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Matt Loveridge’s project MXLX is one of his noisier ones, and this new album is one of his strongest works under the name. ^____^ storms through desolate black metal, howling distortion clouds and delicate guitar parts en route to a transcendent annihilation. 250 12” vinyl copies on FuckPunk...view item »

M Ax Noi Mach
On The Edge

On The Edge is the first full-length record we’ve heard from M Ax Noi Mach in 6 years. Pleasingly, the time away hasn’t resulted in him cleaning up his act: his negative feelings are still as raw as ever, and the soundscapes are mostly stark synth and industrial beats. It’s a menacing listen, the produ...view item »

In Need Of Tess

In Need Of Tess combines 2 pieces from Jilk’s soundtrack to a Nim Jethwa short film with a remix of Nuala Honan and the title track, a collaboration of sorts with Nic Kane and Hester Sorel Moriarty Thompson. Jilk are glitchy and m...view item »

Clean Cut Kid
Pick Me Up

Clean Cut Kid are a Liverpool indie band who have yet to release a full-length album. Fans will thus grasp Pick Me Up, their third single, with great enthusiasm. Indie radio anthem status could well await this bouncy pop tune, which is backed by an exclusive demo version of ‘In Your Eyes’. Limited edition Re...view item »

Appleblim & October
Other Side of The Sky

Tempa deliver this new single from October, a crucial stretch of wobbly bass music from a producer with audibly deep roots in the Bristol scene. On the B-side he receives assistance from the legendary Appleblim, who views Other Side Of The Sky from a distance, treating it with a few tricks from the dub ...view item »

Lust For Youth

Lust for Youth are a three-piece from Copenhagen. And, you know, a coldwave act never sounded so... well, so Balearic. It has a sort of hauntological feel which calls to mind late-80s New Order, particularly on "Technique". It's in that sort of synthpop tradition. Maybe they recorded this on a beach in San An...view item »

Matthew Bourne

Something of a departure for Bourne, this; in that, as a hitherto unquestionably supreme tinkler of the ivories especially within the arena of improvised jazz, this album consists of him playing solely on a vintage electonic instrument, the oddity that is the memorymoog. It's a sound that oscillates, frequently if not wildly. You couldn't really...view item »

Dan Sartain
Walk Among The Cobras

Alabama-born rockabilly-styled, bluesy rock ‘n’ roller Dan Sartain began his musical adventure at the turn of the century, touring with The White Stripes and The Hives. Walk Among The Cobras was originally released in 2003 and featured on his album Dan Sartain vs. The Se...view item »

Corrections House
Know How To Carry A Whip

Know How To Carry A Whip by Corrections House is the dark follow-up to 2013’s Last City Zero. The electronic metal band are a collective made up from members of Eyehategod, Neurosis, Yakuza and Minsk. The songs have their foundations buil...view item »

Mr Dan (featuring Guilty Simpson)

We apparently have Run The Jewels to thank for Mr Dan’s new musical angle, presented for the first time on this 7”. Seeing them play put Dan on a heavy, aggressive beat-making tip, and Firewater is a strong example of such. MC duties provided by Guilty Simpson...view item »

Reel It In

YNR head honcho Jehst’s record store day output is this limited 7”, featuring Blah records founder Lee Scott and hip hop experimenter Strange U. Minimal, squelching and skipping beat that only makes way for small soundscapes, a rubber band like bassline and distorted games bleeps. Wi...view item »

S/T / Remex

A distinctive fusion of Latin American music and the LA electronic beats scene. Abstrakto is Astrud Sierra and producer DJ Balthazaar Getty and on S/T/Remex they mash together global musical scenes and raw rap and R&B. This 180 gram black and white double LP also comes with a remix album that pushes the orig...view item »

Information Pollution

Startegy is the project of Paul Dickow, a producer from Portland; his latest album consists of four lengthy tracks of static and drone to entrance and disorient you. Opener, "Public Voyeurs" - at just over seven minutes the shortest of the four tracks - begins with what appears to be the soft, distant chatter of unidentifiable life form...view item »

Anthony Joseph
Neckbone EP

Anthony Joseph has a new album on the way (it's his fifth), and a little preview glimpse of it can be had with this little 7” EP. Neckbone is a pair of tracks, one featuring Sly Johnson. Mr Joseph’s Caribbean poetry meets with a perfect percussive jazz backing. Released by H...view item »

Dinky / Nick Hoppner / Virginia
Zehn / Vier

The fourth vinyl 12” in Ostgut Ton’s ten year anniversary reissue project. The original Zehn compilation is already impossible to find, so make sure you don’t miss these minimalist techno represses. Zehn/Vier takes diverse work from Dinky, Nick Hoppner...view item »

Dollar EP

4 new tracks from Newcastle producer NY*AK. The Dollar EP was made on a delicious array of vintage analogue synths and drum machines, and the sonic feel throughout is warm, slippery and plenty groovy. Featuring guest-work from Mark Hand, Misumami and Ian Blevins. 12&rdq...view item »

Oliver Ho and Danny Passarella

Oliver Ho produces music on the axes of techno and noise. Danny Passarella works with synthesisers, but also designs clothes. Together they’ve made Multi, a conceptual EP on the subject of gender (non-)binaries. Four tracks of thoughtful synth-scapes and reverbed techno. 12” release on ...view item »

Casio Royale
In Basements Vol. 2

Casio Royale takes another trip down to Dixon Avenue Basement, where it sounds like a killer party is going down. Gorgeously squelchy acid synths and thick, thick bass ensure that a good time is had by all (apart from maybe Tories: take a look at the B2 track title…). In Basements Vol. 2 is out on Dixon Avenue Ba...view item »

Oliver Rosemann
Pointing From The Moon

Fast and percussive tech-house from minimalist master Oliver Rosemann. On Pointing from the Moon the German producer pushes his sound into a harsher and messier direction, where jumbled synth melodies meet relentless 4 x 4 drums. A heavy Sleeparchive remix completes this vinyl 12” from...view item »

David Vassalotti
Broken Rope

David Vassalotti leads the 4AD group Merchandise, but this album finds him striking off on his own: he writes, performs and produces every track on Broken Rope, and is also responsible for the artwork. Consequently, what we hear here is a clear representation of Vassalotti, his loves an...view item »


The producer behind Jire is just 20 years old: remarkable when you hear the talent on display here. Zang pokes its head through the door of the club for a while, but mostly prefers to hang out in the abstract computer music suite next door. A cavalcade of frantic digital sonics, lovely stuff. 12” on No Pain In Pop...view item »

Chronicles Of The Future

Simply put, Tadeo’s Chronicles of the Future is minimal techno made with classical instrumentation. Violins, pianos, cellos and more produce tight, repeated loops whilst the artist covers it with synthesizer. The result is fun-loving, beautifully repetitive neoclassical music that you can’t help but tap your foot too...view item »

Die Alone

Man, I don’t know. Does this record even have any hooks or are they just retroactively photoshopping them into the songs? How the fuck do any of these songs even stay glued together? Gazebos begin on a song that’s an excuse for a reason to go eat cheesecake -- called “Just Get High”, you’d be excused for assuming it...view item »

Unkle Funkle

Unkle Funkle takes a break from his time in White Fang to throw together this entertaining sound mass. Take a look at the sleeve art for Supernatural and you’ll get a feel for the sound: a colourful, shiny fantasy of electronic pop. Funkle is having fun here, and you surely will t...view item »

Pyramid Vritra

Hal Williams is Pyramid Vritra, also formerly one half of Odd Future duo The Jet Age of Tomorrow and a member of the up-and-coming NRK collective. With Danu his beats, especially on 58(Heavy) have a bizarre distance and hazy feel to them, with sparse but defini...view item »

