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Hellhounds On The Prowl

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £4.74

DJ Signify
Sleep No More

The content is very solemn and brooding, and both guest emcees Buck 65, and Sage Francis contribute some of their best abstract work. Notable tracks are "Winters Going", "Haunted House Party" and "Cup of Regret". The samples Signify employs are very obscure and some are haunting in...view item »
  • Reduced from £14.99 - saving you £7.49

The Dodos
Time To Die

I quite liked that first Dodo's album. There was some decent pop songs on there and somehow I ended up managing to listen to it way more than I expected to. I played Time To Die this morning and thought the main change with it was it there seemed to be a distinct lack of upbeat pop songs which ruled the first album. The sound isn't a million miles ...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

DJ Elephant Power
No Si, No So

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  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £7.69

What I Want

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Spencer Dickinson
Man Who Lives For Love

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £8.04


my favorite all-time band that I was in. Mark P. and myself would hole up in his bedroom armed with libations and other stimuli and let  the good times roll. this particular CD-R was recorded one Saturday afternoon and is barely edited from the original tape. every second was improvised and LSD-soaked...cheers to you Leeds people ...view item »
  • Reduced from £5.49 - saving you £2.20

The Dears
Ticket To Immortailty

brand new Dears single and the singer still sounds like Damon Albarn.... not a bad tune at all on Bella Union called Ticket To Immortality... almost like Elbow with a bit of umpf behind 'em... ...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.24

Days In December
Countless Hours Making Waves

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  • Reduced from £6.99 - saving you £3.49

I Used To Dance With My Daddy

Datarock have delivered a bland electro pop tinged track that's immenently forgettable. I'd head straight for the flipside of 'I Used To Dance With Daddy' which is a bit better. It's a remix by Subsource with slighly beefier beats and more of a crunchy sound.Out on Nettwerk. That yer lot from me......view item »
  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £2.44

Gareth Davis & Elliott Sharp

You've probably got a pretty good idea of whether or not you'll like this already if you're reading this. Here we've got challenging free jazz chunterings from Davis on bass clarinet and Sharp on acoustic guitar, with nine tracks recorded in a single day last April in New York. It's a lum...view item »
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  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Trying Hartz

  • Reduced from £13.49 - saving you £5.40

Danny & The Parkins Sisters
Danny & The Parkins Sisters

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £4.60

The Cute Lepers
Adventure Time

An energetic band that perfectly captures that classic early punk sound. Adventure Time starts off with "Tribute to Charlie", which is a song about Charlie Harper. No 'screaming' no 'anger', just lots of fun to listen to, and even better to see them live. One of the best songs on this LP is "Misdirected", although they are all good songs. Good, ...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £4.74

C- Rayz Walz
Year Of The Beast

I wasn't a "huge" fan of C-Ray's debut studio effort "Ravipops". It was pretty good, but not up to par with many Def Jux releases. Well, I'm pleased to say that "Year Of The Beast" is better, and deserves the spotlight. It took me a few spins to get used to his style and message. First of all, his flow isn't overly impressive. But he does have s...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.99 - saving you £8.39

Crazy Dreams Band
War Dream

  • Reduced from £12.99 - saving you £5.20

Christy & Emily
Tic Tac, Toe

  • Reduced from £12.99 - saving you £6.49

Figur 5

  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £8.74


Cousteau have a new album in the record racks called 'Sirena' its sophisticated pop for posh people. Sounds a bit like the Tindersticks or Grand Drive and has trumpets parping and strings…er ….stringing....view item »
  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

Eric Copeland
Alien In A Garbage Dump

Eric Copeland from Black dice has his second solo release out on Paw Tracks. 'Alien In A Garbage Dump' is a pretty messed up record. He takes some samples, loops them, filters and time stretches them, then sequences to give a disorientating effect with a twisted sense of funk. It's pretty weird and you'll either think its pretty cool or it will irr...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £4.74

Ramona Cordova
The Boy Who Floated Freely

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Real Late

  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £4.99

Old Baby

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

We Were One

Columboid score the soundtrack to the end of days...they are the bringers of death...they are the answer to my Gothic dreams. Formed around the nucleus of singer/keyboardist Ryan Hamilton in his NYC basement back in 2009 and joined by Benjamin (Drums, Vocals) and Russell Higbee (Hamilton's PA childhood friend, ex-Coyote band mate, and main Man- ...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £5.49

Coin Op
Friendly Fire (mini LP)

  • Reduced from £8.49 - saving you £4.24

Cliffie Swan
Memories Come True

If an album that has elements of Heart, The Cars, Drugstore, Voice of the Beehive and Olivia Newton John can be good then “Memories Come True” by Cliffie Swan is it. It’s a decent album of female-led, mid-paced, power pop such as “Yes, I Love You”, and ‘90s alt-rock, take &ldquo...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

Clone Quartet
Carousel/ Played To Death

Clone Quartet: "Carousel" (Tigertrap) Apt title, this is the sort of so-called up lifting pop that gets played first thing in the morning on your more alternative/commercial radio station. Not exactly the kind of tune that gets me bounding out of bed first thing, in fact if I heard it i'd probably turn it off, that is if it hasn't finishe...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.99 - saving you £2.50

