Monster Movie by Can

The debut album by The Can (as they were called at the time) still doesn’t seem like it should have come from 1969. 69 BC or 2169 AD maybe? The repetition-monster Yoo Doo Right is the most famous and singular track here. But for me the angular Father Cannot Yell and the manic Outside Your Door are the peaks of the Malcolm Mooney era.

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Monster Movie by Can
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10/10 Phil 19 June 2014

I’ve been asked to write about a bunch of Can albums because apparently I’m the man in the know. So all of those years of unemployment I spent getting high listening to Can weren't totally wasted, tell that to your careers officer. Choosing your favourite Can album is like choosing a favourite child. Put simply it’s plainly wrong. Anyway 'Monster Movie' was their 1st album proper released and recorded back in 1969 when things were decidedly more psychedelic than they are now. Some people didn’t bother with this album cos 3 of the 4 tracks were featured on 'Cannibalism' (basically everything except ‘Mary, Mary So Contrary’ but those people are idiots).

'Father Cannot Yell' is one of my favourite Can tunes. The meandering bass, machine-like drums, Malcolm Mooney’s slightly crazed ramblings and discordant wandering Velvets-y guitars are a huge feast for your ears.  Oh and you’ll be hard pushed to find a more intense 7 minutes of music anywhere ever. The aforementioned ‘Mary, Mary So Contrary’ is one of Can’s slower tunes (not unlike ‘Thief’ from ‘Delay 68’) and it’s based around the nursery rhyme, albeit with wailing guitar and a madman warbling Mary Mary everywhere. ‘Outside My Door’ is their nod to 60’s pop complete with harmonica which is accompanied by just about the chuggiest rhythm section you’ll ever hear.

Anyway all of this leads us to the epic ‘Yoo Doo Right’. Can’s 20 minute long beast famously edited down from a 6 hour jam. It’s a tribal psychedelic epic with Malcolm Mooney reading excerpts from a love letter. If he sounds bonkers it’s cos he was and this was his last album he recorded with Can until the super dodgy (ie shit)  ‘Rite Time’ back in 1989. It’s an exhaustingly emotive listen which leaves you feeling you’ve been ran over by a tribal train of madness. ‘Once I was blind, but now I see, now that you’re in love with me, you made a believer out of me, gotta gotta doo wah, gotta gotta doo wah, doo right, you doo right.’ Genius.

10/10 Jonathan 16th July 2014

What can I say that hasn't already been said? Malcolm Mooney is a force of nature. Can are in their early stages and You Doo Right has to be one of the finest (and longest) tracks of all time.

If you're only familiar with the Damo Suzuki incarnation you simply have to hear this!!


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