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Discography 2010 - 2012

Collection of coldwave business from Pierre-Marc Tremblay’s Contrepoison, an artist that has previously appeared on Hospital Productions as half of black metal duo Akitsa. The title is a dead giveaway so I need not spell it out, but you may want...view item »

Chosen Atmospheric Pieces

Portland based producer Marius Libman’s Copy project is a slow builder, with large gaps between releases he re-approaches his writing technique to develop his electronica which is steeped in chiptune cheekiness. A break away from the playful 8-bit tones of his previous releases, while the forms are still p...view item »

Jacques Brodier
Xhos De Villemahu

Jacques Brodier is a master of sonic slapstick and muted frenzies, and here proves so over two fucking discs of big record called ‘Xhos de Villemahu’, crafting a stuttering and ambling sound design that once again proves his vision in turning music into a multitude of things: a history, a weather system, a sci-fi novel, a problem&hel...view item »

Springtime Carnivore
Midnight Room

Singer-songwriter fun-bringer Greta Morgan makes a new one as Springtime Carnivore and my goodness is it nice. A dreamy lounge pop record with a thousand excitements, it disconcerts with its straight-up acoustic strums before setting up an unravelling treasure chest of washy synths, remotely produced pianos, War On...view item »

Francisco Lopez

Tāwhirimātea is a collection of dense field recordings from prolific sound artist, and general musical experimenter, Francisco Lopez. Recorded in New Zealand’s forests and natural parks and then edited and recomposed across the U.S., these recordings become abstract bursts of organic drone and noise musi...view item »

In Arboreal Whispering

I’ve always thought of Hakobune’s music as something like a video game safe zone, the save point at which you can rest, take stock and generally whittle away the time. His long tonal snoozes have existed many times over at this point -- many of them on Constellation Tatsu itself -- and here they continue to suggest the same kind of d...view item »

Whities 009

Fed up with boring music? Try this.  Reckonwrong plays oddball left field dance music with all sort of stuttery funky rhythms which spend most of the record trying to get in sync with each other. But wait til you hear the vocals.  He has a grainy low croon that sings peculiar rhyme over the racket and sometimes it all falls int...view item »


Lifesick is a new band made up of former members of Spinkick. That band wasn’t exactly lightweight (they tended to sound like they were charging towards you in order to kick your head in), but Lifesick is an even more blackened and ferocious hardcore prospect. 6.0.1. is released b...view item »

Professor Genius
Cara EP

Professor Genius, also known as Jorge Velez brings the Nu-Disco to the forefront with Cara. Energetic, uplifting and melodic pieces that go with any 80s movie teen needing motivation. From opener Cara setting a blissful scene of youth, and Strobelife made for your workout montage for d...view item »

Justin Carter
Know It All

Justin Carter releases his first track called Know It All. It is a well written track that has musical performances from Jason Lindner who also played on David Bowie’s last album, Blackstar. The 7” vinyl contains two versions of the song, one on each side of the record, and both house deep cello and ...view item »


The anarchic nature of Philly duo WOLF DEM is no more apparent than on Hydrophobia. Pushing the boundaries of techno (and in fact anything else out there at the moment) the four-track collection is characterised by schizophrenic computer software - malfunctioning and convulsing in every ...view item »

Moon Temple
Part I

Moon Temple is the solo business of Gabriel Andruzzi, who coyly hints at his previous musical activity in his press release (I’ll spill the beans: he was in The Rapture). Part 1 of his double vinyl solo debut (released separately) is a proper electronic exploration of both acidic ...view item »

Moon Temple
Part II

Moon Temple is the solo business of Gabriel Andruzzi, who coyly hints at his previous musical activity in his press release (I’ll spill the beans: he was in The Rapture). Part II of his double vinyl solo debut (the two halves are released separately) is tasty stuff to suit a varie...view item »

Camila Fuchs
Singing From Fixed Rung

Camilla Fuchs is the duo project of two international electronic sound people (Mexico’s Camilia de Laborde and Germany’s Daniel Hermann-Collini). Singing From Fixed Rung is a set of song-based synth-pop material made with an experimental attitude. This LP is a joint release ...view item »

Abstract Division
Corrosive Mind

Two new cuts from Abstract Division, each one paired with a remix. Corrosive Mind is full of appropriately acidic synth lines that could probably burn through concrete if given half the chance. ‘Intervention’ is more relentlessly jack-hammer beat-driven, but both tracks bring joy. And Milton Bradley...view item »


Six tracks from EMG, alternating between tracks precisely tuned for dancing and tracks that go a little further out: check the glitch-beat and bass-hum minimalism of ‘Street Run’ for example. The obliquely-titled 255 is released in a limited edition o...view item »

Naum Gabo
Sleep C'mon

Glasgow production duo Naum Gabo made up of Jonnie Wilkes of Optimo and mastering engineer James Savage are a strong team with releases on Kompakt, Correspondant and Fright records. The title track sounding like something the Modified Toy Orchestra would make if...view item »


Prog showstoppers Milemarker have a long history of mixing a rigid post-hardcore element into synthy New Wave gloop, an undercurrent of math kinetics and metal showboating in the vox. Their new record, Overseas, panders to their old love of fronting guitars and giddily overbearing electronics. It's a bit silly...view item »

Black Manual
Mordendo Remixed

Black Manual released Mordendo in 2013 through Brigade Commerz. Fusing life tribal percussion and destructive electronics the result was a distant flurry of experimentation and rhythm fighting with each other. The pieces have been palmed over to the fitting hands of Cut Hands, EmptySet&...view item »

My Cube

Hello. You have thirty minutes to move your cube. In the meantime, listen to ‘My Cube’, by Cube, possibly about cubes. This is their very first LP but unlike a baby’s first steps it is not at all adorable, instead pushing distorted synth-punk through a lens of unkind noi...view item »

Jemh Circs
Jemh Circs

Marc Richter is well known under his Black To Comm moniker, with releases on Type and Dekorder. He has kept this latest project under wraps, quite successfully. The product of scouring YouTube for pop vocals Jemh Circs brings an almost vaporwave artificiality and pop culture clash, droning and m...view item »

Jerry Fielding
The Nightcomers

The Nightcomers is a gothic horror tale from 1971, starring Marlon Brando. Set in a grand country house and with lots of creepy goings on, there is much for film composer Jerry Fielding to sink his teeth into, and this fully-orchestrated soundtrack is tender and dramatic and highly cinematic. 180g vinyl...view item »


After a long two month stretch without any Time Released Sound in our lives, the label gets Autumnal and sneezes out the sound art excursions of K’an, better known as Paolo Bellipanni. His previous and even more niche record for Ōnyūdō took place in a glitched out netherworld where abstractions were the new classical, and this record ha...view item »


Imagine the meeting of Arca and Burial, they said. I tried. I don’t think I could have imagined this... Boston’s Insha has just dropped ten tracks taking the splintered sci-fi sound cues of the former and the juxtaposed the nocturnal undercurrents an...view item »

The Legal Matters

Conrad is the latest power-pop missive from The Legal Matters: so much melody and such big choruses that you can hardly handle it! And if you really really like the voices of The Legal Matters, boy are you in luck: the vinyl version includes a download code for a vocal-only mix of the whole album! Perfe...view item »

Christ Figures / New Puritan

Christ! Well, maybe not, but Sigha certainly enjoys putting the religious theme through his own brand of deep techno. But don’t fear, it’s not actually a musical theme (no choirboys, or mythical chanting) -- more topical. Christ Figures is incredibly dark and oppressive, with the sub pulse overwhelming a hin...view item »