Cloud Cuckooland

  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £5.49

Judson Claiborne
Time and Temperature

I have a curious LP here from Chicago act Judson Claiborne. Confusingly, the press release for their previous offering describes them as a "band" fronted by Christopher Salveter, but this time round they seem to have morphed into a "he", even going so far as to make reference to "Judson's previous band". Mystifying. There's a sealed envelope in ...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Clap Your Hands came in with a huge bang on their self-titled album. What followed was a soft whimper that made a lot of people wonder if they truly had lost all that they had in one fell sweep. Hysterical is a welcome return for a band that could have easily hung up their tools and walked away. Granted they suffer somewhat in comparisons to new...view item »
  • Reduced from £12.99 - saving you £6.49

An Experimental Index of The Heart

  • Reduced from £8.49 - saving you £5.94

Chronicles of Adam West
We Walk Unbalanced

  • Reduced from £5.49 - saving you £3.84

Miracle of Birth/ Child Abuse

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £8.04

Uncovered By Heart

The Cherubs are getting plenty of good press at the moment following a couple of sold out singles. If you go way, way back in time and listen to the first Go-Betweens album before they got themselves sorted out they kind of sounded like this.......jerky songs, new wave vocals and scratchy guitars. Its the sound of a bands first f...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Live in Los Angeles

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £3.80

The Chap
We Are The Best

  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £4.40

Chapelier Fou

French artist Chapelier Fou makes electronica with an optimistic outlook. He's released a flurry of EPs on Ici D'ailleurs, but 'Deltas' presents him as an established artist confident in his own skin, brandishing  a record of playful IDM with a steady bedrock of beats and lush arrangements that dance in the foreground.&n...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £4.99

Julien Chaptal

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74


  • Reduced from £8.49 - saving you £5.94


  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £7.69

Kim Cascone
Anti-musical Celestial Forces

“Anti-Musical Celestial Forces” continúa la serie de CDs basados en grabaciones de campo de que comenzó con  “Austrum Argentum”, “Pharmacie: Red & Green” y “Music for Dagger & Guitar”. En esta obra Kim Cascone presenta grabaciones de campo recogid...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £4.99

Kim Cascone
The Knotted Constellation (Fourteen Rotted Coordinates)

  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £4.00

Under The Skylon

Candidate have a new album out called 'Under The Skylon'. A collection of 'future folk & pastoral pop' says some duffer from Rolling Stone. There's elements of Turin Brakes (without the godawful whining), a soupcon of C86 jangle  & the result is some polished, incredibly accomplished songs. A ...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.99 - saving you £8.39


  • Reduced from £15.49 - saving you £7.74

Brendan Canning
Something For All of Us

On Brendan Canning's first 'solo' effort (and the second in what is intended to become a long list of titles in the Broken Social Scene Presents series) the singer-songwriter works to show that he is as instrumental to Broken Social Scene's influential catalog as Kevin Drew. Something For All of Us is a ...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.99 - saving you £5.99

The Capitol Years
You Can Stay There

Apparently Philadelphia's The Capitol Years have done a bit of musical overtime performing as Daniel Johnston's backing band recently, which is a bit of an honour I guess. On 'You Can Stay Here' they pump out an woozy, effortless sort of FM radio rock that I can imagine fans of bands like Semisonic being into. The cool dudes, in other words. CD...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.00

Captain Ahab
Snakes On The Brain

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £8.04

Small Talk Kills Me

  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £7.69

Cam Butler
Go Slow

  • Reduced from £7.49 - saving you £5.24

By The Sea
By The Sea

Here’s an album by By The Sea, who specialise in that ‘60s-influenced reverb-drenched wishy-washy MOR-pop that Real Estate are so much better than everybody else at. Not to say it&rsquo...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £4.99

Dr Love

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Change It

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.24

Broadcast 2000
Broadcast 2000

  • Reduced from £11.99 - saving you £5.99

The Broadways
Greetings From The Broadway

  • Reduced from £14.49 - saving you £7.24

Broken Mask
There is another mind in the green

  • Reduced from £7.49 - saving you £3.00

Play Some D (Reissue)

Now Brassy are one band I'd love to see in the charts. Just imagine Muffin Spencer on TOTP being sassy & gorgeous everywhere! Yum..Well here's their chance 'cos WIIIJA have seen fit to re-issue the fine 'Play Some D' which is being exposed to a wider 'audience' through some poxy mobil...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74


  • Reduced from £3.99 - saving you £2.79

Boy Kill Boy

Boy Kill Boy will easily win their way into the hearts of Britpop lovers around the world. Their music is upbeat and excellent for dancing with friends. Fans of Kaiser Chiefs will take to Boy Kill Boy rather well. Chris's voice is very similar to Ricky's. I saw Boy Kill Boy perform a couple of month's ago and ...view item »
  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £8.74

Boy Robot
Rotten Cocktails

Rotten Cocktails was my first exposure to this extraordinary duo. This release starts off with a banging low-freq beat underneath light electro synth melodies. This colour of music embodies the IDM ethic with its syncopated, half-measure beats and breaks. There exists a good variety of tracks in this release as well: Some songs have crunchy, har...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Boom & Birds

Here's a nice record/cd by Boom and Birds. The CD has the advantage of coming with free confetti so you can save money on your wedding day by buying up loads of copies of the CD and saving the confetti. Bargain! Its hip hop-y electronic music with a twang of jazz -  kind of along the lines of Mister Boom Bip, funnily enoug...view item »
  • Reduced from £7.99 - saving you £5.59

Born Blonde
I Just Wanna Be

  • Reduced from £5.99 - saving you £2.99

Bonde De Role
Office Boy

Someone else I haven't got Bonde De Role yet. I wanted to like 'em but I can't help but feel it sounds a bit rubbish. Almost like a slowed down Helen Love or something... essentially it's MIA for the indie folk. So it serves a purpose.... as does the person giving you your burgers at the checkout. I don't have to write about them though. This also ...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.24

