Treny by Jacaszek

Treny by Jacaszek was available on Vinyl LP & CD but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl LP £16.49 GRAM1302

Reissue LP & CD on Gusstaff.

Sold out.

CD £10.99 GRAM0802

Reissue digipak CD on Gusstaff.

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CD £9.99 MIACD 007

CD on Miasmah.

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Vinyl LP £9.99 MIACD 007 LP

LP on Miasmah.

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Treny by Jacaszek
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9/10 Clinton 24 January 2014

The press release hype “one of the most important records of electronic and experimental music recorded in Poland in the last 10 years” is possibly understating it a bit. I’d be tempted to alter it to include the entire world as this is a wonderful work and much deserving of this re-issue.

The opening gambut of tracks are particularly impressive, taking the best bits from the neo-classical movement and injecting a bit of loop-based sampletronica to the equation. Opener ‘Rytm To Niesmiertelnoso 1; is almost perfect. Beginning with a kind of off kilter warm Caretaker -esque loop, it is joined by an array of dislocated sounds which reminds me of Murcof or Fennesz and this is all before the string quartet takes charge. I dare say the moment the strings appear will be the moment many of you are reaching for your wallet, they are of such quality and distinction that it elevates the album into the stratosphere. There are also operatic female voices used which recall some of the Third Eye Foundation's operations in the same area.

‘Lament’ is unfathomably even better; starting with a dark ambient descending bass motif, the track bursts into life with sweeping strings and harpsichord. Again, the production is modernist with hisses and crackles giving a life to the compositions outside the Arvo Part influenced string arrangements and again a lone female voice is used as a counter to the cello and violins. The album retains its high quality throughout never moving too far from the blueprint it sets out over the first couple of tracks. If the idea of Rachels collaborating with Murcof or Arvo Part working with Tim Hecker appeals to you then this is a must buy. Actually this is a must buy for anyone into cinematic neo-classical and/or textured ambience. 

9/10 gnomeaid 17th September 2014

Picture the scene: It's winter. It's very cold. Sleet is falling and despite being wrapped in a heavy yak hide cloak ice cold rivulets have found their way down your neck causing you to shiver and curse your lot. You are spending your first night beyond the wall and the fire struggles to remain alight under the onslaught of the icy downpour.

Having trouble picturing this? Just put this album on and you'll be right there.

Dark strings, deep rumbling bass, ethereal voice with intermittent clicks, pops and hissing sounds are the signature for these bleak but beautiful tracks. If you are a vinyl junkie (and if not, why not?) you get the whole thing on a CD as well. Get it. Yet another essential purchase.

Also try Murcof - Remembranza

10/10 Martin

Straight outta Poland and brought to you by the flawless Norwegian Miasmah Recs, this is without a shred of doubt one of the most engaging neo-classical records you will hear all year. Dark, haunting yet fragile instrumentation and ever so slight lofi electronical manipulation, spiced up with occasional female vocals. Cinematic in all the right ways. For fans of timeless music. Unbelieveable record.


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