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East of the Valley Blues

East Of The Valley Blues buck the trend of the Death Is Not The End release catalogue to date, by being produced in the 21st century by someone not long dead! Yes, this acoustic guitar duo are a contemporary outfit, though grounded in the rich and dusty sounds of American Primitive guitar. Cassette and vinyl LP releases....view item »


Second full-length from Sigha. Metabolism is a compelling suite of high-tech techno that is notable for consciously playing around with the mono and stereo deployment of different sound elements and frequencies, making headphones or a good system a must. CD and double LP editions on the Token label....view item »

Papa M
Highway Songs

It's been a dark couple of years for David Pajo so it's good to see him alive and well and making music. He has been involved in some great projects over the years and his back catalogue reads like some of the greatest moments in recent indie history ...Slint, Bonnie 'Prince...view item »

Sun Dial
Made In The Machine

Dave Schmidt of Electric Moon and Interkosmos runs Sulatron Records and brings Neo-Psych to the forefront, the latest offering is the UK’s Gary Ramon fronted project Sun Dial returning with a follow up to their 2012 album Mind Control. They’...view item »

The Oscillation / 10,000 Russos
Fuzz Club 10" Split Single No. 9

Psychedelic tag team enter the Fight and/or Fuzz Club for a record that spins the wheels of all the things they do, and spins it well. The Oscillation open up on a gruesome bassline that just keeps table-setting, table-setting and table-setting into the voided oblivion. The track does what it should: it swirls. It swirls distortion, it swirls ri...view item »

Vanishing Twin
Choose Your Own Adventure

Vanishing Twin is a project led by Cathy Lucas (of The Oscillation), named for the phantom twin sister she absorbed in the womb(!). That should tip you off to the odd edge that Choose Your Own Adventure has: appealing pop music, but made strange and obscure. Also features personnel from...view item »

His Clancyness
Isolation Culture

Thanks to the lovely people at Maple Death records I'm now able to listen to this in it's entirety. I can only apologise that their generosity hasn't enabled me to pump from a 7 to 8 as I suggested in my earlier review. I'm sticking with a 7 but it doesn't mean I dislike the record. We must remember when Phil moans at me for awarding albums 7 th...view item »

Clint Mansell
High Rise

What could possibly make us more excited about Kill List and Sightseers director Ben Wheatley tackling J. G. Ballard’s nightmarish novel of concrete alienation? Well, a Clint Mansell soundtrack should do it. The prolific composer brings his synths and hars...view item »


Moderat are an electronic three-piece consisting of Gernot Bronsert, Sebastian Szary and Sascha Ring. III is the completion of a trilogy that has seen the once self-proclaimed “Lap-top Boy Band” grow to be a single like-minded entity. their debut, I, was the coming together of very separate ideas wh...view item »

Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave
Phantasm - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

For the first time in 35 years the soundtrack to Phantasm gets the vinyl treatment. Deliciously creepy, Fred Myrow and Malcolm Seagrave’s legendary work offers a familiar sound for Goblin fans. Featuring new artwork and liner notes from the director this is sure to be a horror collector's dream. Vinyl reissue LP o...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Third World Pyramid

In this crazy world we’re bombarded by a constant stream of information, misinformation and Shiny New Things. In a NR reviewer’s world, we are showered with new / old musics. Sometimes it’s welcome, sometimes it’s not; often, though we just don’t know. Well I don’t know. So...view item »

DJ Shadow
The Mountain Will Fall

This weeks big news is that DJ Shadow still actually makes records. If he’d stopped after Entroducing then its easy to imagine the furore the internet would have created around this As it is this is his sixth album, none of which have ever got close to the unique crate digging approach of the first one. The opening title track does...view item »

Oddments Of The Gamble

In which Nils Frahm, Sebastian Singwald and Frederic Gmeiner continue to plunder themselves plundering their little selves. If you see what I mean.... No? Well, back at the beginning-ish (February?) of this unforgettable year we know as 2016, mess(e)rs Frahm and chums released a post-rock-electronic album wh...view item »

Sun Ra | Merzbow
Strange City

Avant-garde music lovers from all over the spectrum will raise their eyebrows at this record: Merzbow and Sun Ra are two of the most prolific sound-weirdos out there, but this is the first time their paths have crossed. Of course, Sun Ra returned to Saturn decades ago, but Masami Akita...view item »

"BBF" Hosted By DJ Escrow

We all know now that Babyfather is the project of Dean Blunt. The enfent terrible of underground hip hop/dream pop/whatvs is always shifting and moving on and it’s really hard to predict what he will do next. Early reports that this was a collaboration with Arca were wide of the mark (Arca appear...view item »

Brigid Mae Power
Brigid Mae Power

Brigid Mae Power has absorbed the true flavour of Ireland during her time living there. Although this self-titled album was recorded in Oregon, USA (with Peter Broderick), Galway remains audible. Her songs often feel like a thick, mournful dream, textured with accordions, harmoniums, and her magnificent voice. O...view item »

Black Sabbath

Well look who it is. Ozzy Osbourne and his merry men. The sixth studio album from Black Sabbath gets the reissue treatment here. Sabotage was recorded during a tumultuous time for the band but still made a big impact on the rock music of the time. The sleeve artwork is faithfully recreated to mirror the original. Out on...view item »


Look: it’s Wormrot. They’re a classic fucking band in a genre where classic bands don’t often just start Not Being Good. They’re not suddenly gonna get bad, and I don’t really see the point in spewing my guts about how it’s been five years since ‘Dirge’ or talk to you about how good &lsqu...view item »

David Bowie

Although you might reckon that the world is quite well stocked with David Bowie best-of compilations already, this one is new to 2016 and therefore includes two songs from Blackstar! The other unique feature is an unreleased mix of ‘Life on Mars?’: oooh. And of course, four vinyl sides packed full of familia...view item »

Joanna Gruesome
Peanut Butter 

Yes to this band. They are the reason I can’t tell the difference between noise rock and twee pop, and they are the reason I feel swathes of nostalgia and joy among distortion and thrash. ‘Peanut Butter’ is a pretty good name for one of their records: texturally it can be a total mess, but that’s the delight -- they ...view item »

Super Low

Right then, we have an issue here. Warehouse are a band from Athens Georgia who make an amazing, truly inventive form of rock music that references pretty much every lop sided rock band of the past two decades. I hear great, weird melodies that recall Talking Heads, REM, ...view item »

July Skies
The Weather Clock

Lovely re-issue of classic English pastoralism. Here's Mingus's review from back in the days we sold CDs.   Twelve tracks of melancholic English pastoralism in the vein of Vini Reilly's Durutti Column. Long drawn out guitar passages, sometimes drenched in reverb. Introduced with the pips (UK Radi...view item »

The Early Years
The Early Years

Next up on the ever growing shelves is a new signing to Beggars Banquet called The Early Years. If you like Krautrock and more specifically Neu then this is for you as they have wholesale copied the Neu sound completely. Someone should really get some lawyers involved. There's money to be made here I'm sure. Aside ...view item »

Glass Animals
How To Be A Human Being

‘How To Be A Human Being’ is not a bad album at all. The track listing makes it sound like the record is perhaps a bizarre and dreamlike timeline of some teenage kids life. One of my favourite lyrics is ‘sipping codeine coca cola’. I have no idea if this is life in the south of England, but...view item »

Apollo Brown & Skyzoo
The Easy Truth

Detroit meets Brooklyn with producer Apollo Brown (Danny Brown, Ghostface Killah, Guilty Simpson) and rapper Skyzoo locking productions. Heavy hitting and big Premier beats backing a lyrical concept album that ain’t about hustling, but str...view item »