Peder Mannerfelt
Black Holes, Or How We Lost Solidarity

Adventurous sonic Swede Peder Mannerfelt, who has produced work as Subliminal Kid and Roll The Dice as well as alongside Fever Ray, has a new EP out of own-name work. Black Holes, Or How We Lost Solidarity moves forward relentlessly on techno rails, garnished with heavy...view item »

Bad Sports
Living With Secrets

It’s simple, really: Bad Sports throwback to the economically performed, half-political punk rock of yore with an EP that sometimes exists with a chip on its shoulder a la Dead Kennedys and also sometimes rises up with the emotive euphoria of Husker Du -- with other, more foreboding influences to work their way down the line after a couple...view item »

Born Free 23

A trio of tracks from Odopt. How could one not be enticed by tracks called things like ‘Sickert Art Bartel’ and ‘Horrungruang’ eh? And the sounds themselves don’t let you down: these direct heavy-house grooves feel like they come from some semi-legal basement venue where you’d just love to spe...view item »

CC Dust
Shinkansen No. 1 / New Ways

It's like Savages covering Gary Numan if such a thing could be imagined. Wobbly synths pulsing bass lines and words slung out by the sort of woman who would probably rip my head off if she saw the review I slopped out of their previous 12". Out of the two tracks I probably like 'New ...view item »

Ø [Phase]
Alone In Time?

This Ø [Phase] should not be confused with Mika Vainio’s Ø project (isn’t it bad enough having an unpronounceable name without having one that’s already being used?), although boundary-pushing techno is still the name of the game. Alone In Time?, this ...view item »

DJ Diamond
Footwork Or Die

Footwork Or Die sets up a formidable challenge with its title, especially since full-bodied footwork dancing could easily wreck the uninitiated. DJ Diamond’s productions manage to fully combine melodic synth business with the fierce cut-up rhythms beloved of the genre, successfully producing a full-length album th...view item »

Kero & Gotshell
Perindsor EP

Kero and Gotshell pair up for Blueprint’s 20th anniversary, providing a four track EP of dark techy electronica rooted firmly in the techno sphere. With the cold, knife-like precision of Autechre or Emptyset and with a kick so deep it sounds as if it is coming from noisy h...view item »

Elliott Schwartz & Big Blood
Ant Farm

Maine’s Big Blood are deft hands with producing barrierless experimental folk, manipulating field samples, vocals, electronics and anything they get their hands on. Working with composer and pianist Elliot Schwartz on a visual art collective’s exhibition allowed both to run amok to veer back and fort...view item »

MX-80 Sound
So Funny

MX-80 hone their avant-rock craft on So Funny, getting it just right, even if “it” sounds a little weird and wrong. So Funny is full of dead-pan smart-ass wit and snarky guitar lines, and you could easily forget that, until now, MX-80 haven’t released an album since 1981&helli...view item »

Maggie8 / Ceiling Demons
Connected / Lost The Way

I'm not sure why this is so late coming in. I think it might be something to do with me accidentally deleting one of Phil's emails while he was away.  Anyway we have it now. This is a split from two completely different sounding groups from the land we know and love as Yorkshire. Maggie8 have a history here at the towers, they compr...view item »

John Barry
Raise The Titanic - The Complete Film Score

When the film was released in 1980 it was completely panned by audiences and critics alike, it’s redeeming feature was the majestic and incredibly on-point score composed by John Barry. The master tapes were subsequently lost by the studio but long time collaborator Nic Raine re-recorded it to near perfect...view item »

Pet Shop Boys
Say It To Me

The Pet Shop Boys have always been well-remixed, and Say It To Me, the latest release from their current Super album, is no exception. Real Lies, Tom Demac, Stuart Price and Offer Nissim all work their magic across both CD and 12” release...view item »

Two Door Cinema Club

Indie rock cannon fodder Two Door Cinema Club still exist, why not, and their new record Gameshow will appease fans of their clean, pop-oriented songwriting while introducing little ripples in the sound that characterised predecessor Beacon. Remixes and stuff if you go deluxe, otherwise just carr...view item »


Consisting of Nobuyuki Sakuma   - a member of Japanese synth punks Jesse Ruins - this is a wild ride of chopped noise-tronics and drill like percussion. Sakuma produces a warped and mutant form of juxtaposed electronica  - the percussion is ear splittingly harsh yet beneath there is some semblance of melodic ...view item »

Pépé Bradock
Baby Craddock

Pépé Bradock is the mischievous Parisian producer with a flair for mixing it up stylistically. Here he also plays around with identity, declaring that he is now Baby Craddock instead. Whatever that might mean, these six tracks provide plenty to enjoy, from flicker-pulsing dark acid to wild house. Baby ...view item »

The False Foundation

Archive are evidently in it for the long haul: The False Foundation is their tenth album! Ten is also the number of members involved in the group, meaning no shortage of ideas buzzing around in the studio. What has come out is a prog / post rock record of sorts, but with more electronics than guitars. Sniff around the a...view item »

D.D Dumbo
Utopia Defeated

Can music get any more ridiculous? Half way through the opening track here 'Utopia' there's a moment which will surely be familiar to any fans of Spinal Tap's 'Stonehenge' as the music halts and the band lurch into some kind of Irish jig. The remainder of the tune takes it's inspiration from ...view item »

Crystal Castles
Amnesty (I)

Synthsperts Crystal Castles detail their first record in a hot minute, and their first since Alice Glass departed the band. Their gothic new wave sound gets a lil' bit of a fresh start as they close the chapter on their album trilogy with a new one that, judging by "CHAR", is just as hyperactive, seemingly marryin...view item »

Momentform Accumulations

Prior to working here I had no idea that Constellation even released electronic music in any form. Yet here I am, sitting next to a pile of melted plastic bags listening to a soon-to-be-released angular ambient techno album that Robin apparently ‘didn’t understand’. And that’s coming from a philosophy graduate. It...view item »

Fazed EP

Dark and dystopian techno with a clean industrial edge. Fazed is a straight hitter from a bladerunner factory, Livewire is a minimal machine stuck in a clattering loop and Okinawa is a sense shocking percussion and metal scraping flurry. With two remixes of Livewire, Sergie Rezza turning it in...view item »

Knock Knock, Who's Dead?

A cracking 13-track compilation cassette from Kikimora Tapes, featuring familiar and unfamiliar (at least to me) artists from the Berlin/ Chicago/ Toronto/ Detroit experimental electronic/ techno underground. Includes tracks from ...view item »


London’s Alien Jams imprint follows up their Beatrice Dillon/Karen Gwyer split with a 12” EP from rkss. Strange and peripheral electronics are the order of the day! “Wave” washes out fidgety, hyper-textural knocks with swathes of synths and a kick that steadily hammers you into neighbour-nuisance territor...view item »

Adam Feingold

Canadian producer Adam Feingold aka Ex-Terrestrial (1080p, Temple, Pacific Rhythm) returns to Steven Julien's label for a second twelve, featuring two cuts of the rugged style house/techno that Funkineven seems to hoover up for his imprint. 'Ascension' is raw and emotive with a smattering of acid, while the blue 'Inner Zone' is melancholy a...view item »

JS Truchy
Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me!