Bird Dog
Misty Shrub

Authentic feelings band Bird Dog come outside to revel in the early-evening sunset and make/Instagram their own soundtrack. ‘Misty Shrub’ shows off the band’s influences with all the sleeves worn: it begins with the folksy dramatics of Ben Howard before pushing into a fuller, more electrifying indie rock sound, kinda like the L...view item »

Bill Converse
Meditations / Industry

Despite being deeply involved in the ‘90s rave and techno scene, this is synth experimenter Bill Converse’s vinyl LP debut. Meditations/Industry collects tracks from 2012-13. These tunes borrow textures and technology from the Chicago house and Detroit techno that fascinates Converse, but then strip ...view item »

Anno Stamm
No One Else

Relentless, percussive techno from the All City crew. No One Else, on vinyl 12” from Anno Stamm, is acid-influenced electronic music full of luscious arpeggios and jackin’ drums. The sharp square wave melodies also point to a chiptune influence, making this an extremely fun and playf...view item »

The Owl Service
His Pride. No Spear. No Friend.

Misnomer of the week: this isn’t the inevitable conjoining of Owl City and the Postal Service. Rather, the Owl Service are actually a scrawny folk outfit singing super earnestly and playing super traditionally -- with a twist. If you like ...view item »

Shlaguance EP

Binny is back with more dark and sordid house/techno hybrids on the Shlaguance EP. This vinyl 12” has everything for the electronic music outsider; acid basslines, harsh hi-hats and strange synths, all twisted into terrifying new shapes. This release on CLFT is limited to 500 copies and hi...view item »

Noam Kamal

Noam Kamal are a producer working within the angular, hyper-dynamic field of footwork. The Kulturu EP bucks, rolls and flows with electric energy. Two Kamal originals, and a remix of each, one by NameBrandSound and one by the remarkable producer-of-the-moment Jiln. 12&r...view item »

Kirkis / Mndsgn
Cold Crush

When Kirkis tried to remix Mndsgn’s highly-regarded Breatharian, he failed altogether, instead creating a wholly new track unrecognisable from the original. The new track, Cold Crush, was considered too good to waste, and it so it now appears on this 7”, backed by a remix from ...view item »


New York multimedia artist Pictureplane is taking his sound to the dancefloors with Technomancer (I can’t figure out if that name is great or awful). 11 tracks of electro-thud by which Pictureplane means to consider the nature of man’s relationship to machines. CD or coloured vinyl LP on Ant...view item »

Jordan GCZ
Lushlyfe II

Jordan Czamanski goes by many names and groups; Magic Mountain High and Juju and Jordash to name two. Under his lesser heard from Jordan GCZ alias he creates mesmerising and highly imaginative electronic experiments. With previous releases on Future Times and Off Minor Lushl...view item »

Blue Moon

Tenor Vossa present this gorgeous album of shoegaze and indie-drone, complete with new material, on double vinyl LP or CD. Blue Moon is from 1999 and the middle of Breathless’ career. Here Dominic Appleton’s powerful and melancholy vocals dominate their dream-pop sound, but the unusu...view item »

Slow Season
Supernaut / One way Or Another

Supernaut/One Way Or Another is a limited vinyl 7” from Slow Season and it also marks the release of their debut full-length. To relax after an album launch these blues-rockers have recorded a frantic Black Sabbath cover alongside an original song. Both tunes show their burnt-out take on 1...view item »

S/D / Norman Nodge / Boris
Zehn / Eins

Ostgut Ton’s 10th birthday celebrations have centered around a 10 LP monolith of a box set, which swiftly sold out. So the individual LPs are now seeing individual release, so as to get these crucial tunes into the ears of those who need them. Tracks from Boris, Norman Nodge and the duo of Luke Sla...view item »

The Donkeys
Midnight Palm

The Donkeys make thick nostalgic easy-listening, head-swinging indie. The San Diego four piece went into the studio with Thom Monahan (Vetiver, Fruit Bats, Devendra Banhart) to produce this mini LP. 5 tracks of unabashed looking back on fond memories. Cue old vi...view item »


Palehound, which is basically just songwriter and guitarist Ellen Kempner, release Molly on vinyl 7” through Heavenly records. Although the stand-out feature is Kempner’s jagged and wired guitar playing, this miniature indie classic is also powered by tight repetitiv...view item »


‘Dionysian’ by Dionysian is a collaborative memorial project release from experimental sound and art labels Börft records and iDEAL records, in celebration of the music of their friend and contemporary Joel Brindefalk. This release focuses on the noisier elements of Joel Brindefalk’s back catalogue by posthumously issuing ...view item »


Telegram have spent an awful long time ensuring that they look like a rock band but it’s often the case that the best rock bands look like the very last people on earth who should be playing music  - the Pixies for example. Anyway amidst the fretting about the long hair, moustaches and sunglasses, Telegram...view item »

AnD RMX01 (Zeitgeber / Sleeparchive / O/H)

Everyone enjoyed AnD’s recent album Cosmic Microwave Background didn’t they? Industrial dancefloor power tunes and no mistake. Well three people who definitely enjoyed that record are Zeitgeber, O/H and Sleeparchive, as each are present here on AnD RMX01...view item »

Wolfey & Project Pablo
Jervis Pump Station

Working together, Vancouver’s Wolfey and Montreal’s Project Pablo make a strong production crew, as this 12” on Church demonstrates. Jervis Pump Station is stocked with 3 upbeat house bouncers, propulsive and shiny-slick. It’s a good-time ride for all, stocked with summer sun and...view item »

Don Cherry & Jon Appleton
Don / Jon

Properly 'out there' free-jazz and synthesizer shenanigans from avant-garde legend Don Cherry and Synclavier synth boffin Jon Appleton. This vinyl 7" is the only time this material has ever been pressed and is actually the supremely radical outtakes from the Human Music album. Don/Jon...view item »

Future Former Self

CHAPPO take their New York City origins and pour them into a psychedelic soul-pop that often sounds more like the wide beaches and plazas of LA than the mean streets of NY. Must be testament to their powers of musical conjuring that a listener to Future Former Self will be readily convinced. Out on the Votiv label....view item »

Toy Light
Sightless, Unless

Toy Light is a Los Angeles-based producer who is a dab hand with a whole range of instruments, not to mention beat-merchant production and a strong falsetto voice. Sightless, Unless is a varied set of tracks, sometimes flying into abstract territory and sometimes grounded in ...view item »

Guy Blakeslee
The Middle Sister

Guy Blakeslee is the guitarist in The Entrance Band: here, solo, he stretches out with two sides of acoustic and electric guitar, both of which flow Blakeslee’s finger-picking around deep, engaging drones, and tinges of piano and singing bowls. The Middle Sister is all-instrumenta...view item »

Marcello Napoletano presents Ra Toth And The Brigantes Orchestra
Introspettivo EP

This fine 12” slipped under the review radar during the Christmas carnage but I thought it more than worthy of bringing to folks attention. Italian producer/ DJ Marcello Napoletano has had a few records out on Jamal Moss’ Mathematics Recordings, ...view item »

King Cyst
King of New York

King Cyst (mmmm, what a name…) is all about the sex, which is not to say that all the tracks on King Of New York are necessarily sexy. Often the characters we are introduced to are in a melancholy state. Cyst’s compositions provide a rich and atmospheric backdrop for these tales. LP on Unde...view item »