Shapeshifter LP

I've been meaning to review this album for far too long now. What perhaps has stopped me is in thinking how to get across it's almost genre-less structure. The album was put together by Eyedress in his Manila home but he has reached out all around the world in search of collaborators and it's this playful collaboration that gives the album it's ...view item »

Mississippi Fred McDowell
Delta Blues

Mississippi Fred McDowell recorded his Delta Blues album in mid 1960s, and boy does this stuff sound right. The guitar moves fleet-footed around the tunes, and McDowell's voice really sounds the part. The record is reissued in a blue vinyl pressing with a pitch-perfect replica sleeve by the A...view item »


Dead is apparently what happens when you submit your music to a whole host of highly creative contemporaries with the request that they “kill” your songs. So Spectre’s material is shaken in all directions by the likes of Giant Swan, Factory Floor, Vision Fortun...view item »

Michael Hurley
Redbirds At Folk City

Michael Hurley is an American folk artist who came of age during the 60’s Greenwich scene, though he’s always gone resolutely his own way. This release is a document of a live show that Hurley played with his band Redbirds in 1976, bringing a rural swing to the good people at Fol...view item »


Clinton handed this to me asking if I was about to have lunch, but after a cursory glance at that cover I doubt I’ll be eating for a few days. Slimy, writhing fingers on your face. An oily mass of maggoty digits near your eyes and ears and mouth and nose. I’m gonna barf. Those that know the sound of the Pharmakon won’t ...view item »

Everything Is Wrong

Moby’s lesser-known third album Everything Is Wrong album receives its first vinyl release since it was originally out. Everything Is Wrong is very definitely a 90’s record (it was released in 1995), but there is still plenty to like about its high-energy pumping dance tracks. 180g vinyl reissue on ...view item »

Summer 08

One of the most surprising musical developments over the last few years has been my new-found love of Metronomy. I’m pretty much aware that the superb 'Love Letters' is tangled up in glorious memories of decorating a house in Stoke on Trent but that’s what music does. Heading backwards into their discography I found t...view item »

Bruno Nicolai
The Case Of The Scorpions Tail

Vintage Giallo soundtrack goodness from the dramatic world of early 70’s Italy. The Case Of The Scorpion’s Tail is a tale of spooky murder, and Bruno Nicolai accompanies it beautifully with a mixture of high avant-drama and sweeping orchestral melodicism. This is the first ever release of the entire soundtra...view item »

Perc + Randomer

First collaboration between Perc Trax main man Perc and Randomer. Industrialised and mechanical techno beats that push over to industrial forms but hold back enough to remain club focused. These three tracks push you but are clear and groovy enough to dance to. The kick on Flooring is particularly helli...view item »

Emperor Of Sand

‘I’m always searching for the perfect riff’ - Bill Kelliher, 200something Got to get this off my chest. I love Mastodon. Or at least, the Mastodon of old - yep, I’m one of those fans of the band, that worships their first 4 albums like idols and then, uh, stuff happened. Tepid stuff. But as a young caref...view item »

Sonic Jesus

Are Sonic Jesus just White Lies now? Weren’t these the guys making pummelling, nihilist psych rock double discs but a year ago? From hopeless hearts to post-punk romanticism, it seems, as ‘Grace’ opens with a the National-inspired baritone, a lovesick melody an...view item »

Pacific Surf Line

GospelbeacH (ooh, don’t you just love bands with unconventional capitalisation?) are made up of some very experienced musicians: the five members have played variously with Beachwood Sparks, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood, and even Ryan Adams’ Cardinals...view item »

Silver Apples

Mr Simeon Coxe is probably the most hyped 70-something of 2016. Despite all the 60s/70s revivalist stuff going on, he’s quite deserving of the hype, seeing as he’s also the hardest rocking 70-something of 2016. Having seen him play recently, and despite his near motionless figure, I was amazed to hear the thick techno backdrop of his...view item »

Surfer Blood

After a dreadful couple of years when their guitarist passed away and their bassist left Surfer Blood have regrouped and sound incredibly perky. In fact opener ‘Matter of Time’ is kind of the musical equivalent of that laughing picture of the Beach Boys taken just after the death of drummer Denni...view item »

Future Politics

It's hard sometimes to figure out who exactly Austra appeal to. Their music is lifeless synthy dance music seemingly without emotion and Katie Stelmanis' voice is one part strangled cat and another part Madonna singing through a squashed hosepipe. Yet they have a nice little career going so what could it be?...view item »

M 008

2016 remaster via the one and only Murder Capital - originally issued back in 1995 on I-f's Interr-Ference Communications as an untitled 12" (HM 1202). Pure class electro-techno filth from the revered, yet unsung hero of the Dutch underground - Ronal Klaver. Still sounds fresher than a pre-moistened towelette....view item »

Entangled In Vines

Feeling too hungry to write reviews I'm just going to batter my ears with this pre- cup-a-soup.  In fact even though this form of techno is speedy and repetitive my ears actually feel rather softened by the sounds. The beats and muted and the synths carve a rather pleasant path even if they are acidic as on opener 'Enter'. 'Getting ...view item »

Lightning In A Twilight Hour
And All The Ships At Sea

I’ve been ranting internally all week about what has happened to everything. How everyone seems to be het up about nothing. About how everything is designed just to get something trending., Radiohead cancel the internet so we have to talk about it indefinitely. And yet and yet, someone like Lightning in a Twilight Hour rele...view item »

What Went Down

Oh look, a new Foals album! This is the first we’ve heard from Foals since 2013, when their last full length, Holy Fire, was released. What Went Down lavishes us with ten tracks, and is available as LP, CD, or in a deluxe edition paired with a DVD containing enigmatic ‘additional vi...view item »

Anthony Child
Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle, Vol. 2

Well this is a long album. 1 hour and 10 minutes of Anthony Child wandering the jungle, getting distracted by extravagantly coloured bugs and tripping on roots and probably just getting lost. Really lost. 1 hour and 10 minutes of lost. He’s probably still there, hiding in a temple doing his best Marlon Brando impression, waiting for the ca...view item »

The Bug
Box ft. D Double E / Iceman ft. Riko Dan

The Bug gets busy with two of Grime’s most heavyweight microphone lords on this explosive 12” for Ninja Tune. Now I’m most definitely not an MC - but if I were; the two I would fear most in battle would most likely be D Double E an...view item »

Tales of Murder and Dust
The Flow In Between

This week’s Fuzz Club is really averting its eyes from the standard boggy marsh of psychedelic doings, taking the label out of its workmanlike aesthetic and into new territories. This one, from Danish alt-crew Tales of Murder and Dust, has groaning strings, subdued whisper-songs and just an emotive hint of your psych rawk. There’s so...view item »

Blown Rose EP

Blossoms release their third EP to date, Blown Rose. They are an indie rock group whose lead singer has a strong vein of melancholy running through his vocal outpourings. Faint touches of shoegaze appear in the sound, but mostly this is keyboard-led indie with prominent pop structures. Released as a 10” by Virgin ...view item »

Olimpia Splendid
Olimpia Splendid

The debut album from Olimpia Splendid comes after their EP dropped in 2013 to praise of their gritty electric guitar and hypnotic rhythms. The six tracks on the album from the three girls from Helsinki have looping rhythms which are built upon with raging guitar and mantra like vocals. An intense and punk like slice of psychedel...view item »

Forwards, Futures and Options

Exciting debut release from Derivatives, a Vancouver producer who seems to have a keen interest in both minimal club tracks and complex financial instruments. The tight, clipped structures of Forwards, Futures and Options already express a clear personal identity, which has been honed through plenty of popular live sets...view item »