JS Truchy is a long-running Montreal experimentalist with a full brace of tapes and the like under his belt, but he apparently considers this release to be his first ‘proper’ record. Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me! certainly has the appropriate ambition, being full of grand vocals, harsh no...view item »


The duo NAKED are new and young and vigorous, with a sound that drowns pop songs in wave upon wave of digital distortion and shreds of unidentified sound. They have a healthy disregard for the differences between melodic and noisy material. Debut album ZONE is a fiercely beautiful prospect, dwelling on modern isolation ...view item »

Benedict Schlepper-Connolly
The Weathered Stone

Hailing from fair Dublin, Benedict Schlepper-Connolly composes music for many mediums and in many forms. His new nature-oriented collection The Weathered Stone contains sung songs and soaring string quartets alike, with a thick harmonic core running through the middle of each of these four pieces. The LP is released on ...view item »

The Dark Horses
Tunnel At The End Of The Light

Tex Perkins writes moody down turned and deep melancholic ballads, like a slowed and streamlined Mark Lanegan Band. Together with The Dark Horses, made up of a soundtrack score writer and members of Beasts of Bourbon and The Ape these tracks are minimal and tona...view item »

It's Time To Vanish

Spearmint are the sort of '90s survivors that could have had Pulp - like success if the planets had arranged themselves a tad differently. Instead they soldier on into 2016 with a new album which re-unites them with producer John Etkin-Bell for an album of sunny side up pop tunes that are reminiscent o...view item »

How To Dress Well

[INTERIOR: IN AN ELABORATE BATHROOM, TOM KRELL IS ENJOYING A BATH WHILE NORMAN EDITOR CLINTON, OFF CAMERA, IS ON THE TOILET READING A COPY OF THE WIRE (Indie Pop Edition)]   KRELL: Got a new album, m.   CLINTON: Ahh.   KRELL: Oo hoo hooo hoo hooo oooo hoooooo, yeaaaaiiii yea...view item »

Willie Burns
Where Has The Love Gone

Willie Burns is just one of a slew of aliases US based producer William Thomas Burnett goes under, releasing on numerous labels such as L.I.E.S., Trilogy Tapes, and Unknown to the Unknown covering all aspects of experimental electronica and house. With his clunky and very humanist SP-12 sampling Where Has Th...view item »

Lory D
Strange Days Vol. 4

The prolific Italian producer unleashes a hefty dose of dark and experimental techno on the Numbers label. On Strange Days Vol. 4, Lory D borrows some glorious drum programming from techno’s Detroit golden age and then updates it with twisting acid basslines, abrasive melodies and distorte...view item »

Radioactive Man
Dub Vault Vol. 2

Banging materials from Radioactive Man, aka Keith Tenniswood. The 3 tracks heard here were pulled out from the Dub Vault, where they’ve been languishing for the last 10 years. That time given these productions plen...view item »

Inside the Head of Gods

Twenty odd minutes of gentle organ music by acclaimed ambient sorts Celer to accompany an exhibition of the pantings of Taichi Kondo for his exhibition 'What's my name?' at Finale Art File in Manila, Philippines. Pressed onto a simple CD made in an edition of 300 for you to enjoy possibly whilst perusing the paintings. ...view item »

Expressions Remixes pt2

Linkwood’s recent Expressions album has gone down a treat with producers and fans alike: now the materials are being handed out for reworks by some of the moment’s most exciting producers. This second volume gets way out, with Healing Force Project turning ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ in...view item »

Expressions Remixes pt1

Linkwood’s recent Expressions album has gone down a treat with producers and fans alike, and now the materials are being handed out for reworks by some of the moment’s most exciting producers. A deep house take on ‘Object’ is provided by Ghosts of the Sky, and ‘Love Lost&rs...view item »

Geraint Jarman
Tawel Yw'r Tymor (Quiet Is The Season)

Geraint Jarman doesn’t mess around with any English language bullshit: he has been performing in Welsh for forty years now, and Tawel Yw’r Tymor is some of the most direct Jarman we’ve ever heard. The backing band (and indeed the electricity) has been dispensed with, leaving the beauti...view item »

Marcellus Pittman
Sneak Attack / Random Acts of Insanity

4 years ago, Marcellus Pittman wowed people with Pieces, his debut full-length album on Unirhythm. Now he sneaks out 2 of the strongest tracks from that collection for DJ-friendly 12” release. Sneak Attack and ...view item »

Butcher Bear
Don't Save Yourself

Butcher Bear slams the listener with some heavy-tasty hip-hop on Don’t Save Yourself, a set that uses a lot of live instrumentation as well as booming samples. Plenty of MCs contribute, and don’t forget the fresh remixes (exclusive to this release) from Shit & Shine and Ras G and...view item »

Rob Magill
The Owl and The Pussycat

The Owl And The Pussycat is the first vinyl release for Rob Magill, a resident of Southern California who seems to be able to turn his hand to most arty things - musical composition, playing every instrument under the sun, poetry, painting and even owning his own label. He began recording in 2010 and has since made 50 a...view item »

Band Aparte
Memory On Trial

As Robin bleats in his Preoccupations review..."a moody post-punk record? Gosh, we really needed another one of ‘em, didn’t we?" Well we have another here though Band Aparte play their goth at 100mph. It sounds like Interpol running away from their past.  If onl...view item »

Johnny Jewel
Lost River - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Lost River, Ryan Gosling’s first attempt at directing, has a fully featured soundtrack, including types like Chromatics, and Glass Candy, alongside the original score by Johnny Jewel. Italians Do It Better have provided you with either a lovely CD, or a triple (!) purple (!) vinyl...view item »

Atijo / Ina

Yaaassssssss! Spin it back to early 2000s and the rise of Tempa records, remember when dubstep was good etc. etc. etc.. Maybe more that it was still a pioneering genre. Addison Groove has put his Headhunter hat back on and aiming to bring those back again, with shuffles, stabs, and halftimes aplenty....view item »

Lady Parts

This is a collaboration between chief cut and splice expert Prefuse 73 and the hilariously monikered Michael Christmas. All very exciting and everything but what did they feel the need to call it that? Or put that on the sleeve? Hip-hop never grows up. Howeve...view item »

Slow Love EP

After remixing Lakker on R&S, Lahun has been snapped up by Apollo. Open and sparse but filled with texture and soul, his work falls around James Blake and J Dilla with a palette affected by a 90s rave scene background. Huge developing pads, slow shuffles, and with Sa...view item »

Lord of Suffering ​/ ​Die in Haze

If HENCH riffery is your thing, get yer face into Monolord. Crisp and buzzsaw like tone, psychedelic flanged and spaced out vocals, but above all, riffs for days, played with a mechanical tightness. Ok, two tracks, but they provide a big ol’ shot of doom that will keep your head banging for a while....view item »

Off The Grid

Dreams goes properly Off The Grid with this vinyl 12” of playful dub techno. The L.A. producer manages to blend a gritty and mechanical approach to percussion with some of the loveliest synthesizer drones we’ve ever heard. This release blends the best of house and techno to make something that doesn'...view item »

O. Xander
From Antartica With Love

O Xander, whose works also circulate under the name of DJ Rei Ayanami, returns to Berlin’s Nous Disques after a great success last year as part of their Ethos 12” series. From Antarctica With Love is a five-track set of juicy hardware house, rough around the edges in the best way possible: l...view item »

The Moles
Tonight’s Music

Well this is a mess.  Australian pop kings the Moles have chosen to return with an album that makes Robert Pollard look like a quality control manager. There are 24 tracks here of which 10-12 or so are really, really good. The rest are made up of ridiculous studio experiments, general faffing abo...view item »

Sandy Eyes

No, this isn’t part of the resurgence. Originally released in 1984 Zwischenfall’s Sandy Eyes is a mix of down-tempo disco and synth-pop that utilises early samplers, synths and funkily-slapped bass lines to make a record you can put between your Blondie, Daft Punk, and minim...view item »

