Hungry Like The Wolf by Subliminal Girls

Hungry Like The Wolf by Subliminal Girls was available on Vinyl 7" but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Hungry Like The Wolf by Subliminal Girls
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2/10 Phil 11 January 2008
Back to the 80's now with Subliminal Girls doing a mind numbingly painful version of Hungry Like The Wolf. It's a faithful enough cover... almost identical in fact if it wasn't for the awful guitars which sound like someone's doing a big shit all over my head. Also it's been speeded up slightly to give it a bit more energy which hurts me deeply. Each week there's one record that makes me feel guilty for owning ears and this is this weeks joyous turd. Sorry guys. I managed to get to the end of record without turning it off which is a major achievement.

8/10 Jim 17th January 2008

Hello....just stumbled upon this....the PiL t shirt is mine, always has been. Did either of you listen to the other a side? We wrote that one.

4/10 Mick Rutherford 12th January 2008

I think records like this are actually the spawn of the devil. Posing on a glossy 7" with shades and a "how cool AM I???" PIL t-shirt stolen from your hip Dad just screams of desperation. It wouldn't be half as grating had it not originally been a quite decent song. This just screams of novelty chancer wankers & should have been strangled at birth. I bet they all went to the pub and smoked cigars and laughed like merchant bankers on a good day at the stock exchange after nailing this in the studio. The record label responsible is obviously run by slavering retarded children & should be put out of it's misery. If you're going to be funny in music find your own style, not just do a piss poor cover of an 80s tune then look like you "mean" it!

10/10 jill

hi, 'Phil'. I may be wrong, but is your surname Collins? If so, your utterly inept grasp of this single is perhaps acceptable, what with your outlandish devil-spawn records/personalty/face. If not, I am deeply disappointed and disgusted by your callous treatment of what is undoubtedly the finest single of the year so far. Subliminal Girls are camping it up like no-one else dares; covering songs people had no idea how much they needed to hear and making the finest, most catchy social commentary since Jarvis pointed out that people who go to artschool are (mostly) pretentious wankers who feel that smoking fags and playing pool is a one way ticket to flimsy mock-boho status. To extend your lazy 'shit' simile, this record shits over anything you, Phil, will ever have to say about records, this single in particular. Frankly, I'm er, hungry for more.


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