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Chris Orrick

Mello Music Group has been the best indie rap label in the whole universe. they've always put out some of the illest music ever known to mankind and this album is perfect example of it. Chris Orrick has delivered the most impeccable, fantastic, and amazing album from start to finish. there wasn't a single track on this project that i didn't like...view item »

Sun Kil Moon
This Is My Dinner

As always a great album from Sun Kil Moon. Great stories and Mark's voice is strong as ever. The music is laid back and suits the songs very well.   Dear Clinton give it another listen and let it float into your veins and you'll start feeling the joy it brings you.... I have no more to say - Mark hav...view item »

You Won't Get What You Want

Daughters return with a slice of unexpectedly vaudevillian industrial grind. The guitars pummel when they aren't chiming like detuned harpsichord, and the singer intones and howls with the resigned desperation of a doomsday preacher. The band have moved further away from the hyperactive multitasking of earlier record, making space to dwell in th...view item »

You Won't Get What You Want

Not sure how the staff reviewer hears any of the bands he mentions in his review from this - Dillinger Escape Plan and Meshuggah have metal elements (well, in Meshuggah's case they ARE a metal band - albeit a fairly unique/singular but long-past-being-interesting one) and both play with extreme precision and employ overly complex/technical/even-...view item »

Thom Yorke
Suspiria (Music for the Luca Guadagnino Film)

A cd of two halves. The first disk seems the more 'complete' one, the more listenable, its 14 tracks containing four that are sung by Thom (all superb) and another two beautiful choral pieces. The rest is all instrumental and there are some great pieces like "Klemperer Walks", "The Jumps", and "Olga's Destruction" (spoiler alert!). Then go on to...view item »

Triple Point

Loscil's debut album for Kranky was released in 2001, and Scott Morgan's impressive discography has grown and developed considerably since this early release. The ten tracks here are really stripped back, and sound a lot like minimal German techno to my ears (not that I'm an expert on that genre). If you prefer the more nuanced sound of Loscil's...view item »


I really do like Celer's drone sound. They have somehow managed to create a sound through their vast back catalougue which manages to be clearly identifiable as their own sound, which is not an easy thing to do in the overcrowded drone / drift genre. There is a certain tone that most of their records seem to posess, and 'Tightrope' is no differe...view item »

Songs: Ohia
Magnolia Electric Co. (10 Year Anniversary Edition)

Not everyone appreciated the shift in sound that Jason Molina showcased when 'Magnolia Electric Co.' was released. After a number of brilliantly sparse LPs this was seen by many as a backwards step, almost a sell-out to the rise of Americana and the Uncut crowd. That, quite frankly, is utter rubbish. For me this LP is his career highlight, sadly...view item »

Heather Leigh

After the excellent, but somewhat abrasive 'I Abused Animal' comes Phil's long lost sister (possibly not true) Heather Leigh's second solo release connected to Editions Mego in the shape of 'Throne'. If you enjoyed 'Animals' then you should enjoy this, but there is a definite move towards a more accessible sound present on this new release. Open...view item »

The Posies
Amazing Disgrace

This is probably the second best Posies album, Frosting On The Beater being their best. When this came out it in 1996 it took a while to grab me. I’d already heard the single, Please Return It, which also took a while to grow on me too. These days it’s one of my favourite songs by them. It opens with two melodic power pop nuggets in ...view item »