The Esthetik Of Destruction by Kling Klang

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The Esthetik Of Destruction by Kling Klang
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9/10 Brian 12 November 2006
Squelch-a-thon motorik prog-krautrock noise has never sounded so vital. The ghost of Add N (to X) lingers around my nasal cavity like a stench of prime weirdo. KLING KLANG finally get the appraisal they deserve with 'The Esthetik of Destruction'. This bunch of Liverpool based misfits were taken under Mogwai's big furry Scots arm & nurtured for a single & tour then.....nothing. Until now. Spine tingling space age keyboard melodies spill from a load of moody, battered Moogs backed by a possessed drummer (who looked like a sandy haired Jarvis Cocker!!) with eight legs & 10 arms just keeps the beat stomping on & on. I think a band from Ireland, Estel, did this kinda stuff rather well but this is the motherfunning daddy. Better than Trans Am, The 'X' & any other galaxy fired intergalactic moog travellers anywhere. These boys & girl had one mission. Blast those humans with as much psychotic tuneful extra-T racket as possible. This is just bloody marvellous & should belong to any fan of Kraftwerk. It's only on CD but there's 15 tracks on here, god knows where they're all from as I only ever saw a couple of singles. Very almost (quietly, on the sly) album of the week.


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