Desmond Dekker

Israelites is a classic 1969 release by major reggae player Desmond Dekker. The album is notable for containing the first ever UK ska number one. It has, however, been mostly unavailable since the 60’s due to a lack of reissuing. Thankfully, Trojan have at last stepped up, remastering the audio and presenting it i...view item »

C Duncan
Wanted To Want It Too

After gaining a Mercury prize nomination and a boat load more production skills with his debut album, C Duncan, returns with a new single. It’s a huge washy and glorious synth-ballad. Straight shooting drums and walking bass line with almost orchestral synth arrangements, and his layered voice floating around somewhere in ...view item »

C Duncan
Other Side

Cute lil' 7" from the once folk-quaint C. Duncan, who did what every indie rock darling does and played around with synths on The Midnight Sun. "Other Side" was one of Duncan's first public excursions with electronics and offered a shimmering sideways glance to his usual style, his delicate and decidedly Gr...view item »


Even though very much in their infancy, London based Pumarosa show that a butt load of effort pays off when developing a sound of your own. Their third short play release plays out post-indie rock with worldly wisdom, casting off the shackles of childish wonder with fond reflection. Vinyl released on Fiction. ...view item »

Robert Hood
Paradygm Shift - Volume 2

Techno authority figure Robert Hood issues further dancefloor missives from his Detroit fiefdom. Paradygm Shift - Volume II treats us to two fiercely focused tracks that barrel along on pulsing minimal rhythms and intense synth patterns. These cuts will suck you in all the way. 12” on Dekmantel....view item »

Suicide Squad: The Album

The Suicide Squad movie has an all-star line-up of actors playing an all-star line-up of superhero characters, so it makes sense to give it an all-star line-up of artists on the soundtrack. Acts as varied as Eminem, Panic! At The Disco, and Creedence Clearwater Revival are featured: my ...view item »

Beach Slang
A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings

These are the guys I go see play a gig and one night in 2010 I’m like wow that was a life-altering experience I am ready to die and then I go in 2016 and I’m like that was really, really, unfathomably decent. Pop-punk with a kind of weird vocal growl that doesn’t fit, Beach Slang have been making a lot of music of late...view item »

The Sticks
No Sustain EP

No Sustain is the new EP by Brighton’s post-punk three-piece The Sticks. It’s the band’s first release in four years. Their minimalist and fragmentary approach recalls the ‘80s DIY scene and C86 bands whilst mixing in a bit of ‘60s garage, Gang Of Four and Captain B...view item »

All That We've Become

After a long wait, Society have finally released upon to us their first full length debut record. A captivating combination of experimental indie-rock has given room for All That We’ve Become to grace its presence on earth. More than just a side project, Jamie Girdler and ...view item »

Splendor & Misery

Abrasive noise hip-hop, etc: you know the gimmick by now, so we can rest assured that clipping. are worth their hype, make pulse-altering and occasionally ear-splintering music while remaining extremely hard to type words about on account of their format-punctuating name. They don’t sound like Me...view item »

Elodie Lauten
Miracle 2

You might recognise Miracle 2 from Arthur Russell’s album Another Thought, but this track was actually co-written with Elodie Lauten, also sadly now passed. This 12” breathes new and funky energy into the track, with remixes by Gifted & Blessed and Bryce...view item »

Geidi Primes

Montreal's Claire Boucher has surprised me here with her album. I was so utterly stumped and perplexed by her split with D'eon that I didn't actually know what was going on. On 'Geidi Primes' her wonky ethereal folk with beats initially sounds like old Too ...view item »

Red House Painters
Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is the Red House Painters record that most resembles a Mark Kozelek solo record, predicting his future career a lone guitarist in Sun Kil Moon. It's personal but not in that annoyingly straight-forward way that accompanies his newest, most awful releases, instead sho...view item »

Larry Heard
25 Years From Alpha

Now remastered and reissued, ‘25 Years From Alpha’ is a Larry Heard EP which has been going for mad $$ on t’internet. The lead cut's longform, smooth-as-you-like hypno-house groove is backed by two tracks on the flip giving up that trademark Mr Fingers deepness, drenched in emotion. Repress 12&rdq...view item »


Folamour is the dude who runs the Moonrise Hill Material label when he steps out of the office and into the studio. Shakkei contains three tracks of lively and lovely deep house, the sort of thing you’d love to dance to in bright summer sunshine on a beach somewhere. But don’t wait till then to grab Shak...view item »

Faith No More
Sol Invictus

The eighteen-year wait for a follow-up to Album Of The Year is finally over! Faith No More return with their new album, Sol Invictus. The album features the singles Motherfucker and Superhero. I’m guessing that fans will be clambering over each other to get their hands on one of the 750 ...view item »

Mark Pritchard
Beautiful People feat. Thom Yorke

Hello. I'm the guy who doesn't like Thom Yorke yet I like this so hopefully that means that if you like Thom Yorke you will really really like this.  Or maybe you won't? The world moves in strange ways. In any case what we have is a delightful piece of music that recalls Moondog...view item »

Maximo Park
Risk To Exist

It’s the hat that is the problem isn’t it? I do wonder if Paul Smith is distracted by the constant need to keep it on even when he’s jumping around on stage. I simply can’t imagine the stress he puts himself through.   'Risk To Exist’ is a classic of it’s kind in that it&rsqu...view item »

Bill Baird
Summer Is Gone

Bill Baird’s new album Summer Is Gone was quite notably designed in such a way that no two versions of it were the same, thanks to a number of different mixes and a natty website. However, I can only presume that the same cannot be said of this vinyl pressing… Nevertheless, the music carries a delicate sens...view item »


It's interesting to look back and wonder just how did Yes go from 'Tales From Topographic Oceans' to 'Owner of a Lonely Heart' in just ten years.  Yet here are once brilliant Danish prog rockers Mew making music as polished and poppy as your go-to Radio 2 playlist thumpers. Mew, of course, were never as progressive...view item »

Olafur Arnalds
Late Night Tales

Sensitive neo-classical pianist and composer Olafur Arnalds welcomes the listener into his musical taste with this latest edition of the Late Night Tales series. His mix combines plenty of different styles, and includes exclusive tracks from Arnór Dan, Arnalds himself, and actor ...view item »

The Analog Session (featuring Alexander Robotnick & Ludus Pinsky)
N5 From Outerspace / Funfare

Picture the scene: a room filled to the brim with synth equipment: keyboards, knobs and dials at every turn. Alexander Robotnick and Ludus Pinsky, both thoroughly experienced with electronic dance musics, manned the decks for this Ana...view item »

Africans With Mainframes
Faces of Africa II

Part 2 of the simultaneous Faces of Africa 12 inchers from the power-collab duo Jamal Moss and Noleian Reusse is a continuation of the ludicrous speed at which Moss and those around him make new material. How they manage to keep it all at a great quality is beyond me, but here you go. It starts with a short, much more percussive techno t...view item »

Lecherous Gaze
One Fifteen

Lecherous Gaze are a total hard rock & roll band from California, featuring alumni from bands like Witch, Saviours and Annihilation Time. One Fifteen is a heavy and psychy set from a bunch of guys who live, eat and breath hard rock. Chugging riffs and flaring solos ...view item »

Ryley Walker
Golden Sings That Have Been Sung

Ryley. How does he find the time? Always in conference with the sheep; always improving our diplomatic relations with chickens. The barnyard bureaucrat made Clint’s favourite record of last year and possibly all time with ‘Primrose Green’, a record that couldn’t decide whether to be dye-in-the-wool folk or lopsided lounge...view item »


