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Those Pretty Wrongs
Lucky Guy

Former drummer for Big Star and current producer of laid-back, 70’s California-hued countryish rock Jody Stephens presents the release of his new group Those Pretty Wrongs, a duo with Luth Russell. Burger Records are doing the duties, putting out Lucky Guy  o...view item »

Windmill / Devotion

Epoch is the big boss of the Egyptian Avenue label, though both the artist and the label have taken a break for the last while. No longer though, with Epoch using new 12” Windmill / Devotion to mark the Avenue’s resurrection. Deep productions, featuring guest vocals from AFIYA...view item »

Jessie Jones
Jessie Jones

With a light tread, Jessie Jones jumps across catchy melodies and swinging beats. After fronting  Feeding People and while taking a break from Death Valley Girls, her self-titled solo debut gives Jones the opportunity to let out her upbeat demons. Get ready to bob your head to an irres...view item »

Mishka Shubaly
Coward’s Path

A quite stunningly personal album here from Mishka Shubaly, who delves deep into his own life to bring to bear his own experience of alcoholism. The Coward’s Path indeed. This constitutes pretty potent material, although to his credit Shubaly ensure the record is not a one-note affair, often as co...view item »


CARGAA 2 is the second in Warp Records’ series of collaborations with Principe, a Portuguese label. A nice bit of signal boosting, at least from a UK perspective. The tracks, by characters like DJ Big Vado / DJ Estraga, Nidia Minaj and Puto Anderson / Deejay NinOo carry a massive ...view item »

Expo '70
Solar Drifting

Justin Wright’s project is about where the journey takes him, not us; improvising around synths and drifting into tectonic shifts in sound, his compositions take an ambient framework and busy it with accidental information, each effect or flourish disrupting an otherwise steadfast piece of music. On ‘Solar Drifting’, h...view item »

Michael Vidal
Dream Center

The sleeve says 33 1/3rd but if that’s correct then Abe Vigoda frontman Michael Vidal sounds very depressed indeed. So I’ve taken the law into my own hands and played it at 45rpm; I’m a maverick you know, I don’t play by no rules. Now the record is sounding very nice indeed. It&rsq...view item »

Morgan Louis
Only 1

Repetition repetition repetition repetition. The Fall’s recent appearance on Glastonbury at times showed repetition as an art form - how a simple groove when looped ad nauseum can provoke a kind of ecstatic reaction amongst an audience.   The opener here ‘Only 1’ provokes a very simil...view item »

Adrian Lenz / Sandman
Cover Me / No Prisoners Mixes

Two killer tracks from Adrian Lenz and Sandman, each loaded with a shit-tonne of energy, get the remix treatment on this Blank Mind 12”. Remixes provided by Shake Shakir, Harmonious Thelonious, and former Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson (unless maybe th...view item »

J. Tijn

J. Tijn rocks up to Bedouin Records with this fine portion of hard-hitting dancefloor power, pulling no punches whatsoever. Super-firm kick / snare / synth interplay, staying tight and locking the dancer into a strict, jolting groove. Very potent works indeed. MOR is limited to just 300 copies, on fine 180g vinyl....view item »

Brain Cream

This is fun...and a customer has already bought it so that has to be recommendation enough that you should buy it too. They’ve already made two records on Sub Pop.....have you? (ok maybe some of you have). It’s an absolute pop blast of three minute jangle-jingles. Not sure why Sub Pop haven’t released this themselves but they&r...view item »

Green Eyes EP

Spokes is a busy, playful producer working with shiny variations on core grime elements. The Green Eyes EP is the lengthiest release yet from this guy, containing three very engaging tracks backed up with a remix from E.M.M.A. All sorts going on in this sound, but still it feels like there is plenty of ...view item »

Francisco Lopez

Francisco Lopez creates experimental sounds from field recordings made to cassette. He talks about how his limitations in not having the standard equipment to create field recordings, led to him having to be more creative in his creation of the sounds. It shows in the recordings which meld sounds together into something quasi ta...view item »