Joey LaBeija
Shattered Dreams

Puerto Rican musical heritage and contemporary hard electronic influences meld together in the person of Joey LaBeija, whose Shattered Dreams is a dynamic set of high-action rollers that don’t stick to one formula. Messed up percussion sits alongside bursts of noise, although usually coalescing into danceable form...view item »

Mad Among The Mad

Well, this is terrifying. Thymolphthalein are a semi-improv electronics group that manage to combine computers, drumkits, tape machines, pianos, synths and double bass with varying degrees of coherency. All of the aforementioned instruments are not guaranteed to be played the way that you’re ‘meant’ to play them. Anything could...view item »

Andrea Penso
Ritorno All'Acqua

Andrea Penso has used those most essential of tools to create this work: field recordings and tape loops. With such slight means, he has made Rittorno All’Acqua, a subtle, abstract drift apparently meant to correspond to the baptism of Jesus, among other subjects. Single-sided c20 cassette, released in an edition ...view item »

Paid Reach
I Ping

The second 7” vinyl from Paid Release, a new pseudonym for house upstart Gunnar Wendel aka Kassem Mosse. These releases push Mosse’s unique sound into even weirder, off-grid zones. Ping sounds both nasty and funky and Experience Change has an abstrac...view item »

Lonely Walk

Lonely Walk is a heavy band project that features members of Strasbourg, Panoptique, Magneto and several other bands, plus the brains behind the Simple Music Experience label. With Teen they dive headlong into a synth-streaked dark post-punk tunnel, where the listener i...view item »

Guided By Voices
Suitcase 4: Captain Kangaroo Won The War

As Robin pointed out elsewhere in the reviews this week perhaps the best art is that which is devoid of point….but there is a limit. As Robert Pollard howls uncontrollably out of tune on ‘No-One’s Looking For You’ even I find it hard to believe that he has long be...view item »

Pedro Muthaship
Ten Revolutions of Wrong

Sun Araw’s Sun Ark imprint returns with a limited C40 cassette of computer weirdness and scrambled electronics. Ten Revolutions of Wrong from Pedro Muthaship, also known as Pete Hope, is a thick sludge of dub textures, cheap keyboard nastiness and the man’s heavily distorted spoken v...view item »

A.C. Band / Sadistic Candle
s/t / s/t

The Sun Ark label spews out another funky mutant hybrid on limited double C40 cassette. Both A.C. Band and Sadistic Candle are led by Barrett Avner, of Sun Araw Band fame, and both are dense, weird electro-rock smeared with guitar solos, hypnagogic synths and distorted drum mach...view item »

Paul Weller
I'm Where I Should Be

Paul Weller’s latest album was Saturns Pattern, and I’m Where I Should Be is the third single to be taken from it. Weller’s been in the game long enough that both we and he know what a Paul Weller song should sound like: accordingly, this track does land just ...view item »

We Mythical Kings

We Mythical Kings is made up of Raz Ullah and Peter Phillipson. Visitations is their debut album - a result of controlled and structured improvisations on guitar synthesizers and a huge array of hacked effects. Recorded over a six day period, whilst locked away in a small cottage on the...view item »

The Blue Quicksand is Going Now

This is a review of an album called the Blue Quicksand is going now. I don’t know what that means, maybe because I only got up an hour ago and can’t think straight. It must be verbal music to your alert ears/eyes, and actual music to your ears. Out on the new, anonymous Loopy imprint. FIS is a man from New Zealand wh...view item »

Joey Herzfeld and His So Called Friends
….Are Watching You

Joey Herzfeld writes songs that might be described as whimsical and traditional (a view possibly influenced by his moustache and choice of instrumentation). His So Called Friends turn out to include excellent improviser Alex Ward, as well as members of Nought and The Thu...view item »

Lina in Nida

I have never seen such self-hype as exists within this LP’s press release. Right now, I am apparently listening to a fictional anthem for ISIS-occupied Britain, and the last track promises the best sound ever made or heard. Such statements we are mostly used to, but these enter the realm of madness. Astor likes to make music as mas...view item »

Science & Magic

Lil BUB is a cat! An actual cat! Whooah! Quirky! From the cutesy name through to the cutesy concept, this is truly a contemporary internet-age record. Science & Magic is the debut full-length for this cat (and its band): turns out felines really like electro-pop! Who knew. CD / LP, with the coloured vinyl available ...view item »

The Arrogants
No Time To Wait

The Arrogants are a French group whose press release seems to position their choice to make garage / blues rock as a radical act. Hmmm, not sure about that. Fair play in following through on their interests though: great fun is clearly being had with No Time To Wait, the group’s debut full-length. Released by Dirt...view item »

Taking Over EP

Fresh contemporary dub / dancehall from Subactive. The Taking Over EP features MC action from Danny Dread and El Fata, as well as fully dubbed-out reworkings from Naram & Art. A classic style, but with a distinctly digital, up-to-date touch to it. 500 copies of this...view item »

Brian Wilson
No Pier Pressure

A question regularly posed by seasoned Beach Boy watchers over recent years concerns how much Brian Wilson is in charge of his current output. He's certainly been by his own standards prolific over the last few years with the highlight the fantastic three songs he managed to cobble together towards the end of the Beach Boys surprisingly ok ...view item »


Adele returns! I see she’s sticking to the age-themed album titles, so here we have 25. You can expect to hear about 5 of these tracks in heavy circulation over the next year, so get in early and hear them in the context of the record! More grandiose pop-soul, showcasing that unfathomably popular voice (and those ...view item »


Herve Atsè Corti has been putting out tracks on Bosconi Extra Virgin, Delsin, All City, Kontra-Musik, Don’t Be Afraid and has now been given a platform on Planet Mu. And deservedly so as thi...view item »


Here we have some very housey-house from Fyoelk, a producer that hasn’t put out anything in 4 years, the last thing being the A side of a wee little split 7”. Not that that gap is really notable, just another reflection of our miserable, demanding ‘on-demand’ culture that we’ve created for ourselves. ...view item »

Exoteric Continent

Arnau Sala has had releases as Exoteric Continent on Opal Tapes, Hospital Productions and Second Sleep among others. Utilizing synth, tape and computer for the ‘Peninsula’ EP he creat...view item »

Khwanta Fasawang
Lam Phaen Motorsai Tham Saep: The Best of Lam Phaen Sister No. 1

Lam Phaen Motorsai Tham Saep: The Best of Lam Phaen Sister No. 1 is a gorgeous compilation of the 1980’s work of Khwanta Fasawang. Most of this material originally circulated the country on cassettes, but selected favourites have been compiled by Soi 48, who also provided the informative liner not...view item »

Richard Hawley
I Still Want You

Mmmmm, drink in that rich baritone… Richard Hawley is in full-on grizzled romantic mode for I Still Want You, a single taken from his recent Hollow Meadows album. He continues to pull off the trick of sounding totally classic without being regressive. The only thing that lets down this 7” is the ve...view item »

Crowd Noise

Heavily percussive debut EP of fresh and dynamic rhythms from UK producer Gaunt on Beneath’s Mistry label. ‘Crowd Noise’ kicks things off, building with simmering hi-hats and shuddering kicks, dry claps, erratic clockwork ticks and bu...view item »

Airbird & Napolian
Mr. Foolish

Producers Joel Ford (Ford & Lopatin, Ejecta) and Ian Evans (Napolian) have teamed up as Airbird & Napolian. The pair met whilst working for the highly regarded Software label. Collaborating on Mr. Foolish allowe...view item »

Charlie Hilton

Charlie Hilton has spun off from her band Blouse for this debut solo record. Palana, produced with the help of Jacob Portrait (Unknown Mortal Orchestra), is a shiny array of tuneful psychedelic pop, Hilton’s cool, stately vocals in the centre of i...view item »


