The Bees Made Honey In The Lions Skull by Earth

The Bees Made Honey In The Lions Skull was the 2008 album from Dylan Carlson's ever evolving project Earth. It features some unusual guests in Bill Frisell and Zombi's Steve Moore but the result ties in with what you may expect from the group. This is slow-moving churning drone/doom with a nod to country music and chilling atmospheres to kill for. Now re-pressed on Southern Lord with a big gatefold jacket. 

Limited Vinyl Double LP £25.49 SUNN90LP

2LP on Southern Lord. Limited 2018 repress in Stoughton gatefold jacket.

  • Limited edition
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Vinyl Double LP £20.99 SUNN90V

Ltd clear vinyl 2LP on Southern Lord in mental bible cover!!.

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CD £13.99 SUNN90

CD on Southern Lord.

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CD £7.99 SUNN90

USED CD on Southern Lord in Slipcase, EX/VG+.

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The Bees Made Honey In The Lions Skull by Earth
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8/10 Ant 20 November 2008

Earth are back in action on Southern Lord. yes between sipping pints of methadone they manage to get it together to release records. The interesting thing about this incarnation of Dylan Carlson's ever-evolving project is the surprise added line up of guitarist Bill Frisell, bassist Don McGreavy and Steve Moore from Zombi playing hammond organ and piano! I think 'The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull' is fantastic. It references the 'Hex' and 'Hibernaculam' albums yet it feels like there is a progression. An insight into the world of a visionary that takes his cues from old-time country guitarists while his contemporaries take cues from him. I mean Earth 2 spawned a whole generation and Sunn O)) were actually kind of an Earth tribute band. This is slow motion, doom country inspired by La Monte Young's minimal aesthetic but with a distinct sense of melody.

8/10 Evan 1st July 2014

This is schweet! Earth, the geezers who do that drone stuff that you don't want your kids to listen to just in case the devil has decided to move on from making his rare cameo appearances in burning bush form and into lush guitar riffs instead. "The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull", the album you don't want you kids to listen to because the word "Skull" is being said outside of the context of a year 11 Biology lesson. And have you seen a picture of the bleedin' album! Horrific.

What I find quite wonderful about this album is not how soft it is nor how tame it is. What I love is how although the instrumentation mostly remains quite still and, dare I say it, tranquil, the feeling of impending doom, dread and freakout keep you on edge for the whole album. It's a great sound from such calm instrumentation which gives anything but a feeling of calm. I'd love to own this on vinyl just to see that vinyl glint eerily as it slowly spins, creepin' the hell out of me!

10/10 Fraser Customer rating (no review), 19th November 2019
10/10 Audun Customer rating (no review), 8th November 2019
9/10 Chris Bullen Customer rating (no review), 24th May 2017


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