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30 reviews | 2 people love this record: be the 3rd! Record is ok, b side is better than miles away though. Saw them in glasgow and were rate loud but a bit too gothic for my tastes. And bands who wear shades onstage in a pub venue cannae get taken seriously ? singer was out of tune live which put me off. . they might sound better on record than liv ... »

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Miles Away by The Storm Society
30 reviews. Add your own review.
2 people love this record. Be the 3rd!

8/10 Kris Customer review, 5th January 2010

Record is ok, b side is better than miles away though. Saw them in glasgow and were rate loud but a bit too gothic for my tastes. And bands who wear shades onstage in a pub venue cannae get taken seriously ? singer was out of tune live which put me off. . they might sound better on record than live though it looks like they have had a load of different players so its impossible to tell!

10/10 Razor Customer review, 3rd September 2009

Blew me away. Can't wait for the album. Everyone should know about this band. Glasgow produces some of the most interesting bands

10/10 Stan Customer review, 29th October 2008

Good stuff.  Great when stoned!  Luv it

10/10 Craig Hill Customer review, 25th September 2008

Fantastic Band. Music uplifting, and catchy.
Great guys too !
I know they have a fantastic future in front of them !.
Best of luck guys !!!

Carpe Diem !!!!!!!!!!!

10/10 Ash Customer review, 6th July 2008

Not a review of this single, but of the next one... Even a bitter, insane old stalker like me can't deny that St Johns Point is the best thing this band have ever made. I take everything I have ever said back and I hope it bites me on my ass when I pay pennance at the pearly gates.. Which I'm sure I will, being the bands biggest and stupidest critic in recent months.

Um........ But....... ST JOHNS POINT IS Truely awesome.


Beg borrow and steal to own this track... A true representation of this band and their rosy future if they keep making tracks of this quality,

Mr Kemsley and his Storming Society are FINALLY reaching the potential I knew they always had..

GOBSMACKING AND AWE INSPIRING.. in spite of any and all differences....

I'm the asshole. Beat my ass.

10/10 Ragna Customer review, 20th April 2008

Great single this. Looking forward to the next one and the album.

10/10 Arty Customer review, 13th March 2008

This is one fuckin great single and no mistake... I love Glasvegas, I love Idlewild, I love Mogwai - All from Glasgow... I hate Franz Ferdinand and all their cronies... All hail the new dark wave of ace bands comin outta Scotland. Long may they reign...

They are all "old farts" too.. Fucking brilliant... People over 30 simply make better music than silly teenagers its as simple as that.

Come and play in London you wankers.

10/10 Jamie Customer review, 21st February 2008

What with Glasvegas coming from Glasgow and being brilliant, it's just a matter of time before this ace band kick the ass of twats like Editors and become very special indeed.

Looking forward to the next single. Brilliant stuff.

10/10 Gothlady Customer review, 21st February 2008

Oh my god. I have gone back in time to when Goth music meant something other than just metal, played darkly. This is a brilliant track and the B-Side is on repeat on my Ipod. Bring on the 80s goth revival

10/10 Nadz Customer review, 25th November 2007

my friend let me hear this and i like it. thumbs up fellas 10 outta 10! more more!!

2/10 Hoon Customer review, 24th October 2007

Pretentious, boring, navel-gazing sub Goth twaddle. It made me cringe. The lyrics are awful. Nothing new here. Just sub 80's rehash.

Like the Mission, but worse. If such a thing is possible. Just rubbish.

"oooohhh the seaaa offf sufffering"...

hahaha... hilarious.

2/10 Jonas Customer review, 24th October 2007

This track is just tired. Boring and nothing

2/10 Herc Customer review, 24th October 2007

This not a great track. I hear better from UK other band right now. sing is not in tune and drum is not loud.

10/10 Shaz Customer review, 4th July 2007

Great debut CD. Can,t wait to see them live. Hear the bass player is really hot!!

10/10 Shelley Customer review, 2nd July 2007

This single is amazing. Such a talented group of guys with potential to go far. It’s good to hear a little bit of 80s with a modern twist that isn’t in line with everything else that’s being played at the moment.

10/10 syxxx Customer review, 2nd July 2007

feckin majeek :) good tunes, keep up the good work!


10/10 eileen Customer review, 2nd July 2007

I saw this performed live and the band were amazing, anyone who doesn't like it obviously has no taste in music!

10/10 bonbon Customer review, 2nd July 2007

this band is awsome! they are defo the best band I've heard in a long time.

8/10 Anahit Customer review, 2nd July 2007

i really like i could have been anything thumbs up miles away is good 2

8/10 Jona Customer review, 26th June 2007

Aye its not that bad. A bit like Editors sort of. Not as great as them of course, sounds more "retro". Looking forwards to more of their stuff.

10/10 Niall Customer review, 19th June 2007

good single. nothing like the editors imo. looking forward to seeing if there's an album coming out. i recommend it

2/10 Rob Customer review, 19th June 2007

Its just a boring song

4/10 Pete Frank Customer review, 18th June 2007

Hmmmm... I have heard all these songs when this band were Inch Blue... Over 3 years ago (or longer)

No development or change in sound since then. This is basically a rip-off as I have had a version of Miles Away and exactly this version of I Could Have Been Anything for 3 years or more.

That a band can consciously seek to pull the wool over people's eyes like this is not a good thing. Not good.

2/10 Micky Customer review, 18th June 2007

The band have better songs than this, I saw them in Glasgow and Miles Away was one of the weakest songs in their performance. They should put Skin On Skin or Aquarian Dreams out as a single.

However the fickle public are getting bored of the Joy Division revival now, any band with a baritone vocal and 1980s sound is going to get lumped in with Editors and Interpol. This is a shame because I can't get enough of it! Maybe they should try a different singer to stand out more. The current singer is a good guitarist but his singing is a bit out of tune and let them down a bit live.

Overall this single sells the band a bit short as they have better songs than this, but they will probably need a recondition to get successful. I hope they do because it's obvious that the band have a lot to offer.

6/10 John Wilson Customer review, 7th June 2007

I had a listen to this track on MySpace as one of my mates said they were a bit like Editors...

Hmm.. I don't see that whatsoever. The lyrics are not great, sorta teen angst. Its all a bit Goth. but then there is still an audience for that stuff I suppose.

Editors are far more modern, wheras this is seriously retro. I doubt there is much of an under 30's market for this track. But you never know.

That they are the "best band in Scotland" is highly dubious as they have serious competition from many other bands in that regard.

8/10 Max Customer review, 3rd June 2007

Miles Away is a good, catchy song. Thought i do think having "I could've been anything" as the B-side is great as it is an awesome song too. Excellent debut.

8/10 Claire Customer review, 22nd May 2007

Miles away is great. A good new band. Were fantastic in the box on sunday. Hope to see more live gigs

8/10 Zander Customer review, 22nd May 2007

@ mark. they didn't actually say they were the best band in scotland. they said that is what some people are saying to them.

i like their tunes. Bit different. dark. i wish them all the best.

6/10 Mark Customer review, 22nd May 2007

They spent months bigging themselves and this single up, and it's something of an anticlimax. I Could Have Been Anything is a much better song than Miles Away, which sounds like a rushed demo.

They put on their myspace that they think they're the best band in scotland, and on this evidence they need to get in the real world!

6/10 Pete Customer review,

Its alright.. Its been kicking around for a while on their myspace..

Its definitely a nice tune.. Not so sure about the lyrics, personally. But then some will like them. I wasn't so keen.


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