Fabio Frizzi
Manhattan Baby

Manhattan Baby is a classic style horror-thriller from 1982, and it comes with a soundtrack to match. OST veteran Fabio Frizzi turned on his synthesisers for a deep and dramatic sonic action-fest. This release on new Subsound sub-label Sub OST is the first time the complete s...view item »

Dennis Callaci
A Bed of Light

Delightful, rough and ready, quirky, lofi indie pop songs that fans of stuff like Smog will absolutely lap up.  Mostly known for his huge amounts of work in the band Refrigerator, and having gone under monikers even his own press mock him for, A Bed of Light is Dennis Callaci&rsquo...view item »

Venus II
Inside Your Sun

Australia based Jarrad Brown of Eagle & The Worm and Ryan Grieve of Canyons make up Venus II. Pushing their two worlds together the result sounds like a child of madchester and would fit right in popping pills at the Hacienda and doing the bez walk. Trippy, ...view item »

Blackmass Plastics
Under The Radar

Blackmass Plastics drops 8 new tracks on the Ugly Funk label, keenly playing up to label type with rough dancefloor killers that are presented without smooth edges. Under The Radar, which sprawls over 2 12”s, is a mutant thing that collects up tracks that have made a bi...view item »

Christer Bothén
Ljudskulptur För 5

Had to be me, apparently, did this review. Why? Because it’s drone with reeds, which is one thing half our office is tired of and another thing that half our office pruprots to hate: woodwind. I don’t know why you buy records from us, I really, just, don’t. But I digress from trying to incentivise you towards a purchase, so her...view item »

Natural Child

Natural Child’s Bodyswitchers was originally issued in 2010 as a cassette. Long since out of print, Burger Records are now bringing it back, giving it a format upgrade to vinyl on the way. The merry energy of their Nashville-based garage rock is a perfect fit for Burger, the natural home of fast and frenzied lo-fi...view item »

Bryan Kessler
10,000 Suns

After already having releases on Supermoll Musik and Ultimate Hits this year alone, Jackmaster has snatched Bryan Kessler up for his Numbers imprint. 10,000 Suns will feel right at home next to producers such as Sophie as it is a bizarre mix of hard techno and electro playfulness. And w...view item »

Family of the Year
Family of the Year

LA alt rock four piece Family of the Year win the coveted most unexpected band my dad likes trophy of 2016. Their shining power up is tween sitcom friendly with blinding melodies and those hazy West Coast themes that comes from having orange juice on tap. Kind of the Beach Boys meets Weezer...view item »

Sweatbox Dynasty

Tobacco is the solo joint of the dude who has done so much good work for Black Moth Super Rainbow, as well as production and remix credits for the likes of HEALTH and Aesop Rock. Sweatbox Dynasty, the fourth Tobacco album, is a set of big, lo-fi synth-n...view item »

Leyden Jars
Heat Death

Leyden Jars self-describe their sound as ‘curdled’, and I think there is something in that. They use electronic materials, but they seem aged and tweaked in an organic way, somehow. It is not only the obscured vocals that give Heat Death a human touch: these synth...view item »

Gil De Ray
A Riot Of Sound

Keeping their strong hard-working ethic Gil De Ray have self released their debut album. It’s serenely lo-fi garage rock, energetic and sweetly warm, psychedelic and groovy, whilst stil willing to experiment from track to track. A Riot of Sound was recorded by Primal Scream session guitarist and ...view item »

The Luck of Eden Hall
The End Of The Lane

The Luck Of Eden Hall have been flying solidly below the radar of Chicago’s rock scene for two and a half decades now, delighting those in the know with the kind of warm psychedelia we hear on new single The End Of The Lane. The song was inspired by a Neil Gaiman book, and the author kindly contri...view item »


Brutalist bludgeoning hardcore from a group that features members of The Hope Conspiracy and Skin Like Iron. No time is wasted here: Lies pummel their way through Plague’s allotted 8 tracks so fast that the whole album fits onto one side of vinyl: the B-side is taken up with an et...view item »


Since Phil’s the drummer in this office, we’re asking him to review this one via proxy. His thoughts: “it’s drumming”. True. “It’s two people who sound like they’re learning to play the drums competently”. A potential truth. “Is it just drumming?” No. There’s some singing. &...view item »

Manifesto Rumoratorio

Described adequately by our Tom as “delicious sound mess”, TR is Pietro La Rocca, who makes music and borrows some sounds and makes sure you’re always hearing something. Such was, I feel, the philosophy of acts like Sun City Girls (well, play something!) ...view item »

Ages and Ages
Something to Ruin

Heart lifting pop that sounds like it was recorded in your front room. It wasn’t. It was captured by Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock’s studio, but the personality of this record is it’s strength. Acoustic indie pop filled with gleeful melodies and laid back choral vocals done by all of the ban...view item »

John Paul White

John Paul White is the dude out of the Civil Wars, a delightfully serene indie pop band with pretty much none of the aggressions their name suggests. If ever an artist barely needed to strike out on their own, it’s him, but that's no reason: ‘Beulah’ allows him the space to become eve...view item »

Boreal Network
Itasca Road Trip

Oh looky, a Bandcamp favourite! In lovely vinyl form! Boreal Network’s Nicole Johnson is a Seattle-based producer; she has crafted here a sun-dappled, hazily nostalgic LP of woozy electronica miniatures. Itasca Road Trip, originally released last year as a cassette, is an aural tour of Itasca State Park in her Minnesota home. I’d lov...view item »

Lena Platonos
Red Axes Remix

In the obscure scene of Greek electronic music pioneers Leon Platonos is an icon. On Red Axes Remix her rich synth compositions, spoken lyrics and love of the Roland TR-808 are reconfigured by house and techno producers Red Axes. The duo turn the material into dance-floor monsters influenced by ...view item »

Faster Action
Faster Action

Usually a pairing with Robert Bergmann, Interstellar Funk goes it alone under the Faster Action title for these cheeky tools many DJs would be thankful for. Two tracks offering strong beds of rhythm, the first a 909 explosion and the second a heavier metallic affair. Great backbone stuff for any...view item »

Wet Hot American Summer (Original Score & Music From The Motion Picture)

Wet Hot American Summer is a self-conscious callback movie from 2001, impersonating a 1980’s sex comedy. The original score is just as playful, rocking all the 80’s cliches you could ask for, and a selection of other featured songs by Jefferson Airplane, Foreigner et al are also included on ...view item »

The Legends
It's Love

From Sweden with love, Stockholm band The Legends deliver an album of characteristically smooth songs about love and life. It’s Love is their fourth studio album and the first since Johan Angergard turned forty. Fans of his Labrador label won’t be disappointed with these lush, emotional recordings. Out on vi...view item »

Sunny Day Real Estate
How It Feels to Be Something On

Hey! They're finally reissuing this one! The secret favourite of many a Sunny Day Real Estate fan, 'How It Feels To Be Something On' started as something of a cashgrab project via Sub Pop (who were looking for a B-sides record to flog) but the band decided to record new material instead -- the result being this monolit...view item »

Clay Rendering
We Are Aware

Husband and wife do Mike and Tara Connelly return to Dominick Ferknow’s Hospital Productions label for a 3-track EP produced by Fernow himself. We Are Away is a slice of gothy Coldwave pop driven by rudimentary drum machine, fuzzy guitar and icy melod...view item »

Malcolm Middleton
Summer of '13

I’ve not heard huge amounts of the former Arab Strap guitarist's back catalogue but his sound in common with a lot of artists these days surprises me with it's nudges towards commerciality. I guess misery rock doesn’t pay the bills.   Luckily Middleton has...view item »