Locean is a weirdoes-of-Manchester supergroup, featuring members of Gnod (obviously) and artist Louise Woodcock. Traine can be looked at as a preview of a forthcoming album recorded at the same session, and is notable for the presence of Lauren Bolger’s poetry, in...view item »

Higamos Hogamos

Unashamedly synth-tastic instrumentals from Higamos Hogamos’ Steve Webster. What is interesting though is that there is unclear how much synth is actually present on Spacerocks… Apparently an improvised talk box is playing a major role? Either way, good and spacey. Four track picture disc on Hoga Nord....view item »

Reverend and The Makers

“Sounds like nothing I’ve heard since the great concept albums of the ’60’s”. Not my words but those of the great Noel Gallagher. With further positive sound bites from Carl Barat and Zane Lowe how can this not be good? Well because Revere...view item »


Initially Young Husband seem to sit in a place that is half way between the Strokes and Deerhunter. They play a brand of strummy understated guitar pop that sometimes hits dizzy melodic highs. They don’t pound out their music, instead sound like they are playing wi...view item »


Etra is an “exploration of the manifesto of the human ego in architecture”, and that means experimental techno. Over the course of 9 tracks, Manta builds up a series of vivid atmospheres, mixing subtle voice / breath samples in with twinkling synth parts and the sometimes-present 4/4 kick. Out on Where to No...view item »

I Have A Tribe
No Countries

I Have A Tribe is an artist of intimacy: on several of No Countries’ tracks there is little more than careful piano and his melancholy vocals leaning into your ear. One of Ireland’s bright new talents, and quite possible someone for Villagers (who has worked with I Have A Tribe...view item »

Hugo Race & The True Spirit
False Idols

Hugo Race and his band The True Spirit accompany their recent album The Spirit with a brand new EP. The tracks on False Idols were apparently reserved for this release because of the narrative they collectively hint at: something dark and mystical. Nice, down-low and gnarly blues rock, pressed ...view item »


Biskaidan are a musical project that is still hard to believe genuinely exists, even though this is now their second release. Bis are a Japanese 'icon pop' group who are very into mad performance antics, and Hidjokaidan are an utterly legendary noise band. Their collaboration is basic...view item »

Esteban Adame
Rise & Shine EP

The EPM label have grabbed a track from Esteban Adame’s Day Labor album from last year and allowed it to shine as a stand-alone 12” release, in both original and ‘beat edit’ version. Also has remixes from Mark Flash and (check this out) the legendary Underground Resistanc...view item »

I'm Down With That

These Speedy Wunderground singles are usually made quickly in an ad hoc atmosphere with head honcho Dan Carey at the controls. More often than not  this method pays off.   This latest collab sees him oversee a project starring Theresa Wayman (Warpaint), Guro Gikling (...view item »

Dave Jackson & The Cathedral Mountaineers
Red Fin Sunset

Red Fin Sunset is the follow up to Dave Jackson’s solo debut, Cathedral Mountain. Here, Jackson’s backing band, The Cathedral Mountaineers, featuring guitarists Robin Surtees and Greg Milton from two of Jackson’s previous bands, Benny Profane and Dead ...view item »

Urian Hackney
The Box

Urian Hackney set out to create a retro funky vibe with this new solo single, and he more than succeeded. The two tracks of The Box use gorgeously smooth breakbeats, wah-ing guitars and bright synth-lines to send listeners strutting boldly down the street as thought it was a sunny afternoon in 1970’s New York. 7&r...view item »

Bleeding Heart Pigeons
Anything You Want EP

Bleeding Heart Pigeons are an indie rock band from Ireland. Anything You Want is a four track EP with some solid, impassioned tunes. The sound is like early Radiohead meets a bit of Pulp perhaps, via a bit of White Lies. It’s really solid, catchy stuff wit...view item »

Visions EP

Osaka producer YPY’s new EP is packed full of thorough, rigorous techno, to put everyone in the dance through their paces. The press release boasts of ‘industrial malevolence’ and ‘nonchalant efficiency’, descriptions I can’t really improve on. 12” EP on Nous, following on from past...view item »


In the four years since their 2011 album, Factorycraft, Scottish folktronica band, Found have reduced their numbers to become a duo of founding members Ziggy Campbell and Kev Sim. On their new album, Cloning, the guitars are replaced a thick fog of analogue synths as the duo introduce new influences into their ...view item »

Sagittarius A
Omega Point

The ‘No.’ label is a new concern, helmed by the duo of Atom™ and Material Object, two pro’s in the sphere of electronics. Omega Point is the work of Sagittarius A (who wishes to remain anonymous), filling the dancefloor with a thickly dubbed, alm...view item »

Anthony Parasole
Wild Life

Experienced producer Anthony Parasole drops a new 12” on the Deconstruct label, following past activities for The Corner, Ostgut Ton, and Marcel Dettmann Records. As you can see then, this is serious techno business, make no mistake. Wild Life and B-side ‘In The Stars’ will both whip dancefloors up int...view item »

Machinefabriek with Anne Bakker

Machinefabriek seems to have been listening to some Iannis Xenakis (as should everyone)! This new mini-album finds him moving away from his usual style, commissioning violinist Anne Bakker to perform a series of single-string glissandi, multiple recordings of which are layered up ...view item »

Warm Brains
Big Wow

I want to trust Rory Atwell, but I just don’t know. The dude’s placed himself behind the decks for albums by self-professed Lad Rock bands (remember the Vaccines? Like… oh man), once-hyped folk like Palma Violets and even played in the ...view item »

Amateur Best
They Know

Amateur Best presents the second single from his album The Gleaners, titled They Know. This is a sharp slice of bouncy alt-pop, driven forwards by Joe Flory’s soulful, restrained vocals. Backed with a track exclusive to this release and remixes from none other than Richard Norris...view item »

Radar Eyes

Radar Eyes combine the swirling, noisy psychedelics of Creation bands such as My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain with possessed goth guitar stylings. Released on Requiem Pour Un Twister, Community follows their HoZac released self-titled debut album and is available on 7&rdquo...view item »

Red Fetish
A Derangement Of Synapses

Red Fetish come from humble Stoke in the UK but the sound produced sounds more like it was knocked up on a space shuttle, somewhere around the moon. A Derangement of Synapses sees the two band members tinkering away on some classic Korg and Yamaha instruments to make some lo-fi Human League type...view item »

Terence Fixmer
Depth Charged Remixes

Terence Fixmer’s collection from last year, Depth Charged, has been opened up to tweaking and re-imagining by Steve Bicknell and Answer Code Request, who both manage to elevate their tracks to even higher planes of dancefloor might. Fixmer himself rounds things ou...view item »

Crystal Station 64

Crystal are a Japanese gang of sleek synth enthusiasts, apparently taking as much influence from the soundtracks to 1980’s action comedy films as from fellow electro producers as seen on the Ed Banger roster (they were ‘discovered’ by Justice). Crystal Station 64 is their debut fu...view item »

The World Left Behind

Rayons is Japanese composer Masako Nakai, who has composed parts for a broad range of classical instruments that, on debut full-length The World Left Behind, knit together into heavily melancholic melodic structures. Several pieces include vocals from frequent collaborator Predawn. Japa...view item »


Doom metal hailing from the chilly climes of Sweden. Throneless present their self-titled debut album proudly, as an expression of hatred for society. They know how to structure a jam, creeping upwards with relatively light, melodic playing until… The Riffs descend. Four long tracks, on brown vinyl, from the Heavy Psych S...view item »

