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Earning NormanPoints

Reviewing certain items for us can earn you 250 or even 500 NormanPoints. These items are marked on the page.

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Terms and conditions

There are always least we're upfront about them.

  • We want to see reviews that are passionate, knowledgeable, well-written, and that even maybe make us laugh.
  • Your review must be unique. Please do not submit reviews you've used on other sites as this can harm our Google rankings.
  • Only reviews of records that are available to buy (i.e. not sold out) are eligible for NormanPoints .
  • We moderate all reviews and reserve the right not to publish them for any reason.
  • Any NormanPoints owing will only be awarded upon publication. If your review is not published then your points will not be credited.
  • We reserve all publishing rights to use your review thereafter (e.g. on our site and in our marketing).
  • When submitting a review please use a name that you are comfortable with other people seeing.
  • Email addresses are never published or shared with anyone, ever.
  • The maximum number of reviews you can submit per month is currently 150.