Blood Red Shoes
In Time To Voices

  • Reduced from £11.99 - saving you £4.80

Blood Fountains

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

Robert Sarazin Blake With John McSherry
The Belfast Sessions

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £4.20


This Blanket self titled album on Try Harder is a bit useful. It's very gentle delicate sounding female fronted folk music with twinkles and general pretty in. Delightful stuff in fact.... The 2 guys in the band have had releases out before on Woodland Recordings as The Diamond Family Archive and The Great Park. Also one of them has the most tremen...view item »
  • Reduced from £7.99 - saving you £3.20

Blarke Bayer/ Grief No Absolution
Silhouettes 4

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £4.74


During the chaos at the towers some records occasionally mange to evade the review pile. BLEUBIRD's 'Rip USA' is one such record but is worth mentioning for all you Anticon fans. This features the solid production skills of Scott Da Ros, Alias, The Chocolate Gangster...view item »
  • Reduced from £12.99 - saving you £6.49

Black Helicopter
Don't Fuck With the Apocalypse

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

Black Kids
Hurricane Jane

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.24

The Blackout
The Beijing Cocktail

Really well put together rock format - great, simple but effective main riff and good vocal melody. They are great at creating dynamic in their arrangements. There's no doubt this a great band - but are they going to be legendary? ...view item »
  • Reduced from £1.99 - saving you £0.99

The Blackout
Hard Slammin

  • Reduced from £2.99 - saving you £2.09

The Blackout
Children of the Night

  • Reduced from £1.99 - saving you £0.99

The Blackout
Save Our Selves

  • Reduced from £1.99 - saving you £0.99

The Black Swans
Don't Blame The Stars

  • Reduced from £11.99 - saving you £5.99

Black Flag
What The...

This is Black Flag's first release since '85 and one of the saddest albums of all time. Forget early 90's emo or 00's lo-fi bedroom acoustic recordings, nothing brings me to tears faster than this album. The emotional rollercoaster begins with the front cover of the record, which physically hurts to look ...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £4.60

Bishop Allen

Bishop Allen here, back again with more catchy pop music...these guys are great. Grab this one (especially now while it's only 5 pound) and check out their other stuff too (like The Broken String). This is music that will make you happy. Some favourite tracks for me might be (1) Dimmer, (5) Oklahoma, (7) True or False, (10) Don't Hide Away...but...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

Black Arts In Town Hall E.P.

New single from Bitmap (the man out of Salako,  pop pickers). It's ok acoustic upbeat pop with an awful guitar screech getting right in the way. Sounds very much like David Bowie. The first track is taken from their recent album and features the quickest fade in recorded music history. ...view item »
  • Reduced from £4.99 - saving you £2.49

The Big Pink
A Brief History Of Love

2009's brightest hopes nearly split the office down the middle so severely last Friday there was almost blood & tears! Uncle Phil & AngryKidBrett (tm) were at loggerheads over whether we should still be pushing bands that are chartbound & have several thousand folks already shouting their name from vile magazine/gutter press column inch...view item »
  • Reduced from £12.99 - saving you £6.49

Bird Names
Metabolism: A Salute to the Energy of the Sun

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

House of Beni

  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £5.49

Benni Hemm Hemm
Murta St. Calunga

  • Reduced from £13.49 - saving you £6.74

Port Out Starboard Home

  • Reduced from £12.99 - saving you £6.49

Matthew Bayot
Your Favourite Fruit

  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £2.44

Matthew Bayot
The Standard of Living

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

BC Camplight
Lord, I've Been On Fire

BC Camplight or Brian Christinzio is a multi-instumentalist and general tunesmith. This is cracking song from his 2007 album "In The Blink of a Nihilist". It has the musicality and melodic sensibilities of Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney. There's a bit of Emitt Rhodes and Jellyfish going on in there too. If you wanted to dip your toe in the wate...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.99 - saving you £2.09

The Be Be See
Disney Eyes/ Smart But Casual

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

The Barlights

  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £1.40

The Basement
I Just Caught A Face

  • Reduced from £2.99 - saving you £1.49

Baylis/ Howard/ McCallum
Baylis/ Howard/ McCallum

Jazz. Jazz. Jazz. I've totally got to be in the mood for Jazz. I ain't no natural born hep-cat. I don't have much of a be-bop bone in my body. I've never got smacked up on brown or used my girl as a punch bag either. I'm just not, what's the word, SMOKIN' enough. If I listen to jazz I kind of like it smoky, cerebral & sensual or just plain d...view item »
  • Reduced from £7.99 - saving you £3.20

Devendra Banhart
Heard Somebody Say

Can I just say every time Devendra Banhart releases a record I get angrier & angrier. Never has the phrase 'emperor's new clothes' made more sense. This new abomination of a single has some quasi mystical, semi religious messiah bullshit on the sleeve which makes me dream of violence against Jesus freaks. The song 'Heard Somebody Say...view item »
  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £2.44

Bacanal Intruder

Bacanal Intruder then... No it's not something you use in the bedroom when your marriage is collapsing around you (though I'm not saying it wouldn't help). It's the name of a beat combo from somewhere or other and here's their CD album called 'Lulo'. I know nothing about these whatsoever. Seriously... I know as much about these as I do a ...view item »
  • Reduced from £8.49 - saving you £5.94