Mordant Music & David Rudkin
Pinvin reMMix

An esoteric conversation that touches on faith and history held between David Rudkin and Sukhdev Sandhu, blended in with some queasy abstracted sound from Mordant Music. The whole thing is powerfully odd, disorientating my thinking in just a few minutes. Pinvin reMMix is served up on a ...view item »

Untitled (Five Tears)

Babes are made up of members who are all either siblings or cousins to each other. Must be an interesting dynamic, especially as they’ve been playing together since they were mere children. Untitled (Five Tears) is their debut, taking a classic girl-band ‘Wall of Sound’ approach and updating it for con...view item »


Limited to 500 copies on coloured 12” vinyl from Trouble in Mind. Break-away experimental solo project from Chicago based Whitney Johnson (Verma). Soothing and explorative mixing of classical music and modern electronica elements, with tape loops, oscillators and violas backed by virtually-not-there ghostl...view item »

Midday Veil
This Wilderness

Midday Veil are a funky bunch of characters, augmenting their personal brand of out-rock with large amounts of synth-magic and cosmic disco grooves. The Wilderness features guest spots from Eyvind Kang, Skerik, and the actual Berne Worrell, of P-Funk...view item »

Steven A Clark
The Lonely Roller

Steven A. Clark has a neo-soul, electro-R&B kind of sound, his emotive crooning sitting atop a bed of expansive synth-lines and neat, funky bassline. The Lonely Roller has Clark’s charismatic, emotive vocals and the swinging productions to back him up: I’m sure he’ll do well. On Se...view item »

Blanket Waves

These dudes are flying by on sheer force of will, releasing their third record in the smallest of post-rock time-frames (also known as “little more than a year”). Matthew Cooper, the dramatist responsible for Eluvium’s soundscapes, continues his work with the rather hilariously named Mark T. Smith,...view item »

Kill The One You Love

We all got places to be and only so much time to ourselves, so how about some indie rock fast-tracking? Gems sound like Beach House’s glittery guitar melodies synergising with the glitzier slowcore of Low, the emotive grooves of Blood Orange and ...view item »

Disappear In Raveland

Whilst existing in club parameters, Disappear in Raveland by Phork is a minimalist and experimental work that also takes in the surreal and adventurous. Within these parameters, Chicago house, footwork, drone and and techno are all given equal weight. The reconstructed footwork beats could make this the ace in the hole ...view item »

Modern Dancing

I would probably bet my house on the fact that between their previous album 'Cissa' and this new one, the members of Traams had gone to see Ought play.   The first few tracks are so in awe of the Canadian band that it’s almost comical. ‘AnB’ particularly has the skewed ...view item »

Michael Vallera

Bringing us his Opal Tapes debut is US producer Michael Vallera, who is one half of Cleared where ambient things are made with Steven Hess, who must have spurred Vallera into activity with all his shenanigans with Pan American, Anjou and Locrian among others. Distance...view item »

MM / Imaabs
Body Horror II

MM is the abbreviated form of Miss Modular (the boss of Her Records), who obviously isn’t afraid to push into experimental territory while still maintaining the dance. Two wild pummelings on her side, and on the B we have Chilean producer Imaabs, who goes slow and hypnotising with his mate...view item »

Somerset Catalog
Lonely Fang

Containing members of Alan Alda, Bela Karoli, Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story), Instant Empire, Rabbit Is A Sphere, Poet’s Row and The Big Get Even, Somerset Catalog is one helluva Colorado supergroup. Self described as bubblegum doom-pop, their album Lonely Fang deals in uplifting ideals and resigned...view item »

Small Feet
From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean

Small Feet do the bold fragile feelings thing well on ‘From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean’ (phew), a record produced to make the whole earth sound like one big encased dome. In actuality, the band only fall into the trap of heightened and faraway drama a la Lo...view item »


Helping clog up the vinyl release schedules are Syntoma, a Mexican synth-pop outfit from the early ‘80s. The record is split into two sides -- not just two sides of vinyl, but instrumental and vocal sides. Although the instrumental side comes first, I’ve skipped straight to the vocal side (I don’t do “rules”, y'know...view item »

Armando Trovajoli
Ciao Rudy

Ciao Rudy was a 1966 musical that was scored by the talented Armando Trovajoli. Music from it became one of the rarest 33rpm records that RCA ever released, but this reissue and remastering from GDM makes it somewhat more available. Trovajoli’s work is as grand and dramatic as you’d expect, ...view item »

Max McFerren

Well, if this isn’t madder than Brian giving up his happy pills then I don’t know what is. Perhaps Ian shooting Chewbacca in the face. Or Kim letting her dog be trained non-spiritually. The point is, NY’s Max McFerren makes bizarre, off the wall clown techno, like the odd uncle of Beau Wanzer o...view item »

Gypsy Eyes

Gypsy Eyes produces slightly tense semi-ambient music, his full-length album Nefelibata creeping through an audio landscape that feels very real. Much of the sound here is sourced electronically, but there are crackles and rustles that hint at physical presence. Edition of 100 digipack CD copies, on Time Released Sound....view item »

James Cotton
Live At Antone’s Nightclub

Some classic blues here from James Cotton, a hardy veteran of feeling a bit sad and singing about it. Live At Antone’s Nightclub is just that, a classic live show from Cotton and his ensemble on energetic form. Reissued by New West, both CD and LP editions are packed in a luxuriously embossed leat...view item »

Pinetop Perkins
Live At Antone’s Vol. 1

Jools Holland’s constant interjections of ‘boogie woogie piano’ on his TV show ‘Later…’ proving not quite enough for you? Then go straight to the source with Pinetop Perkins’ Live At Antone’s Vol. 1, which is a full-on adventure in original blues music. E...view item »

Pinetop Perkins
Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie

Jools Holland’s constant interjections of ‘boogie woogie piano’ on his TV show ‘Later…’ proving not quite enough for you? Then go straight to the source with Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie, by Pinetop Perkins, who truly knows the blues. This 1992 record is receiving i...view item »


What comes after one? It’s time for a maths lesson with Spaces, which is John Flynn which is half of Ordinate which is someone that I don’t know. Discogs says they’ve had one single track released on a compilation this year called 8 Wigglin’ Ways to Die. Sound familiar? Not so sure,...view item »

Mumbai Science
Black Hole (Floorplan Remix)

Belgian duo Mumbai Science are pretty nifty at filling floors with their tech house jams, and Black Hole is no exception. This release however, is a remix of that track by Floorplan, an anonymous sounding pseudonym behind which lies… Robert Hood himself! The former Underg...view item »

Spatial Relation
Beyond The Zero

Spatial Relation pitch themselves somewhere between vintage electro-pop and IDM. Beyond The Zero is their debut full-length. The drum and synth programming is tight and precise, and although I found the vocals and lyrics to be so affected as to seem a parody of electro-pop, I guess they do fit in quite well. 300 vinyl c...view item »

Die Nerven

A sleazy slice of nihilistic post-punk from Germany’s Die Nerven. Their third album Out is dripping with the confidence of a band in forward motion. As understated as a Sonic Youth album track and as groovy as a Swans megajam this is one hell of a ride. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Glitterhouse....view item »

MED / Blu / Madlib
Bad Neighbor

Madlib provides the beats, MED and Blu provide the vision and the rhymes, with a little help from massive players like MF Doom, Aloe Blacc, Hodgy Beats etc. So real bigness all around. Bad Neighbour sums up contemporary LA hip-hop with ...view item »

