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Vinyl 7" £11.99

Split red vinyl 8" on Rococo.

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The Rubber Baron by Prurient / Panicsville
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8/10 Ant 31 January 2008
My dear mum always said that I have "champagne taste on beer money".... Doh!!! It's all coming true with this reassuringly expensive Prurient / Panicsville split "The Rubber Baron". This beast comes on blood red 8"vinyl through the Rococo label. Housed in a black on black screen printed sleeve complete with Wall-Mart logo and funny as hell X-rated text inside. I think Dominick Fernow truly is the Michael Jackson of black noise, what with him wearing a single glove just like the moonwalking maestro himself. I've been buying and listening to Prurient records for a wee while now and I almost always get the impression that some chick has hurt him really badly and that his music is his output for all his bitterness and anger.... What sounds like the voice of Lucifer himself rambles on about things people like us don't like to imagine while high pitched mic feedback and a throbbing bottom end pulsate through the speakers with occasional spooky sci-fi effects and a general sense of lurking menace and tension. The last minute or so of the piece has some bubbling squelchy sounds which could may well be him putting the mic to his butt then busting one off then sampling it, looping it and then tweaking around with the resonance. Love him or loathe him, you simply cannot deny that this guy reaches into the very depths of his soul. There's nothing more liberating than a good old primal scream. Which is all very well if you're doing it at a noise show or within a studio. The problem is that if you try it at home the curtain twitching neighbors would be dialing 999/911 and the men in white coats would be round like a flash to escort you to the loony bin....Andy Ortman's Panicsville project go straight for the jugular on the flipside with an aggressive, violent, distorted to fuck power-electronics cut that recalls Merzbow at his most fierce. A real brutal head rinser! Cracking darkside stuff and limited to only 300 copies. I'd love to see Dr Productiono's response to this if he were still working here. He used to produce the finest brews on an almost hourly basis. We miss him dearly.


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