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Palm Springs
No Hurt Like A Broken Heart

Vinyl LP, CD. Random Acts of Vinyl.

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9/10 from on 23 November 2006

Twinkling, pulsating melancholy from PALM SPRINGS who craftily veer between (the quiet side of) Early JAMC, Belle & Sebastian, Cranebuilders & Tindersticks to create a very sweet & majestic album. Lush orchestration over yearning vocals, songs that occasionally recall a folksy downtempo Field Mice to these ears. 'No Hurt Like a Broken Heart' is what i'd term a "weepie". The (almost perfect) 10 tunes form an accomplished & coherent album. Imagine yourself swaying bittersweetly along to this on frosty December mornings with just your aging blind three legged dog to keep you company. This talented Brighton based duo are augmented most ably by various musicians/ backing vocalists of a very high calibre indeed. Yes it really does remind me a lot of Tindersticks in the gleeful hopelessness of it all, albeit a less grandiose model. Really rather special. I'd heartily recommend this to ANYONE who digs some of the aforementioned bands or just likes being permanently heartbroken or just loves beautifully written & presented tunes. On Random Acts of Vinyl, CD/LP with an old Triumph on the sleeve, a joy for these old nostalgic eyes. Feast yer ears here

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No Hurt Like A Broken Heart by Palm Springs. Vinyl LP. RAOV04LP.

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No Hurt Like A Broken Heart by Palm Springs. CD. RAOV4CD.

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