Mister Divine / Shadows

Nate Brenner plays in tUnE-yArDs’ band when they hit the road, but away from the band’s intense and rigorously rhythmic confines, he calls himself naytronix (really though) and makes rather comfortable lounge music -- the kind of easy listening sub-electronica you could find yourself sinking into an armchair with. “Mr Divine&rd...view item »

Faetch 1

4 track 12” vinyl on Earwiggle. The debut for Frenchman Faetch is a collection of unrelenting, head down, fists up club teardown tracks. Not just relying on standardised hard techno sounds, they give a nod to the past certainly, but have their eyes firmly locked on looking forward. For fans of Perc, ...view item »

Arthur Russell

If we thought that the bottom of the Arthur Russell barrel had already been scraped then we need to think again. This new compilation (proudly described as the first 'new' re-issue of Russell's work in seven years) contains 'rhythmic alternate' versions of several tracks recorded in spring 1982 and spring 1983. The opening 'Lucky Cloud' is marre...view item »


Let’s have a big slice of monolithic post rock shall we? ‘Out of Reach’ the first track on this EP from the outfit featuring kosmische guy Ken Camden is the sort of slab of grey textural stuff that could have just as easily come off of Godspeed’s debut a...view item »

Six Six Seconds
Tearing Down Heaven

Three times. Three times I’ve tried to review this. Each time a different crisis culminating in a dustbin stand off which has now resolved. Do Boomkat have these problems? Right then, this was originally on the Downwards compilation So Click Heels but everyone liked it so much that it was decided to release it on a 10”. And r...view item »

Kuki and The Bard
Dalai Lama / Journey

Kuki and The Bard are a brother and sister duo from the UK. They sounds like a right pair of hippies, having lived in India and Morocco and now in some kind of self-sustaining community in England. Good for ‘em, sounds like a jolly and I sure hope it’s as jolly as their single Dalai Lama, backed with...view item »

Daughn Gibson

Daughn Gibson is the latest person to decide that the ‘80’s is the way forward. His latest album is chock full of the textured ambient pop that made albums such as Roxy Music’s ‘Avalon’ and Japan’s ‘Tin Drum’ such sleek affairs. So...view item »

Michael Baker
Keys To The Kingdom EP

Keys To The Kingdom is the debut EP by singer/songwriter Michael Baker. The London resident has self released this EP, which was recorded with a helpful bunch of creative types. Dust and Bones is the lead track and features the vocal talents of Georgia Mason. The laid back acoustic vibe will no...view item »

The Relationship
Oh Allen / Young Temptations

Weezer guitarist Brian Bell steps out of the shadows with his other outfit The Relationship. Fans of Cuomo et al won’t be disapointed. Oh Allen offers a belter of a chorus in that age old power pop tradition of strong, simple melodies. Backed up by Young Temptations on the B side. Out on vinyl 7&rdqu...view item »

Give Me / Don't Stop

The La Discoteca label are embarking on a series of reissues for classics of the Italo disco genre (with a name like that, could they release anything else?) Here we have Give Me / Don’t Stop, by Sensitive. The two tracks have been remastered from the original 1985 recording and are presented in authentic 12&rdquo...view item »

Instant Memories

Fiction are another band who are totally in love with the 1980’s. They certainly mean well but I’ve been waiting some time for their sophisticated indie-pop to really catch light. It hasn’t quite happened here  - opener ‘Half Yawning’ aims itself at Lloyd Cole/...view item »

Great Lake Swimmers
A Forest of Arms

La la la la woah ooooooh, can you hear the sound of wide open spaces and heartfelt hearts? Described with our favourite of indie rock words as “darlings”, Canadian folk outfit Great Lake Swimmers do that thing we’re all become accustomed to through Youtube VEVO accounts: they take pastorality and make it panoramic. Sounding rel...view item »

Throwing Shade
Fate Xclusive EP

A sparkly, reverby record from upcoming London producer Throwing Shade. The Fate Xclusive EP touches down in a few different territories: the single ‘Honeytrap’s odd-pop contains strains of 90’s trip-hop, contemporary postmodern electronics, and a strikingly direct vocal performance. 12” on No Pa...view item »