Sounding at first like if Sam Smith was a lot weirder, Sohn recently relocated from Vienna to Los Angeles (where do they get the money for such jetsetting?) for his second full length album but it still has an icy cold and at times harsh feel. The voice is a relatively straightforward take on Brit School soul...view item »

Down On The Upside

The fifth album from Soundgarden turned out to be their last before an acrimonious break-up and a break of more than a decade and a half. Listen carefully and hear the seeds of their arguments! These mostly stemmed from a push towards less heavy, more experimental sounds, which in Chris Cornell’s defence i...view item »

Ryan Teague
Site Specific

Ryan Teague is a Bristol based neo-classical composer who uses Reich-ian techniques to come up with a lovely melodic form of instrumental songcraft that sits somewhere between the minimal composers and easy listening muzak. Now if you think my use of the latter term is a put down, it isn't meant to be. These compositi...view item »

J:Kenzo & Nomine
Ruffhouse / Blind Man – Om Unit Remixes

This one, released for Record Store Day 2016, sees veteran basshead Om Unit, now proficient in DnB and beyond, re-working two percussive odysseys by rising (risen?) star J:Kenzo and Nomine. You guessed it, skittering breaks collide with deep basses to deliver some serious heavyweight activity on Tempa....view item »


After a decade away from full-length album releases, Loess returns to treat you to a new suite of warm IDM ambience. Pocosin is released as a CD and in two different vinyl editions: one is clear, one is white with a black swirl, and we’ll be alternating between the two at random when shipping. Also, a download car...view item »

Lightning In A Twilight Hour
Fragments Of A Former Moon

Back in February our anorak-clad Clinton went all fan-boy over Field Mice’s Bobby Wratten’s new project Lightning In A Twilight Hour, reviewing the EP ‘Slow Changes’ and giving it a hasty but well deserved 9/10. Proclaiming it the “feel good indie-pop story of 2015”, he certain...view item »

Lake Komo

Lake Komo are based in Manchester and hail from Lancaster and Kendal. Isn't that the same for Womans Hour? How does that work? As with Womans Hour they make very slick ‘80’s pop, this time with nods towards A-ha and ‘Tango In The Night’ era Fleetwood Mac ...view item »

Death Cab for Cutie / Freedy Johnston
Bad Reputation

Bad Reputation is released as part of the Rhino Side By Side series which sees two artists playing the same song. Bad Reputation was originally released in 1994 by songwriter’s songwriter, Freedy Johnston. That original version is featured here along with a version by US indie darlings Death Cab F...view item »

Frank Ilfman
Big Bad Wolves - Original Soundtrack

Pink and white with red splatter vinyl LP on Death Waltz. The highly imposing classical score to the Israeli film Big Bad Wolves by Frank Ilffman has received high praises from all camps, matching the film itself, it is a dark, and twist ridden ride.  A Record Store Day release, limited to 500 copies for the UK....view item »

The Heads
Nobody Knows

Re-issue culture reaches new and confusing heights with this issue of rehearsal tracks found by members of The Heads when they were putting together the bonus tracks for their 'Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere' re-issue. So, effectively this is bonus stuff from the bonus tracks..... we think. In any case The Heads records usually beat a path ...view item »

The Oscillation

The Oscillation, a psych rock band whose name is essentially a tautology (they may as well be called Demian Castellanos and The Psych Rock Band), are now four albums deep into their trench-surveying career; it's been a while, but like most bands of their ilk, they're in it for the long haul. Oscillations newbies can pick up a few trick...view item »

Delia Derbyshire and Elsa Stansfield
Circle Of Light – Original Electronic Soundtrack

An absolutely essential purchase for any fans of BBC Radiophonic Orchestra/early day synth, this very rare soundtrack created in 1972 by legendary composer Delia Derbyshire (along with artist Elsa Stansfield) finally gets a re-issue on the ever inquisitive Trunk records. They came up with a mix of sound design, tape manipul...view item »

Wei Zhongle
Nu Trance

Proving that you can make ridiculous sound art without just doing free form noise all the time thank you very much. Thurston Moore, Wei Zhongle have created some slapstick jams that recall Animal Collective three albums in and Ponytail pre...view item »

Constellation Botsu
Constellation Botsu

‘Constellation Botsu’ is a sonic bombardment of ‘Botsu’ which are a sort of recorded music ‘track’ if you will, of terrifying, unhinged electronic experiments of which there are currently several hundred in existence. The Botsu considered most suitable for human consumption have been chosen for this record, ea...view item »

The Bohicas
The Making Of

Finally the boot is on the other foot. For months I have enjoyed placing dreadful records in reviewers boxes and watching them squirm. This week due to daring to take a three day holiday, review distributor Robin has his own back. The fun thing is that not being reviews editor for the week i can say exactly what I want without fear that I'm to b...view item »

Life's Track
Smell of Sanctity

A garbled vocal loop, strings and muffled kicks open ‘Kicks Invasion’ before lunging into a rattling jacker with whip like claps and Hieroglyphic Being jam mode acid squiggles, all the while the sustained strings adding something both euphoric and slightly unsettling. ‘Harmonizer’ is great argument for pure raw ha...view item »

The Guy With The Gammy Eye

Blaring serenely out of the speakers this morning is Speedy Wunderground’s newest disorientating beacon of light, known in less stupid words as Peluche. As with many of Wunderground's releases, it feels like you’ve got the perfect signal of this band’s influences before they start fucking with something else entirely: ghost-can...view item »

Gesloten Cirkel
Moustache Techno Series 001

Does anybody yet know anything about Gesloten Cirkel? Some say he’s Dutch, others say he lives in a volcanic archipelago. No matter - his thumping techno speaks its own language. The first edition of the Moustache Techno Series sees Cirkel in dancefloor-ready mode with this deep, cavernous cut. Out on 12” vi...view item »

Jean-Louis Costes
Le fantôme d'Archie Shepp

Here we have a live album from Jean-Louis Costes, recorded at the famed Instants Chavirés venue. I’m not entirely sure what subjects are inspiring Costes on Le fantome d’Archie Shepp, as I don’t speak French, but from the demented style of his vocals, he may well be possessed by...view item »

Ordre Etern
Revolució Soterrada

I mean… it involves someone pally with Nurse With Wound, so I wouldn’t expect a party bag. Ordre Etern is an industrial noise project straight out of Spain, using the transgressions of barbed-wire power electronics, dark ambient and general loud shouting to say some vague things about the &ldqu...view item »

Brian Jonestown Massacre
Dropping Bombs On The Sun (UFO Paycheck)

Here is the third single to be taken from the new Brian Jonestown Massacre album Don’t Get Lost, to be released in February. Dropping Bombs On The Sun (UFO Paycheck) is a typical Jonestown cut, featuring vocals from Tess Parks. The B-side also features saxophone from ...view item »

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
Vol. 2

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band formed with very clear goals in mind (just look at that utilitarian descriptive name), and they achieved them, even if they did not achieve fame. Vol. 2 is a bold and freaky set of lovely psychedelic music, deeply imbued with 60’s vi...view item »

Sun Araw
Live Kraniche bei den Elbbrücken

Cameron Stallone’s space-dub noise-hippy project Sun Araw presented these sounds to a live audience in Hamburg last year. With a three-person line-up using synths, guitar and a ‘Bambus Sax’, Live Kraniche bei den Elbbrücken is a nice deep trip. 300 copies (each LP comes with a pos...view item »

Malcolm Middleton
You & I

A taster for his upcoming ‘Summer of ’13’ album, this is a much for electronic work from the less bearded half of Arab Strap. I think Malcolm Middleton is a great guitarist so it’s a shame not to hear his gentle pluckings on the title track but I like this slab of Scott...view item »

