Pleasure Ground by Prurient

Furious man Dominick Fernow flips a coin between techno act Vatican Shadow and his noise origin story Prurient, this time coming up heads for a record of doom influenced-dissonance under the latter moniker. Initially released in 2006 on Load, Pleasure Ground is one of the pinnacles of Prurient's attempts at mixing fragility and harsh, unforgiving noise into the same pallette -- anyone who came to know him through the double-disc opus Frozen Niagara Falls -- a glacial, dissonant synth odyssey -- will understand, though this record scales far heavier. This Hospital Productions reissue is now spread across two slabs of vinyl.

Vinyl Double LP £16.99 HOS-467

Remastered 10th anniversary 2LP edition on Hospital Productions in deluxe gatefold sleeve.

Sold out.

CD £11.49

Evil racket on Load. Terrifying.

Sold out.

Vinyl LP £10.99 LOAD101

Evil racket LP on Load. Terrifying.

Sold out.



Pleasure Ground by Prurient
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9/10 Ant 28 September 2016

‘Pleasure Ground’ was born in 2006 as a self-released double cassette sold exclusively the at Carlos Giffoni curated No Fun Fest in NYC. Then it grew up into a CD and LP on Rhode Island’s Load imprint in 2007, and now, in 2016 will be laid to rest on Hospital Productions as the double LP it always wanted to be. All four tracks of devastating, receptor cleansing power electronics and convulsive/ cathartic vociferation now occupy a single side of wax for maximum sonic impact.

This is classic Prurient gear - a real gem in his vast catalogue. This record really blew me away first time around - and still does. It sorta marked a turning point in his sound where he introduced buried loops and submerged synths. That act as a counter to the more brutal elements. A sound that would go on to inspire what some of the Posh Isolation lot have been up to -- see Puce Mary.

Haven’t given this a spin in a while but listening again now, I’m so tempted to upgrade my inferior sounding white vinyl copy on Load -- but I’ve got mouths to feed. If you don’t already own a copy then this is a no brainer if you’re a Prurient fan, but if you call yourself a Prurient fan and don’t already have a copy, then you’re obviously not hardcore enough and should proceed into the dungeon and begin torturing yourself. Then when you’ve beaten some sense into yourself you should buy a copy and don’t worry about not spending the money on food. You can just eat the shrinkwrap. It’ll go down easy if you pour some gravy on it.


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