Cosy EP

Sounding like the end of a long day of sun-soaking, Cosy is filled with gentle surf guitars that keep rolling onto the shore. Headland could be a choice pick for a Late Night Tales mix, but instead it’s a splendid 5 track 12”. Limited to 500 editions worldwide, and on clear vinyl at that. Surf’s up, du...view item »

Arthur's Landing
Second Thoughts

Arthur’s Landing is the name given to this project in which songs by the belived Arthur Russell are mixed and remixed by a bevy of talent. In the case of Second Thoughts we have Alkino, Bob Blank, Virgin Magnetic Material and several others. LP ve...view item »

Anton Zap
Subculture EP

Russian electronic producer Anton Zap aka Anton Barbashev returns to Apollo following his highly acclaimed debut release ‘Water’. Building from the rich house sound of his first release, Zap expands into new sonic areas from the blazed hip hop rhythms of’ Free Fall’ or the motivational breakbeats of ‘Incident’...view item »

Regal Degal
Not Now

We’re back to a kind of delightfully tuneful take on ‘80’s pop on the catchy treat of ‘Delicious’  - the swirling dreamy opener on this second Grizzly Bear man -produced album by Brooklyn outfit Regal Degal. It’s fun  - it sound something like Captain Sensible as pr...view item »

Jon DeRosa
Black Halo

The most variable and happily spontaneous of artists Jon DeRosa has opted once more to halt his tendencies towards ambient and country (I know, right?) in favour of his more direct and plaintive singer-songwriter style. When we last heard him in this particular mode, his baritone brooded and resigned itself; not much has changed on ‘Black ...view item »

Slow Steve

Slow Steve isn’t Seasick Steve. Thank God. Instead he’s another type of Steve.... a slow one. He’s on Morr so you kind of know what you are getting, namely limp electronics and vocals. Opener ‘Minuit’ is quite catchy though with a repetitive refrain going over and over again over some electronics that sound ...view item »

The Vaccines
English Graffiti

English Graffiti is the third full length album by West London’s very own indie-rockers, The Vaccines. This time they enlisted the help of producer Dave Fridman (who has worked with The Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev among others) to hone their sound. Recent singles Handsome...view item »


VUURWERK come straight outta Belgium, but assimilate the sounds of Berlin, Detroit, East London and Chicago to craft their music, ending up in a very busy place indeed. The Grid EP has two brand new tracks from the trio, plus remixes of the title track from DNKL and House of Black Lanterns...view item »

JM Airis
Wild Birds

JM Airis has reportedly laboured over Wild Birds for ages, and the man clearly has an excellent attention to detail: every little element here is spaced just right in relation to every other element. The consequences are a sort of melancholy folk updated with touches of synth and a city attitude. Double LP on Totally Gr...view item »

Michael Perilstein
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers is a film that you already know everything about simply from reading the title. This slice of vinyl provides you with Michael Perilstein’s original soundtrack to the production, full of vampy cues and cheesy horror grooves. Good fun all round. Gatefold LP, 180g vinyl, on the Death Waltz ...view item »

Total Babes

It would appear that this band has the drummer from Cloud Nothings filling in sticks duties, which is a pretty big PR nightmare: how, exactly, to make that sound like anything but an unremarkable indie rock tidbit? Listen to Total Babes for more than about five seconds, though, and you’ll realise being ...view item »

The Pre New
The Male Eunuch

Featuring members of both World of Twist and Earl Brutus, The Pre New have captured a place in our hearts with their minimalistic and sardonic electronic music. The Male Eunuch is their second full length album and expected to feature a bunch of curious, catchy and addictive tracks, appealing to all your potentially gen...view item »

IMD // RSJ / JF // CF

The Brothers label / series continues into its eighth edition, pairing producers together in a fraternal way. IMD // RSJ / JF // CF translates to Eomac and Rory St John on one side of the 12”, and Joe Farr and Witch on the other, each pair producing a grea...view item »