  • Reduced from £12.99 - saving you £9.09

The Autumn Defense
The Autumn Defense

More fully produced than prior discs by this Wilco side project, this self-titled third release is built on the duo's core strengths of crafty songwriting, rich harmonizing, and interlaced acoustic guitars. Autumn Defense then adds lightly detailed piano, flute, and strings, so that the set coalesces into an autumnal ...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Awesome Color
Electric Aborigines

I haven't given this album as much of a chance as I would like to, but on first listen it's not as immediate as their first album and doesn't seem to be any more interesting. The only really immediate track is "Already Down," probably because I'm a sucker for minor-key arrangements. This album not only has more songs, they are also longer, so it...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74


  • Reduced from £14.99 - saving you £10.49

Audible Delusions Ensemble
Winters Weapon

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £4.74

Attack & Defend
Owl EP

Owls rock. Really now. Owls totally rock. They can turn their heads in ways you can only dream of and they can see things miles away. Me, I can't see the number of the bus that's coming towards me til it's on my feet. Many great things about owls.....Attack & Defend on the mammary catching obsessed Boobytrap label release a ...view item »
  • Reduced from £4.49 - saving you £3.14

Andre Afram Asmar
Race To The Bottom

  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £8.74

Arrington De Dionyso
I See Beyond The Black Sun

The best thing about this album is how it all flows in a sequence carrying you along on a mood, on a journey, with purpose and emotion, and a great ending. The Les Grenouilles de Cherbourg is like a fun encore, but to me the album really ends spectacularly with Pluto in Capricorn, which is how it was originally conceived. If you like this album,...view item »
  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £6.24

Christopher D Ashley
Cruel Romantics

  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £5.49

Ashley Park
The Secretariat Motor Hotel

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Arc Lab
The Goodbye Radio

  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £5.49

ARE Weapons
ARE Weapons

Comedy album of the week award goes to ARE Weapons. You've got have some sort of respect for Rough Trade over the years bringing a wide range of quality music to us but what the feck do they think they're doing bringing this pile of absolute cock to my attention. Like a bad Carter The Unstopp...view item »
  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £8.74

Armchair Traveller
Schoene Aussicht

  • Reduced from £14.49 - saving you £7.24

Absolut Null Punkt
Live In Japan

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Stay Kids

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

Dolly Dolly

Berkshire based artist and poet David Yates, here using the alias Dolly Dolly, has a head-scratching album of cut and splice oddness for us on Exotic Pylon this week. His spoken words are accompanied at various points over the course of the album by a long list of interesting characters which includes the likes of Ek...view item »
  • Reduced from £8.49 - saving you £4.24

Apostle Of Hustle
Eats Darkness

This LP and band/group I have never heard of, but I was looking up a list of Indie Rock artists and this band popped up. I thought I'd check into them, and as I shouldn't, I before hand already assumed that it probably would be just okay. To my surprise, it isn't. In fact, it's pretty good and quite unique. If you want something pop, light rock, bu...view item »
  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £6.24

Big As The Sky

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Ambulance Ltd
Stay Where You Are

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Sweat Lodge Infinite

  • Reduced from £11.99 - saving you £8.39

A Mountain of One
Collected Works

Thank you Mountain of One for existing and releasing their song Innocent Reprise, I always come back to it and it's one of those songs you're thankful for after going back and hearing it. So now I find myself listening to this album on spotify, wondering what else hides here. But all I know is that this is a collection that is worth being judged...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £4.99

Bishop Allen
& The Broken String

I should start off by saying most of the songs on this album are rerecorded versions of songs from the 12 EPs Bishop Allen put out in 2006- one per month, 4 songs per EP (except August, which was a recording of a live show they performed in Boston). Some of the new versions here are markedly different (none more so, I feel, than "Corazon"), and ...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £4.74


  • Reduced from £6.99 - saving you £4.89

Akira The Don
When We Were Young

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Stop Start

  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £1.40


  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £4.74

Absent Kid
Shame On Us All

God!!!  Now mad Ant works here, he gets all the kraaaaaaaaaaaang grrrrrrrrrrrr noise & chinstrokey electronic stuff cos he's got designer Plastikman techno specs & I haven't. Bah! All I get is all the indie cocks. & white middle class suburban hopelessness & deluded fame academy wanabees. And Absent Kid. Abse...view item »
  • Reduced from £3.99 - saving you £2.79

Abandoned Pools

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £6.64

Damian Anache
Capturas del Unico Camino

Oh, there’s a lot going on here. Where to begin? So, there are some acoustic instruments played by Damian Anache and he also makes sounds “generated with his mouth” - it’s kinda like throat singing, or just someone saying “aah” for the dentist. There’s also a computer playing an algorith...view item »
  • Reduced from £15.99 - saving you £6.40


Mixing drone, shoegaze and psych rock into the same room like distant cousins awkwardly making conversation on the Christmas holidays, Implodes make a strange cacophony of loud noises - reverberating, sustaining and compelling, Reverser offers up a different kind of darkness to the psych rock univers...view item »
  • Reduced from £23.99 - saving you £9.60

Shotgun Smile

Winterville are a debut single brandishing proposition, & the last from me today. 'Shotgun Smile' sounds like a junior Nirvana spliced with Soundgarden being bothered by a less terrifying Mule who've gone gay & started bumming Pearl Jam. So is it any good? ...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Daughn Gibson

Co-produced and recorded at Avast Studios in Seattle by Daughn Gibson and Randall Dunn (Earth, Sunn O))), Jesse Sykes, Tim Hecker, ‘Carnation’ is the third album from singer songwriter Daughn Gibson. While carrying elements of the country music influence of Gibsons first two albums ‘All Hell’ and ‘Me Moan’, &l...view item »
  • Reduced from £13.99 - saving you £5.60

Lady Lamb
Ripley Pine

  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £4.40

The Sound Team
Born To Please

  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £3.00

Six Nation State
Where Are You Now?