Sludge on a 7”! It’s the new love in an elevator. This short ‘n’ sweet but slow and sturdy record comes from the Newcastle of down under, where Nailhouse have endeavoured to make an unhinged piece of slow punk that’s economical on the process but big on the final result. Uncompromisingly straight-and-narrow chord se...view item »

Best Available Technology
Twisted Ladder

Any day of the week give me some melancholic repeato techno and I'll be happy for awhile. The lead track here is a delicious slab of just that that has gorgeous melancholy synth and two step beats cut into an awkward repeating sample. marvellous. This has in fact four tracks and is a hand stamped edition of 200 so be quick if you want one. ...view item »


Debut release from producer Yaws: in fact DOUBT is also the debut release for the label, Purely Physical. These 4 tracks seem somewhat informed by the slightly-too-slow sounds of Andy Stott, except that Yaws pulls back slightly on the delay / decay front. Meaty, textural club sounds all...view item »

Pierrot Lunaire
Dog Chakra

OK, I’ll cut to the chase just to save everyone’s precious time. Droning electronic grooves, looped and chopped up and spliced side-by-side with organ miniatures mangled by distorted, hissing tape. Opening track, ‘Elegy for a Plastic Bag’, on this latest Opal Tape by Pierrot Lunaire sequences these spiralling elements sed...view item »

Prins Thomas
Bobletekno (Bugge Wesseltoft Versions)

In a pleasingly leftfield release, this 12” finds a tune by Scandinavian space-disco dude Prins Thomas being re-interpreted for piano by Bugge Wesseltoft, a jazz pianist. Bobletekno gets played on a proper grand piano on side A, and an electric keyboard on side B. This release is out on Horisontal...view item »

Washed Away

R-OO-N-EY! Should he be played up front or at the top of a diamond formation in midfield? He’s certainly made that position his own in recent years and at the end of the day, he’s got to be England’s future. Although this Rooney seem to be an indie-pop band from LA who have teen-friendly pop for you to jump aro...view item »

The Last Shadow Puppets
Everything You've Come To Expect

I feel a bit like a disappointed parent looking back at the video for ‘The Age of the Understatement’ taken from the Last Shadow Puppets excellent debut . How did those two fresh faced cheeky scamps become the utter wankers they sometimes appear today?  The continued leg up Alex Turner continues to ...view item »

Scott & Charlene's Wedding

This absurdly-named Australian band are back with this short four song EP of dishevelled, shambling pop punk. The opening title track is a perky little thing like the Velvet Underground playing on borrowed instruments fronted by Joe Mangel. They are quite the rock and roll combo what with their w...view item »

Gut Man Cometh / Destroyer

Audion is the long-running I-Love-Techno project from Matthew Dear, and recent album Alpha was first full album released under the name in 10 whole years! To celebrate, 2 of those mighty dancefloor cuts have been extracted and remixed, one by FOLD and one by Matthew Herbert...view item »

Planetary Assault Systems
Planetary Funk 22 Light Years Series (Part 2)

Luke Slater clearly knows that whenever he straps on his Planetary Assault Systems alias, things are going to get potent. They’d have to with such an excellent, large-scale name. Planetary Funk 22 Light Years Series (Part 2) is loaded with a fierce space-techno tune called ‘Kat’, prese...view item »

Cute Heels
Third Skin EP

Barcelona’s Cute Heels offers up a synthesis of classic dance genres, with aspects of EBM, Detroit techno and Chicago house all present on the Third Skin EP. Old-school floor-filling stuff. On top of the original cuts, we also get a pair of remixes: one from The Hacker and one from Steffi...view item »

Channel D

I should have given this to our Jamie  - the first track is called ‘Birds when Disturbed’. He likes birds  - not sure if he likes disturbing them or not, I’ll have to ask. Anyway the track in question is a lovely slow piece of atmospherics with vocals that couldn’t sound more like early ...view item »

Blaney (featuring Mark E. Smith)
Urban Nature

Ed Blaney was formerly a member of The Fall, which is probably what made it possible for him to enlist Mark E. Smith himself to provide vocals on his album He’s lucky Smith did...view item »

J. Albert
Dance Slow

As much fun as various formats can be, for dancefloor tracks the ultimate desirable destination must always be vinyl: lovely DJ-friendly wax. That’s what has happened here: J. Albert released a funky-fresh cassette called Dance Slow last year, and the highest-achievers from that set have graduated to this vinyl re...view item »

This Coercion Pt. II

Hard-jacking new tracks from Shawn O’Sullivan’s Vapauteen guise, working the project’s signature style of relentless beat-pummel and acidic synth lines. This Coercion Pt. II neatly complements the recent Pt. I: taken as a pair, they add up to some of the year’s most form...view item »

Waiting Alpine

Senking is based in Cologne and has released on Raster-Noton, so cool, clipped digital productions come naturally to him. The 2 new tracks presented on Waiting Alpine have a big underwater vibe: each element has a deep reverberation, as if echoing around the ocean floor. 7” on -OUS in a striking holographic sleeve...view item »

All Your Sisters
Uncomfortable Skin

There is a track on here that is near perfect which makes it almost doubly disappointing that I can't find anything here I enjoy as much. I may have written before about hearing a song in 1982 that I never found out what it was. It sounded.... just like this  - terrifying guitars, drum machine that eerie sense of lurking doom that post punk...view item »

The Computers
This Ain't Right

This Ain’t Right is the first single to be taken from The Computers forthcoming third album. It is a sharp blast of soulful pop/rock taken to the stratosphere by the vocal performance of Al Kershaw. The cover is designed by Vaughan Oliver who designed all those classic ‘80s and ‘90s 4AD covers. Limited...view item »

Bright Light Bright Light

Coming up with other pioneers of the repeato-bandname genre such as Everything Everything, Cheeky Cheeky, Now Now, and bunch of other ones I might have made up, Bright Light Bright Light certainly feel like a blast from the past: it's been three years since they released 'Life Is Easy' but their indie rock indie rock now melts i...view item »

7 Year Bitch
Live At Moe

90’s punk exploders 7 Year Bitch release this 1996 live recording on Moe Recordings. Live At Moe is a pretty gnarly dash through the band’s material, performed to a no-doubt thrilled crowd. The tapes were uncovered from the label owner’s basement and are being issued to keep the 7 Bitch ...view item »

Damian Valles

Canadian artist Damian Valles has been busy over the past six years or so transmitting his sounds via Under The Spire, Experimedia, Hibernate, Textura, ...view item »

Blues Pills
Lady In Gold

Firm and proper blues-rock from Blues Pills. Singer Elin Larsson’s voice is one for the ages, carrying just the right amount of power to lead the and forth. Lady In Gold, their second album is old-fashioned soulful rock music done really well. Available in a lavish array of formats (including one ...view item »

Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin, the notorious cheater himself, has successfully vintage-synthed the money out of your pockets. No, this LP does not have 15-note polyphony, and as we all already know, the D James man can make music on anything, no matter how badly respected or obscure. He’ll find a way. So it’s not really surprising that the god of music...view item »

Tin Man, Jozef K & Winter Son
Acid Test 11

This is a collaboration between these three Manchester hotshots who contrive to make some rather glistening late night techno which could perfectly soundtrack the times you've tried to drive out of Manchester and got lost. Opener 'Fates Unknown' perfectly marries haunting Coldplay pianos (come back!) with acidy tec...view item »

