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Best Mistake by The Disciplines
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6/10 Ant 06 September 2007
The Disciplines single 'Best Mistake' is the work of Ken Stringfellow who I'm told is big in the powerpop scene. 7" only on Weekender. This is music for men in their early 50's that still wear leather jackets.

6/10 clinton 6th October 2007

i haven't heard it yet but any touring member of REM that needs to write in defending his single from a review from an online store must have a lot of time on his hands! God almighty the dreadful reviews I've seen of the Posies over the years - Ken, man how did you cope? ...and as for business plan - the one thing the music business doesn't have is honesty.....norman records has it in spades and thats why its still going and the more sycophantic retailers are not...because people have brains and can see through the bullshit.

10/10 ken

Full disclosure: I am the Ken Stringfellow mentioned below...I just had to counter the review run by the Norman dudes...which seems cruel until you realize Ant IS a man in his 50s in a leather jacket, living with his mom and decorating his room with a few too many photos of ElectraWoman and DynaGirl/the Duloks for a grown man--then it becomes creepy. Like, dude, hide the crusty used tube socks before you have guests. Oh, that's right--YOU HAVE NEVER HAD ANY VISITORS as you have NO FRIENDS. Dinner table discussion that night: Ant: 'I DO have a job mom--I have an INTERNET MUSIC PORTAL and I WRITE THE REVIEWS for it. I'm IMPORTANT. Uh, mum, can I have a few quid? I need to restock the mini fridge with Boo Koo, and replenish my supply of Cadbury Creme Eggs before another LATE NIGHT spent ALONE reviewing 7' 's FOR MY IMPORTANT E-COMMERCE BUSINESS. Please mom?'Ant's mom: 'I have no son.' ********************************** Our single is lovely, BTW and despite the best efforts of this online store to get you to NOT buy it (can I read the business plan sometime?), please ignore them and do so...or attempt to...they will probably ship you something awful but hipster approved, like the Fall, in its place. Enjoy your shopping experience! LoveKSBands that sound similar: Stray Cats, Steppenwolf, Amon Duul, Trash Fashion.


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