White Boiz
Neighborhood Wonderful

A deep musical and mental connection between MC Krondon and Shafiq Husayn forms the basis of their collaboration as White Boiz. Fourteen tracks of crystal clear street observation and conversational excerpts make up the album Neighbourhood Wonderful. Featuring Thundercat, Anderson Paak and Chace Infinite. Out on double ...view item »

Max McFerren
Monk's Mood

Max McFerren has previously released on Ultimate Hits and 1080p, and now finds himself on Allergy Season (where do these labels get their names eh?). Monk’s Mood gives us three new tracks of vocal-centred house, and Blondes round out the EP with a remix of ‘Hunting’. Pressed to 12&rdqu...view item »

Mark Broom
Stunned (97 Mix) / Decay

Works old and new from Pure Plastic label-owner Mark Broom for this release on Robert Hood’s famed M-Plant label. As implied, Stunned (97 Mix) dates from way back when, though it’s thudding powers have been tweaked to 2015 levels without losing that original sound. On the B-side is a brand n...view item »

Where Are You Now

Since Roman times, Italy has been renowned for it’s strong (euro)dance culture. Prolonging ancient traditions, port-royal (mind the hyphen) have finally returned with a full length album. Where Are You Now is filled with catchy Mediterranean beats and brimming with electronic shoegazing energy....view item »

Air Max '97
Core Work / Expenditure

Artist name of the week must surely be rewarded to Air Max ‘97. This guy has had stuff out on Liminal Sounds and Trax Couture but this is the first thing I’ve heard by him. It happens to be on the man’s newly minted DECISIONS label and all. ‘Corework’ on the top-side gets busy with stomping ...view item »

Nothing Can Be Held In Our Hands For Long

Nothing Can Be Held In Our Hands For Long is Makaton’s first release for the Blueprint label.  Makaton, a groundbreaking, experimental techno artist, aka Steve Bailey has released most of his output on Rodz-Konez. The label, which Bailey owns, has also released music by ...view item »

Ghostface Killah
Adrian Younge presents 12 Reasons To Die II

Adrian Younge presents 12 Reasons To Die II features Ghostface Killah working with old flames like Raekwon and RZA, to tell the next chapter in a complex story of Italian crime syndicates in 70’s New York. A great concept well executed by a killer team, all presented very cinemati...view item »

Service Industry

Service Industry is the new album from Brooklyn duo, Lushes. It is a raw rock record which ditches the moments of serenity from their first album, What Am I Doing, in favour of focusing on the primal and visceral aspects of guitar and drums. The album was recorded and mixed by long-time Sonic Youth...view item »

Combo Skin EP

The Broken Call label showcase a selection of their favourite artists on the Combo Skin compilation EP. Mondkopf, The Wet Taxis, Rosemary Arp, Gaul Plus… real talent going on here. Each producer provides their own weirdo swing on dance music (Gaul Plus...view item »

Ghetto Ghouls

Album number two from Ghetto Ghouls, an Austin, Texas group. Their first record was more of a scuzz-punk explosion, but Collisions is somewhat more restrained. Although let's be clear, this is the tense kind of restraint, that could kick out again at any moment. LP release on the label Monofonus Press....view item »

Blanche Blanche Blanche
Breaking Mirrors

It has been suggested that Brooklyn-based indie duo Blanche Blanche Blanche approach their songwriting in a rather unusual way if you take previous records such as Night People, Feeding Tube or NNA as evidence. On their new album, Breaking Mirrors, it seems that the songs were more crafted and clearly ...view item »


The Bézier project makes its debut on the Hnytrx imprint (having already made a serious mark on father-label Dark Entries). Mina is a tightly acidic set of jams, dominated by the twin forces of a broadly filtered synth and a stern drum machine that, in the last track, morphs potently into live drums. Killer mater...view item »

Jackie House

Jackie House gives it all away with the name eh? Turns out they live up to the moniker though, with Stydive, a clear and present dancefloor danger with old school drum machine rhythm and trippily echoing vocals. On the B-side, Matrixxman tries his hand at a thud-tastic remix. 12” on Dark Entries s...view item »

Alcopop! And Dog Knights Productions Presents...

Alcopop! and Dog Knights Productions Present features four bands performing two new tracks each: Johnny Foreigner, Playlounge, Doe and Doctrines. Artist Lewes Herriot tried to sum up the aura of each band by decorating 4 rooms for the cover artwork. Put together by self...view item »

Then Thickens

Colic is the new album by Then Thickens. The indie band from Chorley, Lancashire began as solo project of Jon-Lee Martin before expanding to the five-piece we have here. Their debut album, Death Cap at Anglezarke was critically acclaimed with a whole host of DJs from Radio 1 and 6 Music praising their efforts. ...view item »

Hodge / Bruce
Amor Fati (Peverelist Remix) / Tilikum (Hodge Remix)

Another release on Livity Sound’s conceptually insane reverse label dnouS ytiviL. Here we have two original tracks by Hodge and Bruce re-engineered by Peverelist and Hodge (so that Hodge gets to participate in two different ways! Both tracks pulse and flex...view item »

Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp
The Island

Despite being just four songs long and rotating at a swift 45rpm, this still manages to be a mixed bag. It's the guy from Mountains and the guy from Paranoid Cat doing their kosmichey thing together. Opener 'Sun Blind' has all kinds of random fizzing synths going on before an aco...view item »

Human Requirements

Sci-Fi Steven from Bis has a new solo project, and Batteries is the name he’s given it. Human Requirements allows you to sample from the debut album of the project with two tracks, one taken from the record and one exclusive to this 7” release. Politically driven indie-pop r...view item »


Akase is the joint work of Harry Agius (who produces as Midland) and songwriter Robbie Redway. Together, they make electro-pop with full-blown club credentials: Murmer clicks boldly into action at the start before Redway’s soulful vocals move in. ...view item »

Nicolas Godin
Widerstehe Doch Der Sünde

Nicholas Gödin is probably best known to you as half of French duo Air, but he’s been making music of his own as well. His stately electro-orchestral pop single Widerstehe Doch Der Sünde is presented here in its original form, as well as in a wide variety of remix versions by Jus...view item »

Capracara & JTC
Bubble 'N' Squeak / Reggie, Don't Panic

The third release on One Day Wonder sees a bumping rhythmic exercise take place led by JTC (Tadd Mullinix) and Capracara. Thumping kicks and repetitive sirens are the name of the game here on A side Bubble & Squeak. Reggie, Don’t Panic takes up the B side with video game bleeps for co...view item »

Exhausting Fire

Kylesa are a band of the down-tuned stoner metal old-school. Exhausting Fire is their seventh album, and it demonstrates the fact that they know exactly which buttons to pressing to conjure up a heat-blasted desert. The CD and the coloured vinyl editions prove their allegiance to the faith with a bonus cover of ...view item »


Clint once described a Dralms song as “like a dream where you die at the end”. Can I bequeath any higher praise? My personal subconscious has protected me from dream death for twenty two years and counting (thanks, bud) so I’ll compare Dralms’ music to a different kind of dream: the one where you try to run, but walk even...view item »

Primitive Parts
Parts Primitive

There’s a dude called Robin in this band 10/10. Or… actually: Primitive Parts are your standard fare garage rockers, so standard fare that they actually borrow most of their constituent parts from other bands you may well admire for cunning chord sequences and thrashing choruses. Parts assembled from M...view item »

Ricardo Donoso
Machine To Machine

Ricardo Donoso works across a variety of styles, from more conventionally tuneful to out-there experimentalism. With Machine To Machine he tries to meld the two approaches, and he does a great job. These tracks are carefully composed explorations of texture with a rich seam of emotional content running right down the mi...view item »