Frank Cordell
Demon - From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Frank Cordell’s original motion picture soundtrack to Larry Cohenis’ 1976 horror flick Demon is a perfect fit, full of drama and the kind of fright that is lots of fun. This 7” release excerpts the key themes and mo...view item »

Virginia Wing

There’s an unwritten law somewhere that states that bands must start to incorporate electronics around their second or third album. Virginia Wing are certainly following the tried and trusted path with this ‘bridge’ single ahead of their next proper full length. Like W...view item »

Hello Kitty On Ice
Man With A Hole In His Throat / The Answer

Neil Hamburger, the bizarre comic identity of Gregg Turkington, is well enough known these days to have had a major film made about him. But few were ever aware of Hello Kitty On Ice, his teenage hardcore band from 1983! Granted, that’s probably because no recordings were ever released&hel...view item »

House of Doors
The Dolphin Hotel Affair Vol.1

Much needed repress of these sought after, rugged deep house tracks from 2014. House of Doors is an alias of Vancouver producer Jordan Matt aka Bluntman Deejay, part of a wave of acclaimed underground producers and labels outta Canada that have built up quite a scene with the ...view item »

It Must Be Grubs

Well yeah, Grubs. It must be Grubs. Also, who are Grubs. If we do the usual comparative mixology, Grubs are members of the thankfully very sentimental pop band Two White Cranes and collaborators from twee-noise contingent Joanna Gruesome. In some eyes, this is ...view item »

Cameron Stallones & Nicholas Malkin
Music From Harvester - Compositions for Farfisa VIP345 & Guitar

Cameron Stallones is the man behind Sun Araw, and Nicholas Malkin makes Not Not Fun-style electronics as Afterhours. Together they have scored Harvester, a film compilation of combine harvester footage, with Compositions for Farfisa VIP345 & Guitar. Over tw...view item »


The bizarrely named Satanoscillatemymetallicsonatas is celebrating its 25 years anniversary with this release on Universal records. The album was released alongside a special edition of 'Badmotorfinger' in 1992, and contains a live performance of 'Slaves & Bulldozers', 3 covers, and an original song. Expect nothing but&...view item »

Master Generator

Time Released Sound have really outdone themselves on their packaging here. Instead of wrapping their CD in a cute bit of old newspaper, they’ve only produced a superb old-style card packet that is also the external packaging that this will arrive in if you order! None of that whitewashed modern jiffy crap. As usual, you’ll get all t...view item »

Zomby x Burial

2 of electronic bass music’s most illustrious anonymous producers (although they aren’t really anonymous anymore) put their heads together at last for this collaboration. Zomby and Burial both know how to make the darkness ripple, and Sweets is bound to entrance plenty of heads. Limited edit...view item »

Ela Orleans
Circles Of Upper and Lower Hell

This is a record so monolithic and burdened by context that I’m afraid the google doc I’m typing into is going to become my purgatory. Ela Orleans is a Norman favourite, of course -- her deeply felt and emotively gothic pop music has been creeping in and out of this office for many a year, and so ‘Circles of Upper and Lower Hel...view item »

Ghedalia Tazartes
5 Rimbaud 1 Verlaine

Sound poet and general avant-hollerer Ghedalia Tazartes pays tribute to some French literary greats, reinterpreting 5 Rimbaud poems and 1 by Verlaine. Tzarteses pulls out some wild and playful interpretations, very varied as a set. Previously released in a very low-key way, thes...view item »

Arrigo Lora-Totino
Trio Prosodico

Prime Italian sound poetry recorded in 1976. The under-appreciated Mr. Arrigo Lora-Totino wrote and led the trio performance of Trio Prosodico, which he considers to be a major cornerstone of his work. Very little has made it to record, so cherish this new LP edi...view item »

Lay Llamas
The Lay Llamas

A new Lay Llamas record, you say? It could only be an old Lay Llamas record! Remastered from the very first cassette they ever made, this self-titled tongue-twister gives us an early glimpse at the band’s crooked psychedelic endeavours, the group churning their way through the galaxy with droning rock jams worthy of Hypnotoad. “Afric...view item »

Noah Howard / Wiggan / Mapp
From Dust We Came... To Dust We Return

Noah Howard, the free jazz saxophone explorer who made the vintage Black Ark album with Arthur Doyle, died in 2010. This interesting new release was put together using previously-unheard solo sax recordings Howard made at home, augmented with electronics and bass from Wiggin...view item »

Resan Till Plutonia

Empfänger’s press release for this new 12” boasts of their “crackbrained” sound, and it’s hard to argue once you’ve listened to Resan Til Plutonia. These are proper electro tracks, but they are produced so harshly and heavily that they...view item »

Smagghe & Cross

Together, Ivan Smagghe and Rupert Cross are Smagghe & Cross. Given that one of these is a DJ / producer and the other is a composer (yep, one who uses actual instruments!), the results of their collaborations can be pretty nifty and somewhat unusual, and this Untitled 10” rele...view item »

Levon Vincent

Levon Vincent goes full-on acid on side A of NS-14, as ‘Birds’ burbles over a jackhammer groove. It’s the flip side that’s had the interweb agog, though; Levon’s gone and done a techno cover of, erm, Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells’. No, we’re not kidding. Great for e...view item »

Brando's Island
Duplicaat / Natural Order

Brando’s Island, who have an excellent name, are a synth-punk outfit with a little dose of no-wave attitude for good measure. Duplicaat / Natural Order is their third single, and it feels like the band are lashing out and lashing in at themselves all at the same time. Plenty of edge and frenzy to these two tracks....view item »

Freedom Of The Mind

As part of Sounds Familiar series of limited edition 45’s, here is some new action from Italian producer and Archive label owner Volcov. Freedom Of The Mind is a lot of fun, weaving cowbell samples, big house piano and even bigger funk-synth keyboard solos together into a dancefloor spectacular that radiates fun t...view item »

Flock Analogy

Cassels are a two-piece band from Oxfordshire that subtly combine elements of grunge with punk, alongside socially charged lyrics that delve into the mindset of the modern world. Flock Analogy is the two record 7” vinyl that shows the exact artfulness that the two brothers have successfully achieved i...view item »

Never Mind The Bucket

Slightly left of field on the Blackest Ever Black imprint is the comedy stylings of Mick Hobbs, who fronts the Beefheart-influenced stand-up trope Officer!. The mind boggles, listening to this stuff, which was recorded live at a BEB concert in London. I don’t think he’s very funny, personally, but his ...view item »

Faith No More
Cone Of Shame

Following a whopping seventeen year hiatus, San-Francisco rockers Faith No More returned in 2015 with the overwhelmingly successful and chart-ruffling Sol Invictus. Now in 2016, over a year since that release, the five-piece build upon their glory with raucous and sinister Cone Of Shame.&...view item »

Nathan Fake feat. Prurient

In a slightly surprising collaboration, warmly hazy electronica merchant Nathan Fake has teamed up with blackened noise-pain dealer Prurient. Degreelessness still sounds bright, but it has an anxious undercurrent to it, partly articulated by Dom Fernow’s distant mutterings. B-side...view item »

Songs For Healing

Songs for Healing is a certain Mr Kosmonaut Man asking the stars for some help in healing his daughter, who recently got leukemia and is being saved by the best dad in the world, making the most difficult music in the world (possibly) to do so. This is the second thing I’ve seen in her benefit from Kosmo, so I think he knows what ...view item »

Levon Vincent
Berlin / NYC

Oh don't make me become the Norman Records house music expert. This two tracker from New York house legend Levon Vincent is a fabbo minimalist skip through repetitive, clipped house with unobtrusive percussion and catchy plinky repeato riffs.  The ode to his home town exemplifies his simple approach. This is low down, simple electronics wit...view item »