DABJ Allstars Vol. 3

The word ‘Allstars’ holds such fun and promise: I’m pleased to report that this 12” of Dixon Avenue Basement Jams Allstars doesn’t let down on that promise. The stars in question are O.D.D., Casio Royale and Modini (the latter presenting the incredibly-titled &lsquo...view item »

Gonno & Nick Hoppner
Fantastic Planet EP

Nick Höppner invited travelling Japanese producer Gonno into his Berlin studio while the latter was over to DJ at the mighty Berghain. The resulting 3 tracks that make up the warm Fantastic Planet EP were spun together in just 3 days, and they certainly do have a spontaneous fun-time bounce to them...view item »

Saqqara Mastabas

Close collaborators from their shared time in Fiery Furnaces, Matthew Friedberger and Bob D’Amico (also of Sebadoh) have gone wild and spiritual with this Saqqara Mastabas project of theirs. Libras sounds something roughly like the kind of pagan r...view item »

Feelings EP

3 new tracks from Ulysses on The Bunker New York. 2/3rds of the Feelings EP is precision-tooled for the dancefloor, with rhythms that would feel damn good pulsing through your body in, er, a bunker in New York. The third track, ‘The Mascara Snake’, is a more chilled-out creature, riding a melancholy melody o...view item »

Vaghe Stelle
The Full Stream Ahead : The Prologue

Vaghe Stelle is a mystique-laden Italian, known for his participation in the One Circle production squad and past releases on Gang Of Ducks. The Full Stream Ahead: The Prologue is a tangled set of electronic pathways, fully-featured with weird oozy textures and submerged drum machines. Pretty compelling...view item »

The Grand Gestures

For a swan song, we are presented with an album entirely made up of remixed versions of tracks taken from The Grand Gestures’ debut, second and third album as well as their christmas album Happy Holidays. With remixes from Luminous, Andrew Wasylyk and Man Without Machines...view item »


ORKA, who feature a former member of Dälek, use a mixture of homemade instruments and synth-electronics to make their sound, sampling and arranging everything to form a curiously organic kind of techno / not-techno. Va∂ is their latest record: they’ve taken a more direct, rough-and-ready...view item »

Spring King
The Summer

Spring King have been working hard the old fashioned way by doing actual gigs supporting the likes of everyone before recording their debut album. Therefore they will have garnered a fanbase slavering in anticipation.  This their new single sits somewhere in between Interpol and the England football team ci...view item »


This record is by a band called Bart but features saxophones so what the fuck is going on, Lisa? I dunno how we’re gonna get out of this mess but it won’t  be through their conflicted pop music, which moves between wallpaper-peeling garage riffs, silky vocal harmonies and saccharine soft rock additives without a thought. It...view item »


Cicada are a five-piece classical outfit from Taiwan. Violin, cello, acoustic guitar, and piano combine across the 13 tracks on this album to produce a melodic, uplifting and heartwarming body of instrumental music. From the soaring ‘Flapping Wings’ (I’m amazed by the number of bird-related records that have flown my way l...view item »

Matthew P. Hopkins
Blue­Lit Half Breath

Matthew P. Hopkins is, according to discogs, a sound maker from Sydney, Australia. Hopkins utilizes tape machines to produce abstracted, slowed, stretched and skewed voice, feedback, field recordings and found sounds, along with ambient and drone to produce his often disturbing compositions. It is a listen which is never short of compelling, wit...view item »

Empty House

Snøskred (always great to get a chance to use the beautiful ‘ø’ character) are a Norwegian band who, with Empty House, are making the shift from their previous shoegaze approach towards a more slackery indie vibe. There is a very fine warmth to the music, a laid-back approach. Released by Riot ...view item »

Big Deal
Say Yes

A few years ago Big Deal were a kind of folky duo consisting of a middle aged man and a younger woman singing together. Since then, second album 'June Gloom' was actually quite good and headed lovingly at times into Joyzipper territory. Now they are continuing that albums move towards a Big Rock Sound al...view item »

Anthony Joseph
Caribbean Roots

British and Trinidadian singer, novelist and spoken-word artist Anthony Joseph is finally coming out and saying it: he’s got Caribbean Roots. As you might guess based on the title, this record is all about Caribbean rhythms and melodies - but never without freely formed lyrics and some crazy and equally ...view item »

You + Your D. Metal Friend

Cico Beck and Markus Acher of the Notwist have teamed up as You + Your D. Metal Friend to create something of consistent, delicate beauty, in “Sonnier”. Tickled analogue synth, gently tinkling percussion under soft mallets and warm, undulating bass all combine over the course of the six ‘Sonnie...view item »

Soren Juul
This Moment

Danish singer songwriter guy Soren Juul is now recording under his own name after a tumultuous three year period where he was presumably stung by our Brian's 4/10 review of his last album under the Indians moniker. He need not worry. 4AD are still on his side and Brian is long gone so we can instead enjoy the gl...view item »

Random Gods
Genezon.avi EP

First ever solo release from Portugal’s Random Gods right here, casting his strange sounds onto vinyl with the assistance of a Vaghe Stelle remix. The Genezon.avi EP takes samples from anywhere it can find them, me...view item »

Lost Stories

2Tall is one of the earliest aliases of Jim Cole aka Om Unit and on Lost Stories he resurrects his early beat experiments. Predictably Coles ‘early experiments’ are staggeringly high-quality hip-hop-inspired beats, indebted to the West Coast expermentalism of ...view item »

Boxed In (featuring Formation)
Running Out

New release on producer Dan Carey (Franz Ferdinand, Django Django)'s new label Speedy Wunderground. Boxed In (otherwise known as Speedy collaborator Oli Bayston) do electro rock indie which is sort of in the Keane vein. This was apparently written and recorded in under three hours, for that 'spontaneous' feel. ...view item »

Derek Plaslaiko
Exile On Sesame Strasse

Bunker New York release the newest slice of weirdo house from Derek Plaslaiko. The title of Exile on Sesame Strasse is a keen indication of the mixture of American and German techno within, and it’s also a sign of just how much fun Plaslaiko is having with this groovy electro. Available on...view item »

Circling Vultures
Circling Vultures

Whenever you see a release by L.I.E.S., you know it’s going to be a piece of hard-hitting techno. Circling Vultures deliver nothing less, and this self-titled 12” is sure to blow up your speakers if you turn it up as loud as you want to. Heavy 808 beats combine well with paranoid bass lines, and...view item »

The Tempest
5 Against The House

The Tempest were a John Peel-approved, semi-obscure 80’s post-punk outfit whose splintered members would later go on to do time in Venus Fly Trap, Spacemen 3 and Spiritualised. 5 Against The House has them rocking a angular guitar / funky bass com...view item »


San Francisco based David West has many faces, from his work as guitarist and vocalist for Rank / Xerox and Rat Columns as well as another electronic project Lace Curtain. Liberation is his latest, somewhat theatrical synth pop, and wouldn’t sound amiss wi...view item »

Jon Mueller

The scary man is back and under his arm is a scary record with a scary front cover. After hearing Jon Mueller’s drone rock completism on the unbelievably epic ‘Ensemble’ -- the kinda record that makes big experimental albums like ‘Deathconsciousness’ look like puny first year university essays  -- I would&rsquo...view item »

Peter, Bjorn and John
Breakin' Point

It must be tough being Peter, Bjorn or John. Every gig, every single fucking gig they are contractually obliged to do the song. People only want the song. Nothing else.    Obviously they’ve tried to combat this by writing the opener here ’Dominos’ in the style of a Euro...view item »