Alex Puddu
The Mover ft. Joe Bataan / Soultiger

Alex Puddu is a smooth character (his last release was literally a soundtrack to some vintage Danish porn), and here he gives us a preview of his upcoming album with a 7”. Two tracks of slick grooving neo-soul, with vocals on The Mover provided by semi-famed Latin singer Joe Bataan. Out on the Sch...view item »

Shana Falana
Set Your Lightning Fire Free

Having worked through an internship-like period of low-profile, lo-fi cassette and bandcamp releases, Shana Falana is finally ready to follow up her 2011 EP with a full length, on the Team Love label. On Set Your Lightning Fire Free, big sweeping dream-guitars and waves of vocals make for a grand artistic statement....view item »

Eugene Ward
Paint en Pointe

Originally the soundtrack to five months of modern dance exhibition in Sydney, the music on Paint en Pointe is both abstract and catchy. Heavily percussion driven, Eugene Ward, also known as Dro Carey / Tuff Sherm, will treat you to the perfect environment to experience your own expressive dan...view item »

Drew Lustman
The Crystal Cowboy

With a cover consisting of a dusty apartment block and presumably Mr. Lustman sitting nonchalantly on top of a horse, you could easily assume that this is the electronic version of Father John Misty. New kooky alter ego, new sound and even some ‘doo-doo-doo’s, all signed to the Bella Union of b...view item »

Breakfast In Fur
Flyaway Garden

It’s summer outside. The grass on the other side of the ring road has been beautifully shorn and the smell of fresh grass clippings is mingling beautifully with the exhausts. My idea of a summer-pop album is probably decidedly less post Arcade Fire than many people. Those Canadians just don’t connect...view item »

Stranger Cat
In The Wilderness

Cat Martino wrote and made ‘In The Wilderness’ out in a cottage, but its expanse and supernatural magic is true: this music is otherworldly, unconfined by four walls, straining for that big and impenetrable pop sound. This kind of grandstanding about melody is usually conjured by bold artists like Lon...view item »

Brian Wilson
The Right Time

Brian Wilson's latest album the horrifyingly pun-tastic 'No Pier Pressure' has its moments. both good and devastatingly bad. This 7" contains two of the better collaborative efforts, mainly because they are done with ex-Beach Boys and not Kasey Musgraves or members of .fun. 'The Right Time' is the type of track that sounds better in your he...view item »

Turbo Fruits
No Control

Floating between catchy pop-rock songs, pot-smoker lethargy, and break-down-the-roof live shows, Turbo Fruits are everything you could want from a rock band - and their name sounds like an item from Mario Kart! No Control is their fourth album, and sees the band reaching a certain level of maturity. But not&nb...view item »


‘Arizona’ is the debut album release from Mylets aka Henry Kohen, a child genius, multi instrumentalist who became the youngest artist ever to be signed to LA based record label/ management company Sargent House. In spite of the complicated arrangement of Mylets one man orchestra, the songs are catchy, infectious pop songs at heart, ...view item »

Matt and Kim
New Glow

From the superhappy intro-song-to-the-Community-tv-series about suicide, Matt and Kim have now arrived at a cheerful pop sound with some cozy trap influences somehow meshed in comfortably. New Glow has got a new sound going for the duo, while still keeping in touch with their old joy. Also, who could say no to such happ...view item »


‘Hewn’ is a sophomore release from Wellington, New Zealand based solo act turned three piece Groeni, originally founded by producer/musician Alexander Green. The EP explores the UK bass scene from a South Pacific point of view, composed of samples and field recordings as well as using vintage, broken and analogue instruments, recorde...view item »

Rima Kato
Faintly Lit

Fables need soundtracks. Rima Kato’s ‘Faintly Lit’ gets the job done, offering something between a contented folk lullaby and the overture for a children’s adventure story -- no conflict, no bluster, just the stars twinkling and the wind blowing. There’s probably no better image for this music than the one offered o...view item »

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