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Do You Come Away/ Glass by Falling Out Of Cars
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10/10 Pete 13th March 2008

I don't know the history here and I don't care. I have been keeping an eye on FOOC for some time now and I have to say that they make some great music. This single is one of the weaker tracks that have appeared on their myspace over the last few months and I really think they are developing into a great postrock/early Verve style outfit. If Ash is a nutter, then so be it. He writes some lovely tunes despite his psychosis and thats all I care about. The tunes that Kris writes are bordering on Lo-fi genius. We need more bands like this one to destroy the angular post-punk rip offs that are out there right now. That they give their demos away for free makes me respect them even more. Keep it up lads. Fuck the Anshus of this world.

You can stalk me any day of the week ;)

10/10 Jims 21st February 2008

Good single.

6/10 Shelley 28th November 2007

before you say, it I'm posting under my real name. I happen to know Stuart personally so don't go getting yer knickers in a twist by stimulating those paranoid thoughts of yours...

"Certain people are just plain nasty, though. For PERSONAL reasons... There are 3 other people in this band, like or hate me.

So why not leave THEM and what they work really hard at alone??"

...shame you can't take your own advice...i seem to recall there is more than Stuart in The Storm Society and you don't know any of the other band're blaming stuart for all these negative posts simply because you're guilty of doing it yourself...

p.s...i happen to think your band are alright but you're now seeming like a crazy man for posting comments like this on your own review :o/

10/10 Ash 22nd November 2007

Read the post. I love and accept criticism. Good and bad. But when it's just malicious, it's just hurtful. There is no point in that.

We actively want to know how to improve as a band. So we want to know what people think. That's all part of it.

Certain people are just plain nasty, though. For PERSONAL reasons... There are 3 other people in this band, like or hate me.

So why not leave THEM and what they work really hard at alone??

6/10 Anshu 22nd November 2007

Ash, this is about the music, not you. You need to objectively understand that i) your music is OK but it's early 90s and not original ii) you can't go posting hate campaigns and give out email addresses of others. Are you insane? iii) You do too much drugs for a man of your age and you should seek help. I know not having a job can cause instability but you need to regain your confidence. If you're confident, it will shine through your music and then you'll see good reviews.

8/10 Peter Shontrel 8th November 2007

Cool stuff. It won't change the world. But it's far better than a lot of indie out there.

2/10 Jenny 5th November 2007

Very, very disappointing - I was expecting Swervedriver and Loop... instead I got a 10th rate version of a Chapterhouse tribute band. This is a band who make Radiohead & Coldplay sound like a right barrel of laughs... its really scraping the bottom of the shoegaze barrel.

The initial comment was so obviously made by a member of the band because its so way off the mark of the actual content... Stooges? Mark Gardener?? He wishes....

I want my money back!!!

2/10 Francis 5th November 2007

Sounds like Status Quo... makes me depressed as well as irritated.

4/10 Jimbo 2nd November 2007

I thought we got rid of this garbage first time around. I know there's only so many notes but I don't believe people are still trading in on this tired old (and lets be frank here) rubbish. Sounds like music made by 40 year old bedwetting nerds to me.

10/10 James 24th October 2007

I really liked both of these tracks. So much so I bought this single.

The single is really refreshing in this age of everyone trying to copy Joy Division (badly). Also in this age where bands only seem to last 5 minutes before some egomaniacal singer forces the people in his band to leave, due to people actually hating his guts and probably laughing at his sad dress sense behind his back. FOOC are not a band to ridicule, simply because they have been together for longer than 5 minutes.

FOOC are patantly a band where the members don't have an over-inflated sense of their own importance. A band obviously make music because they love it. Sure it is Lo-fi. But this actually makes it better than most overblown, self-indulgent dirge by other bands who think that copying Interpol is the new wave.

Track 1 is a mosey into Suicide/Loop/Stooges territory. All disembodied vocals and ultra fuzzy guitars. A sweet rush into psych territory.

Track 2 is a journey into more Swervedriver territory. Perhaps the weaker of the two cuts, but with a chorus like that, I sure wasn't complaining.

2/10 Marco 20th October 2007

Very Lo-Fi not in a good way. Nothing new here just same old 90's revisit.

10/10 James 19th October 2007

This is a fantastic tune. Think Loop meets The Stooges with Mark Gardener on vocals. Totally brilliant.

A breath of fresh air in these times of London bands all sounding like the Libertines.


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