Mrs Magician

Mrs. Magician’s second album Bermuda is a particularly energetic (even if lyrically heavy) piece of pop-punk. Kind of fuzzy and noisy, but also kind of sleek-sounding. Released on Swami Records, the imprint of the Drive Like Jehu / Rocket From The Crypt dude of the same (nick)name...view item »

Spring King
Tell Me If You Like To

Tell Me If You Like To is the debut album from Manchester post-punks Spring King. They're seemingly already on the road to success after being bigged-up by the NME with the music mag calling them the most promising new band of 2016. They also have the accomplishment of being the first band Zane Lowe played on his new ...view item »

Ash Koosha

It's the return of Mr Koosha! Welcome back Ash, it must be at least six weeks since I last heard one of your records. "GUUD", Koosha's self-released debut LP which came out last summer, had just been given an overdue vinyl release on Olde English Spelling Bee waaay back at the tail end of February '16 and I was much honoured to review it on my s...view item »

The Honey Pot
Inside The Whale

If you head down the A1 from Wetherby towards…oh I don’t know Lincoln or somewhere you’ll see a sign pointing to ‘Honey Pot Lane Industrial Estate’. What delightful juxtaposition of images that is. This the Honey Pot is a ’60’s style psych outfit and according to the illustration on the sleeve o...view item »

This Coercion Pt.1

Vapauteen is Shawn O’Sullivan, who has also released material under his own name and as 400PPM. This Coercion Pt. 1 completes a hat trick of strong EPs on L.I.E.S., a banging set of te...view item »

Young Moon

This new music from Young Moon looked at one point like it might never come into being, after the relationship the initial 2012 debut was rooted in fell apart. But some new blood in the band (Syam Zapalowski) got things moving again, and the moody confessional songs of Colt were born. Out on Western Vin...view item »

Man Of Moon

Man Of Moon are a crew of young Scottish fellows, playing indie rock songs with a psychedelic, krautrock twist to them. Although it must be noted that the songs themselves always remain paramount: the heavy guitars and the motorik drums carry the songs, they don’t drown them in psych-fuzz. The ...view item »

Faraway Reach

In approaching their second album Classixx wanted to feature numerous vocalists with varying styles and make themselves the constant that tied them together, so the aptly titled Faraway Reach features How To Dress Well, T-Pain, Passion Pit, De Lux, ...view item »

Mean Streets Part 3

FaltyDL has had his slick productions released on Ninja Tune, Planet Mu, 50Weapons, Ramp AND Hemplock. Returning to Swamp81 to continue his Mean Streets series he experiments with lush deep garage rhythms, moving from the dark, soulful and brooding, out to the uplifting and playful. For fans of Lone, ...view item »

The Pop Group
The Boy Whose Head Exploded

The Boy Whose Head Exploded is a document of the live sound of The Pop Group at the time of their For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? Peak. Fierce, harshly funky, and scouringly political. As well as the audio (on CD or picture disc), this release also has archival video footage, mostly unreleased. ...view item »


Companion’s 4 tracks were recorded in the same sessions as Braids’ album Deep In This Iris, and carry the feel of that record while also fitting rather well with one another. Fairly beautiful stuff. Both formats of the album come with a bonus sampler disc, showing off some of the other talent on the...view item »

Burkhard Beins | Chris Abrahams
Instead of the Sun

This year, Chris Abrahams has been treating us to his very own episode of ambient Cribs, showing us around his house and each of the nooks and crannies he drones into. ‘Fluid To The Influence’, a record of tinkering field sounds and accidental melodies, sounded like kitchen minimalism prepared for piano and tupperware; his collaborat...view item »

Dario Dell'Aere
Eagles In The Night

Dario Dell’Aere’s voice sounds like an old American-Soul crooner, but comes backed with full-blast 1985 Italo disco backing on Eagles In The Night. It’s a groovy time and no mistake. The 12”, remastered of course, is housed in a replica sleeve along wi...view item »

Ben Rath

Ben Rath seems to be a new ambient figure, cautiously emerging from the mist of his bedroom into the 21st century with all its wonders and textural music. Sound In Silence, with their neat printed card packaging, host this time round, enclosing a 28-minute CD inside somehow with some cute card fragments. Forgiveness takes the in...view item »

Robert Curgenven

If anyone’s been to Yorkshire Sculpture Park lately, you may have discovered a strange room within a red brick enclosure on the side of the hill. Like a giant boiled egg, the room has had its top lopped off, exposing the contents to the heavens and all the r...view item »

Walker Family Singers
Panola County Spirit

The Daptone label release the first proper recordings from the Walker Family Singers. Panola Country Spirit, on CD and very limited vinyl LP, is a powerful collection of bluegrass and gospel. The songs draw from blues and americana too, using simple arrangements and strained guitar riffs to crea...view item »

Locks & DDM
Locks & DDM

It seems that Locks & DDM is what L.I.E.S. have decided to call the anonymous duo behind this music. Apparently these two decided to jam out some skipping records and a drum machine at some point in the 80’s, and they do seem to have hit on some real fine territory. Several sweet cuts on...view item »

David First
Same Animal, Different Cages Vol. 1: Études for Acoustic Guitar

I wonder what it’s like to live inside David First’s guitar. It’s probably cramped, hard to get to sleep, and reminiscent of a walking nightmare -- I imagine you also probably live most of your life upside down. Developing purposely wonky tunes a long way away from the epicentre of a melody, his experiments get explained away w...view item »

Cevdet Erek
Frenzy – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Frenzy is an acclaimed new Turkish crime thriller film, with a fine original soundtrack by Istanbul musician Cevdet Erek, also known as part of the band Nekropsi. 2 side-long pieces are presented here: 1 is seething with energy and rhythm, the other is a muggy textural exploration. LP on Subtext, with a...view item »

Fun With Music

Fun with music? I don’t think so. You certainly won’t find any of that among these walls. Frowns, maybe. a.P.A.t.T are having a good time, though, or at least want you to think they are. Good for them, I say: this weird and psychedelically-tinged pop record brings to mind several “fun” bands at once, with the jaunty melod...view item »

Little Scream
Cult Following

This busy main street of a record comes from the inspiringly positive Laurel Sprengelmeyer, a synth-pop artist who plays with the gloopy bluster of ‘Age of Adz’ era Sufjan and the disco implications of the excellent Mozart’s Sister. It’s bright in ways the sun never is here, and full to the br...view item »

Wavves / Cloud Nothings

Wavves are in a friendly mood at the moment, so they’ve embarked on a series of joint singles with other cool bands. For this second installment they’ve teamed up with Cloud Nothings, meaning twice the amount of sweeping indie rock action in a single dose....view item »

Dieterich & Barnes
The Coral Casino

The Dieterich & Barnes this record is attributed to is John Dieterich and Jeremy Barnes, of Deerhoof and A Hawk And A Hacksaw...view item »

Jaye Bartell
Light Enough

Unbelievable front cover. Simply unbelievable. A pasty and awkward Bartrell in mid air. I guess it signifies he is 'light enough'.  It’s a shame that my first impressions of this were that awkward photo as this is really lovely. Bartrell has a marvellous chocolate brown voice which spouts words ...view item »

Some Bizarre
Don't Be Afraid

Italian trio Some Bizarre recorded and released their very first production, Don’t Be Afraid in 1983. It’s a gorgeous period piece of synth-disco, an easy floor-filler with strong summer-night vibes. And Johann Sebastian Bach...view item »

Thomas Cohen
Bloom Forever

It must be very difficult to actually look more of a twat than Thomas Cohen does on the cover of this, the second of today’s ‘Cohen’ special alongside namesake Chris. To talk about the sleeve for a minute, he’s wearing aviator shades, red trousers a really odd cardigan and is adopting a kind of sit-up-and-beg pose that ...view item »