How To Get Ideas

Prog. Not normally my forte but the young man who likes lots of notes is away recovering so let's see how I get on shall we? Well it's not that prog, more progressive noisy mathy rock with some pretty severe head nods towards Fugazi on the opener 'Rushing Lunch' which marries a rather memorable riff (on...view item »

Quilt Boy
I Am Somebody

The spirit of Bananafish magazine and all it championed lives on with these five tracks of utter mayhem that sounds something like Jad Fair given free rein over a 4 track and told to record anything....anything as quickly as humanly possible. It's a chaotic blend of pre-teenage messing about that recalls 90...view item »

Lion and Thunder

Deep, dark and funky dub atmospherics from one of the original South London dubstep crew. Lion and Thunder is a taut and paranoid piece of electronica drawn from Kromestar’s archives and beautifully pressed as a white label 12” vinyl. They don’t make basslines like these anymore......view item »

Psychic Lovers

Psychic Lovers is the debut album from Danish producer Dinner and it sharpens the melancholy synth pop of his first three EPs. Anders Rhedin’s sound pushes the textures and production of 1980s pop into extremes, including his distinctive croon. By doing this he highlights just how strange and sad thes...view item »

Casual Nun
Super Fancy Skeleton

Heavy music from Casual Nun, featuring heavy musicians from heavy music heavyweights Dethscalator, Kooba Tercu and Throne. Super Fancy Skeleton is a fierce flare of psychedelia for dropping out of regular existence to, with some crucial doses of noise in there too. Four...view item »

Better Call Saul - Original Television Soundtrack: Season 1

Neatly timed to coincide with the airing of Season 2 of Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul, is the release of  The Better Call Saul Original Television Soundtrack - Season 1. The music comes from acts as diverse as Morrissey's one time favourite new band, Little Barrie, Swamp-f...view item »

Camberwell Now
The Ghost Trade

The Camberwell Now were a noise/art group formed by drummer and vocalist Charles Hayward after the disbanding of This Heat, featuring This Heat’s sound technician Stephen Rickard who created analogue sampling boards for field samples and tape manipulation ...view item »

Can You Deal?

Bleached are a band built around a pair of sisters based in the teeming metropolis of Los Angeles. Their music is brimming over with femme energy, mixing the sweet melodies of classic pop with a tough rock bite. Can You Deal? is a bold set of four new tracks, released on 12” white vinyl by the Dead Oceans label....view item »

The Hunter

‘The Hunter’ is US stoner rock band Mastodon's first non concept album since ‘Remission’ (2002). It contains no elements of classical music and is pure, heavy rock. The album includes a song composed and sung entirely by drummer Brann Dailor who also features on vocals on several other tracks....view item »


If Chris Rea made chill out he'd sound somewhat like Vermont. These two synth whisperers from Motor City Drum Ensemble excel in balearic almost beatless soundtracks with guitar licks glistening against sun drenched synths on opener 'Norderney'. The kind of music perfe...view item »

Calexico / Iron and Wine
In The Reins

A decade ago, the indie-sphere’s two favourite purveyors of folk-country-americana, Calexico and Iron & Wine, teamed up for In The Reigns, a half-hour collaborative EP. The harmonies that the singers collectively conjure up are marvelous, and the arrangements sound like a band who’ve kno...view item »

Eric Feremans
The Antwerp Killer

This is a synth soundtrack to an 80s B-movie that you’ve never seen and probably never will. Does that story sound a bit familiar? It’s the 2010s (or teens, or teensies, or ten-sions - what the hell were people thinking??), this kind of thing could not be more vogue. While some will undoubtedly be any old V...view item »

Le Car
Auto Reverse

Detroit is known primarily for two things: its’ cutting edge electronic music history and its’ automotive industry. Le Car combines both! This is the late 90’s project of Adam Lee Miller and Ian Clarke (Adult. and Perspects respectively), and h...view item »

Cosmic Machine: The Sequel LP

A wide range of exciting experimental music is represented on Cosmic Machine’s The Sequel, which compiles some choice pieces of French space-jams from the 70’s and 80’s. Not many of the artists will be familiar to the average listener (Moon Birds? Arpadys?), but a few ...view item »

Dear Reader
Day Fever

Cherilyn MacNeil’s ability to glitch and glam up ornate and baroque pop songs has been clear through the Dear Reader days, but it’s a total thesis on ‘Day Fever’, her band’s new record for City Slang. You’re telling me this record of horns and beats and cut-and-pasted electro-orchestration isn’t on ...view item »

Sonic Jesus
Locomotive (Remixed By Sonic Boom)

Following up popular debut album Neither Virtue Or Anger, Sonic Jesus now land a quick and sharp little 7” single on eager audiences. One exclusive new track, and an exciting remix of Locomotive by Sonic Boom, aka Spectrum and a founder of Spacemen 3. He ...view item »

Concrete Fields

CEEYS are a duo with the kind of close musical connection that only brothers can have (they are in fact brothers). Cello and piano are at the heart of their communications, but electronics and field recordings also have a prominent part to play. Whatever the means, Concrete Fields aims for a state of suspended animation...view item »

Ecstatic Vision
Sonic Praise

Psych, psych and more psych from Philadelphia’s Ecstatic Vision. Indebted to the likes of Hawkwind and more recently Wooden Shjips, Sonic Praise is their debut effort packed full of riffs, solos and motorik drumming. Utterly retro space rock for those who like it classic. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Relapse....view item »

Live in Paris

Let’s skip the usual “live albums, huh?” pleasantries and assume they’re fairly pointless cash grabs that can at best be argued away as proof of a band’s rock chops. Sleater-Kinney essentially have one because they made a wonderful comeback on ‘No More Cities To Love’, their best record to date, and now ...view item »

Pvre Matrix

This looks like the next part of LIES .5 series of mostly white labels, releases between releases. This time Pvre Matrix takes the reins, throwing hard rhythmic shapes mercilessly at your withered ears. ‘Burning Sulfur’ sets things off on a bit of a crazy note, the quickened pace combining well with the subtle dissonant arps to creat...view item »

Linkwood / Fudge Fingas / The Complainers

The strange house sounds put out by the Firecracker Recordings label from 2004 onwards are back in circulation: the EPs produced by the Linkwood / Fudge Fingas axis are now being pressed up again for the people. EP2 also has a track from The Complainers, as well as a skit, if you feel s...view item »

Seventeen Words

Two top-of-the-line melodic dronemakers team up to form Gailes: that’s Benoit Pioulard and Rafael Anton Irisarri. Seventeen Words was recorded during heavy winter times, and it has the special ability to sound both cold (the wind, the snow drifts) and warm (the thick walls and the...view item »

Clear Shot

Here’s a band called Toy from the North City of The South that is Brighton. We’ve been ever so slightly observing their sub-meteoric rise to garagedom since 2012 when they released an eponymous debut of Broadcast-influenced guitar band stuff, but we’ve since listened to that ...view item »

Helms Alee

Helms Alee have an entirely blasted sound, as though every part of their heavy mathy rock has been cleansed with a highly-pressurised jet of sand. After that process, the songs on fourth album Stillicide come out taut and wiry and powerful, though still with some hard-won anthemic climaxes. Out on Sargent House....view item »

Age Coin

First of all, what is going on with that artist name. Second of all, Robin says “Oh yeaaah listening to muUUuuuaahsic”, so it must be clear that I’m having a good time and he’s a dingus. I haven’t been keeping up with Posh Isolation much, but that KYO 12” from last year was excellent. Terrifying, but e...view item »

