s Collection includes a huge variety of Ra’s styles: he seemed to view singles (often pressed in very small runs) as opportunities to try things as strange as quasi-disco, spoken word, R&B and more. Three LPs of rare material, accompanied by detailed track-by-track liner notes. On Strut.

Perfect Symmetry

The point at which Keane’s bafflingly enormous popularity finally started to wane, 2008's Perfect Symmetry saw the trio try to gently expand upon the piano-led formula that had brought them such ubiquity in the mid-Noughties. This is a 180g heavyweight vinyl re-issue to mark the album’s tenth anniversary. 

Sweet House Chicago

1989 LP of House from Chicago, titled Sweet House Chicago. Curated by DJ, producer, and Hot Mix 5 Records owner Mickey Oliver, these two LPs are stuffed to the brim with eight fine examples of the Chicago House sound in its undisputed prime. Includes Phortune, Ralphi Rosario, and a Larry Heard / Mickey Oliver production. Reissued by Still Music in vinyl and CD formats.

Elisa Waut
Elisa Waut

A undercover classic of minimal wave, first released in 1982 as a limited run of cassettes, hand-dubbed for demo purposes. Elisa Waut was a trio of Mitteleuropean youth, and this self-titled debut of theirs is cold and detached and moody, singing of depression and Cold War vibes. You know you want it. Resurrected to vinyl by Numero Group.

Gang Starr
Step In The Arena

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Captain Ganja & The Space Patrol

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Added to site: Monday 24th June 2019

Nkono Teles
Party Beats

Throughout the 80’s the late Nkono Teles was one of West Africa’s most prolific producers, providing countless artists with a slick, funky reinterpretation of Afro-disco for the new decade. He occasionally made music of his own too, releasing three solo LPs during his lifetime. Teles plays all of the instruments on Party Beats to create a set of sophisticated tunes befitting of the album’s title. Now Party Beats has been reissued through BBE Africa.

Robert Forster
The Evangelist

Australia's top lip purser Robert Forster (in second place Helen Daniels) released this 2008 album on the back of the tragic passing of his Go Betweens partner in crime Grant McLennan and contains three songs written with the late songwriter. It's no eulogy to McLennan though  - just your usual Forster fayre of bright upbeat guitar pop alongside some low key weepies. Not to be missed.    

Joe Meek
I Hear A New World

Joe Meek’s amazing vision of spacey DIY strange-pop is beautifully represented on his 1960 album I Hear A New World: An Outer Space Music Fantasy, reissued here by Poppydisc. Meek was the master of getting unusual effects out of cheap (or no) equipment, his natural curiosity and ingenuity shining through in every sound.


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Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
Wandering The Outer Space

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A Trick Of The Tail

1976: Goodbye Peter Gabriel, step forward Mr. Phil Collins! A Trick Of The Tail was the album where Phil Collins left his drum stool and stepped up to the mic, or just got a mic shoved in front of his mouth while he sat at the drums. He replaced Peter Gabriel on vocals anyway as Gabriel left to embark on a solo career. A more song-orientated, less theatrical version of Genesis was born.


Collocutor’s 2014 LP Instead was the first thing to be released by On The Corner Records. It is the album that set the tone for a label whose impressive roster now includes artists like Dengue Dengue Dengue and DJ Khalab. Furthermore, you can make the case that Instead is one of the LPs which helped kick-start the London nu-jazz scene that has produced Moses Boyd, Joe Armon-Jones et al. Led by saxophonist/flautist Tamar Osborn, Collocutor’s sound is a rhythm-heavy mix of various jazz colours - free, spiritual, bop, astral and soul all get a look-in here.

Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton
Music and Poetry of The Kesh

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Yung Lean
Unknown Memory

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Hearts of Palm

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New Order

Remember Republic? The New Order album with sleeve art that looks like a straight-to-video action movie languishing in a VHS bargain bin? Here it is reissued, by Rhino. The 1993 album includes the hit ‘Regret’, and was the last thing released by the band before their long hiatus. Remastered audio!

Evan Parker
The Snake Decides

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Francoise Hardy
Le Temps de l'amour

Listening to Françoise Hardy it's very easy to imagine a room full of chic Parisians in matching black turtlenecks gently dancing with cigarettes hanging out their mouths. Among those Parisians you would have been likely to see Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison and lots of other more well known admirers. On Le Chant du Monde.

Amnon Raviv

An experimental record from Israel that’s become something of a Holy Grail for collectors, Mirror by sound artist Amnon Raviv was restricted to just 50 handmade copies when released back in 1983. This wider re-issue of 500 numbered vinyl copies will expand that circle of very lucky individuals! 
Added to site: Friday 21st June 2019


The fourth album in the Genesis cannon was 1972’s Foxtrot. According to critics at the time, this is the one where their blend of prog, creativity and musical nous were combined perfectly. Foxtrot was notable for its ambitious closing track, Supper’s Ready, a complex construction which clocked in at 27 minutes. Reissue 180g vinyl LP on Virgin/EMI.

Christopher Young
Hellraiser (Original Motion Picture Score)

In good time for Halloween, Christopher Young’s soundtrack to the 1987 cult horror romp Hellraiser is now yours to own on heavyweight vinyl. Remastered from the original tapes, Young’s canny score expertly communicates the complexity of themes running through the film. Naïve, seductive mystery gives way, as the sinister narrative of Pinhead and Pals draws on, to all sorts of intense transgressions.

Jose Prates / Miecio Askanasy
Tam... Tam... Tam...

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Laura Veirs

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Beastie Boys
Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

Still displaying all the creativity and lyrical dexterity that had made them such legends after they broke out a quarter of a century before, 2011’s Hot Sauce Committee Part Two turned out to be the final studio album from Beastie Boys, following the passing of Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch the following year from cancer. 
Added to site: Thursday 20th June 2019

The Claim
Boomy Tella

The Claim were part of the mid '80s Medway Scene (see also The Prisoners, Billy Childish and The Dentists) and this is a re-issue of their second album which originally emerged in 1988. Theirs was a mod-influenced pop that had serious repercussions on the sound of the young Blur. Here it is remastered and re-presented with liner notes by guitarist David Arnold.  

Patterson Twins
Gonna Find A True Love / A Good Thing

Miles Away Records with a reissue of ‘Gonna Find A True Love’, a rare disco gem by Mississippi pair the Patterson Twins. You’ve all heard disco before so there’s not really much more we need to tell you about this one - it’s just really good, funky, soulful music. Comes backed by the gospel-soul number ‘A Good Thing', a track that appeared alongside ‘Gonna Find A True Love’ on the duo’s 1978 debut LP Let Me Be Your Lover.
  • Vinyl 7" (MA003)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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