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Late Night Shopping

Akoustik Anarkhy.

  • CD £12.69
  • CD on Akoustik Anarkhy
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  • LP on Akoustik Anarkhy
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6/10 from on 01 March 2007

I was gonna review the Charlotte Hatherley album but accidentally fell into a coma. Or was it a comma? I'm a punctuation nazi you see. So I'll see if the AUTOKAT album on Akoustik Anarkhy fares any better. Front loading yer album with the single always bodes badly so lets see....the second track is the B-side from the single. So that's two tracks i already know. Good move guys! Yeah. Further investigation provides me with extended intros alternating between a couple of chords. Oh it's an instrumental, tightly executed & airily but ultimately nothing more than incidental music for a short film about a hedgehog pulling bits of string out of it's quills. This is riff led indie by numbers that sounds a bit like The Longcut & a million other semi commercial & blandish bands with little to say. I've heard every chord change a thousand times, the vacuous lyrics about 'a feeling' make me think of Hard-Fi and if it wasn't for the fact the Dalek & Murder by Death albums & virtually everything else I've been given this week had something valid & interesting to say, I'd be thoroughly depressed about this CD. "An emotional & intellectual void" comments our Anthony.

10/10 according to on 17th March 2007

To be honest I only bought this album on the recommendation of a friend and at first just thought it to be so so. However, after about the 3rd listen i totally fell in love with it and felt obliged to recommend it to as many people as possible. It genuinely is something a little different and the musicianship and breadth of ideas crammed into this album are incredible. Highly recommended!

10/10 according to on

I'm really enjoying this album and have seen several positive reviews of it. First album I've bought in a while you can let play from start to finish without skipping. Has a nice flow and diversity to it and the two instrumentals are a nice touch. Can't recommend highly enough.

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Late Night Shopping by Autokat. CD.

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Late Night Shopping by Autokat. Vinyl LP.

Sold out. If you have recently ordered it and it is delayed, please contact us.

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