Peter, Bjorn and John
Breakin’ Point (single)

Announcing itself with a surely self-referential whistle (remember that single?), Breakin’ Point heralds the first Peter, Bjorn and John album in many years. This advance single is a sweet and catchy piece of melodic pop with lush swoony vocals. These 3 guys know how to make a tune eh? Released as a 7&rdq...view item »

Max D

More off-kilter house from the artist formerly known as Maxmillion Dunbar, Max D. This third album on vinyl LP from Future Times is part weird digital sheen and part analogue machine-music. But it’s all powered by Max’s sharp melodies. I’m not sure when house and techno become so off-kilter tha...view item »

Everything At Once

I once made a mash up of Travis’ post-Britpop classic ‘The Man Who’ and Grouper’s ambient B-side album, ‘The Man Who Died In His Boat’. I called it ‘The Man Who (Died In His Boat)’; hear it ...view item »

Rave Archive EP

Over the past five or so years, the All Caps label have gained a cult following; steadily building a catalogue of sought after releases, cherished by global disc jockeys. The label is responsible for output from Florist, Kowton, ...view item »


Coves are an English duo whose music seems like a constant struggle between psychedelic garage and luscious, minimal pop music. Peel, from 1965 Records, does a good job of capturing this dynamic; the glowing production is much more polished, but they’re still committed to lo-fi instru...view item »

Deep Throats
Good Bad Pretty

Deep Throats were an old San Francisco band with a heady garage rock sound. This release gathers up their final recordings, previously unheard by the public at large. Good Bad Pretty is released by Castle Face, the essential garage rock imprint of John O’Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees, for...view item »

James K

James K is pretty wild. On her debut album Pet, she rages all over the place. Whispering over beats, or humming psychotic musings in between warped electronic noise, James K will never allow a dull moment. After the Sokit 7” last year, we’ve been waiting for more music - ready to run if we had to, b...view item »

Karl Bartos
Life (2016)

Extending their reissue series with this lead single, Trocadero unveil a new vinyl 7” from Kraftwerk alumni Karl Bartos. Life is limited to 1000 copies and captures Bartos’ funky, electro-pop sound, a sound which shows his Kraftwerk writing skills, but also embraces ...view item »


Chicago house compilation on L.A. Club Resource; Delroy Edwards’ label. Featured artists include Wrecking Project, Blacktail and Innstyter as well an exclusive beat groove by Gene Hunt. Expect trashy, fuzzed out, grainy and distorted drum machines pushing ...view item »

Wax Witches
Memory Painting

Burger Records continue a sweet run of releases with some snotty hardcore punk from Wax Witches. This solo project from Bleeding Knees Club’s Alex Wall takes a garage punk template, but adds some pop hooks and one-man band style. Memory Painting&nb...view item »


Cheap and wonderfully nasty sounding DIY techno from Brassfoot. Realms, on vinyl 12”, is refreshingly agro and unpolished, mashing together house drums, lo-fi samples and abrasive textures. This free-form and abstract electronica, on the Apron label, reminds us of Actress ...view item »

Jorge Velez
Animals Disk

Jorge Velez delivers a curious set of “animal-themed electronic exploration”, utilising only, a Microbrute synth and samples from a Fairlight CMI. Animals Disk is overtly digital, almost plastic in tone, but Velez does a ...view item »

Neil Landstrumm
Clawing At Sand EP

Techno icon Neil Landstrumm continues an impeccable run of releases with the rough and sleazy techno of the Clawing at Sand EP. Landstrumm’s approach to 4x4 techno has always been a little weird and this vinyl 12” is very much in character, with plenty of harsh snares and surreal organ outbursts...view item »


Za! are a powerful Spanish duo, ferociously mashing genres and sounds together with little regard for decorum. Loloismo, released as a collaboration between Hot Salvation and the Audacious Art Experiment labels, rolls around joyously in a pit of drums, keyboards, trumpets, dubsteps and math-rocks. Quite a ride....view item »

The Honey Pot
Lisa Dreams

The Honey Pot are that rarest of things: an actual band from the rural West Country! Here they preview the vibe of their forthcoming second album Inside The Whale with this exclusive, non-album single. Lisa Dreams is a bright and melodic: funky and psychedelic in that special 1960’s way. 7” on Mega ...view item »

Pure Joy
Bang Flower

Pure Joy merge the flower-laden Mersey-psychedelia of their native Liverpool with some of the heavier, gnarlier psych of 1960’s-era USA. Bang Flower, their debut full-length, finds a middle-ground that is happily woozy, with pop melodies drifting in and out of focus next to flaring guitars. On Fresh Good Records....view item »


Mute’s Liberation Technologies unleash the debut EP from HEX. This sits reasonably comfortably in what I’ve been recently referring to as ‘Transformer Grime’. i.e electronic music that rhythmically borrows from Grime/ dubste...view item »

Time Woke Up In Darkness excerpts Vol 2

Danish Duo Vektormusik present, in true minimalist style, a set of ten excerpts from music composed for theatrical types Carte Blanche in beautiful old-but-modern Copenhagen. An infusion of drone and static-based glitch form the backbone of the work, with plinked piano and rolling and tumbling synth playing nicely o’er top. Second ...view item »

Synthezoid Heartbreak / Distant Visions

It’s hard to believe that this funky, sci-fi boogie came out in 1975. Maya’s Synthezoid Heartbreak and Distant Visions are long-lost pieces of psychedelic hard rock, complete with frazzled solos and sleazy synth bass. With this vinyl 7” reissue the Touch Sensitive...view item »

Set It Straight

Commodo is an underground heavy hip-hop producer, soon to land his debut full-length album. First though, we have this sharp 12” single, with Set It Straight featuring Croydon’s Rocks FOE spitting some ferocious bars, backed by the instrumental ‘Solid Gold Telephone’. Inventive p...view item »

Imaginary Forces

On the increasingly busy techno / noise axis, Imaginary Forces falls roughly halfway, with ugly crackles of digital harshness tending to push at the edges and threaten to overwhelm without quite managing to dominate the low rumbling rhythms. The tension between the two is a treat though. One track...view item »

Lasse Marhaug
Det Myke Landskapet

You can always count on Lasse Marhaug, Norway’s finest, to deliver slabs of sound that are as carefully thought-through as they are visceral and harsh. Det Myke Landskapet is no exception, being a seething mass of what sounds like mostly metals…? Very fine textures either way. Edition of 100 c40 tapes, on t...view item »

Masha Qrella

Masha Qrella’s new record vanquishes the shyness that has played a part in some of her earlier music, replacing it with an emotional forthrightness that bewitches. Keys sings, in detail, about Qrella’s inner life, over subtle electronically-tinged pop songs. Cool, noirish stuff. Out on Morr ...view item »

Adieu or Die

Aries is the solo project of Isabel Fernández Reviriego, who is responsible for every little detail of these rich productions. Her Spanish-language vocals, harmoniously multi-tracked, fly around the centre of the mix, surrounded by stacks of shiny sound. Adieu Or Die has that sugar-rush effect of...view item »

Peace And Love Barbershop Muhammad Ali / Druggy Pizza
Split 3

Crass. Vulgar. Obnoxious. This split vinyl LP from Peace And Love Barbershop Muhammad Ali and Druggy Pizza really has it all, and it’s wonderful. Rough drums, abrasive garage guitar and fantastic song titles about pizza, form another great release on independent Bristol label Stolen Body...view item »

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