Six Nation State have a new single out on Jeepster called Where Are You Now which is some bouncy proper old school indie. Reminds me of someone.... on the tip of me tongue.... bollocks....view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.24

The Rushes
Corner EP

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.24

Michael Baker
Keys To The Kingdom EP

Keys To The Kingdom is the debut EP by singer/songwriter Michael Baker. The London resident has self released this EP, which was recorded with a helpful bunch of creative types. Dust and Bones is the lead track and features the vocal talents of Georgia Mason. The laid back acoustic vibe will no...view item »
  • Reduced from £6.99 - saving you £2.80

Rival Joustas
The Masquerade

"now now now hey" sing the Rival Joustas in the intro to their debut single Masquerade. I was scared for the lads then as the verse is very formulaic but we're into the chorus and its surprisingly interesting with some thin unique production going on with the (posh Mark e Smith style) voice very prominent. The "now now now ...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Cold Hearted Business

POLYTECHNIC with their new single "Cold Hearted Business" out on Shatterproof. Still loving their single "Wont you come around". Hear both here. Not as catchy as t'other one (but not many songs are). Still a very enjoyable moment of...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Better Anyway

  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £1.74

Think Cynic

Lads lads.... it's great being in a band but why follow a sound that's sailed a year ago. Here is LINEAR and their new single Think Cynic and if wasn't for every other fucker already established producing this sound then they might just have a chance. Having said that its not without its merits and I quite like the singer, and with...view item »
  • Reduced from £3.99 - saving you £1.99

Imperial Vipers
Check This

  • Reduced from £2.99 - saving you £1.49

The Honeymoon Machine
Faith In People

The Honeymoon Machine have a new single out of plodding mundane sounding indie with an obvious affinity to Oasis without The Beatles infatuation. If that sounds as appealing as I think it does then you know what to do!...view item »
  • Reduced from £1.99 - saving you £0.99


  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.24

Four Day Hombre
The First Word Is The Hardest

Apparently this weeks next big thing (from Leeds....) is Four Day Hombre who release their new single. This was sold to me as an exciting breath of fresh air. I was hideously lied to as it sounds just like a more commercial Elbow. It's rather average and veering over the tip of a dull cliff about to fall into an enormous canyon o...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

The Dukes Of Hang Gliding
The Murder Song

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Boy Kill Boy
Civil Sin

  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £2.44

The Blueskins
Change My Mind

THE BLUESKINS are back with a new single taken from the lynx deodorant advert on telly.... You know the ones which try and make you think wearing their own brand of chemicals will make you successful with women. Yes of course you do. Note that Lynx don't do a similar thing aimed at women.... that's because women aren't stupid but the fac...view item »
  • Reduced from £1.49 - saving you £1.04

The Decoration Of The Duma Continues

  • Reduced from £14.99 - saving you £7.49

Great Lake Swimmers
A Forest of Arms

The most demonstrably Canadian Canadian’s Great Lake Swimmers return with album number six. On A Forest of Arms these reliable and salubrious songsmiths continue to tug on heart strings and evoke wide open North American spaces. The album was uniquely recorded across said landscapes, haunting acoustics captured in...view item »
  • Reduced from £15.49 - saving you £6.20

Throwing Shade
Fate Xclusive EP

A sparkly, reverby record from upcoming London producer Throwing Shade. The Fate Xclusive EP touches down in a few different territories: the single ‘Honeytrap’s odd-pop contains strains of 90’s trip-hop, contemporary postmodern electronics, and a strikingly direct vocal performance. 12” on No Pa...view item »
  • Reduced from £12.99 - saving you £5.20

Cosy EP

Sounding like the end of a long day of sun-soaking, Cosy is filled with gentle surf guitars that keep rolling onto the shore. Headland could be a choice pick for a Late Night Tales mix, but instead it’s a splendid 5 track 12”. Limited to 500 editions worldwide, and on clear vinyl at that. Surf’s up, du...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £4.60

Arthur's Landing
Second Thoughts

Arthur’s Landing is the name given to this project in which songs by the belived Arthur Russell are mixed and remixed by a bevy of talent. In the case of Second Thoughts we have Alkino, Bob Blank, Virgin Magnetic Material and several others. LP ve...view item »
  • Reduced from £19.49 - saving you £7.80
  • Reduced from £19.49 - saving you £7.80

Regal Degal
Not Now

Not Now is the second record from Brooklyn’s Regal Degal, produced with Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear. Regal Degal operate firmly within the non-temporal realm of popular culture, where sonic elements from any and all eras are fair game, so that Not Now is...view item »
  • Reduced from £16.99 - saving you £6.80

Jon DeRosa
Black Halo

The second full-length release from LA-based Jon DeRosa. Having studied under La Monte Young no less and inspired by the positive sunshine vibes of West Coast pop, Black Halo is a collection of shimmering numbers underpinned by DeRosa's classically crooning baritone vocals. Out on CD from Rocket Girl....view item »
  • Reduced from £7.99 - saving you £3.20

Slow Steve

6 Track EP, available on 12” vinyl or CD from Morr Music. Rémi Letournelle is Slow Steve. With lofi, fuzzy synthesizers, clanky distorted percussion and everything lovingly understated, you can see why they draw comparisons to Ariel Pink or Air. Like a pop song...view item »
  • Reduced from £13.99 - saving you £5.60