Daniela Casa
Arte Moderna

Daniela Casa’s Arte Moderna is a particularly fascinating and unusual set of sounds, even by the high standards set by 1970s Italian library music in general. A number of these pieces are proper cutting-edge electroacoustics, with an astonishing attention to detail and ...view item »


Majeure is the solo project by the drummer from Prog-rock/Electronic duo Zombi, Anthony Paterra. Devolving further into heavy synthesis, arpeggiators and insane drumming. This is definitely what you’re after if you want to scratch John Carpenter, Sea Of Teeth...view item »

Anthony Child
Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle, Vol. 1

Anthony Child aka Surgeon once again dispenses with the beats as he did on his brilliant 2013 ‘The Space Between People and Things’ LP on NNA Tapes. Here utilizing modular synthesizer to display a remarkable sensitivity to timbre and tex...view item »

The Jesus & Mary Chain
Damage and Joy

A new Jesus and Mary Chain album should really be no cause for celebration in 2017. It’s kind of like when Slim Whitman released his 1985 comeback single - some things should be left in the past. All that opener ‘Amputation’ made me want to do is to listen again t...view item »

Bill Baird
Earth Into Aether

Bill Baird operates as a member of Sound Team and as Sunset: also, he produces richly textured solo work, as on Earth Into Aether. This is an impressive record, and not only for its CD-filling 78 minute duration. Baird’s productions are bright and teeming with det...view item »

ESP Ohio
Starting Point Of The Royal Cyclopean

ESP Ohio is yet another band by Robert Pollard, working once again with his fellow Guided By Voices member Doug Gillard. Starting Point Of The Royal Cyclopean is a proper nice rock album, with guitar chug, bonus brass parts, and catchy tunes. The good ship Polla...view item »

Rex Ilusivii
Koncert SNP 1983

Rex Ilusivii (aka Mitar Subotic) was a Serbian producer and composer who based himself in Brazil during his later years. This record documents a live Konzert given at the Serbian National Theatre in 1983, when he was just 22. These c...view item »


I’m enjoying this. I think. Because I’m so confused I’m not sure if I’m playing it at the right speed, or what day it is…or whether I put my trousers on this morning. The label moniker is perfect for this frayed at the edges take on house  music. It bleeps and bloops in the sort of dreamy way you ...view item »

Phil X Milstein & Thurston Moore
Songs We Taught the Lord Volume One

Here’s the tapes of a 1996 live performance by Phil X Milstein (on tape loops and musical saw) and Thurston Moore (on guitar and feedbacks, obviously), supporting none other than John Fahey. ...view item »

Phil X Milstein & Thurston Moore
Songs We Taught the Lord Volume Two

Here’s the tapes of a 1996 live performance by Phil X Milstein (on tape loops and musical saw) and Thurston Moore (on guitar and feedbacks, obviously), supporting none other than John Fahey. Songs We Taught The Lord Volume Two was initially released in 1997 by Chris Corsan...view item »

Time's Up

The original Buzzcocks were a much darker prospect than the chirpy camp popsters that came later. The band at this point was a fronted by the dome headed Howard Devoto later of Magazine etc and his art punk persona is a far cry from little Pete Shelley’s tuneful whinny. Tr...view item »

Chase The Light EP

Palace enjoy releasing EPs. This is their second one with no album yet in sight. EPs are a nice snapshot into a band’s world without committing to a full album in todays fast moving world. Palace have a sound that is almost a almost scientifically created example of what many bands sound like these days. Their atmospheric guitars recall ...view item »

Band of Horses
Why Are You OK

On the tenth anniversary of the release of their debut album, Everything All The Time, Seattle’s Band Of Horses release their fifth album Why Are You OK. The album contains all the melodic hooks and the stories the band are known for. This time however, the album is informed by top horse Ben Bridwell&rsqu...view item »

Various (DVA Damas, Autumns, Grebenstein & Seefried and Layne)
The Immortal Eye

Here we have a tasty four track various artists 12” EP from ever reliable purveyors of electronic gloom, Downwards. ‘The Immortal Eye’ has been compiled by Regis and includes cuts from the labels new school; ...view item »

Peter Doherty
Hamburg Demonstrations

Erstwhile Babyshambler and Libertine Mr Peter Doherty comes back with a solo record, put together in Hamburg. Hamburg Demonstrations skims across an array of pop culture and political references (Graham Greene, the Paris attacks, Amy Winehouse), offerin...view item »

Theo Parrish and Amp Fiddler
Gentrified Love Part 1

Super-producer Theo Parrish here enlists a Detroit legend from a slightly different sphere to collaborate on a track. Amp Fiddler did time in George Clinton’s Parliament / Funkadelic universe, and apparently introduced J Dilla to the MPC(!...view item »

Alice Jemima
Alice Jemima

Warm and sparse leftfield electronic pop from Alice Jemima, who shot into view with her stripped down/bare groove cover of Blackstreet’s No Diggity. And after garnering a lot of support from Radio 1 and Amazing radio, she is now set to release her debut full length on Sunday Best. Includes he...view item »

Alive at Roadburn

Hills are alive with the sound of psych rock. With four songs they have sung for many years.  Hills may fill your heart with primal hypnotic rhythms. They'll make you want to sing every song you hear. Their songs beat with the rhythm of the Byrds. Playing 'Eight Miles High' forever up in the trees.&...view item »

Pop Chops

Father were my favourite mid '90s lo-fi band who weren't Guided By Voices. They were three teenagers from Stoke On Trent who had an incredibly melodic if impossibly lo-fi sound which over the course of three cassettes yielded a number of utterly remarkable recordings. What makes them stand from the ot...view item »

Reptile Ranch

Reptile Ranch were a DIY punk / post-punk band operative in South Wales in the years surrounding 1980. This release gathers up everything they ever released (plus a few morsels they didn’t) on a single LP, putting their unique sound back on the radar and back into availability. Edition of 500 LPs in DIY-style paste-on-phot...view item »

Philip Glass / Alfred Schnittke
Violin Concerto No. 1 / Concerto Grosso No. 5

Minimalist maestro Philip Glass directs his talents towards interpreting the work of Soviet and German composer Alfred Schnittke. Violin Concerto No. 1 / Concerto Grosso No. 5 capture Schnittke’s rich polystylistic approaches and grand melodies, tempered slightly by Glass’ delicate and restrained attitude. T...view item »


Probably unfair Monday morning styled non-review: sounds kind of like M.I.A. for a while, then one track sounded a bit like Kate Bush. Bit too loud really, for this time of day. Domino used to be leaders but they just sign people who sound a bit like someone else. Plenty of plaudits in the press though, so perhaps read that instead. ...view item »

Sewer Election and Leda

To inspire this work, the label presented Dan Johansson and Sofie Herner (aka Sewer Election and Leda), with Giorgio Sommer’s iconic photograph of a cast of a dog killed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii. It’s a remarkable image with striking parallels to the ouroboros - the ancient symbol dep...view item »

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan turns to the great American songbook in grand style with Triplicate, which contains a whole thirty reinterpretations of familiar favourites, spread over three discs. Each disc is a carefully arranged ten-track suite, and Dylan offers some laudably subtle insight into these standards. 3CD and 3...view item »

The Final Experiment

Shed has been producing stern but smart techno music for many years, though it’s been half a decade since his previous full-length.The Final Experiment masterfully toes the line between four-to-the-floor club workout music and spacier atmospheres. CD and double LP release on Modeselektor’s M...view item »

Bezier / Fort Romeau
Purify / Korgs

Split 12” release from two of Cin Cin’s favourite producers, released to coincide with the label’s first birthday. Two tracks apiece from Bezier and Fort Romeau, each creating bespoke party pieces for dramatic house lovers. Purify / Korgs is packed with punchy kicks and smoke-and-mirro...view item »