Shawlands Arcade

Shawlands Arcade’s two newest tracks are out on Rubadub, the Glaswegian label who’ve brought us stacks of the good stuff over the years (Model 500, cv313…). RAD-ZOD1 cuts straight to the peak-hour club core with thrusting bass and relentless drum pads. Plus, one of th...view item »

Armando Trovajoli
Seddok, L’Erede Di Satana

Armando Trovajeli’s soundtrack to a 1960 horror film here, remastered and re-pressed on the Contempo label. Seddok, L’Erede Di Satana is a spooky werewolf adventure, and Trovajeli’s accompaniment is more than up to the task of conjuring up a whirl of tension, using both electronics and...view item »

The Clientele
Alone & Unreal: The Best Of The Clientele

Suffering from our current policy of not having anything in stock at all, The Clientele release what could be said to be a 'greatest hits' collection. On one hand I could say that you should own all of their records already but as they keep a low-ish profile in the UK for a band who recently revelled in a 9.1 score on Pitchfork for the re-issue ...view item »

Over & Over

Two tracks from Onra’s latest LP, Fundamentals, are singled out for special treatment on this 12” from All City. The sleek tunes, featuring MC talents such as Daz Dillinger and Do or Die, are present in the original mixes, as well as instrumental versions for those who want ...view item »

The Fresh & Onlys
Early Years Anthology

On their never-ending journey to release as many albums as their are years before the sun explodes, The Fresh & Onlys encountered a side-quest and decided to also release some old music. Mr. Oh Sees’ Castle Face label offers up the literal tome ‘Early Years Anthology’, which offers songs from way back when -- thoug...view item »

The Vaccines

The Vaccines released their English Grafitti album recently, and people sure did like it (number three in the sales charts). Those people may be happy to see the release of 20/20, a single from the album released as a 7" single. This portion of guitar energy is pressed in a limited edition, on Columb...view item »

Peter Lyons
Oh, To Pull You Up

Peter Lyons has some big electronic-pop chops to show off, and Oh, To Pull You Up is the place to do it. His first solo EP (following collaborations with Kelly Leathem and Sadler’s Wells) has four dramatic tracks with tightly textured production and Lyons’ h...view item »

Leo James
You're Not a Machine

Leo James makes a very precise form of clanking body music, so mechanistic as to challenge you to doubt his title, You’re Not A Machine. This is James’ solo debut album, and it’s very compelling, getting great mileage out of the minimal use of just a few elements at a time. 12” o...view item »

Rich Prick Poor Dick

FaltyDL heads straight back for the dancefloor following the more esoteric sounds of his last album. Rich Prick Poor Dick is a tight little double-track package: the title track is driven by a fast-clicking drum pattern and supported by bleeding-through-from-the-next-room bass, while ‘RPPD 128 edit’ seethes ...view item »

Mel Brooks & John Morris
Blazing Saddles

Mel Brooks is known for his hilarious parody movies and Western parody, Blazing Saddles is arguably his greatest work. The attention to detail Brooks paid to the film was mirrored in its soundtrack. Along with John Morris, Brooks created a perfect parody of Western movie scores that took a pop at every ...view item »

The Names

It’s the season of solo projects here at Norman Records. Known as the bass-player for upbeat rockers Vampire Weekend, Baio has released a few catchy EPs. Now he’s treating us to a proper full-length album, which navigates the outskirts of poppy electronics. The Names combines those explorati...view item »

Mike Cooper
Light On A Wall

Fancy something a bit different? Well you'd better be quick as there are only 100 copies of this! Light On The Wall is the new album from Mike Cooper. The songs were improvised by Cooper singing and playing electric lap steel guitar and he used the William Burroughs cut-up method to construct the lyrics...view item »

Kit Grill

Kit Grill has five tight new tracks to present to the world, and this time he’s sending them out via the Vase label. Shiny house exultations from a sleek future world where unpleasantness seems to have been eliminated in favour of warm good times. Reminiscent of some of Ikonika’s textures at times. T...view item »

Dis Cover - Donna Regina As Recorded By

Despite being named after one half of the duo, Donna Regina are very much a duo. The other half is Regina’s husband Gunther Janssen. They have been making music for 25 years, all of the time doing their own thing avoiding the influence of trends. Dis Cover - Donna Regina As Recorded By Others is a tribute to those...view item »

Giorgio Tuma with Malik Moore
My Lively Youth

Italian Giorgio Tuma is a punk at heart. He loves The Clash. In his teens however, strange new influences crept into his brain. Stereolab stood out to him and this led him to the likes of Os Mutantes and the bossa nova of Getz and Gilberto. His music generally m...view item »

Air Waves
Parting Glances

Nicole Schneit’s has her own paradise away from the jangle lovers Crystal Stilts, and believe you me it is different: Air Waves’ music is clearer and more contemporary than the usual nostalgia her psych friends purvey, offering plaintive solutions to pop music. Acoustic ditties get turned into tor...view item »

Hunted / Timing

Two ferocious fast clippers here on the first full release we’ve heard from Skudge in two years. Released on the artist’s own Skudge label, Hunted / Timing is two sides of acid-flecked techno, relentless, hypnotic, and full of little details lurking in the distance of the sound field. 12” single....view item »

Sion Orgon
Recognition Journal

Recognition Journal is the third album by Sion Orgon. The plethora of sounds he uses to create his sonic soundscapes tend to end up at the avant garde end of the scale and can be difficult to listen to. However, he can spring the odd surprise and what could be described as a ‘normal’ song can suddenly appear...view item »

The Doubling Riders

Time Released Sound release a sound that has aged well with time in The Doubling Riders’ Garama, a beautifully constructed ode to a lost Berber kingdom, the ruins of which lie in modern-day Libya. It becomes their first foray into re-releases so keep your ears open. Historical ambient? But why? Well, the mystery of the archaic and...view item »

Mighty Baron III / Sun Runners 女神の恋人達
Screwe'd / The Finest

Two very strong rollers here on this 7” released by Apron. On the one side we have Mighty Baron III with a track, Screwe’d that does indeed sound both mighty and screwed. On the flip is Sun Runners 女神の恋人達, with The Finest, a track that sounds like a resurrected 80’...view item »

Frog Eyes
Pickpocket’s Locket

Carey Mercer sounds furious, but his music is meditation. With its bold, endlessly ricocheting guitar tones, his last record sounded like it was trembling; really, it was ruminating, parsing through different crises and deciding on certain defiant truths for them. He concluded, halfway through ‘Carey’s Cold Spring’, that &ldquo...view item »

Robert Piotrowicz
Old School Made of Gold

Robert Piotrowicz deals in electroacoustic modular synthesis, and the two pieces presented on Old School Made Of Gold show us that he is damn good at it. The sound field is filled with carefully balanced tones and sharp little details: a composer’s ear is definitely at play here. Transparent red vinyl 12” on...view item »

Public Image Limited
What The World Needs Now

Probably the worst song I’ve ever heard is ‘Double Trouble’ the opening catastrophe on this new album by John Lydon’s Public Image Limited. Yet another moment when you wished that they had stopped after ’The Flowers of Romance’. So with that in mind are there any redeeming features on here? ...view item »

Lightning Glove
Raving Peacocks Tail

Emblazoned with an array of random bollox from the web is Czech lot Lightning Glove’s 2013 tape Raving Peacocks Tail originally on Tesla. This is on Ono Tesla, a vinylly offshoot of that, also run by the Gnod people (who can’t help but refer to themselves in the press release) and some other people...view item »

