Ruin by Architects

The second studio album from Brighton based band Architects. Ruin delivers something that only Sam Carter can deliver and so happens to be the first record released that has Carter screaming. Many consider this record to be what kick started the metalcore scene in the UK, which has gone on to become the biggest in the world. Available on CD.

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  • Ruin by Architects


Ruin by Architects
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7/10 Benn 01 August 2017

When you think of metal in the UK, many out there probably won’t think of the music on this record. Screams, disgusting riffs and breakdowns accompanied by manic blast beats are the product of underground music venues around the UK and Australia in the early 2000’s. An anger towards governments, religion and the general terribleness of society is what fuelled the new-wave of metal around the world. Spreading from Japan to Germany, the USA to Russia comes metal-core.

‘Ruin’ is the second record from ‘Architects’, who have been hailed as one of the founding fathers of metal-core and it’s pretty easy to see why. They brought together thick sounding guitars with crazy drumming and screamed vocals full of passion and anger. Although some of their new releases contain quite a bit of electronic tracking, ‘Ruin’ does not. It’s quite simply the raw and brutal addition to a scene that needed something, well, raw and brutal.

The record begins as it ends. A cycle of tracks that follow on smoothly from one another. Some with an untrained ear would argue that they all sound the same. They don’t. Each track comes with its own little quirks and individuality that many bands fail to achieve record after record. Most tracks on the album contain a good balance of scream and clean, but it really does depend on what mood you’re in. If you want to relax after a day at work, maybe this record isn’t for you. But if you’re pissed off and want to scream your lungs out, ‘Ruin’ is definitely for you. Not only that, you’re listening to the beginning of an era for Architects.

Is Ruin the best record for metal-core in the world? No. The UK? No. Is it even Architects best album? No. There are no real memorable tracks on the record, only memorable riffs and a few catchy lyrics. As I write this, I’m nodding my head to the bounce of the blast beat, but I’m not singing Carter’s lyrics. Most Architects fans will know at least one song from each record, ‘Hollow Crown’ has ‘Early Grave’, ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’ has ‘Naysayer’. Whereas ‘Ruin’ doesn’t really have any. All considered, it really can’t get better than a ‘good’. Because, well it’s a ‘good’ record. Not brilliant but not shit. Just good, but good is fine.

9/10 gbar 9th May 2017

Architects released Ruin ten years ago, and musically it's a lot harder, noisier and extreme than anything they released since. It has pretty much everything you need: melody, aggression, blast beats and rhythmic patterns throughout in order for every song to fit together perfectly, thus remaining a consistent and respectable listen. Songs such as "Buried At Sea" and "Heartless" has the perfect blend of metal and post-hardcore, the latter of which is a pretty big foreshadowing for the sound they would formulate in the future. If albums such as The Here And Now and Daybreaker are the only albums that you've heard by them, then Ruin may take a bit of getting used to, as this is as aggressively heavy as they would get.

7/10 Greg B. Customer rating (no review), 30th March 2017


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