JM Airis
Wild Birds

JM Airis has reportedly laboured over Wild Birds for ages, and the man clearly has an excellent attention to detail: every little element here is spaced just right in relation to every other element. The consequences are a sort of melancholy folk updated with touches of synth and a city attitude. Double LP on Totally Gr...view item »
  • Reduced from £20.49 - saving you £8.20

Total Babes

Sharing a drummer with Cloud Nothings and featuring the synth stylings of Emeralds’ John Elliot, Total Babes are sure to pique interest across the spectrum. Heydays is a summer-ready jaunt in the vein of Tokyo Police Club or Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Out on digipak CD and vinyl LP from Wichita....view item »
  • Reduced from £16.49 - saving you £6.60

The Pre New
The Male Eunuch

Featuring members of both World of Twist and Earl Brutus, The Pre New have captured a place in our hearts with their minimalistic and sardonic electronic music. The Male Eunuch is their second full length album and expected to feature a bunch of curious, catchy and addictive tracks, appealing to all your potentially gen...view item »
  • Reduced from £18.49 - saving you £7.40

IMD // RSJ / JF // CF

The Brothers label / series continues into its eighth edition, pairing producers together in a fraternal way. IMD // RSJ / JF // CF translates to Eomac and Rory St John on one side of the 12”, and Joe Farr and Witch on the other, each pair producing a grea...view item »
  • Reduced from £6.99 - saving you £2.80

Shana Falana
Set Your Lightning Fire Free

Having worked through an internship-like period of low-profile, lo-fi cassette and bandcamp releases, Shana Falana is finally ready to follow up her 2011 EP with a full length, on the Team Love label. On Set Your Lightning Fire Free, big sweeping dream-guitars and waves of vocals make for a grand artistic statement....view item »
  • Reduced from £16.99 - saving you £6.80

Eugene Ward
Paint en Pointe

Originally the soundtrack to five months of modern dance exhibition in Sydney, the music on Paint en Pointe is both abstract and catchy. Heavily percussion driven, Eugene Ward, also known as Dro Carey / Tuff Sherm, will treat you to the perfect environment to experience your own expressive dan...view item »
  • Reduced from £14.49 - saving you £5.80

Donald Fraser

Electronics that point to about a hundred different spots on a map and claim that they all mark the spot; that's the sound Donald Fraser musters up on the bombastic Locomotion, his new collection of skittering manoeuvres for Mordant Music. A remix of the piece comes from the label's tape loopy b...view item »
  • Reduced from £6.99 - saving you £3.49

Drew Lustman
The Crystal Cowboy

Drew Lustman aka ‘Falty DL’ takes on a new persona for this sharper, more economical release ‘The Crystal Cowboy’. Consisting of eleven tracks of musical rejuvenation, Lustman’s new material sees the artist flourish away from the conceptual pressures of his former alter ego. The result is an experiment in musical fr...view item »
  • Reduced from £14.49 - saving you £5.80

Breakfast In Fur
Flyaway Garden

Following their first, eponymously titled EP, consisting of jangly guitar, a selection of childrens toys and the soft, gently whispered vocals of Kaitlin Van Pelt, Breakfast In Fur’s latest release ‘Flyaway Garden’ sees what began as a recording project between Dan Wolfe and Kaitlin Van Pelt move into more assertive, punk rock ...view item »
  • Reduced from £14.99 - saving you £6.00

Stranger Cat
In The Wilderness

Sufjan Stevens’ right hand woman takes centre stage here with her new project Stranger Cat. With a CV that takes in the likes of The Shins, Sharon Van Etten and Son Lux, Cat Martino belts out a number of tunes with her sights trained directly at the radio. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Joyful Noise....view item »
  • Reduced from £15.99 - saving you £6.40


‘Arizona’ is the debut album release from Mylets aka Henry Kohen, a child genius, multi instrumentalist who became the youngest artist ever to be signed to LA based record label/ management company Sargent House. In spite of the complicated arrangement of Mylets one man orchestra, the songs are catchy, infectious pop songs at heart, ...view item »
  • Reduced from £19.49 - saving you £7.80

The Leisure Society
The Fine Art Of Hanging On

The Fine Art Of Hanging On is the fourth album by The Leisure Society. The album has a theme of hanging on running through its songs although the band did not intend to make a concept album. As with previous albums, the complexities involved in their songwriting, arrangements and musicianship are all present. This, coup...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.99 - saving you £4.80

Matt and Kim
New Glow

From the superhappy intro-song-to-the-Community-tv-series about suicide, Matt and Kim have now arrived at a cheerful pop sound with some cozy trap influences somehow meshed in comfortably. New Glow has got a new sound going for the duo, while still keeping in touch with their old joy. Also, who could say no to such happ...view item »
  • Reduced from £19.99 - saving you £8.00

Time For Rodeo
So Toxic

Time For Rodeo are a Leeds band & have their spiffing debut 5 track E.P. released on the superb Misplaced Music. I'd like to think of the bands that inspire them but some clever nitwit has gone & put a sticker on the front to like, totally assist me!! So if you fancy a delightfully catchy amalgam of  &qu...view item »
  • Reduced from £1.99 - saving you £0.99

The Tamborines
Camera & Tremor

These guys stick safely to a kind of fuzzed-out psych/shoegaze shimmer on their debut album. And although i've heard plenty of Primal Scream or BJM records in my life, The Tamborines still successfully kick out a worthy racket. They often emulate the sound of the classic Creation bands - the opener reminds me of mid-period Telescopes - but you c...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £4.20

