Wooden Shjips by Wooden Shjips

They've got repetition in their music and they're never gonna lose it! Taking cues from The Fall's musical manifesto, the doomy psych rock of The Doors, the kosmische of NEU!, Suicide's gritty synth punk and the fuzz-rock of Spacemen 3, Wooden Shjips' take on psychedelia is incredibly hypnotic. The grooves will bury themselves into your head for years to come.

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Wooden Shjips by Wooden Shjips
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9/10 Phil 05 October 2007
The Wooden Shjips album is here on Holy Mountain Records. It's a 'self titled' thing and if you want to know what it sounds like it's pretty much an exact cross between The Doors, Loop and Suicide. Some tracks sound more like one of those bands than the other but they're in there somehow. It's quite fantastic how they've managed to get all of those different sounds together into a coherent new completely stoned sounding thing. It completely kicks ass though and I can't recommend it enough. The initial CD's come with a bonus CD which is well limited so I'm told... Vinyl to follow. get it while you can!

10/10 Pete 10th July 2015

Every single time I feel like I need to explain what music I like, this is my first choice of what to play.

This is Wooden Shjips at the start: simple drums, a repetitive base, someone mashing at a distorted organ and the most crashing/unbelievable guitar over the top. It reminds me of the first time I saw them as well -- there's no pretension, no worry if no one likes the music they make, just the best thing ever. Everything comes down to the song Loosin Time, it rolls so perfectly from start to finish that you wonder why you like the first song -- then where the rest of the album has subsequently gone and why you are turning it over to play again.

My advice is buy it, play it, play it again, play it to someone who might like it, then play it again. It's proper Wooden Shjips, proper music and probably the best thing ever recorded, just for the moments that guitar just kicks in.

8/10 Steve Dickinson

Excellent album, breath of fresh air in todays market. Takes me back to the sixties when I was discovering people with adventure like Zappa Beefheart, Amon Duul II, Doors and Pink Floyd.



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