Bipolar/ You Were Always Wrong by Factory Floor

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Bipolar/ You Were Always Wrong by Factory Floor
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8/10 Phil 24 April 2008
Here's a debut 7" by Factory Floor who've clearly heard of Joy Division. In fact it sounds so much like Joy Division it's uncanny. It's called 'Bipolar' which in case you didn't know is a condition affecting polar bears which makes them bisexual.... It's not global warming killing the polar bears... it's the bipolar thing... they don't know which polar bears to 'make sandwiches with'. Fortunately this isn't affecting the seals as they have no problems knowing which side of the bread is buttered. Here's a dark gothy chugging post punk influenced tune which sounds like it was made around that time. It's done rather well and Ant has just chuntered up that it sounds a bit like Artery in places. I think this is rather good. Well done boys.

10/10 Robert 1st May 2008

Factory Floor are brilliant from what I can hear on the myspace (esp. Francis Francis) and this record. Both A and B side are outstanding, nice to buy a record with a quality B side. I like these guys they encapsulate everything I love about music. Hopefully the industry is shifting away from the Klaxons and the rest of the rubbish that invaded the airspace last summer, although its nice that they are relatively unknown at the moment but ones to watch I think. Best £4 spent in a long time.

10/10 Simon 29th April 2008

The Lead singer is northern but they are London based- so no fake northern accents as suggested. I think its a fantastic record.

10/10 Hazel 29th April 2008

Great record - just checked and yes the singer hales from the north, the other two members are from London. The best thing about the record is that they have not copped out and given a half ditched b side. its brilliant! 2 great songs for the price of one. I agree with Thom, certainly new scene emerging and its krautrock making all the noise, lets hope they don't slip away and we hear more from them.

10/10 Emily 29th April 2008

Factory Floor just get better and better. Loving the new material. A must see and hear for everyone!!

10/10 Felixthegreat 29th April 2008

Love this record, bought it today after listening to it numerous time on the myspace page, its truly remarkable lets hope its the start of something good, because lets face it there are only a handful of bands producing anything decent at the moment and factory floor are one of them. a stunning debut during a depressing era in music. Looking forward to whatever they do next.

6/10 Yan 29th April 2008

Well, the clue's in the band's name really...Joy Division, Joy Division, Joy Division. Unlike your previous reviewer I will be saving my hard earned cash for something a little more original. Isn't it strange how a "London" band can sound so Mancunian even down to the accent on the vocal!

Sorry boys, not a fan. Maybe something a bit more Kraut/Ambient next time (as that is where you claim your influences lie) rather than a repetitive repetitive (oops) post-punk by numbers drone. 30 years too late methinks.

10/10 Thom

krautrock at its finest. The B side is the special number - clanging drums, dark, dark dark. The lyrics remind me of the sarcasm of The fall or morrissey. I can't wait to catch these fella's live, most exciting new thing i have heard in a very long term. The tide is changing and its good.


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