Jerry Paper

Released under the moniker Jerry Paper, Dustin Payseur of Beach Fossils offers you a taste of his solo compositions. Carousel combines silly sounds into serious pop songs, which results in strange yet catchy songs with curious lyrics. At the same time accessible and intriguing...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

Justin Velor
2013 Remixes

For me this is all about the Psychemagik mix, and extended treatment of Flameout designed with sun dappled times in mind. Its a proper balearic chugger, with nice uplifting vibes throughout an ideal tune to soundtrack a sunset, hell even a sunrise as you head on your way to further adventure after a night of hedonism. Epic. On the flip y...view item »
  • Reduced from £6.99 - saving you £3.49


I've got to do summat "beard" says he, the man over there, rapidly sliding down the slippy chute into the terrifying realm that is 40-dom. 'Beard' was the term we used to employ to describe anything that may get musical academics & sound-art buffs frothing with excitement but would undoubtedly clear 99.9% of the public houses in Britain. Als...view item »
  • Reduced from £12.99 - saving you £6.49

Some Tracks

No nonsense rugged techno action from Detroit’s Manuel Gonzales. Beginning with the tough 4/4 stomper ‘Extort’. A brutal drum track with rough filtering that pounds away showing zero mercy for frazzled minds on the dancefloor. Then there's the stuttering muffled electro of Mean While’ with a delay affected vocoder vocal h...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £4.99


‘Hewn’ is a sophomore release from Wellington, New Zealand based solo act turned three piece Groeni, originally founded by producer/musician Alexander Green. The EP explores the UK bass scene from a South Pacific point of view, composed of samples and field recordings as well as using vintage, broken and analogue instruments, recorde...view item »
  • Reduced from £12.99 - saving you £5.20

Rima Kato
Faintly Lit

While still at high school in the late nineties, Rima Kato began her music career in folk-rock duo Strrows, who gradually evolved from their jaunty pop origins towards a slower, more thoughtful folk-pop. Following her 2012 mini album ‘Harmless’, Kato’s album debut ‘Faintly Lit’ consists of a lo-fi arrangement of sof...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £4.20

Girls In Hawaii
Hello Strange

Belgian indie pop act Girls In Hawaii do the opposite of Bob Dylan at Newport, ditching the electric jangle pop for something purer and more acoustic. Revising their work here with new arrangements that are equal parts sparse and delicate, 'Hello Strange' is a surprisingly versatile release from a band who's sound has been well worn....view item »
  • Reduced from £15.49 - saving you £7.74

Oh! Pears
Wild Part of the World

At the very least, Oh! Pears win the prize for best use of a mid-sentence exclamation mark since Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Aside from that, they share nothing with those Canadian naysayers, making delicate and whimsical chamber pop based around the crafty songwriting of Corey Duncan. On 'Wild Part of the World', he mixes contemporary folk pop...view item »
  • Reduced from £15.99 - saving you £7.99

Bernard Herrmann
The Wrong Man

Here's some tasty delights from Bernard Hermann. The Wrong Man is the score of Herman's from the 1965 Hitchcock film. For this feature Hermann created a melancholic and subtle score which is full of soft orchestral textures, sparse instrumentation and enough suspense to keep you on the edge...view item »
  • Reduced from £15.49 - saving you £6.20

Keath Mead
Sunday Dinner

Dipping into your daydreams with Keath Mead. Sunday Dinner is the debut full length from the South Carolinian musician. Definitely a revivalist, Mead evokes the summer of love and also the slacker indie pop sounds of the 90s. It's infectious psyche-indie-pop full of trippy guitars, swaying drums and ...view item »
  • Reduced from £14.99 - saving you £7.49

Tairiq & Garfield
Childhood Swing

The debut release from twin brothers Tairiq & Garfield is a big production seemingly always in flux. Children to an R&B group father and a rapping mother they’ve got quite the headstart. Childhood Swing is not unlike a slow motion Squarepusher at his most sci-fi. Out on 12” vinyl from Software Record...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £5.49

City Center

  • Reduced from £15.99 - saving you £7.99

Kassem Mosse / Simone White
Three Versions

An intimate and spatial offering by Kassem Mosse. Using source material from American singer-songwriter Simone White, Mosse brings out subtle melancholy washes and adds in kitchen sink percussion to generate a contemplative collection of downbeat tracks. Out on 12” vinyl from Honest Jon’s....view item »
  • Reduced from £7.49 - saving you £3.00

& Also With You

  • Reduced from £17.99 - saving you £8.99

The Dough Rollers
Gone Baby Gone

The days get dark on the road, and while the music of the Dough Rollers may have started with the most simple of intentions -- tribute the great traditions of American folk, rock and soul -- their sound slowly became warped by experience, turning into something more intricate that subtly wove together each of thei...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.99 - saving you £4.80

The Chemistry Experiment
Gongs Played By Voice

Pastoral prog from Nottingham-based quintet The Chemistry Experiment. Rather than literally enacting its title, Gongs Played By Voices adheres to the British prog tradition of discussing nature and the seasons with liberal use of fantastical lyrics and surreal storytelling. Actual gongs played by voices would’ve b...view item »
  • Reduced from £12.99 - saving you £5.20

Jack Ruby
Jack Ruby - Volume 2

Jack Ruby were one of the missing links between Fun House era Stooges and the eventual No Wave of the late 70s. They basically sound like what would happen if J.G Ballard started a proto-punk band; electronic noise throughout with dirty rock n' roll. This is the 2nd volume of LP reissues which is the more noisy and experimental side of the band,...view item »
  • Reduced from £16.49 - saving you £6.60