Ennio Morricone
Un Uomo Da Rispettare

Still the reissuers keep digging, and still the vast soundtrack archives of Ennio Morricone keep providing high-grade goods. Un Uomo Da Rispettare, a 1972 crime flick starring Kirk Douglas, drifts into some real deep avant territory: eerie atmospheres and dissonant orchestrations, very nice indeed. Reis...view item »


YPY is the production project of Osaka artist Koshiro Hino, working with what I’m going to call electronic music, although that term doesn’t explain much of what is going on here. 2020 is full of drum machine rhythms and synth fragments, but the rhythms don’t necessarily move like you&...view item »

Moon Theory

Three short new pieces from soulful producer SMBD, who here toys with spacey ambient and deep house styles with playful aplomb. Moon Theory is a single-sided 12” vinyl release, but SMBD squeezes in more than enough goodness to justify the pressing, especially with the attractively marbled design. ...view item »

Jared Wilson
Midnight On Ecorse Creek

The most acidic man on the earth, Jared Wilson, does exactly what you'd expect him to do and releases some killer acidic house. He stunned us with his miniseries Ghost Miners, and this 12" Midnight on Ecorse Creek seems to drop the same kind of sound, hinting at hooks and warmth from un...view item »

Enter The Sponk

Kalla is a new producer from Ireland, but his sound fits right into the hard-jackin’ dirty sound of Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Enter The Sponk has four powerful tracks, each of which focus on those firm and funky low-end rhythm kicks that’ll override your mind. Edition of 300 12”s, each one hand-stamp...view item »

Nick Oliveri
N.O. Hits At All Vol. 1

Nick Oliveri is part of stoner metal / desert rock royalty, having played with Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, Katzenjammer, Mondo Generator...view item »

Kid We Own The Summer

Kid We Own The Summer is H-Burns’ grandly melancholy synth-pop opus, a storybook of the American twilight. These songs feel like they could deeply matter to someone: maybe it’ll be you? Kid We Own The Summer is avail...view item »

Spiral Stairs
Doris and The Daggers

Perennial second-in-commands of indie rock bands rejoice! The king of all runner-ups Scott Kannberg is here on his own, returning to his Spiral Stairs project with plenty of PR references to his time in Pavement. It’s not really fair, considering just how different he sounds as a songwriter. With his voice a grumbly octave down and his son...view item »

Unqualified Nurse Band
Death Surf A52

The Too Pure Singles Club returns with a bang, brandishing these two slices of darkened surf-rock action by Unqualified Nurse Band. Death Surf A52 is a high-speed blast frenzy with some properly chugging rock n’ roll moments and a pleasingly dense production. The B-side continues in suitable style. Pressed to clea...view item »

Helena Celle
If I Can't Handle Me At My Best, You Don't Deserve You At Your Worst

A dramatic switch in scenery for Kay Logan, who plays bass for Glasgow's psych-tinged hardcore outfit Anxiety -- responsible for releasing one of my favourite records of the year in their disorienting swab of a self-titled. She's actually been making music for electronics for a while, both as ...view item »

Phillip Glass
Songs From The Trilogy

Phillip Glass is most noted for his minimalist repetition, but now approaching his 80th birthday and still performing with his ensemble, he has a lot more in his back catalogue than that. Songs From The Trilogy is a collection of pieces taken from three of his operas - Einstein On The Beach, Satyagraha...view item »

DJ Slyngshot
Ain't Got No Time

Place No Blame is a newly-created platform from NTS show Reverie’s co-host Pietro. Inaugurating the label is Germany’s DJ Slyngshot, purveyor of lo-fi sample house. “O Town” cruises with a gorgeous melodic loop whereas “Ain’t Got No Time” ticks the clock off with dribbling piano keys. Al...view item »

Shy Layers
Shy Layers

Debut full-length from Shy Layers, a synth-pop producer who seems to have learned the lessons of vaporwave and hypnagogic pop without fully succumbing to those aesthetic traps. Deeply-vocoded vocals and hazy-warm synth pads put across a beautiful atmosphere that almost feels too relaxed to have come from New York. Vinyl release ...view item »

Valere Aude

NYC techno producer Gunnar Haslam and Vienna-based Johannes Auvinen combine their unique talents for some searing psychedelic techno. Valere Aude is their debut as Romans, but their sound crams in decades of spacey synth drones, harsh handclaps and pulsing basslines. Available o...view item »

The Healer

Fallbeil are a Hamburg crew who rock a really sharp combination of electro and acid: the squelches are severe and the percussion is fat. The Healer features two new Fallbeil cuts as well as a remix by Innyster that really cranks up the industrial flavours. Hard-hitting 12” on Mann...view item »

Live at Third Man Records

Watcher are a Tennessee tangle of fury and energy and distortion, spitting their songs out at breakneck pace towards unsuspecting audiences. They are pretty new to the game, having self-released just a handful of cassettes so far, and this short-but-sweet 7” document of their set Live At...view item »

Heart Beach
Kiss Your Face

Tasmanian indie-pop trio Heart Beach follow up their 2015 self-titled debut album with “Kiss Your Face” on Sydney’s Spunk Records. Lead single “Brittle” channels the downcast melodies, waning vocals and bittersweet grooves that form the group’s ten-track LP. Record comes with a handy download ...view item »

Perry Monroe
Killing Spree (Original Soundtrack)

Here is Perry Monroe’s original soundtrack to the schlocky splatterfest 1987 horror film Killing Spree, being released for the first time on any format whatsoever. The audio has been taken from the original master tapes, and is pressed to an astonishingly c...view item »


A bit of world-bending shoegaze never hurt anybody, but Spectres are maybe hoping they'll knock you backwards anyway, mirroring the aggressive tactics of A Place To Bury Strangers, the skramz twang of the Men circa 'Leave Home', and of course ...view item »

Public Memory
Veil Of Counsel

Public Memory make a shuffling kind of music out of slithering bass tones, slow-swaggering drum machines and Thom Yorkie vocals, all put through a dubbed-up and tripped-out production style. Veil Of Memory is a three track EP that sonically stands in between last year’s debut album and their forth...view item »

Holy Sons
Fall of Man

Holy Sons is the monikor under which Emil Amos picks up his guitar and his four track, and pours his heart out, as i’m sure he does in his other, very different projects - OM, Grails, and Lilacs & Champagne. Apparently he’s written and recorded o...view item »

Paul Weller
Jawbone (Music From The Film)

A surprising move from an old hand here, as Paul Weller produces a film soundtrack for the first time ever. Better still, the old mod rocker manages to overcome old habits for Jawbone’s OST: the key track is a twenty-one minute abstract collage of weird guitars and synths! Along with some more traditional songs, i...view item »

Silver Apples
Clinging To A Dream

There are some things that should just not happen - a new Dodgy album for instance. And there’s some things that it’s nice to happen but a part of you wishes hadn’t. Half way through listening to this new album from ancient creaking synth pioneers Silver Apples I suddenly started to feel very depress...view item »

New Gen
New Gen

This album is born out of a radio show, a show series and a studio space. Under the New Gen banner, some of the finest contemporary MC’s and musicians of London came together, including AJ Tracey, Stormzy, Nines, 67 and many more. Somehow, the results of t...view item »

Pèkisyon Funebri

Chamber doom duo Mohammad are done with their monolithic trilogy of records on disparate geographies, having kissed off the project with ‘Segondè Seleco’, a nautical drone adventure that did some kindnesses to their ominous, bass-loaded sound. On their wall-shaking custom-made instruments they now go even bigger and darker wit...view item »

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