Ege Bamyasi by Can

'Ege Bamyasi' sees Can at their funkiest, grooviest, and most accessible. The fourth album from the krautrockers blends avant-funk with hypnotic psychedelic rock, prog complexity and smatterings of early electronic. Stephen Malkmus has covered it in full, Kanye West has plundered some samples from it, and Can even scored a Top Ten hit when 'Spoon' was used as a theme song in a German detective show. All we know is this is an essential album of outsider rock with a rather tasty looking cover.

Vinyl LP £18.38 XLSPOON8

Green coloured vinyl reissue LP on Mute.

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Vinyl LP £16.99 XSPOON8

Remastered black vinyl LP on Spoon / Mute.

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Vinyl LP £12.99 SPOON008

Classic LP 'reissue' on Spoon.

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CD on Mute.

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Ege Bamyasi by Can
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10/10 abandapart 16th July 2014

I could give any of the first 6 Can records top marks, however the first one you hear is often the most memorable and that is certainly the case with Ege Bamyasi. I remember when Mute & Spoon announced the box set I was overcome with joy only to realise I couldn't bring myself to default on my mortgage for a combination of brilliance and lets be fair some mediocrity. However joy returned when they announced they'd be releasing them individually. So they finally arrived...later than expected but thats the joys of a pressing plant...but they came. I was almost too scared to open them, would the pressings be as good as they should...but finally I talked myself into it. My young baby boy was sitting in his bouncer the annoying repetitive chirpy music creeping out of it wearing me down after another sleepless Friday night, which Can record should I expose him to first, which Can record could I put on and simultaneously switch off the doodle doodle fisher price music without it impacting on his fragile mood. Ege Bamyasi was the obvious answer and it worked we both bounced along to side one, boy they were funky Germans Czukay, Karoli, Liebezeit, Schmidt and Suzuki really gave James Brown, Fela Kuti and any other rhythm rockers of that or any other era a run for their money and some. Then came side 2, its funny how Vitamin C is my first memory of Can, did someone start the record half way through, was it played at a crappy Birmingham boozer one night and transformed into an otherworldly space? I can't remember but I do remember joining the dots between the jungle records I had obsessed over in my teenage years and Jaki Liebezeit's incredible drumming...everything suddenly made didn't but it did briefly when I first heard Vitamin C. So yeah we listened, we enjoyed, Spoon came on and finished and we both looked at each other a little crestfallen, what next I thought to myself...Monster Movie, I really should have started his Can education chronologically.

10/10 Tim Customer rating (no review), 29th May 2020
10/10 NIKY Customer rating (no review), 21st November 2019
8/10 Paul Customer rating (no review), 7th June 2019



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