Denney and the Jets
Mexican Coke

Here's the latest from Burger Records and it's some straightforward rock'n'roll business by Nashville's D-D-D-Denney y los Jets. It's produced by an Alabama Shake and it sounds like the last 50 years never happened. The sticker on the front references "Merle Haggard, Jason Isbell and The Stones" and that's pretty much bang on the money. ...view item »
  • Reduced from £15.99 - saving you £7.99

Shivum Sharma
All These Years EP

Produced by the geezer (Liam Howe) who did the recent FKA Twigs killer and some Tom Vek stuff, All These Years is the EP follow up to Shivum Sharma’s debut album Follow. It’s some good old angsty electro indie pop in the vein of vomitingly dull ...view item »
  • Reduced from £7.99 - saving you £3.99

Variety Lights
Silent Too Long

On this 10” original Mercury Rev singer David Baker and his synthy friend Will MacLean bust out a couple of tracks of their weird synthetic minimal pop...view item »
  • Reduced from £6.99 - saving you £2.80

OK Junior
The Floating Formation EP

Finally a CD/10" has arrived on a label called Seldom by a band called OK Junior who have been championed by XFM & featured in the NME. according to the sticker on the back. It sounds like a perfectly competent blend of lo-fi folk & muffled trip-hop beats with spacey vocals. Sounds very much like another...view item »
  • Reduced from £4.49 - saving you £3.14

Bad History Month / Dust From 1000 Years
Famous Cigarettes

Their name must be hip, because it’s ironic: Dust from a 1000 Years doesn’t sound old at all, but rather fresh. Which is really just a crazy coincidence because it’s not a Bad History Month at all, seeing as it brought us this swell split EP! Which, I might add, is limited to 308 (curious numbe...view item »
  • Reduced from £16.99 - saving you £6.80

Terror & Healing

Marja Johansson of Kemiallset Ystävät creates a record of abstracted and hard-wired beauty, bringing together a dense palate of sounds around motifs that circle inwards and then outwards, samples that get cut and fucked up, and a lot of electronic configuration. If "Animal Negatives...view item »
  • Reduced from £20.99 - saving you £8.40

Jenny Wilson
Demand The Impossible!

A reality check from Jenny Wilson. Demand The Impossible! is the introspective twelve tracker from the Swedish artist. Written while Wilson was receiving cancer treatment, the album features aggy synths, swooping vocal falsettos and wails, angular drums and squidgy bass lines. It's indie-ar...view item »
  • Reduced from £14.99 - saving you £6.00

Fear Falls Burning
Disorder of Roots

  • Reduced from £39.49 - saving you £19.74

Bold Ambler

Liking this CD album by Gyppos. It seems to be the work of four chaps from the Sheffield region and is comprised of lo-fi indie pop, skewed bluegrass, quirky skiffle & schizoid folk-rock. There's a small bit of them that initially reminds me of old Chicago band 5ive Style but also (musically) Half Man Half Biscuit, fellow Steel City-ers Champio...view item »
  • Reduced from £8.49 - saving you £3.40

Fast Lady
We Ate Rock

People who've been reading these updates for longer than they should have been will possibly remember the name Fast Lady. They released a CD on V/Vm's Test Records years ago and now he's all serious and ambienty these guys are going it alone and here's their new album of rock for your general amusement. Their schtick hasn't really changed from f...view item »
  • Reduced from £8.49 - saving you £3.40

Cold War Kids
Behave Yourself

I can think of no other way to describe this EP other than to say that it contains the most 'grown up' songs CWK has released. I am very impressed with these four songs. As the band says in the liner notes, these songs didn't belong on Loyalty to Loyalty because they did not quite fit the sound of the entire album. Cold War Kids are not a super ...view item »
  • Reduced from £5.99 - saving you £2.40

Toro Y Moi
June 2009

This is a collection of more “lo-fi” songs recorded by Chaz Bundick in the summer of 2009 alongside the commercially released Toro Y Moi stuff so while it's still got many of their trademarks it's a slightly ...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £5.49


Fans of sweet alternative folk should really give this a whirl as it's such a lovely and charming listen. Lindsey West has a beautiful voice which is given ample space amongst's the guitars, banjo, ukelele, accordian and harmonium. The songs are magical and it's an enchanting listen throughout. If you like Serafina Steer and that type of stuff then...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £4.20

LR Rockets
Lovesucker/ Cameron

  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £1.40

Ecstasy, Crashing Beats and Fantasy

‘Ecstasy, Crashing Beats and Fantasy’ is the second record on Diagonal from Cleveland, Ohio’s James Donadio following the ‘Shatter and Lose’ 10” and stuff for Opal Tapes, Digitalis, Mir...view item »
  • Reduced from £8.99 - saving you £3.60

Mark Rogers + Mary Byrne
I Line My Days Along Your Weight

Debut album from the duo of Mark Rogers + Mary Byrne. They’ve used a barrage of interesting old instruments (including a “tricone resonator” and “golden-era flattop” - sounds delicious) and Mary’s rich voice to make these ten, close-feeling tracks. Mostly recorded live, for th...view item »
  • Reduced from £15.99 - saving you £7.99

Bjørn Torske

Supremely smooth vibes for all who feel best served in the morning by coffee and dub: Trobel is Bjorn Torske offering us a wild ride but then flattening it out into sweet, inoffensive beats; he carries out a few controlled synth implosions here and there, keeping the mood light and easy. A little bit...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £4.99

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