Dan Wilson
All Love Is Blind

The debut solo album from The Cubicle frontman Dan Wilson looks backwards to the ballads of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Gordon Lightfoot, infusing them with a Liverpudlian lilt. All Love Is Blind is richly produced and infused with a roadworn melancholy that’s drenched in a typical kind of loneliness. Out on CD f...view item »

Faces of Drums / Steve Poindexter
Faces Drums / Short Circuit

A reissue 12” here that gathers classic old tracks from Steve Poindexter and his Faces of Drums alias. Acidic, staccato percussion punches its way over the top of the tunes, while on the B-side lies a remix from Africans With Mainframes, a duo containing, let’s not forget, Hi...view item »

Natalia Martínez Ordoñez

Natalia Martínez Ordonez do something rather interesting here, challenging the hegemony of rigid BPM's in electronic music. The self-titled piece makes strange things happen with tempo shifts and multiple interlocking rhythms. Described in the press release as 'Fluxus Techno': who wouldn't want that! On the Whe...view item »

Ancient Ocean
Blood Moon

You know ambient has gone too far when someone’s playing the bowed banjo. I’m pretty sure we could just get the same sound out of slowing down a Mumford & Sons music video on YouTube, but Ancient Ocean have opted to go the more grassroots route. The musician tasked with the bowing is Aaron Martin, who’s rec...view item »

Royal Headache

By now it’s clear there’s an indie rock renaissance taking place over on the Oceanic shores, more prominently in Australian cities such as Sydney, where scuzz rockers like Royal Headache are offered the chance to play at the opera house. ‘High’ actually exists in a different indie stratosphere to a lot of the Oz rock that...view item »


You know that artists go abstract when they release an octet of untitled tracks. Metasplice however are keeping it real, not resorting to an album named after punctuation and instead opting for a self-titled affair - this is who we are, this is our sound. But it sure is abstract, featuring varied digital jams that both glisten and haunt at once ...view item »


Oun_C is the latest emission from Swamp81’s sub-label 81. Chunky steps up with two firmly bass-loaded rollers. I don’t know what the mysterious title refers to, but it could be the same thing the enigmatic and distant blurs of vocals are on about… No need to worry though, this 12” bypasses the n...view item »

Terry de Castro
You Can’t Separate Light

God knows who is in the Wedding Present these days. It used to be Dave, Keith, Paul, Simon and people like that so you'd think that someone called Terry would fit in perfectly. Terry De Castro has been part of the latter day WP line up of Dave plus anybody who's about. She was also in ...view item »

Best Friends
Fake Spit

Old school, upbeat and energetic punk rock: Best Friends know the shortcut into our hearts. With fuzzy guitars and youthful vocals, Fake Spit is the second single off their album Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane. My mum always warned me about choosing my friends wisely, but with these guys I just can't go wrong....view item »

EMG & Battista
The Bridge EP

Italian analogue-techno pair EMG and Battista team up for their first effort on Will Bankhead's ever-excellent Trilogy Tapes label for a 4-track offering of hard-hitting, trigger-happy blasts of sludgy techno. It's a natural fit for the label, with EMG previously outing on similar outfit Berceuse Heroique. The EP keeps up TTT's love-affa...view item »

Holy Motors
Heavy Flow

Featuring members of Ubre Blanca and Blood of the Bull, Glasgow based English, Canadian, American three piece Holy Motors write pure American Gothic music driven by rich three part vocal harmonies, and melodic guitars, exploring their collective fascination with religious experience and a love of southern folk music....view item »

Dave Smolen // Hair_loss
Dave Smolen // Hair_loss

For those Metasplice fans out there, this is a collection of the formative productions from both halves as they were joining forces for live shows. As they hadn’t made anything directly together at this point, the record is a split, beginning with the trashy varied rhythms of Dave Smolen, the sounds cheap and distorted but the arrangements...view item »

Beats Misplaced

GT hammer out down-tuned wind-tunnels of blues-rock guitar-noise on Beats Misplaced, to great effect. This is their second album, and clearly the group have figured out what they are about. The beats don’t sound all that misplaced though: sounds like they are busily driving things along to me. On Communicating Ves...view item »

Emergence #1

Spatial kicks some real energy into the label he manages, Infrasonics, with this, the first in a series of Emergence 12”s. The two tracks here feel very tightly managed, synth lines jittering around beats that sound strictly disciplined yet also full of swing. Very interesting and dynamic stuff here, and pressed t...view item »


Earthly are an energetic duo of former roommates, who get stuck into piles of digital and analogue electronics without too much concern as to the neatness of the outcome. At times this is like Black Dice playing around with the pallette of Hudson Mohawke: bright, colourful, and a bit fucked up. ...view item »

Lone Wolf

Prone to over-sharing in press releases and blogs, Paul Marshall aka Lone Wolf has done the right thing and locked himself away in a studio and made an extremely personal album that speaks more than a billion web words. I’d venture that since his last record Marshall has been listening severely to Talk T...view item »


Florestano is an Italian producer who combines the modern-day vibing of the traveller with the electroacoustics of the mid-20th century. Most of the work on Noh is electronically produced, but Florestano reportedly begins each composition with a piano, so tune is as highly valued as texture. 2LP on Kowl...view item »

The Faces of Drums
Thanks 4 The Tracks U Lost Vol. 2

Fresh from the dusty attics of Steve Pointdexter and Jamal Moss, aka FACE OF DRUMS: some prime 20 year old vintage raw Chicago techno cuts. Thanks 4 the Tracks U Lost Vol. 2, just like its predecessor, is a really tasteful time capsule, with three tracks saved from old cassette tapes. N...view item »

Jesse Hackett
Junk Circle Star

Having been through the Albarn-apprenticeship of Gorillaz’ live band and Africa Express, and even wandering into Thom Yorke’s touring group, Jesse Hackett is now finally ready to release his first own-name solo record into the world. Junk Circle ...view item »

Aero Flynn
Aero Flynn

An alum of Justin Vernon’s friendship circle (so, only a couple of degrees of separation from Kanye, then) Josh Scott has shied away from releasing his music for a very long time. With the backing of his famous folkie friend, he&rsquo...view item »

Keith Emerson / Goblin
La Chiesa – The Church

Not being satisfied with the simplicity of a split as it usually happens -- you know, two bands record some music separately and then put it out together -- Keith Emerson and Goblin did the next best thing, opting to score a slasher flick by taking turns on the biggest church organ they could find. ‘La Chiesa’, originally released on...view item »

Heads Plus

This five track EP is the first vinyl release from Chicago based composer and Bulb records co-founder Magas (aka James Marlon Magas) since his ‘Violent ARP’ LP in 2009. ‘Heads Plus’ is an instrumental odyssey of raw, hallucinatory electronic, post techno utopia composed using classic synths and drum machines....view item »

Source of Uncertainty

The austerely titled SOMEC is proud to explore the depths of his modular synthesiser at the potential expense of end-result-listenability. And so he should be! Actually, Source Of Uncertainty has a lot of interesting textures, and ends up wandering into some pretty cool little sonic corners. 12” out on Haunter Rec...view item »

Grave Babies
Holographic Violence

So… this isn’t a goregrind band? Okay then: on first take, it seems that your average grave baby wants to make sombrely anthemic hard rock with old-school riffs and industrial beats. I want to make a joke about Trent Reznor being in a dated rawk band, right now, but I don’t know any bands, so...view item »

The Black Tambourines
Domino / A Forest / Friendship 7

A solution to the vinyl crisis could be that records have to be deemed a certain standard before they can be pressed. If this were the case then the Black Tambourines (not Black Tambourine the American noise poppers) would only just scrape through. Opener ‘Domino’ is a piece of thrashy punk whic...view item »

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