Not content with being frontman of one of the world's biggest bands Radiohead, squeak-voiced singer Thom Yorke has also found time for a myriad of solo projects. The Eraser was his first solo record and found the singer not venturing too far away from the Radiohead template but keeping things electronic and giving space for his lyrical musings about global warming and government cover ups. Not as rounded as a Radiohead album maybe but still a worthwhile effort from a rock star who has plenty left to say.  

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The Eraser by Thom Yorke
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9/10 Phil 18 November 2006
I suspect you may have heard of some duffer called Thom Yorke. He of little known band called Radiohead. Well he's done that thing all musicians seem to inherently want to do .... the solo project. They all want it. Give 'em an ounce of success and they all want to see if they can make it on their own. Me.... I play the drums and even I want to do a solo album. It's true! But he's not leaving Radiohead apparently so all is well... me being a bit of an obsessive I can sleep easy again. So what's this Eraser album like then? Initially the cynical side of me listened to it and heard a load Kid A soundalikes and rejects but after a number of listens I decided it's a bit of a work of genius. We had to download a copy online (dodgily) cos XL didn't send us a promo copy and I wanted to give it a fair old listen before I reviewed it. Bit cagey old Xl sometimes.... So the album comprises of electronics which  have a minimal bedroomy feel to 'em.  You can't help but think you're listening to a new Radiohead album when you listen to this. Mainly cos of Thom's voice like. There's some uplifting tunes on there and some misery as well though not quite as much wrist slashery as you get with a Radiohead record. Lovely lovely lovely...

6/10 Ben Keeler

I myself am a OK Computer-type guy when it comes to Radiohead, but this solo effort from the talented frontman has me in awe. I have heard vague reviews of this record from many places, but I find that word-of-mouth reviews are much better. Every person I've asked has not been sure at first, but then suddenly it somehow makes its way into your head and before you know it, you're singing along. Great for gloomy Sundays or time to think. Simply an amazing album, and one of the best of 2006, in my opinion.

10/10 Paul Customer rating (no review), 27th May 2019
9/10 Jiří Customer rating (no review), 19th September 2017



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