Take Me To Your Leader by King Geedorah

We’ll let you in on a little secret: King Geedorah is an alias (a mask, if you will) of MF Doom’s, inspired by a Godzilla monster. Take Me To Your Leader dates back to 2003, when Doom was on the highest of top forms. Fantastic underground hip-hop with mighty flows and the kind of samples that only come from years of crate-digging and mad intuition. Double LP reissue on Big Dada.

Vinyl Double LP £23.63 BD051X

Repress 2LP on Big Dada aka MF DOOM.

Sold out.

CD £4.49

USED CD on Big Dada, VG+.

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Take Me To Your Leader by King Geedorah
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8/10 Tom 25th May 2018

Released in a flurry of productivity that also spawned various MF Doom and Viktor Vaughn albums and of course Madvillainy, the debut and so far only (real) Madvillain album, Take Me To Your Leader is yet another gem in Daniel Dumile's discography. Taking up an alias from another one of his loves - old monster movies - here Doom transforms himself into a three headed lizard from space. Well, for a couple tracks at least. Essentially this is just another Doom album, entirely self-produced and with a host of guest appearances from members of his former rap crew Monster Island Czars. TMTYL features some of Doom's best beats and verses, including "Fazers" and "The Fine Print". Not a perfect album - for one thing he concedes to his guests too often - but a very good album nonetheless.

7/10 Jack 8th November 2016

DOOM took up another mask for this release, this time a Godzilla-inspired guise known as King Geedorah. The Three-Headed Monster delivered an album with epic production, and stupendous rhymes from the Metal Faced Villain. Though DOOM, the emcee wasn't on enough of this album's cuts (it'd have been in Vaudeville Villain/Operation: Doomsday territory if it was), he is behind the boards on the entire product. Some of the emcees he collects for the product range from dope, to average, but none compare to Villain himself.


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