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Transference by The Kull
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6/10 Tim 29 November 2007
The Kull- Transference- CD on City Silenced Records... The first impression I got of this album was that a couple of middle aged blokes had got together and tried to get in touch with their youth. Basically a mid-life-crisis on CD. There is still something there though, no doubt. Would recommend this to fans of Placebo.

10/10 Jonny Cutts 25th October 2008

Fantastic record. A friend of mine recommended them to me from there myspace site. Awsome stuff!!

10/10 james Smait 7th February 2008

One of the best albums i've heard in ages! solid from start to finish.

Get yourself down the shops

Very original sounding bit with a pinch of six. by seven and placebo (only the good stuff)

If you aint a fan of those bands, don't be put off. These are fast becoming one of my favourite bands... ever.

2/10 David webber 14th December 2007

Borrowed this from a friend as wasn't sure whether to buy it or not. So glad I didnt. Its rubbish frankly, limp, insipid and pretentious 'indie' rock of the worst kind. Avoid.

10/10 Moving Unit

This is a great band that deserves to make the big time. I have been following them for a while now and there songs just keep on getting better!



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